Cimarron Rose

Cimarron Rose A powerul and wonderfuly evocative novel of the west a brilliant departure for Americas finest crime writer

  • Title: Cimarron Rose
  • Author: James Lee Burke
  • ISBN: 9780752804866
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A powerul and wonderfuly evocative novel of the west a brilliant departure for Americas finest crime writer.

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    One thought on “Cimarron Rose”

    1. James Lee Burke can make a compelling case for vigilante justice with his stories and there's something about a man named Billy Bob. Images immediately spring to mind, especially when he says things like "Sometimes you've got to set people's perspective straight" and then the people he hangs with say things like "Damn, Billy Bob, every time I talk with you I feel like a bird dog sticking his nose down a porcupine hole."Classic Burke start to finish. One of these reading days I'm going to come up [...]

    2. "Sometimes you’ve got to set people’s perspective straight." Cimarron Rose introduces another member of the Holland clan in Billy Bob Holland, a former Texas Ranger and state prosecutor turned defense lawyer. Billy Bob as with all James Lee Burke characters comes with an honesty tainted with darkness that makes these brooding irresistible forces incredibly powerful and intriguing.My favourite method of storytelling is by far first person point of view, when done right it puts you in the char [...]

    3. The first thing I want to say is that Burke's writing is BEAUTIFUL. It is full of wonderful prose and imagery and you can almost smell the flora, hear the fauna, and feel the history. Even if you hate the plot or dislike the characters, I think you will be drawn in by his skilled writing. Billy Bob Holland is an enigma. Obviously, his psyche is terribly scared by the guilt he feels over his friend, L.Q. Navarro. The author allows the reader to decide if the appearances of the long-dead L.Q. Nava [...]

    4. Just discovering James Lee Burke more than a year ago, I was elated to see there were so many books to read. He’s been writing since the 1980’s. Fortunately I don’t mind discovering a writer who has so many books written which I haven’t read because it gives me a list, sometimes as in this case, a long list of books to read. And read I have, beginning with The Neon Rain; I was hooked from there with the Dave Robicheaux series. Cimarron Rose introduces a new character, Billy Bob Holland a [...]

    5. Cimarron Rose is the second book by James Lee Burke I have read. I have much to look forward to as I am new to his novels. Wayfaring Stranger was the first book I read, so I am starting to read his books after James Lee Burke has become a very accomplished and polished author. By my count, he has written at least 30 books. I can expect the next two or three years to be very entertaining. Burke’s use of language and descriptive turn of phrase is impressive. Sometimes plot matters little as you [...]

    6. Again we have a character with lots of flaws and some negative aspects. But unlike the New Orleans loser series, this one comes across as a better read as we are presented with a much more tolerable back story and character personality development.

    7. This was the last James Lee Burke book in our nearby library, so now we'll have to look for more in book sales, or hope that he writes more as well. I think that addiction to books is certainly a better one than addiction to drugs, or smoking. This one from 1997 is from the Billy Bob Holland series, where he lives near Deaf Smith, Texas and is an attorney. He likes to read the diary of his grandfather, and the title refers to the woman friend of the grandfather. Billy Bob himself fathered an ill [...]

    8. 1st in Bill Bob Holland series. This had L Q Navarro visiting Billy Bob when things were not going to well. He is a dead Texas Ranger and used to be Billy Bob's partner. Billy Bob is an attorney and trying to clear his sons name because he is accused of killing a girl. It is a very dark book, but I really like it because it appears to be so true.

    9. Great book with a stong lead character and plenty of action. It kept me guessing until the end has James Lee Burkes fantastic imagery through out the tale. I will definitely read the next in the series.

    10. Always enjoy JLB's books. There are few writers who write so beautifully whilst inhabiting the hard-boiled crime genre. I'm looking forward to the next in this series.

    11. I've seen Burke praised for his wonderful style. I know an acquiring editor who gave Burke as an example of the best in terms of line-by-line writing, and if you look inside the covers of his books, you'll see him praised as the epitome of hard-boiled detective fiction. I think my problem with him is I really don't like hard-boiled fiction.My first try was Neon Rain, the first Dave Robicheaux book, and I didn't like the book or the hero at all--only read about 60 pages before dropping it, becaus [...]

    12. I'm a big fan of James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels. I consider him among the best prose stylists in American literature. But this novel just didn't grab me like his other series. I don't know, maybe too much cowboy in it. A small-town Texas lawyer, formerly a Texas Ranger, with a haunted past and a confused set of relationships, is called upon to defend his "secret" son, the child of his adulterous affair with the defendant's mother. He is visited regularly and often by the ghost of his f [...]

    13. Ahhhe dreaded 3 star rating. For me that is a literal translation of the rating system, meaning"I liked it". I didn't love it and I didn't dislike it, so there you are.This was my first book by Mr. Burke and I will say, absolutely, I am impressed with his ability to write a scene. Every scene here simply drips with authenticity and style. And his characterization is superb, especially with the protagonist Billy Bob Holland. Talk about a troubled soul. So I have no beef with the author's writing [...]

    14. Despite the fact that the hero of this book was a half-crazy and violent man, who fathered at least one illegitimate child & murdered his best friend, I liked this book! Seriously, James Lee Burke has considerable talent in characterization, and his book was filled with people who - unfortunately - seem only too real. The rural youth he depicts not only talk & act like their real-life counterparts, but the small town in which they live is timeless & universal. I was not only sucked i [...]

    15. Anyone who reads Burke's Robicheaux series will immediately recognize the numerous similarities in style, dialogue, and plot. There are so many elements reincarnated, right down to phrases that are plucked from one series and plopped down in this book. "Take the okra out of your mouth", for instance; how many times have you heard that in a Burke book, usually as mashed potatoes or marbles. I have commented on Burke's proclivity to do this, so I won't beat it to death. But he also repeatedly incl [...]

    16. I purchased this book on the recomendation of a co-worker when I worked for Barnes and Noble. It was his favorite mystery writer and since I was new to the genre and was assigned to pick a mystery book and do a book report on it for the class - I was greatful for the recomendation. My memories of this book are tied up in the presentation I had to give. It was a tough book to explain! There was alot going on and trying to explain things like the dead partner of the main character visiting him and [...]

    17. I believe this to be one of James Lee Burke's best and it is one of my favourites.Billy Bob Holland, a former Texas Ranger and now an attorney defines what a father will sacrifice to save his son.A tale of class warfare and the dismissive arrogance of wealth and power interwoven with murder and the diary of Billy Bob's Grandfather, Sam Morgan Holland, that tells of Sam's love for a woman that saves his soul.A book of great violence and very great beauty.

    18. James Lee Burke is a favorite author and this was one of his best books. His main character always has inner devils that he must deal with and Billy Bob Holland certainly does in this book. There is romance, coming to grips with one's self, action, and a great story line. Burke almost always has his hero go up against the unjust/evil powers that be. In some cases it is crooked people in the justice system, criminals, and/or people with money. He has all in this book.Worth the read.

    19. This is not your typical legal thriller although a trial is at the center of the story. Burke divulges the past of Texas attorney Billy Bob Holland, his protagonist, in snippets. Memories of his past actions dance with excerpts from his grandfather's diary. A love story sub plot blends with several others and provide tension. You'll have to read the book to see what I mean.

    20. I really liked the excerpts from the great grandfather's journal. An entire novel about him and his girlfriend would be great. Burke tied up all the loose ends by the last page. To me, this multi-layered novel was one of his best.

    21. I always enjoy Burke's writings, they are full of tension, deceit and the integrity required to survive both. I recall most vividly the hero's recollections of his grandfather who, like the author, is a study in contradictions.

    22. I've heard for a long time that Burke is a top notch writer. I am glad to finally add him to my pantheon of "must read" authors.

    23. This is the one he signed for meI gave him 2 roses, and he wrote, "Thanks for the flowers." He looks like the Marlboro Man a good way, and reminds me of my grandpa.

    24. Good Western. Second time I read the book and found more history than I recall on first read a dozen years ago!

    25. James Lee Burke is my brother's favorite author, so I decided to jump in and see what Burke's books are like. I wasn't disappointed. This book had more developed characters and a more complicated plot than what I expected. I like a psychological thriller, but there were moments I found myself cringing with the violence described. There was humor, too. I especially liked the history of the protagonist's grandfather that wove through the story line.I found myself a little confused when I got back [...]

    26. A great Beginning To The Billy Bob Holland SeriesJames Lee Burke is such a great writer! And this first book in the Billy Bob Holland series is a fine book. Interspersed in the story, Billy Bob reads from his great grandfather's journal from which we learn about the book's title. The two men are alike in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to the woman each choses to love. As is typical with Mr. Burke the prose is wonderful, characters described such that you feel you know them, and scenery [...]

    27. A load of rubbish. Too many good books out there to bother with this one. Given it a shot but gladly abandoned it at page 115. It was selected for a Crime Book Group I belong to but I won’t be bothering with 'Billy Bob' any more. He can ride off into the setting sun for all I care, and I won’t be following him. I wouldn’t even give it one star. I obviously live on Mars or a different community to the majority of his readers.

    28. Billy Bob Holland is a new, to me, character of author James Lee Burke. He is a lawyer and former Texas Ranger practicing law in Deaf Smith Texas. In this first story in a series he defends a young man accused of murdering his girlfriend and runs into all kinds of corruption in the local authorities. Very violent and more like a thriller than a mystery.

    29. While the Western genre is not my preferred reading subject, I thought it would make a nice change of pace. His character Billy Bob Holland wasn't a poorly drawn protagonist however the subplots of a diary and speaking to a deceased friend really bogged down the storyline . It takes a lot for me to abandon a book and I muddle through but I won't be reading James Lee Burke again.

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