Ghostlands This title presents the continuing quest by Anveena and Kalec to combat the onslaught of the scourge

  • Title: Ghostlands
  • Author: Richard A. Knaak Kim Jae-Hwan
  • ISBN: 9781595327147
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • This title presents the continuing quest by Anveena and Kalec to combat the onslaught of the scourge.

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      446 Richard A. Knaak Kim Jae-Hwan
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    One thought on “Ghostlands”

    1. Oh.My.Goodness.What an ending! This book is by far the best of the trilogy! It had me wrapped from open to close and devoured it. It opens straight away into climax, picking up from the end of the second edition ended and continues until the last few pages. All loose ends are neatly tied up and in many ways it is canonical to the world and its stories as a whole. The best part for me, which I did have a problem with in the other two books, is the fact our characters are finally shown and given d [...]

    2. This is exactly what you think it is. If you've read the other two, and you're a glutton for punishment, go on and read this one as well.Actually, I'm bumping this up to 2.5 stars. It was better than the other two. Better, but not much. I found it interesting when Kalec and Jorad were in Quel'Thalas and finally figured out the secret that Raac had known all along. (Aveena too)Seriously? I just wanted to write all those D&D-y names to prove that I read the dang thing. Well, the secret was a n [...]

    3. This is a very satisfying conclusion for the Sunwell Trilogy. (view spoiler)[For some reason I thought Anveena would die in the trilogy, turns out she does in the actual game, though to be fair I did not really care about her so much as to care if she died or not. (hide spoiler)]Some characters felt out of place in this story, major example being Sylvanas. Yes, I like Sylvanas and it was because of her I made my very first game character a blood elf hunter, BUT she did not contribute with anythi [...]

    4. This is an interesting story. I did enjoy it, but it felt like it was a story stuffed in a small room. You have to kind of force yourself into it to really understand it, but there isn't enough time give to develop the story more. Still, it is interesting nonetheless.

    5. This is the journey of some friends with special abilities that have to save the world by fighting the forces of darkness. I totally loved it.

    6. As a pretty avid player of the game World of Warcraft, I was looking forward to this graphic novel trilogy set in the war-torn island of Azeroth, one of the islands that make up the fantastical world in the game.The main character is a Kalec, a man who is not really a man. Instead, he is a blue dragon who can transform into a man. He has come to this area of Azeroth to try and prevent the Sunwell from falling under the influence of evildoers. The Sunwell, is a lost source of unimaginable power t [...]

    7. when 4 warriors go to find the princess of their kingdom they go to a harsh quest to find her. They fought their way through hundreds of zonbeis. They have to fight with dragons and other warriors.The other four warriors are the protagonists and the other warriors and dragons are the antagonists.

    8. The third and final book of the Sunwell Trilogy was pleasing to me. While I thought the first two books were pretty shallow as far as the plot goes, this one had a somewhat deeper feel. As the story reaches its climax, with the Sunwell's power being revealed, the action actually gets pretty intense. Also, the addition of a couple of cool new characters (especially Sylvanas) gives more depth and details more of the background for the story. So, props for Knaack for finishing off the series with s [...]

    9. If you liked the first two entries, you'll like the conclusion. If you didn't like the first two entries, you won't like the conclusion. It's not a study on inter-dimensional physics, it's a base-level fantasy, with all the tropes we've been bred to expect, and all the familiar beats. But it's still fun, and if you know a thing or two about Warcraft lore—and appreciate said lore—then there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy it.If you want a more in-depth review, check out my fiancé's take on t [...]

    10. First, a confession: I have never played a World of Warcraft game or read any of the many books coming from the games. I do have lots of students who play and read these, so when the book fair offered a deal, I snatched it up. I've head several students come up to talk with me about it since they've seen me reading it. I was a little lost reading this one, probably because it is the third and final book in a trilogy in the middle of an entire series. Even so, I can see why it appeals to fantasy [...]

    11. My review of the second book in this trilogy fits this one, too. So here it is:I liked the first book, but in this one the story seems too rushed. Too much "big" stuff happens with very little segue to tie it together. It felt very much like they tried to chop down a novel to cram it into a graphic novel, without the author and the artist talking to each other. Very easy to see that the author is a novelist and not someone who easily made the transition to writing graphic novels.

    12. I wish the end had been more definitive, especially when it comes to the relationship status between Tyri, Kalec and Anveena. It sounds like Anveena wants to keep being human just for Kalec. That's a weird place to be. I wasn't surprised by the truth of Anveena. I wish I had been. More surprises would have been nice.

    13. I loved learning the story of how Aveena and Kalec meet and their journey to finding out who she really was. It's sad to know the outcome while reading this story (from playing the game) but, it was enlightening to hear her story. In this specific story to know how Sylvannas played a role, right after freeing her self as well.

    14. Satisfying ending to the series. I didn't care much about the previous book and this was clearly better even I give the same amount of stars. This and the first book were were good.

    15. Some characters are out of the original scope of the series, but I think is ok.Good final for this Trilogy

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