Rescued Heart

Rescued Heart Welcome to Junebug Farms a successful well known animal shelter in upstate New York where every day brings something new love stress heartbreak warmth and not just from the animals Lisa Drake is

  • Title: Rescued Heart
  • Author: Georgia Beers
  • ISBN: 9780996677424
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to Junebug Farms, a successful, well known animal shelter in upstate New York, where every day brings something new love, stress, heartbreak, warmth and not just from the animals.Lisa Drake is in charge of intake and adoption at Junebug She excels at her job, in large part because of her ability to keep her emotions in check Her past has given her many yearsWelcome to Junebug Farms, a successful, well known animal shelter in upstate New York, where every day brings something new love, stress, heartbreak, warmth and not just from the animals.Lisa Drake is in charge of intake and adoption at Junebug She excels at her job, in large part because of her ability to keep her emotions in check Her past has given her many years of practice and she s become a pro But once she meets dog walking volunteer Ashley Stiles, a distractingly attractive, perpetually late, emotions on her sleeve young woman who smells like cupcakes, all bets are off for Lisa.The first of the Puppy Love Romances by award winning author Georgia Beers.

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    One thought on “Rescued Heart”

    1. *** 3.35 ***I love this author! She has written some of my all time favorite romances, not just lesbian romances. And being such a poignant word and story smith, I have very high expectations when I choose to pick up one of her books. This story is about two women who work and volunteer at a no kill animal shelter. They are very different, but something draws them to each other and this is the tale of their courtship. As always, the sexual attraction was palpable, the love making was sizzling, b [...]

    2. I'm just going to write the last 10% of my review, because I really only enjoyed the last 10% of the book. In that last 10%, the characters did some pretty great things. They talked to one another, listened to one another, and generally behaved like adults trying to have a relationship. There were some lovely, romantic, personal moments. And then there was all the stuff in the first 90% that wasn't any of that. The stuff where two not-particularly-likable characters play verbal and emotional hid [...]

    3. I didn't like either main character. One was a cheating player & other was a cold bitch. Even so I was going to give this 3 stars until the book ended the way it did.heh. Glancing at some reviews. Most seem to be describing the baker as a sweet wishy washy doormat who (view spoiler)[grew a spine (hide spoiler)] and describing Lisa negatively. Lisa, despite being childish and cold in her 30s, had reasons. What exactly is Ashley's excuse for being a cheating player? Mmphs: Ash-hole - with frie [...]

    4. I normally like Beers' work, but I didn't like this.I know Beers is setting this up to be the start of a series, but as an individual book it doesn't work at all well. There are far too many characters who are named but never feature in the action. Presumably they will appear in the next book, but there is no reason for us to be introduced to them in the first book. Even the main characters were underwritten. I didn't really get a good enough sense of them in the book to see how they could possi [...]

    5. I just couldn't get into this one. Neither of the major character appealed to me, Ashley was too wishywashy, although she did sort of grow a backbone towards the end. Lisa was too I don't know, boring? Cold? Aloof? They didn't spend much time together for the first quarter of the book, and unfortunately things did not improve once they were in each other's space. I couldn't see that there was any chemistry between them, despite the attraction we're supposed to believe is there.All in all, can't [...]

    6. It's an okay romance. Although I enjoyed the pace in which the relationship was developed, I didn't think the characters themselves were that much interesting.I'm curious about Catherine, though. If this is going to be a series, I hope she gets the next one.

    7. When Lisa’s Mum left her dad and siblings, responsibility fell to her and had to give up her education and her life to become a ‘mum’ herself to her family. She avoids relationships so she doesn’t become a carer for someone else and works at Animal Shelter and that’s where she meets a volunteer Ashley. Ashley is the sort of person that falls in line, doesn’t speak out and does what she’s told… In other words her life is pretty passive. When she meets Lisa something in her changes [...]

    8. This supplied so much fluff that when the end came, I was a sad little cupcake. Rescued Hearts has doggies, push-and-pull romance, and humor. Basically, I smiled stupidly throughout the story. I further realized settings surrounded by furry friends is a plus on my list. The sexy bits were the right amount of sex. (view spoiler)[The we-weren't-going-to-do-this-sex against the wall. Oh, yes. (hide spoiler)] Wonderful balance there. Lisa's house full of animals amused me and something about their d [...]

    9. I really like Georgia beers writing style, world building and character development. However a few of her stories leave me very unsatisfied by ending too early, without really resolving everything. This book is another example. Though the protagonists say I love you and seem to be facing their fears, it happened basically on the last page. there was a lot of buildup and development then the story ends.

    10. A heartwarming story!My heart melts reading about the dogs in the shelter. Especially Jax stole my heart and I wish I could adopt him. For all the animals I shed a tear or two but it also gave me warm fuzzy feelings. Both loves animals and cupcakes. The aroma was always around Ashley. As happy as Lisa is with her work, in her private live, she isn't. She has a past that she can't forget, a past that has hardened her and prevent her from a real relationship. A relationship she really wants. Can L [...]

    11. This is another good book from Georgia Beers. She maintained consistency of good writing, flow, and likeable characters. She writes pretty decent books even though the idea itself is not outstanding. This is a usual girl meets girl, amazing chemistry, work through respective past issues, grow up together and live happily ever after. It is a good one time evening read. Rating 3.5/5

    12. I loved this one, but I think it because the relationship doesn't come easily. Lisa is so flawed, and her arc really did it for me. It may have ended more abruptly than I would have liked, but I can forgive that because it's the first book in the series so I know I'll see these characters again. Full review here: thelesbianreview/rescu

    13. Ashley and Lisa do a great job of capturing your heart with glimpses of their vulnerability, both women struggle with their own insecurities which works to bring them closer together giving them a new strength of character. Really enjoyed it.

    14. Georgia Beers makes me smile, EVERY time! I am so excited this is a series. I can't wait to see who is next in the cast to find love. I hope we see more of Ashley and Lisa too Or maybe it's a continuation of their story,which would totally rock.

    15. Georgia Beers had me from the first line of the synopsis: hook, line, and sinker. A story about lesbians and an animal shelter? Woof! Meow! How can I say ‘no’?!In a similar fashion as other stories written by Georgia Beers, the progression of love between the characters is slow and sweet. Lisa has her own reasons for baby-stepping or not-stepping at all, really. Eventually, Ashley breaks through her barriers and gives her a reason to pick up the pace. Wow… when these two finally sync and s [...]

    16. A sweet, positive and affirming romance about two very different women falling in love. When she was 18 Lisa's mother abandoned her. She was forced to pick up the pieces, to look after her two younger brothers and her father. Just when her life was beginning she was saddled with unbearable responsibilities. To survive she bottled everything up. Her anger, her feelings of betrayal, her fears. Ashley is very different. Lisa is hard, demanding and assertive, Ashley is soft, flighty and lacks confid [...]

    17. I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, so I thought I'd dive back in with something quick and easy. I was excited to see Georgia Beers had a new book out. I think she might be my favorite go to for low stress, fluffy, easy to read lesbian romance novels. I really enjoyed this one. Plus, I think she's making a series of some kind? I don't know if it will continue with these characters, or if it will be centered around this animal shelter. Honestly, I think I'd like the latter more. There see [...]

    18. I liked it!It is not my favorite by the author, but I am never disappointed by any of her books. I am ready for the next. Hopefully I will not have to wait long. Beers is in my top 3 authors. I will continue to purchase and read all of her books.

    19. Set in an animal shelter this is bound to hit all the right spots for lovers of smulchy lesfic who can’t resist good-news stories. It’s a sweet, soppy romance with the wonderful girl who cant find ‘the one’ and a difficult loner who’s issues don’t allow her to open up. Between them and the dogs it is literally lesfic heaven.Georgia Beers write great romances, slow burning, problematic characters who need to grow, but with the inevitable outcome we all know and love. Lisa Drakemore (w [...]

    20. I am a big fan of Georgia Beers and this book was no different. I have started to find some of Georgia's work to be repetitive which I was nervous this book would fall under the same old same old. Yes, the book is similar to her normal work and it didn’t have a unique story line however I did find that the interactions with the characters to be more spontaneous. I found myself being surprised by some of the actions of the characters, not crazy big plot turners, but something that just made the [...]

    21. I was hoping that a Georgia Beers book that didn't sound like a story I'd care much about and with a horrible cover to boot was still better than many other things in lesfic land.And I was right. Nice story that I wished had been deeper, because the characters had the substance for it.I hope that some of the things I didn't like were by design as it is part of a series. In general I'm not a fan of series works in this genre that don't quite work as standalones, but what can you do?It provided a [...]

    22. Rescued Heart is the story about Ashley Stiltes and Lisa Drakemore. If you've read "A Little Bit of Spice," you may remember Lisa as the one that helped with the cat adoption. Well, this is her story and a good one at that. The characters are well developed and the chemistry between the two well written. Give this one a read. You will not be disappointed.

    23. i loooooooooooooooooooove this book!but why why whyyyyyyyyyy did ashley keep carly around for so long? idgi!But all the cute animals! Jax! The chemistry between ashley and lisa?I just want to turn this book into a field of flowers and roll around in it for forever.

    24. This was my first Georgia Beers' book and even though I gave it a 3-star rating, I am not turned off to reading her other works, so the story wasn't all bad. I really liked Lisa and Ashley as characters but felt that they weren't interacting much in the beginning. I think I would have liked more scenes with them in the first half of the book. I get the appeal of "slow burn" but think they should have talked more. I also feel that Lisa spent all this time being angry with her mother and we were r [...]

    25. Georgia Beers romance novels never disappoint. If what you seek is a fun, fairly light and formulaic story featuring young and extremely good looking feminine leaning characters, this is the book for you. This will be extra appealing to animal lovers since both the characters work or volunteer at an animal rescue facility. The characters were very likable, and as in any good romance, I believed their attraction and wanted them to get together. It held my interest throughout and the love scenes w [...]

    26. An okay story. There was nothing special. I have to say I expected more from the author and I was disappointed. The story itself was flat, the characters were flat and the ending left me unsatisfied. I mean (view spoiler)[the whole Lisa's plot was about her mother and the whole book I expected her to grow up and finally have the talk with her and you leave it there? Cutting it right before the talk was just mean. (hide spoiler)]I give it 3 stars, because the writing was good and I liked the pets [...]

    27. Not sure why, but I couldn't really get into the book or characters until I got about halfway into it.So I liked it, but not the best Georgia Beers book for me.

    28. Wow!Please tell me there will be a sequel to this story??? The way the book ended is such a cliff hanger! I really liked it! Well done!

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