This Winter

This Winter A short story based on characters from Solitaire praised as The Catcher in the Rye for the digital age The TimesI used to think that difficult was better than boring but I know better now I m not go

  • Title: This Winter
  • Author: Alice Oseman
  • ISBN: 9780008147884
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook
  • A short story, based on characters from Solitaire praised as The Catcher in the Rye for the digital age The TimesI used to think that difficult was better than boring, but I know better now I m not going to think about the past few months, about Charlie and me, and all of the sad I m going to block it all out Just for today Happy Christmas, I say.The festive seasoA short story, based on characters from Solitaire praised as The Catcher in the Rye for the digital age The TimesI used to think that difficult was better than boring, but I know better now I m not going to think about the past few months, about Charlie and me, and all of the sad I m going to block it all out Just for today Happy Christmas, I say.The festive season isn t always happy for Tori and her brother Charlie And this year s going to be harder than most.

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    One thought on “This Winter”

    1. Another great Solitaire novella. And I still need more Nick&Charlie in my life!I just love how sarcastic and real the characters are, so very relatable, emotional and well, not directly funny, but entertaining for sure.Find more of my books on Instagram

    2. How can this novella make me both extremely sad and so damn happy?I was so glad to have all my favourite siblings back together, I just want them to be okay and get tons of hugs. They deserve it.Learning more about Charlie's mental health made me so sad, I cannot bare when bad things happen to people who clearly deserve the best the in the world. But I'm so happy he can count on Nick and Tori! Also Nick, I want to punch his brother, what a fucking asshole!I want more of this family. I will never [...]

    3. God I love the Spring family. Tori is literally me and Charlie is a cinnamon roll and Oliver is just so precious. I loved Oliver's point of view aw. Anyway it was so good to be back in the solitaire world with the characters.

    4. This is such a wonderfully crafted novella. I'm weak for extra content about my favorite characters and This Winter isn't exception. It gave me much need Tori-Charlie-Oli siblings time. Their relationship is my favorite part in Solitaire novel. Also we have here Nick, which is always lovely, and the siblings' Mum has actually become a real human being with feeling and not MS-Excel loving person. Surprise.Such a lovely wonderful read, both melancholic and hopeful. I'm charmed, completely charmed. [...]

    5. THIS WAS SO GOOOOD. I loved how the story was told from Tori's, Charlie's, and Oliver's POVs. And it was nice to see a realistic portrayal of how un-fun and awkward Christmas Day can actually be! If only it had been longer ;)

    6. I didn't like this one as much as I liked Nick and Charlie, but it was still very good. I'm so in love with these characters. I need more of them.

    7. Christmas angst and small dogs indeed!I love the way that Alice Oseman tackles such real issues in her stories - in this case, anorexia, and briefly biphobia. The addition of these topics really help to enrich the story and make it feel a lot more realistic. Especially I think the characters feel really real and I find I can relate to them much easier than I could to a fantastical character with less emotional depth.Secondly, I feel like Alice Oseman's writing style has considerably changed sinc [...]

    8. What I have always enjoyed about all of Alice Oseman's writing is the brutal honesty.Yes, it's Christmas. No, everything is not magically alright and no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just don't get into the Christmas spirit. And you know what? That's not a bad thing, either.I love that.I loved how this short story was split so we'd get the point of view of each of the Spring siblings and while I hugely enjoyed Tori's and Charlie's parts, I fell head over heels for Oliver. He's just so ado [...]

    9. This was so good! I love Christmas! Loved all the Christmassy stuff hehe. Charlie's mum and dad sound so unsupportive, felt so sorry for him :( but at least it worked out in the end.And he was able to runaway to Nick for a bit! Seriously those two are so cute. You can tell how much they care for each other. It was so cool reading from Tori's point of view and then Charlie's and even Oliver's! Haven't really gotten to know Oliver much so that was cool. Yeah so I loved it.

    10. Really nice to get some of the Spring family's backstory! And it didn't feel forced or like fan service, which i feel like a lot of supplemental stories end up being.

    11. Funnily enough, I liked this little story more than I liked Solitaire. Only slightly, but still more.

    12. I've said it I'm my reviews for both Solitaire and Nick & Charlie, but I suppose I have to say it again: I love these characters. I really, really do. There's something so honest and relatable about them all that I love reading whenever I come back to them. There's also something very British about these books. It's probably because I read too much US-centric YA (I'll definitely be fixing this) but reading Oseman's books - with the relatable protagonists and small, very English things (like, [...]

    13. Initial Thoughts: THE SPRING SIBLINGS ARE SO CUTE. I loved that this wasn't just told from Tori's point of view but it involved a return to Charlie Spring's voice and even a little sprinkling of the adorable Oliver at the end. The exploration and dynamics between these siblings was so beautifully done in such a short word count, maintaining at all times a definite realism. As ever, Alice Oseman did not release her mighty grasp from the issues of mental health, writing another interesting, accura [...]

    14. Absolutely fantastic! I loved this novella, I even woke up early so I could read it before I had to go to college. This Novella was awesome. We get to see all three Spring children's POV's which I loved, reading Oliver's POV was so much fun. He's an adorable character and I love how Tori and Charlie's relationship with him work, even though they are very different from him. I also loved Tori and Charlie's relationship, their cute brother-sister moments had grinning like an idiot. I absolutely lo [...]

    15. 5 out of 5 starsHonestly, so far there hasn't been a single thing I've not loved about Alice Oseman's writing. The voices she gives her characters are so relatable and interesting, and unique in the sense that they don't sound like one another. Sure, there are minor similarities but it is so easy to tell who is talking.Though this was shorter than her first novella, Nick and Charlie, it was a nice little prequel that gave more insight into the lives of these characters.Plus I was in the mood for [...]

    16. This was great! I adored 'Solitaire' by Alice Oseman, so of course I had to buy this prequel novella. It also takes place during Christmastime so this was the perfect time to pick it up. I really liked how it was told from the perspectives of all three Spring children, that was cool. Overall, if you liked 'Solitaire' definitely pick this up. I can't wait for Alice Oseman's next book, 'Radio Silence'!

    17. Bought this bcus Radio Silence isn't out in stores yet, and I haven't read this one yet and I need to read something of Alice's before I explode lolAnyway, i love how Alice writes. Its like you are reading the mind of the character, which, well, since its first person, it kind of is, but you know how in some first person novels you kind of still feel omniscient, alice writes as if you have just plopped right into the head of the chararacter.

    18. This was such a lovely addition to the Solitaire world. I loved the characters in the original novel but this really made me adore Charlie. One of my favourite things from Solitaire was the relationship between Tori and Charlie so I was pleased that this relationship seemed to be the focus of this short story. Another very touching story from Alice Oseman.

    19. Fucking perfect. A masterpiece if I'm being perfectly honest. Alice captured the atmosphere of a family Christmas perfectly even when there were two different family dynamics to capture. If you haven't had mental health issues you may not appreciate just how well written the springs family was and how Charlie's emotions towards them were. LOVED IT AND CANNOT WAIT TO READ RADIO SILENCE.

    20. Much like all of the Solitaire books I enjoyed it but it was too short. I get that it was a novella but still I could have happily ready more

    21. These novellas have been amazing. I feel like I need a whole other book just about the Spring siblings and their relationships with each other (plus a whole other book about nick/charlie).

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