Justin Thyme

Justin Thyme Justin Thyme is a self made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness The day he turns thirteen he receives an anonymous gift a fabulous watch with a puzzling message hidden on it When he

  • Title: Justin Thyme
  • Author: Panama Oxridge
  • ISBN: 9780955357008
  • Page: 314
  • Format: None
  • Justin Thyme is a self made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness The day he turns thirteen, he receives an anonymous gift a fabulous watch with a puzzling message hidden on it When he tells his father of his plans to build a time machine, the Laird of Thyme reveals tantalising fragments of past espionage and warns his son of a ruthless enemy keeping himJustin Thyme is a self made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness The day he turns thirteen, he receives an anonymous gift a fabulous watch with a puzzling message hidden on it When he tells his father of his plans to build a time machine, the Laird of Thyme reveals tantalising fragments of past espionage and warns his son of a ruthless enemy keeping him under constant surveillance At first, Justin fails to take Sir Willoughby seriously, but when a stranger arrives claiming to be his long lost grandfather, Justin is wary especially after his beloved Nanny insists the old man is an impostor Justin s TV celebrity mother departs on a Congo expedition with her eccentric film crew and Eliza, a computer literate gorilla Whilst returning, Lady Henny is abducted, and clues prove that the kidnapper has inside information someone in Thyme Castle must be a spy or possibly Sir Willoughby s old enemy in disguise Everyone is under suspicion Justin s nervy tutor their snooping housekeeper the theatrical gardener an ex royal butler and Mrs Kof, their freakishly strong cook Suddenly, the race against time is on Can Justin convert his vintage motorbike into a time machine, rescue his mum and discover the identity of their resident spy in less than a weekor will the dreaded Thyme Curse claim another life

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    1. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooI absolutely loved Justin Thyme. It was a roller-coaster of a story. It had adventure, mystery, humor, and fantasy. I especially loved the glossary and appendix which was at the end of the book. It had the definitions of the scientific words which were used but also defined the college prep words and the Scottish words that are bewitching to us U.S. readers. As a young reader I absolutely hated having to look up a word when I am in the midst of a good s [...]

    2. I don't normally review children's fiction, but occasionally a fiction book comes along that has enough useful science content that it fits with me: this is such a book.If there’s one thing that pulls the reader into a book, it’s a good mystery – and that’s exactly what happens with Justin Thyme. With the intriguing environment of Thyme Castle, really strong characters and a plot that thickens like the best gravy browning it’s a very enjoyable read. It can be a touch whimsical – a ch [...]

    3. Great young people's novel with wonderful, wacky characters, rollicking adventures, and lots of ruminations about the nature of time. It's not a 5-star book for me because it doesn't have deep significance, but it's a wonderful adventure, thoroughly fun and thought-provoking from start to finish. I'd recommend it for adult readers as well as kids - it's super summer reading.

    4. Interesting mystery with time travel "facts" interspersed. Definitely a British flavor (British author) and of course the family lives in a castle overlooking the loch where the Loch Ness Monster resides. Great characters, especially the foreign cook with all her malaprops. Ending begs reading the next in the series.

    5. An easy afternoon read for an adult who needs a short read with little challenge. It might be more fun for the teenage reader it's aiming for.

    6. Okay, so when I first started reading Justin Thyme, I thought it was really weird. But then, as I read more, I got really, really into it. The technical jargon comes complete with a dictionary in the back, and the dialogue is rather humorous at times. The notebook pages are mind-bogglingly complex and the mystery is suspenseful and hooks in all the right places.My favorite aspect was by far the mystery. It was fantastically done. It really kept me wanting to read “just one more chapter” befo [...]

    7. This is a children's book admittedly but very well-written with amusing characters, plus plenty of twists and turns. The plot centres around an eccentric family who live in a remote Scottish Castle, Thyme Castle which is further North than Inverness. The lead character, in this book is obsessed with time-travel and the machinery to achieve this thereof, was named Justin by his parents (you should get the drift of the author's intentions here combined with his surname). Throw in a simian 'talking [...]

    8. Justin Thyme is a thirteen year old billionaire inventor who receives a mysterious watch on his birthday and no one knows who it came from. When he sees an old man, who may be his long-lost grandfather, at a crossroads, Justin suddenly understands the nature of time and plans on building a time machine. A spy in the castle with connections to his father’s past gets wind of this plan leading to a kidnapping. Justin must beat the clock to finish his invention to save his mother and figure out wh [...]

    9. The first book in the Justin Thyme (see what author Panama Oxridge did there?) series sets up the story of boy genius Justin - a moral version of Artemis Fowl - and his eccentric family, which includes a talking, computer-savvy and sometimes-nanny ape, named Eliza. The book is heavily focused on time and traveling through time to be precise. Though for all of Justin's diary entries on the subject it only becomes present in the main storyline in the final chapter (neatly setting the story up for [...]

    10. An intriguing concept and a hugely entertaining read, laced with genuine schoolboy humour. I adore puns, so this is definitely my kind of book. A great theme - Procrastination is the Thief Of Time (TOT, which mysterious individual complicates the lives of the Thyme Family: Justin Thyme, Robyn Thyme and Henny Thyme. Pater familias is Sir Willoughby Thyme and I can't resist wondering if his middle initials are O.N. as in Willoughby O.N. Thyme? Geddit? Oh, and I forgot the baby, Albion Thyme. But, [...]

    11. The books were truly hard to stop reading at all. I love how the plot has quite a few twist to it. Justin is 13 and embarks on an amazing adventure. The world all together is different while Justin works on an invention that is the cause of his adventure. The clock is ticking wile he works to solve a mystery that proves to be harder and stranger by the second. The book gives you footnotes and a few pages to solve the mystery yourself. I give these books a "billion" stars! Be sure to look at the [...]

    12. When Justin's mother is kidnapped, the ransom asked is the time machine that his inventor father is building. The problem is that his father has sworn off time machines. It's Justin who has the idea for how to build it. He's also convinced that someone in their Scottish castle is acting as a spy for the kidnapper. Heaven knows there are enough suspicious characters around, and since the spy may be a dupe, nobody--not even his sister--is above suspicion. First of a series.

    13. While not stunning, it was quite fun. Justin is a boy genius multimillionaire, living in the family castle with his small but odd family, a bunch of secrets and a fascination for time. The book is part adolescent sci-fi and part mystery, and it is the mystery part that got interesting. I knew going in that it was a series, but appreciated that the story ended at the end, not two chapters before the end. Quite likely to read #2.

    14. A fun read about a Scottish boy genius who needs to develop a time travel machine to save his mother from a kidnapping. Lots of puzzles within puzzles. My one dissatisfaction is that, like so many YA/children's novels currently being published, this is clearly set up to be part of a trilogy so the plot isn't fully resolved by the end.

    15. Fun read and you learn about science/physics/quantum mechanics and the possibility of time travel. The Thyme family has an interesting make up - Sir Willowby former inventor, Lady Henny animal tv show host, Justin, Robyn and Albion and Eliza the gorilla and an odd assortment of staff.Set in Scotland. Henny is kidnapped. Justin is trying to invent a time machine.

    16. Justin Thyme, child genious, has just figured out his hteory of time travel. He theorizes that time is woven together like a tartan. YOu can't reweave it how can you travel through it without causing it to unravel? And can you change things in the pastke save your mother from a kidnapper?

    17. It was one of those more-for-a-younger-age-group books that I had borrowed on a whim, which I usually rate as 'it was ok', but it had rather interesting ideas about time, and I did enjoy it, so I guess I 'liked it'.

    18. It was pretty awesome! I never guessed that the spy involved would be so close to them! I can't awit to read the next book (if there is one)

    19. I quite enjoyed this book and wished my library had the second one. This is a book my kids might enjoy having read to them.

    20. This book was so amazing. It was funny and super clever. I really liked the fact that it is a teen book, but the author doesn't talk down to them. It's smart and fast paced.

    21. I really loved this book! It is very engaging and well written. The plot is fresh with enough well thought out twists to keep you guessing.

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