Bearfoot and Pregnant

Bearfoot and Pregnant Paranormal Dating Agency Book STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Cassandra Grimaldi s boss has lost her mind Too bad She really liked the fiery matchmaker But when Gerri offers to prov

  • Title: Bearfoot and Pregnant
  • Author: Milly Taiden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paranormal Dating Agency Book 10 STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Cassandra Grimaldi s boss has lost her mind Too bad She really liked the fiery matchmaker But when Gerri offers to prove aliens are real and multiple orgasms exist, Cassie can t help but be curious Who would say no to orgasms and aliens Not this curvy girl What s a bear to do when hisParanormal Dating Agency Book 10 STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Cassandra Grimaldi s boss has lost her mind Too bad She really liked the fiery matchmaker But when Gerri offers to prove aliens are real and multiple orgasms exist, Cassie can t help but be curious Who would say no to orgasms and aliens Not this curvy girl What s a bear to do when his mate leaves him after he s mated her Talen Arctos goes to earth to claim sassy and curvy Cassie Now if only he could figure out how to convince her to return to his planet with him without offending her again With a brother wreaking havoc in his clan and his pregnant mate thinking she s a one night stand, Talen has his work cut out for him Good thing this bear isn t letting his woman go Even if he has to learn what groveling means Reader Note I hear you enjoy too hot to handle, off the charts hot sex, dirty talking, humor, violence and lots of roaring fights, you say Then you ve come to the right place This book is all about a sassy plus sized gal and a bear shifter alien who rocks her world There s crazy people, ass kicking and sex so hot you re going to need batteries Yeah, you know what I mean If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book However, if you like sarcasm and hot sex with no filter, this is just your thing Enjoy

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      210 Milly Taiden
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    One thought on “Bearfoot and Pregnant”

    1. The Milly Taiden formula in full effect (bbw heroine, alpha shifter hero, and babymaking). It's a KU rental, and a super quick read. About the only thing that's different is I need to get this heroine a Jumping to Conclusions mat, because it's her favorite game. Otherwise, it'sexactly what I expected. I think it's about par for the course of this series. The hero's possessive, the heroine's insecure and way too judgy, but I like the idea of this world, so I keep trying to find that gem in the se [...]

    2. ~ 4.5 Bearfoot and Pregnant Stars ~ Bearfoot and Pregnant is book ten in the Paranormal Dating Agency by Milly Tiaden.Another splendid addition to the PDA series. This series has become a fast favorite of mine. I sometimes need something quick, sweet, and sexy to fill my lunch hour or should I say nap time when the kid is asleep ^_^.Talen is so sweet and caring. He is fiercely protective of his mate and loyal to his clan. I just loved that he new next to nothing about earth and earth women. It w [...]

    3. OH what a book Milly Taiden has done it again. Her awesome characters make you get swept into their lives and want to learn more. She know has giving Ms Gerri Wilder a fan base that will never end in the people who read her.The world of Nova Auroa is the dream of every curvy girl their alive. Add to all that the hot panty wetting sex (grab a cold glass a water) is like what no one else out there rights. She is truly a must read in life and enjoyment of her books with out fail.“Women with curve [...]

    4. Another great story in the PDA Series by Milly Taiden! Love the twists and turns that take place in the story between Talen and Cassie. There is one passage in the book that Talen says to Cassie that struck a cord so hard with in me and it reads: "If you don't take the chance to read the story, how will you know if you get what you want? Pickup that book and let me create your fairytale ending." That statement sums up all the books written by Milly Taiden. Another home run for this fabulous auth [...]

    5. Cassie has a big problem and lossing her savings and her boyfriend was not one of them or two of them. She was a bbw with a father that taught her to stand on her own feet. She meets Gerri just when see needs some help to get her life back on track. She just never expected to have aliens play a part ini straightening out her future. This curvy girl has more than she can handle with Talen Arctos. I had some issue with some contradictions in the story and information. Maybe it was just an oversigh [...]

    6. Milly Taiden is Fabulous at these short, sexy, OMG PANTY MELTING reads! Bearfoot and Pregnant does not Disappoint! I know this is book 10 in the PDA series, but I truly hope it continues into the 20's and 30's!! Bring on book #11!

    7. too short!i wanted a longer book but oh well, awesome story, amazing world to visualize in your head, plus sexy sexy sexy!!!

    8. Cassie is juuust right for this bear shifter. (LOL Come on, you know you said that word all singsongy, just as I did when I typed it.)Cassie, Geri's new assistant, is leaning towards thinking Geri, while wonderful, isn't quite all there. In her defense, Geri is talking about taking a trip to another planet. LOL But Cassie decides to agree to the trip, just to verify whether or not she's telling the truth. In all honesty, Cassie isn't really leaving a great life behind so a mini-vacation could be [...]

    9. Not an impressive addition to the seriesI have enjoyed this series with a grain of salt. I don't expect anything deep or groundbreaking, just a fun story to get me through a couple of hours. While the series has had some ups and downs, this one was a complete disappointment. There was no real story/background/character development. Cassie had potential from our introduction, but she fell flat, being more whiney and insecure than tough gal. What kind of girl gets told her one night stand is alrea [...]

    10. This series a freaking amazing!!!!! Cassie is the new assistant to Gerri, shifter matchmaker extraordinaire. Gerri needs to return to the planet Aurora for the welcoming party of Alyx and Bella's babies and invites Cassie to come along. Talen is the leader of the bear clan and a good friend of Alyx's. He attends the party to show his respect and to catch up with Alyx, where he learns, through Alyx, that his younger brother Paxton is causing a lot of trouble within his clan. Frustrated and stress [...]

    11. Who knew one kooky lady could find you happiness? Cassandra (Cassie) is convinced her boss Gerri is nuts! She says she has to go to another world and would like Cassie to tag along. But that's not the craziest thing this woman is saying. She's convinced she can find Cassie a man (or alien) who would give anything to have a woman like her, sassy and curves in all the right places. Talen Arctos is head of the Arctos clan. His bear has been clawing at him to find a mate, but he can't devote the tim [...]

    12. This is 10th book in the Milly Taiden series paranormal dating agency. Talen is a bear clean leader and struggling to control his childish brother. Cassie is Gerri's new assistant and when Gerri takes her to aurora nova to meet the lion king queen and new babies that's when Talen finds Cassie and instead of explaining anything to her she thinks it's a one night stand. This has a lot of misunderstanding between Talen and Cassie. Talen has to do some serious grovelling and explaining. Love a chang [...]

    13. PDA, the moment I started the first book I was hooked! Milly has given us a highly addictive, unique story with unforgettable and amazingly interesting characters!I can honestly say I have not stopped talking about this series since the very first book!! Let Milly Taiden take you away! Don't miss out! PDA

    14. Love PDASuch a cute story. A one night stand may be all she asked for and what she thought she got, but Cassie is pleasantly surprised when she finds that isn't true. Love Geri and the Paranormal Dating Agency.

    15. I love Cassandra. She's such a smart ass and knows exactly who she is and what she wants in life. Talen is hot as hell, but not very smooth with the ladies. Their story had me laughing out loud and then sniffing back the tears. Milly Taiden never fails to deliver an amazing story.

    16. Oh Milly you can just keep them coming. I have loved each one of these books and although similar they are also so different. I also love that again, we are off world.

    17. This was a good book. This book is a standalone so please do not worry if you have not read any of the previous books. I just loved Cassie. She was this curvy confident woman. She was from wealth but you could not tell it and I think I love that about her. She did not care to roll up her sleeves and work for what she needs. She has had some bad luck when it comes to men but I think we all know what that is like. I sure we have all been there some time in out life. Talen Arctos was from the plane [...]

    18. I love this addition to the PDA series. Talen and Cassie are amazing. I know, I know. I've said that before but it's just as true this time as it was the others. Talen is a broody alpha clan leader who had been denying himself and his bear a chance to mate. He heads to the palace of King Alyx to celebrate the birth of his and Queen Bella's three cubs. While there he meets Cassie. Cassie is a Beautiful and independent women with curves to love. However, due to some recent issues with her ex-husba [...]

    19. This one was a decent readI'm having a hard time getting into this author's series I had such high hopes once I read the first book, but it seems after I read that one the next one and then the next they're all the same! Oh and the author is obviously Latino because every book the main heroine is also Latino which I have no problem with but it wouldn't hurt for her to mix it up every book or so which goes back to my original thought everybook seems to be the same you have a latino female looking [...]

    20. Cassie’s working for Gerri and the two have to go to Aurora for a party. At the party, she's hooked up with Talen who’s having problems with his brother. The two hit it off she goes home and he’s attacked delaying him from finding out she’s left. By the time he does she’s knocked up but he convinces her to go back with him. Not much to the story if you’ve read one you’ve read them all.

    21. Ok, but not up to par, as expected I enjoy reading these types of paranormal stories . This story seems to be a tad low in keeping with my usual higher standard. I felt that the story had to many patented endings for the problems. I will continue reading in the hopes that I can find more interest in the next story!

    22. Awesome Read!Another Great Read from Milly Taiden! I so Love reading books by this author. Every book gets better and better. I think all Paranormal Readers will enjoy this book as well!

    23. Gerri finds another mate!Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Actually this story is just bears. Talon and Cassie are cute couple. Their relationship is sabotaged pretty early on and most of the story is them working through that.

    24. Good story.Again another good addition to this series. I am binge reading this series and enjoying it very much. I totally recommend this series, some are playful, some like this one a bit more serious. All are fun quick reads!

    25. Barefoot and PregnantJump into a new galaxy and meet the shifters that are looking for something special. You don't want to miss this book it is phenomenal. All the spice and a hunky shifter to boot.

    26. How paranormal shape shifter romanceLocked reading the series of b b w paranormal shape shifter romance by milly taiden theyAre so exciting and I just love Gerri she knows how to mate them perfectly can't wait to read the rest of them

    27. Bear shifterEven in a word of shifters not all is smooth sailing. Misunderstandings happen all over and take some work to smooth things out. Will it happen in time for them to be together. Enjoyed the story and the path they took. Stand alone but why stop at one.

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