Freddie and Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody

Freddie and Me A Coming of Age Bohemian Rhapsody High Fidelity meets Wayne s World in this utterly charming graphic memoir about a young man s life long obsession with the rock band Queen All of us have had that one band with which we identify the

  • Title: Freddie and Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody
  • Author: MikeDawson
  • ISBN: 9781596914766
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • High Fidelity meets Wayne s World in this utterly charming graphic memoir about a young man s life long obsession with the rock band Queen.All of us have had that one band with which we identify, the band that was always there for us during good times and bad For Mike Dawson it s always been Queen and Freddie Mercury Not unlike Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie High Fidelity meets Wayne s World in this utterly charming graphic memoir about a young man s life long obsession with the rock band Queen.All of us have had that one band with which we identify, the band that was always there for us during good times and bad For Mike Dawson it s always been Queen and Freddie Mercury Not unlike Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Me takes readers on a rock opera like journey from Mike s childhood in the UK, through high school in New Jersey, and into the nineties, when grunge ruled the day and Queen was terminally uncool As Mike works to navigate the trials and tribulations that accompany the road to adulthood with Queen behind him every step of the way , he must grapple with the fears we all find ourselves facing committing to one person for the rest of our lives, pursuing our dream job, coming to terms with our familial responsibilities, and even facing our own mortality With humor, sensitivity, and some wonderfully imagined appearances by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, George Michael, and Andrew Ridgeley among others , Freddie Me is a touching reminder of how our favorite music is the soundtrack for so many of our most important memories and moments And how one note can bring them all flooding back.

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    1. Freddie & Me is Mike Dawson’s autobiography framed by his love of the rock band, Queen. Mike lived in England for a few years as a kid, fell in love with the music the first time he heard it, and then his parents moved the family to America where he’s lived since. I’m a fan of Mike’s podcast, The Ink Panthers Show or TIPS, which he does with fellow cartoonist Alex Robinson (author of Box Office Poison among other comics) where they talk current affairs and funny stories from their li [...]

    2. Dawson's heartfelt (though never mawkish) autobiographical paean to Freddie Mercury and Queen is a thoroughly enjoyable read. His art is fluid, as is the storytelling, dipping back and forth in time. The text during the middle-school years reads authentically as written by a thoughtful, awkward tween/teen. Since he portrays himself keeping a diary, I imagine he referred to it often or lifted actual passages straight from those pages to these. It really works well. His adolescence dovetails organ [...]

    3. A sweet graphic novel memoir of growing up on Queen and classic rock. Dawson does a nice job of showing what a prominent place music holds in the lives of teens. The music references to Wham, Rush and George Michael resonated with this Gen-Xer, and Dawson's observations of teens just hanging out and jamming are spot-on. If I knew any Queen songs other than Bohemian Rhapsody, I might have given it another star:)

    4. I can relate to Mike Dawson. I, too, have a band that has been with me at every stage of my life (Fleetwood Mac). When you have that kind of connection, it serves as a your own personal soundtrack, it becomes part of who you are, part of your persona.Dawson does a tremendous job of conveying his emotions and his memories in this story. The story goes in and out of Current Mike and Younger Mike. It follows him (and his family, which are real characters, not just window dressings) from his earlies [...]

    5. This is a comic book memoir, told through the author's memories of music. (I've always thought 'graphic novel' seemed pretentious, I don't know why.) It's told primarily as a "memory play" a la Tennessee Williams, although in this case the author's memories don't center around a glass menagerie, they center around his obsession with Queen.There's a lot to like here, and there are some surprisingly moving sections, especially when dealing with his memories (or, technically, the nature of memory i [...]

    6. I’m a massive QUEEN fan and think that Freddie Mercury was a musical genius on par with Mozart, so I was all set to love a story that revolved around him. So imagine my surprise when the book turned out to be a deeply personal memoir that only kind of relates to Queen in that the author was obsessed with hem as a child. There are more details about Wham! than there are about the titular Freddie.Some kudos are deserved for Dawson’s expert exploration of what memory is and how music shapes and [...]

    7. There were things about this book I really liked and things that bugged me beyond belief. I appreciated the demonstration of the power a band can have on someone's life and the surprise appearances by other musicians in the imagined conversations pieces. The problem I did have with the book was that I felt some of the dialogue was choppy and in illustrating that sliced dialogue the author drew certain sentences have in the frame ( after a while this became annoying).All and all a good book aside [...]

    8. I like Queen but it never has been THE band for me. For Mike Dawson it was and still is and this memoir is about growing up with Queen. Usually autobiographical comics seem to have an edge, something that sets them apart from normalcy but this one embraces it. Dawson's life is more or less very normal with small set-backs, family life, moments of happiness, all coloured by the presence of Queen. It makes this very relatable and somehow also very, very touching. A great comic.

    9. Recently, I saw an Herb Ritts exhibit at Chrysler Museum. My youth passed before my eyes as I recognized so many photos and remembered who I was and where I was in my life. Freddie & Me gave me the same reaction: memories from grade school all the way to adulthood. Freddie Mercury and Queen meant the world to me. Still do. Great book for music fans.

    10. "Freddie" is Freddie Mercury of Queen, who the author is obsessed with from childhood on. I like that he constantly makes fun of himself, instead of taking his obsession seriously. The result is funny, and I felt a bit nostalgic, seeing as how he's one year older than me and came of age at the same time.

    11. This was a surprise because I wasn't sure how I'd feel reading about a man reflecting on his life and his obsession with the rock band Queen but it was really interesting and he didn't get maudlin or overly introspective so that was great.

    12. Sigh, more in the 2-2.5 range, but I do love Queen. It's a bit lengthy for so little actual material. I was also expecting more about Queen/Freddie Mercury.

    13. I thought the art and the narration were fabulous, but also I love the idea of autobiography through music and can imagine writing my own through various phases of fandom.

    14. If you have a moment in your life where you think, "people reading this diary in the future will say, 'this is just the story of a very boring person'", maybe autobiography is not the medium for you.

    15. A relatable, enjoyable coming of age story. Plus, lots of talk about obscure Queen songs like "Mustafa" and "Don't Try Suicide."

    16. Mike Dawson, Freddie and Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody (Bloomsbury, 2008)My general rule of thumb on memoirs is simple: I loathe them. I have encountered a few that have been worthwhile over the years (Ruth Reichl's food-porn series of memoirs, Wilson Smith's Just Dirt, a handful of others), but for the most part, they're uninteresting people going on about their uninteresting lives. Graphic novel memoirs alleviate this trend somewhat, as they tend to be short (at least), but there's s [...]

    17. High Fidelity meets Wayne’s World in this utterly charming graphic memoir about a young man’s life-long obsession with the rock band Queen.All of us have had that one band with which we identify, the band that was always there for us during good times and bad. For Mike Dawson it's always been Queen and Freddie Mercury. Not unlike “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Freddie & Me takes readers on a rock-opera-like journey—from Mike’s childhood in the UK, through high school in New Jersey, and int [...]

    18. In his autobiographical graphic novel, Mike Dawson illustrates his boyhood years and his experiences as a transplant from England to New Jersey. More importantly, and nearly as big an influence in his life, he is also a passionate fan of the band Queen. Mike's recollections of events and interactions in his young life are very often tightly entwined with Queen's own history and songs.Freddie & Me especially resonated with me because I, too, am (or at least once was) a Queen "superfan." Mike [...]

    19. The British Invasion in comics has been largely dominated by the dark fantasies of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. So it was with some surprise that I came across this charming and whimsical memoir by this Brit-turned-American comics auteur Mike Dawson, who doesn’t fit this mold at all. And it’s equally as striking how I immediately thought his style to be reminiscent of Alex Robinson (a favorite of mine in the alternative comics scene, or whatever you call it) – only to find out that Robinson [...]

    20. Music is a huge part of my life; most of my happy childhood memories have music in the background, whether it was The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel or my parents listening to melancholy ghazals late at night or my obsession with western classical from the age of 10 onwards. Music's still a vital part of my life, and my band recently released its first album, fulfilling a lifelong dream. So I could really relate to Dawson's brilliant, sensitive memoir about his lifelong love for the music of [...]

    21. This was a nice quick read. 3.5 stars! I love Queen. Not as much as Mike Dawson and not nearly as long but I do enjoy rocking out to them every once in a while.This graphic novel is about Mike Dawson and his continuous love for the band Queen, especially Freddie Mercury the lead singer. Mike says he can recall memories from his childhood through adulthood by his love for the band Queen. It started when he was a small boy and grew exponentially over time.It's funny because I can remember the firs [...]

    22. I had read a few reviews about Freddie & Me prior to checking it out for myself. I love comic books and I love Queen. So how can you lose when combining the two? Ya can't. Straight up, this was a very cute, touching and fun autobiography about Mike Dawson and his life as it related to his favorite band of all time: Queen. Even though all the reviews I had read were overwhelmingly positive, I was still a bit iffy on how this would play out before reading it. I will admit that the first 1/4th [...]

    23. I figured this might be an okay read, so I was pleasantly surprised. First, I'm not Queen's Number One Fan - they're great but I have plenty of favourites ahead of them. Second, I was from the era of Wham! and will always have a piece of my heart reserved for George Michael.So when a few pages into this book, we meet his sister who has an enduring love for Wham!, and we see the siblings fighting over who's best, I was on Sarah's side all the way. And later the author imagines various key points [...]

    24. Freddie and Me is an interesting and enjoyable graphic novel that uses a personal story to explore the larger concept of memory and memoir. Mike Dawson explores his own personal fascination with the rock band Queen from his childhood to the present, and along the way uses that as a jumping off point to explore his life as a whole and his relationships with friends and family filtered through the lens of Queen. My favorite part was where he explored the nature of memory and point of view. In it, [...]

    25. If you look at the content, it is very much a Queen (band) fanboy book. It is a memoir in graphic novel format about an English boy who grew up in US loving Queen. Freddie Mercury of course is his idol. All his memories are weaved with memory of Queen. He also talks of 'ownership' of fanboyism to Queen. You get the drift - only puzzling thing to me is he never explained why he loved Queens so much. What struck me was not the content but the format of book.The art work reminded me of Joe Sacco (I [...]

    26. I really enjoyed reading this--I can relate to a great deal of moments he recalls from his earlier life, and isn't that the exact point of reading books? It made me think a lot about why I love Freddie Mercury as much as I do, and with the recent passing of George Michael, very much put life and music into perspective. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Plus, I played a lot of the music while reading and it made my heart happy.

    27. I had high hopes for this book. I tend to really appreciate graphic memoirs and there will always be a special place in my heart for Queen (I still miss the presence of Freddie Mercury in the world nearly twenty-five years after his death.) But the title gave the impression of more of a love of or fascination with Freddie Mercury than there was. And the storytelling just didn't pull me in. I finished "Freddie and Me" and felt that I knew the basic details of the life of a guy who fought with his [...]

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