Shelter It s only a dog the FBI agents think when they descend on the drug lord s home Only a dog chained in the back yard half starved and with almost glowing eyes it s so filled with rage and fear It isn

  • Title: Shelter
  • Author: Hollis Shiloh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s only a dog, the FBI agents think when they descend on the drug lord s home Only a dog, chained in the back yard, half starved and with almost glowing eyes it s so filled with rage and fear It isn t till they get closer that someone says, That looks like a wolf a short story 3200 words

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      424 Hollis Shiloh
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    One thought on “Shelter”

    1. Short and SatisfyingEveryone can use a hero sometimes. I really loved how Hollis Shiloh managed to fully develop the FBI agent Murray in such a short time. He's sensitive while having that grizzled old agent feel to him; while he thinks he's not Tommy Lee Jones, that's exactly who I pictured when I imagined Murray rescuing the wolf shifter who'd been abused so horribly. Abuse can destroy all there is about a person if there's no kind of care given to the survivor after the fact. I loved seeing t [...]

    2. This is a sweet short story about an older FBI agent and a traumatized wolf shifter. It is very slow burn ending really with the hint of a sexual relationship. The tone of the book is very removed but it is still engaging.

    3. This is a very short story but that is not its problem. Short can be good and this is a standalone anyway, even though it is supposed to be the 7th instalment in a series.The problem is that, while the first half is perfect, deep, understated and moving in a subtle kind of way, the second half is not up to the task and disappoints, as if another author had written it.I wish Ms Shiloh would take the time to rewrite it and give us the perfect jewel she had begun cutting.

    4. Didn't feel completeThis was an interesting story about a shifter who had been captured and abused so much that he had basically lost his human self in the safety of being a wolf. The story introduced us to Cade (the shifter) and Murray (his rescuer), but left things tantalizingly vague on pretty much everything else about their lives. Because of this, it felt more like an outline of a story than an actual fully developed narrative.

    5. LovelySometimes you only need a few pages to articulate your meaning and Hollis manages this in every book I've read of hers.Such a clever telling of healing and a bond shared.

    6. Very Short Story, yet Still PoignantThis is a stand alone story. You don't need to read the rest of the series in order to follow this story and its characters. An FBI agent and the Wolf are almost its only characters. Because the story is so short you don't know what happens between Murray and his Wolf. It has a HFN (Happy For Now) ending. Which while not tragic or terrible, it does leave you wanting more. A lot more.Some background on Murray and definitely a lot on the Wolf would flesh out a m [...]

    7. I was in a pickle about this. Let me start by saying that I have several of Hollis Shiloh's books that are among my favourites. She has a distinctive style, often telling a story without much dialogue. Sometimes that works pretty well, but in this one not so much, IMO. I absolutely adore the *idea* of this story, especially the fact that it is about an older man (so many m/m romances are about men in their twenties and thirties), But the story is way too short. I feel there was so much more to t [...]

    8. This was an extremely short story, more of the start of one than a fully fleshed novel. I would have liked to know more about the two main characters and heard more about their lives.Still, what there was of it was wonderful. A feral wolf shifter forms a connection to his rescuer. That's about it.

    9. This had so much potential, but it just fell flat. It was like the author was trying way too hard- that writing style would have worked had it been a deep thought-provoking story, but it wasn't, so it didn't. I was really excited to read the story and now I'm just a puddle of disappointment. 1.3 stars

    10. Lovely story. It's mostly telling (and I wish it was longer, more fleshed out, hence the four star rather than five). But it's also very emotional. It reads as if it's a couple's background for a story that will be coming up at least that is what I most fervently HOPE it is, because I would like to read what happens between these two next.

    11. Good intro to shiftingHollis is one of my favorite paranormal authors. She got me hooked on wolf/human shifters. This very short story has me wanting to know more of Murray and Fade. Always written with compassionate introspection. Read her work. You won't be disappointed.

    12. Great short story I just wish it was longer. It felt like it was ending just as it was really starting! I would love to see this made into a novella picking up from the ending point and exploring what their relationship becomes and the wolf's struggle to be human again.

    13. I liked this story. It was told in present tense, which was a little different, but interesting. My only complaint is that I wanted more. This would've made a great full-length novel!

    14. I wish it was longer!!! So badly. Still, it was a very nice short story in this little series though. I hope we see more of them later on. :)

    15. 2.5 maybeWt.f.What kind of 'ending' that is?Wolf finds Murray and finally shifts back the ending settled

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