The Troll Whisperer

The Troll Whisperer Oscar Lozada is repulsive and he likes it that way His apartment is always a wreck he works at a sewage plant and he s an abrasive jerk to just about everyone When he s not out drinking and hooking

  • Title: The Troll Whisperer
  • Author: Sera Trevor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oscar Lozada is repulsive, and he likes it that way His apartment is always a wreck, he works at a sewage plant, and he s an abrasive jerk to just about everyone When he s not out drinking and hooking up with strangers, he trolls people on the Internet for lulz His life changes when he finds out a victim of his trolling lives right next door Noah is super hot and disarOscar Lozada is repulsive, and he likes it that way His apartment is always a wreck, he works at a sewage plant, and he s an abrasive jerk to just about everyone When he s not out drinking and hooking up with strangers, he trolls people on the Internet for lulz His life changes when he finds out a victim of his trolling lives right next door Noah is super hot and disarmingly nice In spite of himself, Oscar starts to fall for him All he has to do is make sure Noah never discovers the truth behind his trollish ways This book was written in collaboration with the M M Romance Group s annual Don t Read in the Closet story event All proceeds will be donated to The San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center.

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      152 Sera Trevor
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    One thought on “The Troll Whisperer”

    1. Sooooo I don't know how to rate this one? I will settle on three stars. When I think of romance, whether it's a M/M or F/M, I don't think about cleanliness. I automatically expect them to be clean. It was different for sure. I don't think of a hoarder that lives in filth. Hmmmm!!!Oscar is likeable in my opinion. He is a jerk but aren't they all? He works in a sewage plant and loves it. That is all fine and good because there is nothing wrong with making an honest living. His apartment on the oth [...]

    2. Huh. I really did not expect that.First off, I want to tell you to have a little bit of perseverance when reading this. I urge you to at least read the first chapter because Oscar is quite the unlikeable and distasteful character. He's content with his predictable life - getting drunk on the weekends with his best friend, gleefully trolling a variety of people and groups on the internet, and indulging in one off's as much as possible. He has no ambition, no goals, and definitely has no desire to [...]

    3. Okay. Oscar Lozada is an ASSHOLE. This was what I thought when I read a little of it while deciding to proofread or not. I didn't like him, he was mean and trolling is not a joke. And this guy. Just so irritating. And he's the MC?I decided not to read it, and that was the end of that. But then I was terribly bored one day, and this was still sitting there, I thought okay, why not (And I did feel guilty that I was reading this story and not helping out, okay(in case anyone from the group is readi [...]

    4. I teared up. Really. Just for a paragraph, but still. I fell into the story quickly and just lived it. Everything felt so real. Even the drama was well done. Fun and feels. Yeah, it rocks.

    5. Please, please give this story a chance. Please push through until Oscar and Noah actually start dating for real (i.e after the first date or two).Sera Trevor is a gifted writer. I laughed out loud. I cried a lot. This was an amazing story of love and forgiveness including forgiving yourself. I guess it really spoke to me. If the first chapter throws you off a bit, keep pushing through. He really only does trolling like that in the very beginning. (view spoiler)[He does do a little trolling one [...]

    6. The two main characters are complete caricatures. Noah is a soft-spoken person and over the top sweet and forgiving. Oscar is despicable, his apartment is disgusting and the author piles on the literal garbage bags. It is gross and entertaining at the same time. I found his trolling hilarious. He spent the next hour on Tumblr, defending a post he'd made about how Benedict Cumberbatch was an alien-looking lizard motherfucker. That shit wasn't even trolling - it was the truth. He added another pos [...]

    7. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie, but me no likey!I just can't. The warning is in the blurb - Oscar Lozada is repulsive - he REALLY is repulsive. I have to be able to like/empathise with the main character and with him I can't. Don't care how fit and toned he is, his pride in filth turned me away; ten bags of garbage in his filthy apartment, heaps of smelly laundry when he's a sewage worker, even without the fact he's a troll.Not sure if it's intended as humourous [...]

    8. First ewwwww, Then awwI want to take a shower. Seriously. After I finish writing this, I am scalding myself with hot, hot water. Because, ew Oscar. At the beginning was so nasty, and dirty, and just e His apartment. Things crunching under his feet. Piles of garbage bags.And then his trollish wallowing changed. Because he changed. Because he was a little less dirty inside. And then, he was on the way to being clean. Because of Noah, and Jeremy, and love really.But what an awful person he was. Hor [...]

    9. A highly unlikeable character learns to clean up his act and let love back into his life.Oscar the Grouch starts off living in a dump. He loves to smell nasty, make nasty comments, and keep a nasty amount of garbage in his apartment. He also works in sewage, which explains his insanely high tolerance for filth.Noah is the complete opposite-- loving and clean and soft spoken. He is incredibly naive, but he's not some sweet innocent cinnamon roll for Oscar to corrupt.And I quote:“Fine. Let’s s [...]

    10. Overall book rating: 3Audio Book: N/ABook Cover: 3.5 Okay then I did it. It’s done. I can agree whole heartedly that Oscar was one DIRTY Troll in the beginning. I actually still can’t really get my mind around all the stuff in the beginning But what the hell.I was warned and so I finished.I really enjoyed the rest of the story. So I think I’ll conveniently “forget” about all of Oscar’s ‘weirdness” and go with what we got by the end of the story. I have to say the “Troll” par [...]

    11. *4.5*Soo, I actually loved Oscar and his somewhat dirty apartment. He is a truly despicable character, what with his trolling and being overall nasty (that with the no-shower policy, ugh!)! Still, I loved him(view spoiler)[It was interesting how his "uncleanliness" was his way of handling what shitty stuff life had brought him, and I really liked the ending, where his life finally gets back on track. This short story really turned out to be much more than I had expected emotionally. (hide spoile [...]

    12. Hi everyone! This is your author speaking. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've written a 10k word sequel called "The Pink Wedding." This story is available for FREE for subscribers to my newsletter. If you're already a subscriber, the link is in your inbox already. (Check the spam folder - newsletters sometimes migrate there.) If you haven't subscribed, you can sign up here. (The story might take a couple of days to reach you.) However, the offer is only good until 11/1/15. After that, [...]

    13. Fair warningis book is not for germaphobe and OCD readers. It starts out seriously gross. Their are bugs, peeps! *shivers* One of the mains is a internet troll (even going so far as to 1 star books for no reason on GRe bastard), a hoarder and a asshole. Oscar is a sweet asshole though and he kinda grows on you after awhile especially when you learn why he is the way he is. If you can get through the nasty which is really only in the beginning of the book, it's really written well and it's pretty [...]

    14. 4.5ish.I got to help beta this for Sera, who was nervous to step outside of her fantasy comfort zone, but I'm so happy that she did. Great job, lovely one! And thank you for letting me push and poke you about things in the story.

    15. 3.5 stars. Cute little romance between a nasty internet troll and his sweet neighbour. Rounded up cause it's free.

    16. 4.1 StarsOkay, yet another book I didn't want to likee OMFG Oscar is horrible. Justhorrible. Those first couple of chapters I kept putting the Kindle aside in order to clean things since it was obvious he wouldn't. Ugh. Plus, having spent over 2 years as an exterminator, my sympathies immediately resided with his neighbors (roaches are very hard to get rid of once infested) and that ballsy apartment property manager!But thenriously Sera? You had to go and humanize him. You made me both sympathiz [...]

    17. Oscar is a smelly grouch, works in a sewage plant, lives in an filthy apartment filled with trash and cockroaches, and spends his leisure time trolling the 'net, starting fights and destroying people with mean belittling words. But his redemption is one of the sweetest things I've read this past year. Oscar meets sweet gentle dad-jeans-and-short-sleeved-checked-plaid-shirt-wearing Noah, fresh from New Hampshire and his stifling Jehovah's Witness upbringing. Noah touches something very honest and [...]

    18. One of the most extraordinary books I've read in a long time, and right up my street being an angst filled m/m romance with two damaged characters. No Billionaires, no high powered jobs, no model good looks. Refreshing and unique, even if you do need to hold your nose for a lot of the book.A man hurting on the inside, shows his self hatred by being disgusting and like most bullies, taking delight in making other people as miserable as him.This is an 'onion' story, with levels being revealed slow [...]

    19. Probably a classic case of it's me, not you. I really disliked both MCs, one was repulsive (and ultra-stereotyped, also I kept scratching myself. That itch!)d the other felt like someone you need to tie to a post, or they'll fly off. I didn't like them, and that meant that I detached from the story barely 1/3rd in.But kudos to the author for writing two stories for the event!

    20. I smiled like a doofus and also teared up a bit (ok, ok, I teared up twice) It takes real talent to take a character as unlikeable as Oscar and make the reader really care about him, root for him, like him, and even cry for him. The description of why Oscar does what he does makes me think of a cutter trying to cut away their pain I really liked the Odd Couple vibe they had going on, and actually liked The character Oscar a lot more than Felix Noah in the end. I've seen an ASMR video or two and [...]

    21. Well, this was different. This was pretty amazing. The title alone is noteworthy.As repellent and unlikable as Oscar was, I actually found him to be a very relatable character. Oscar made a life out of internalizing malicious and hurtful things others have said to him in the past. What was fascinating about Oscar was that he had the self-awareness to recognize exactly what he was doing and pressed on. Instead of thwarting the process, he dove head first into the downward spiral that would inevit [...]

    22. I am not sure how I feel about this book. The first third or so was so comically exaggerated and spelled mostly light-hearted rom-com fun. Well, for those who are not germaphobes, at least. And then the tone shifted, and it got more and more serious. In the end, it turned out to be a book about a character overcoming the deep scars and traumas of his youth. And I guess I didn't handle that dissonance well.Generally, I'm not against a dramatic shift of the tone, I can name a lot of favourites tha [...]

    23. At the beginning of this book I didn't think I would ever like Oscar. He was truly un-likable in a very real way. However, the author had a great but subtle way of breaking him down, revealing chinks in his armor that made you realize, you didn't even know he even wore armorevery waking moment of his life. He was plenty disgusting though and I thank the author for not making him have some, too sudden, completely unbelievable, self interested turnaround. There was healing and the sense of a catha [...]

    24. This is a beautiful and moving story about redemption, friendship, and love, both familial and romantic.When I read the title and the description, I was thinking of some weird fetish involving garden gnomes and whispering. Glad I got that completely wrong. One guy likes being an Internet troll just to cause trouble, and the other gets a non-sexual thrill from soft noises.

    25. Excellent story. I love the way the names fit the characters perfectly. Oscar the dirty grouch, the underhanded troll causing grief and misery in his own life and others. And Noah, in on the tide, washing away the bad, and breathing a second chance of life into Oscar. The jab at GR had me in a laughing/coughing fit of hysteria. Thank you for another great story.

    26. What an original story. Oscar isn't like any MC I've read about before. He was gross, but there was something charming about how he owned that grossness. I also liked the ASMR and trolling angles. I felt like I learned something by reading this book, but I was also thoroughly entertained.

    27. Quick entertaining read! It was nice seeing someone take on Wastewater (if only minimally). I've worked at a Wastewater plant for over 19 years and besides it stinking, it's actually very interesting and people don't realize how important it is!

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