Uncanny X-Men: Superior, Volume 1: Survival of the Fittest

Uncanny X Men Superior Volume Survival of the Fittest Desperate times call for a darker team of X Men With mutantkind in extinction s crosshairs once Magneto leads a group of the deadliest that homo superior has to offer to fight for the fate of their

  • Title: Uncanny X-Men: Superior, Volume 1: Survival of the Fittest
  • Author: Cullen Bunn Greg Land
  • ISBN: 9780785196075
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desperate times call for a darker team of X Men With mutantkind in extinction s crosshairs once , Magneto leads a group of the deadliest that homo superior has to offer to fight for the fate of their species Refusing to accept even one mutant death, the most ruthless possessors of the X gene on Earth deadly warriors such as Sabretooth, Fantomex, Mystique and PsDesperate times call for a darker team of X Men With mutantkind in extinction s crosshairs once , Magneto leads a group of the deadliest that homo superior has to offer to fight for the fate of their species Refusing to accept even one mutant death, the most ruthless possessors of the X gene on Earth deadly warriors such as Sabretooth, Fantomex, Mystique and Psylocke have banded together to proactively mow down their enemies But with a team populated by killers, can they stay away from each other s throats long enough to take down their targets And can the Master of Magnetism curb his own homicidal instincts long enough to find out who s trying to speed up mutantkind s descent into the grave It s X Men with the emphasis on Uncanny Collecting Uncanny X Men 1 5

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      129 Cullen Bunn Greg Land
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    One thought on “Uncanny X-Men: Superior, Volume 1: Survival of the Fittest”

    1. This is the third and final main X-Men book currently being published and, yup, it’s also a stinker - 0 for 3, Marvel, take a bow! The line-up in this one is: Magneto, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Archangel, Monet St Croix, and Mystique. A group of mutants and Inhumans called the Dark Riders are hunting down all mutant healers. The Terrigen Mist - this awful plot device that refuses to go away is an unavoidable feature of all X-Men titles these days - is sterilising/killing mutants and the Dark Rider [...]

    2. I think this is my least favorite post-Secret Wars book yet. Mostly because it's a mishmash of characters that doesn't particularly make sense, many of them acting in ways that seem out of character. Both Sabretooth and Monet seem nothing like themselves. Maybe there will be an explanation for why Sabretooth is holding back or why these characters are working together, but there isn't one here. They just are. Between a team that looks like it was built by throwing darts at a Marvel poster, chara [...]

    3. Ok, all-new Magneto/Fassbender Land-style and almost all of the other mutants in this lineup seem act a lot out of character But, surprise, I liked a lot the storyline, the art and this Uncanny X-Men new rooster seems a really good mix of Remender's X-Force and Erik's kickass team in the Age of Apocalypse.Absolutely not a masterwork but still far better than expected.A nice surprise.

    4. This would have received 3.5 stars, except it is drawn by Greg Land. The guy hasn't improved any on his storytelling after all these years which is a shame. Too busy looking up photo references I guess.There's no real explanation or summary for why this team formed. Magneto has created his version of the X-Men which apparently is still fighting for Xavier's dream, but he basically runs it like X-Force (the Kyle/Yost version not the Liefeld version) meaning killing is acceptable.There's also no e [...]

    5. 4 starsI thoroughly enjoyed Bunn's run on the solo Magneto series. I'm glad he's getting to expand upon that with this latest X-team. This has a lot of the feel of Remender's Uncanny X-Force to me. So with the terrigen mists killing mutants planet wide, a group called the Dark Riders are hunting and killing all mutant healers. Magneto and his team are able to save Triage and as usual, Magneto is willing to do what it takes to get rid of a threat to mutant kind.

    6. I have come to realization not to expect to much from marvel, that way when a decent title does come around I am pleasantly happy. This is a team that I like, Magneto is ruthless and doesn't take crap from anyone and his new team doesn't either. Sabertooth, Pslocke, Angel, and Monet join Magneto in a fight to save the mutant healers. I have to stop and say Greg Land is a phenomenal artist and his detail and consistency is incredible, i love it. I'm on board with the new uncanny x-men.

    7. I always disliked when people would say a character is written out of character, unless it was truly horrible writing, I kinda always just rolled with the punches.You say Hal Jordan is evil, now known as Paralax, ok you're the weaver of tales.I don't know if Iv gotten to that point of disgruntled comic fan boy, or this is just bad. The second X-Men comic Iv ever bought was about Sabretooth and Psylocke fighting to the death. And here not only are they getting along, they joke and if I remember c [...]

    8. I follow Arcangel wherever he goes. This time, it means I read the Uncanny X-Men (post Secret Wars) comic. The rest of the lineup includes Magneto, Psylocke, Sabretooth, and Monet.Weird crew.Obviously, this X-team are the most aggressive team of mutants this go around. How could they not be with that kind of lineup?These five issues as a whole, however, were fairlyh. It was entertaining, I guess. I liked the idea of all the mutant healers being assassinated, I just had a hard time wrapping my he [...]

    9. This is basically X-Force in a new guise, with some carryover from previous iterations in the form of Psylocke and Fantomex. It's a mutant black ops unit, fighting against the threats to mutantkind. The artwork is great. The story, at least in this volume, is rather scattershot. Hopefully this will come together in further volumes. I'm rating it a bit higher than it probably deserves, based on memories and past experience.

    10. I'm usually a big fan of Cullen Bunn's stuff but this was just OK. It didn't help that it was saddled with Greg 'lightboxer' Land's artwork but I think I'm just not a fan of the whole 'dark' X-Men concept. Call me tragically old-fashioned but I prefer my heroes to be heroic.Don't get me wrong; this wasn't terrible but I guess I'm not the target audience.

    11. Introducing the new wetworks bunch of X-Men.A wild but not very likeable bunch under the lead of a pompous Magneto-the guy likes hearing himself talk-intent on saving mutants with Gestapo methods. Erik should hire some PR staff if he wants to stay in business.After having a mutant killed by preventing him to hide, our crew locks horns with a with a weird group of darwinists-including mutants-believing mutants extinction is in the order of things. Survival of the fittest and all that but they thi [...]

    12. Nice, shiny superhero art by Greg Land. Nice reappearance of many characters, many villains as heroes. And, what's up with Angel/Archangel, whose backstory is as convoluted as any here?

    13. [Read as single issues]The X-Men aren't doing so well. The Terrigen Mists are killing them and stopping them from having little mutant babies, and Magneto is sick and tired of his race being kicked while they're down. So of course, he forms a new black-ops X-Men team to go and deal with mutant problems. Sabretooth, Psylocke, Monet, and a strange new Archangel form his ranks, with Fantomex, Mystique, and a mysterious old/new player hanging around on the outskirts too.Cullen Bunn is one of the mor [...]

    14. Just as life appeared to be turning back to normal for mutants, the terrigen mist cloud was released. The terrigen mist cloud transforms Inhuman descendants, but it makes mutants sick.Subsequently many mutants have gone to great lengths to hide from the cloud.Making matters worse the Dark Riders are seeking mutant healers for execution.The mutant healers and all mutant kind have an unlikely defender, Magneto and his mutant team.I picked up Uncanny X-Men out of curiosity. The lineup of Magento, P [...]

    15. Have a few minor quibbles with the book but I enjoyed it for the most part. Felt like the author wasn't overly familiar with the characters and their universe. Betsy was slinging too many American phrases. Didn't sound British in the least. Lots of little things like that just didn't quite work right. And why is Sabretooth on the team? Why did Psylocke's eyes change color? How did Archangel dive bomb a stone pyramid and come out the other side? Has he got a new set of powers? He was never able t [...]

    16. More like 2.5 stars. As a high school kid back in the day, I was in fanboy lust over Jim Lee's Psylocke. But I never liked her, and I still don't. In fact, this team is made of unlikable people. I toughed it out, and it has some moments, such as Sabretooth's telling Monet who smells better than she does - including Rogue, Polaris, and Cable. ("Old Spice and Gunpowder") As usual, Greg Land's artwork is pretty -- but lifeless.

    17. This is my second post-Secret Wars book, and I’m sending a trend. There’s an 8 month time jump between the end of Secret Wars and where this picks up. You won’t get any information about what happened in the time jump. Things will be freaking weird. It will be as if Secret Wars never happened (rendering the whole exercise, including its 70+ issue lead-in, utterly pointless). Your best bet is to buckle in and try to enjoy the ride. This isn’t a bad one. It’s certainly a different type o [...]

    18. "Didn’t we tell you? All mutant healers have been marked for death. You’re next.”So Magneto has his own team of X-Men. It’s not really clear why the team has come together or what their plan is. After rescuing some mutants from corporate exploitation, for example, the team just as quickly kicks these selfsame mutants to streets – homeless, broke and unprotected – just ‘cause Magneto ain’t the mollycoddling type. Cue the evil Dark Riders, back in the game and out to kill all mutan [...]

    19. I have a history of really enjoying the uncanny x-men, especially Betsy and Warren (although Warren is gone in this one I have to backtrack and see when he fell into Archangel permanently). I was also glad to see Monet; I loved the X-Factor team as well for the like twenty books they have. Did not like the art, specifically the women all looking similar in face and body type, and the way they are drawn sexualized and ‘coy’ - putting their thumbs in their mouths while talking, one example.

    20. What takes out Healers even faster than a Trump-enabled GOP? A team of ruthless killers determined to stop mutants with healing factors saving others from the forces of 'natural selection', that's what. Enter Magneto and the Uncanny X-Men to out-badass the bad guys. Is it fun? I mentioned Magneto, right? Now if we can only get him to run in 2018.

    21. This wasn't that good. Definitely skippable in favor of other, better Uncanny X-Men runs. I do not feel compelled to read the rest of this run.There was one standout moment for me, where Magneto quoted the leader of the chicken men of Krankor, from the MST3K episode "Prince of Space": "Your weapons are useless against me!"

    22. This is a solid team with my favorite really being Psylocke. This story really only does make sense when you read it while co-reading Extaordinary X-Men series. In any event, I felt this team is work reading and I really hope that the group will go on to lead with a team-up with Mystique.

    23. A nice collection of anti-heroes. The internal conflict is the most interesting. This writer really know how to write Magnetos character.

    24. Who the hell would guess a book with no Wolverine, and no classic X-men would be a fantastic read for me, a total stickler?

    25. A team of ex-villains and anti heroes, this book is a fun as I expected and a good start to am interesting series.

    26. The writing and story are OK. Cullen Bunn has an interesting idea here, but it never gets as interesting as previous incarnations of X-Force have gotten. Oh, I know it's not actually called X-Force, but it definitely is. Greg Land's artkes it a bit uninteresting too. Actually, the story might have moved better if there were an artist involved whose work had personality. I know the Post Secret Wars X-Men books are getting bad buzz, but I expected this to be worse.

    27. A team made up of 3 of my favorite mutants? Sign me upuntil I noticed Land was on pencils. He's not even discrete anymore in his knack for tracing faces from porn. The plot lines for these 2016 X-Men series are a bit bland (with the exception of All-New Wolverine which has been knocking it out of the park). It started off really interesting.ny taking advantage of scared mutants, and then the Apocalypse cross-over thing threw it off with the death squad or whatnot. Bunn seems like he did what he [...]

    28. After enjoying his excellent Magneto comic, I was thrilled to learned that Bunn was writing a new X-Men comic with Magneto in Charge. Sadly, I found this volume pretty disappointing, which has been the general trend of X-Men comics post-Secret Wars. That problem starts right with Magneto. He gets almost no characterization here — nor does the rest of the cast who should all be interesting too.Meanwhile, we have a story that I've read too many times in the X-Men comics. Survival of the Fittest [...]

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