Pandora's Curse

Pandora s Curse Pandora s Curse Philip Mercer

  • Title: Pandora's Curse
  • Author: Jack Du Brul
  • ISBN: 9780451409638
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Pandora s Curse Philip Mercer

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      474 Jack Du Brul
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    One thought on “Pandora's Curse”

    1. These Mercer books have been really good fiction books with some excellent action. Although, I can pick exactly which woman Mercer is going to have a brief affair with. The women that Mercer briefly has a relationship with is getting to be like the red shirts on the old Star Trek TV show. Not hard to figure which woman is going to be the one as the author leaves enough clues.I like how Mercer is shown as fallible and full of doubts like the rest of us. Not the untouchable superman, Mercer is app [...]

    2. A strange deadly substance is the prize in this story as three group’s battle to claim it. One wants to destroy it, one to cover it up and a third to use it for profit.I love the idea of the Surveyor’s Society. Not sure if it’s real, but I wouldn’t be surprised.I was never sure how the Convocation fit in. It had some interest moments, but wasn’t really necessary to the story other than as filler and an additional place for action. Though it finally added some useful situations at the e [...]

    3. This is a really interesting action\adventure novel that is pretty much a Clive Cussler novel. I enjoy those novels to an extent, never elevating them to a level of greatness, but I find the plots interesting. This one has a plot that rivals ANYTHING Cussler ever came up with. A clever Nazi scheme, mysterious radioactivity, and a modern mining engineer sent along to make certain an old American base remains secure and safe to enter. From there it follows the Clive Cussler formula writing that ha [...]

    4. Nice entry in the Philip Mercer series, although this one takes place on the high seas, and you miss the supporting cast, although one of his later friends emerges this trip around. Set mostly in Greenland, with some high seas events, this one gave me a lot to think about, unusal in a thriller. For some reason, many of the things he was talking about resonated with me. But when the hero had to take action, it is an action book, and the consequences were grave - millions if not billions of lives [...]

    5. Excellent readI found this book to be an excellent story, just the rig h t combination of fact, history, plausibility and fiction. Personal interactions in stories like this one are one of the things I truly enjoy, and Du Brul seems to have found the right formula to keep the story moving along. I am an amateur military historian and archiologist/geoligist by hobby, and found the information about the area of the mine and the Underseaboaten (SP ??) to be fascinating. The story line was very refr [...]

    6. Excellent and Extremely Interesting!Strongly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys excitement! While maybe not historically correct, it will definitely tweak the imagination as to the possibility of what might have happened?? Excellent writing and well worth the time to read! Some characters will be loved and some?? Enjoy!

    7. This is the fourth outing of Phillip Mercer and a far more enjoyable romp than the previous book. The story is more interesting and the characters a little deeper. I agree with those who compare Du Brul favourably with Clive Cussler and so does the man himself it seems as they now work together. This is a return to form for Mercer and definitely worth a read.

    8. First time I've read anything by Jack Du Brul but I will definitely be checking out more. The main character, Mercer, a geologist gets caught up in Nazi pillage, meteorite pieces that can destroy the world, and the wilds of Greenland. Great story with lots of action and a great plot. Great ending too.

    9. Phillip Mercer is sent to Greenland to help unearth a buried US Army base. When they start finding bodies both new and old, as ties to a German company and the Nazi's are revealed will a long dormant superweapon be unleashed upon the world. Good read.

    10. Another Riveting WinnerAn entertaining and entreating blend of History and fiction. Phillip Mercer is lovable rogue that uses a combination of experience and intellect to vanquish his evil foes.

    11. Mr. Mercer is not as good as Mr. Pitt. The characters were a bit choppy compared to Mr. Clive Cussler's characters.

    12. A great thriller! Kind of unrealistic and extreme at parts, but had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

    13. I'm not a fan of Du Brul. At all. I don't like his way of writing and find his book utterly boring. I've given his pieces a try several times and none was a success, this one included.

    14. The storyline was based upon good and interesting ideas but a bit too far-fetched. Good adventure as long as you put logic on a shelf.

    15. A really good read with strong characters if a little far fetched in places really liked it being set in Greenland as this added another dimension to the story

    16. Had never heard of the author before I picked up to read and release, but really enjoyed this and will read more by the author.

    17. Very well written story; again, I can see why Cussler wanted to team up with him. They are very similar in style.

    18. Another winner from Jack DuBrul. This was a good adventure story. I have read the previous Phillip Mercer books and they get better with each one.

    19. Another epic read. I wish I had 150 million dollars to make this into a franchise. I look forward to reading more of Philip Mercer's adventures.

    20. Great read full of twists and turns.My favorite Mercer book so far. Full of twists and turns. The action never stops until the end comes to an abrupt stop.

    21. Fun read. The action moves quickly from one high note to the next. Lots of interesting narrative strings all eventually interwoven into an intriguing story.

    22. Great bookIt's a great adventure read, full of improbable and suspenseful action. I enjoy reading about different regions in the world.

    23. One of the best action/adventure novels I have read till date. Keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page till the last !

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