Vulcan's Forge

Vulcan s Forge A nuclear bomb strikes at the fiery heart of Earth and spewing molten lava a volcano rises with unnatural speed from the ocean floor It continues in hot spots round the globe Hawaii Washington DC

  • Title: Vulcan's Forge
  • Author: Jack Du Brul
  • ISBN: 9780451412102
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • A nuclear bomb strikes at the fiery heart of Earth and, spewing molten lava, a volcano rises with unnatural speed from the ocean floor It continues in hot spots round the globe, Hawaii, Washington DC and the Far East Geologist Philip Mercer is the first to unravel the secrets of Vulcan s Forge.

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    One thought on “Vulcan's Forge”

    1. Imagine a story much worse than anything Clive Cussler has written and you have Vulcan's Forge. The main character is a geologist, I mean, the best-most-awesome-smartest-best looking-military trained geologist who can do anything/kill anyone/screw anyone with a look from his deep blue gray eyes at a moments notice. The plot is that he must stop an evil Japanese genius from taking over Hawaii in a military coup AND from getting control of a big ass volcano with special properties that the Russian [...]

    2. Total grudgeread. Quintessence: "Vulcan's Forge" is a giant pile of predictable infantile crap. Period.The novel's main protagonist Phil Mercer is basically a hybrid of James Bond and Albert Einstein pressed into David Beckham's body. An American geologist with a rebel heart outsmarting the world's brightest minds and taking on hordes of special forces and secret agents on the way while taking nothing but a scratch here and there. Shooting and driving, deep sea diving, infiltration behind enemy [...]

    3. Vulcan's Forge was the first book in the Phillip Mercer series by Jack Du Brul. It was first published in 1998. I have read the Oregon Files series of novels by Jack Du Brul and Clive Cussler and had been eager to find out what Du Brul's initial solo effort was like. Not only am I eager to read the second book in the series, but I'm actually very excited that there are 5 more books in this series after that.Vulcan's Forge introduces the lead character, Phillip Mercer, a creative and high energy [...]

    4. I was disappointed with this one as I've known Jack DuBrul as an author through his work with Clive Cussler on the Oregon series, which is my favourite of all Cussler's series. This one was really hard to get through. The lead character (Philip Mercer) was a geologist but he's not just any geologist, he's "Super" Geologist!! Seriously, is there nothing this guy can't do??? At least there was eventually a small comment made that he had undergone some training with elite forces (and I stress the ' [...]

    5. I was pleased to find Jack B. Du Brul's main character in his action thriller is a geologist, as I am one too. I was intrigued that his novel could have a bit of sci-fi, which would be a genre mix that would appeal to me. But I was astonished that VULCAN'S FORGE would have so many features of realism. Du Brul's writing keeps you on your toes with a spiderweb of various plots that all get resolved in their own time. The story opens in the summer of 1954 with Captain Linc, commanding the "Grandam [...]

    6. I generally liked this book. I do have a few problems with it. The first problem is that the author thought it was necessary to have a 14 year old girl get raped in this book. Had nothing to do with the actual story, was given way too much detail. The second problem is that the main character is a borderline alcoholic. This guy never misses a chance to get buzzed. Again, doesn't really do anything other than make me start to doubt the guy's ability to do all of the physically challenging stuff h [...]

    7. I honestly cannot go more than three stars on this book, and that may be stretching it just a little. Say about two and three quarters and I would feel better. Just rounding off to get three stars. Not a bad story really, just seems a tad far fetched. Oh, and wait till you meet the characters. No problems telling the good guys from the bad. The good guys are all real hunks with the chiseled chins and wind swept hair, penetrating gaze and all that bullshit. The bad guys you can almost picture the [...]

    8. Sorry everyone, Dubrul's good research can't save his heavy-handed writing and shallow, cliche characters. I found it hard to care what happened to anyone, even our ridiculous hero. Must the protagonist hit on the ladies the very moment he saves them from the bad guys? I'll stay with the terrorists, thanks! Dubrul needs to fire his editor, who allowed too many mistakes, such as run-on sentences, unbelievably bad dialogue, and awkward punctuations. Since this is his first I will give him another [...]

    9. I was very undecided on my rating for this novel. The hero, Mercer, is reminded me a bit of the Bond in Flemings novels- kinda of a jackass. He is handsome, commanding, good at almost everything and, for me, really smug. There was just something about him that I just don't like which is a little refreshing.I'm not sure if I'm going to make the full commitment to reading this series, but there was some good action in this one even if most of the characters seemed like cardboard cutouts. Onto the [...]

    10. After listening to "Medusa Stone", I decided to go back to the beginning of the series. This story is simply put, more interesting than Medusa and deals with circumstances you can actually relate to. Thankfully, it doesn't linger too long in wrapping up the action after the ah-ha moment of what the mystery is all about. A good, well-paced, fun story with a fairly clean-cut, lone-wolf, slightly-smarter-than-the-braintrust-he-deals-with kind of hero. One of the better "popcorn" reads I've enjoyed. [...]

    11. This is possibly the worst book I've ever read. You could make a parlor game out of the unbelievably bad lines. It's not enough he had to make everything a superlative; he had to take a simple sentence, get out a thesaurus, and make it ridiculously stupid. This book also made me hate adverbs. Upside, it made me actually laugh out loud several times.

    12. I'm rounding up from 2.5 to 3 stars for this one. The title and book cover are the best part, unfortunately. I had high expectations, but the plot was a confusing tangle that left me feeling cheated--just when I was expecting the thrill-level to ramp up, Mr. Du Brul simply ended each thread in the plot. The tension and suspense fizzled.

    13. The hero drinks too much for my comfort, but the story was intertaning enough. The pseudo science could be a bit much, I skimmed over some of it.

    14. I am a fan of Jack Du Brul. I think he is tremendously under-rated. His stories are excellent, sweep you along and totally entertain. I like his characters and the plots.

    15. This action novel introduces Philip Mercer, a geologist and occasional government agent. The story starts in the 1950s during the Cold War. A Soviet submarine creates a small volcano during a nuclear blast somewhere in the South Pacific. Fifty years later the volcano is rising as a small island but also contains a new metal that might be worth billions. There are three various story lines in this book. The first focuses on rogue KGB agent Ivan Kerikov and his attempts to keep the island secret u [...]

    16. Years and years ago I was recommended the Phillip Mercer books and handed one that was much later in the series to get me started. Recently I wanted to re-read that one, but I decided to set out to find the first book in the series and start from there. Book one is just as awesome as I remember the later book being. It's cheesy adventure at its finest. All of the now trite adventure tropes are present in this book. If you're looking for escapism at its finest, you can't get better than this. All [...]

    17. The premise was a bit interesting. However, in my opinion after the semi-intriguing premise of a new element etc. was exhausted, the book fell flatter and flatter. I couldn't finish it which is rare for me.Disclaimer: I don't read this type of techno-fantasy book often, I bought it second hand to support charity. So, I am a bit biased as it is not my cup of tea. If I make the mental effort to try to be objective and impartial I still think it wasn't good.

    18. You have to give Du Brul some credit for doing everything he can to make Mercer the Indiana Jones of the geology worldunfortunately, geology doesn't conjure the same romantic imagery as lost cities and buried treasure.

    19. A quick and easy read and some decent action. Scads of copy-editing errors, unrealistic fights & survival, a plot that was over complicated & unrealistic, and a smattering of misogyny made for a sub par book.

    20. Good bookI just found this author by accident, he fits into the much of the writers that I like to read. Book moves along at a rapid pace and keeps you guessing.

    21. found this series because he ghost wrote fro another series i liked and have started folling this series too. great writing and just enough twists and turns to keep you coming back for more!

    22. This is action for action's sake. And sometimes that's exactly what I'm looking for. Something that allows me to listen/read without thinking about what I'm listening to/reading.

    23. This was a decent book. A man's fiction with lots of geopolitical turmoil, gun fights, and enough suspense to keep me reading. Unlike the Cussler books, the hero does not get to screw all of the girls, but at least he did get one. Some graphic rape of a minor child in this, not to the extent of the Lustbader Ninja books, but still there. Some minor mistakes in the size of cannon shells on a plane, and other things someone with a strong military background will catch.

    24. This book is so filled with convoluted action and plot that it took me longer to read than usual. But it kept my interest. The characters are interesting and unique and the action, though complicated, was easy to follow.I’m happy with the fate of most of the characters, though I wish there were less bystander casualties. And Mercer is one lucky guy. The situations that he magically gets out of are almost unbelievable. But then Kerikov is also.Ohnishi is one such character that, even though I l [...]

    25. A decent debut from DuBrul, Vulcan's Forge reminds me of Clive Cussler, when Cussler was at the top of his game. High octane thriller with the requisite bad guys, but this book has more plot twists and double crosses than most in the genre. Unfortunately, only the main protagonist gets any character development and the rest of the characters are typical action thriller cardboard cut outs. Beneath the Pacific Ocean a new volcano is born. As it begins to rise to the surface it holds a mineral more [...]

    26. If you've read Jack Du Brul's books co-written with Clive Cussler, then this book will be very familiar. It has the hero, Philip Mercer, a kick-ass geologist, who was brought into the tale by a mysterious telegram supposedly written by a now-dead friend. The story is set in the Soviet Union turning to Russia era, so it's a bit dated. There are the Soviets wanting to rule the world by laying claim to a volcano rising from under the sea. There's a Japanese-American billionaire who's orchestrating [...]

    27. I will admit that I really liked this book. With the obvious exceptions of the 14 year old, which was obviously made so that we dislike the bad guy who is killed just a few pages later. It was unnecessary, especially in the detail it was given. Particularly if the character the scene is made to discredit is going to die without any of the scene being relevant to the story. I think we all got that he was a bad guy even before his impotence and pedophilia. The other thing, which has also been ment [...]

    28. If you're after a book that resembles real life you'll be rather disappointed with the James Bondesque world of Philip Mercer who (nearly) single handedly saves the United States from war/losing a possession. There's a few little errors like saying a nuclear submarine is dead silent (uhm reactor noise?) but then later, when the plot needs it (another submarine comes near) the book then acknowledges that the reactor makes a racket and needs to be slowed to 5% power limiting the ships ability to m [...]

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