Fup First published in this story is set in the coastal hills of Northern California between and the present The tale revolves around three characters two humans and one duck Jim Dodge is the a

  • Title: Fup
  • Author: Jim Dodge
  • ISBN: 9780933944046
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in 1983, this story is set in the coastal hills of Northern California between 1880 and the present The tale revolves around three characters two humans and one duck Jim Dodge is the author of Not Fade Away and Stone Junction.

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      142 Jim Dodge
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    One thought on “Fup”

    1. Jake Santee has discovered the secret to immortality: a home-made whiskey called Ol’ Death Whisper. Sup this and you’ll live forever! When his daughter unexpectedly dies, 99 year-old Jake takes in his grandson Tiny, who of course grows up to be a giant! The two live happily on the farm until they make an enemy: the wild pig Lockjaw. While hunting Lockjaw one day, Tiny finds an abandoned baby duck and takes her in. Her name? Fup. Jim Dodge’s novella is an absolutely delightful read and I’ [...]

    2. I genuinely enjoyed this little book. A brief, occasionally hilarious, sometimes poignant story set in the Northern California of the mid-twentieth century. There is not much traditional action. There is Granddaddy Jake - who makes and drinks a whiskey called Death Whisper - and his grandson Tiny. There is a duck. There is a wild boar. There are short philosophical forays regarding stillness and action, fences and openness, then life and death. The writing is simpled yet not. Despite the directn [...]

    3. A part la fin qui m'a laissée franchement perplexe, j'ai tellement aimé ce petit roman ! Comme tous les romans chouettes et ultra courts, je l'aurais aimé plus long, mais il file une de ces patates ce petit livre ! J'ai rigolé toutes les 2 pages, et l'histoire de ce vieux papy, de son petit-fils et de l'oiseau Canadèche vous laisse une merveilleuse impression de sérénité.

    4. A short fable, immaculately designed and packaged, with illustrations from legend Harry Horse. It's not particularly compelling until the oversized duck Fup turns up, and at 100 short pages, it reads like a whimsical McSweeney's story.However, in the interest of full disclosure I should explain I am a heartless swine, and magical ducks and grandpas do not break my heart, no matter who dies at the end. And "Jim Dodge" is what I called bunking off Physical Ed lessons in school. Fact.

    5. A fantastic little gem of a book about two men and a duck in the American west. Jim Dodge is the king of modern-day rock and roll tall tales.

    6. As a child I loved Mark Twain's short stories. If Twain would have had the liberty to use the F-word(just a little),his stories might have resembled this 94 page delight. Friends of: Storytellers, Fence builders, Moonshiners, Hog hunters, People with or yearning for Open country with space to breathe, or Anyone that ever owned a Pet Duck, I give you FUP. Fup-Duck. Right! You caught that didn't you? A Story of a Boy , a Duck, and his Grandpa. FUP is about to be placed on my shelf in the sacrosanc [...]

    7. Trying to decide what makes FUP a good or great book. It is like chocolate. Satisfying sweet but with a hidden depth. Seems to have everything you need in the moment and yet unforgettable. There are great quotes, a good outlook on life. It is over before you know it, yet you want to go back for more. Read it you'll see.

    8. Contrived and overly mannered little fable. I must be missing something, as the & reviews are uniformly raves, and it came highly recommended. But I thought the level of cleverness never rose above naming the main character Fup Duck.

    9. Charming, funny and fantastic tale by the Stone Junction author about an old man, his giant grandson and a duck. Not just any old duck. But whiskey guzzling Fup duck.

    10. If you come across this little gem, don't pass it up. It's hard to classify this book, but the author Jim Dodge just calls it a story. It's reminiscent of the California stories of Mark Twain, but a little saltier and stranger. It's 96 pages, part yarn, part fable. It's a story of love, loyalty, redemption, and weirdness. I'll just leave you with a quote from the book: "It just ain't possible to explain some things, maybe even most things. It's interesting to wonder on them and do some speculati [...]

    11. Le style de l'auteur est bien particulier mais j'aime beaucoup, ce pourquoi j'ai mis trois étoiles. Néanmoins la fin paraît tirée par les cheveux. Elle se précipite et on reste un peu sur notre fin. C'est le problème avec les nouvelles, même si les personnages sortent du lot, on a pas vraiment le temps de s'attacher à eux

    12. The humour is what I liked best about this novella. The old man was rude and funny, and Fup was a source of humour, as well. The ending left me wondering whether it was suppose to be profound or not? Was there some kind of spiritual message to it that I wasn't getting? Or, as another reviewer suggested, perhaps the author was yanking our chainjust like Granddaddy would have. Hmmm.

    13. This short little novella is fantastic! This is the story of Grandaddy Jake, who believes the whiskey he brews keeps him immortal; Tiny, his grandson who comes to live with him after his mother's death; Lockjaw, a nasty old wild board; and Fup a mallard chick Tiny saves from Lockjaw and raises as part of the family. This story is laugh-out-loud funny, touching, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. I can't recommend this novella strongly enough. It is definitely a Reader's Corner Highly Recommended r [...]

    14. Titre découvert grâce à Exploratology. Petit bijou. Je me suis régalée de cette histoire. J'ai beaucoup ri. J'ai envi de tout lire de cet auteur et je recommande chaudement ce livre!

    15. El subtítulo de “JOP” no es otro que “Una Fábula Moderna“, tal y como se encarga de puntualizar Antonio Jimenez Morato en el acertadísimo prólogo de la obra. Y si por “fábula” entendemos ese típico relato protagonizado por animales personificados que se ha cultivado desde Esopo hasta Richard Adams (¿es “La Colina de Watership” la última gran fábula de la historia de la literatura?), está claro que el adjetivo “moderna” (en el buen sentido de la palabra) es necesario [...]

    16. Petit roman qui se lit facilement. J’ai beaucoup ri et le personnage de Jake est attachant cependant je trouve que la fin est un peu rapide.

    17. 2nd from dodge for mee other his Stone Junction and that recentere's at least one appearance of a duck in that one and reading through i noted itbut that's all it was appearance, maybe some sort of cameo, remember?ke alfred hitchcock used to do? or at least, that was the story i believed.1983rations copyright 1984 norman green @94 pages w/illustrationsdicated: for my father in memoriama quote: the temple bell stops.but the sounds keep comingout of the flowers.--bashothen we have the number 1 and [...]

    18. Bref, adorable, poétique, humoristique et un peu farfelu ! La postface donne envie de s'attaquer aux autres romans de Jim Dodge.

    19. (This review was first published at booksthailand)I can recommend this book for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is short and to the point so even were you to read it and hate it it has only taken up an hour or two of your appointed time on earth.Secondly it is a crackling good read and quite unique. I'd never heard of Jim Dodge before and all I know know is what the blurb tells me; he lives on an isolated ranch in western Sonoma County. And he can write.Fup is the story of two men and a duck. Re [...]

    20. I'm so glad I picked this up in the local library. Its such a fascinating little fable, with a fantastical ending. It follows the life of Jake and his grandson Tiny as they live life on their farm, with the aid of their notoriously brewed liquor. With the introduction of their surprising pet Fud the Duck I found myself falling in love with cutesy relationship of the three. Particularly when they sit together at the drive in. I think it has a fairy-tale ending, worthy of children imagination if i [...]

    21. I knew I would give this four stars, but had to let it settle with Me a minute before finally deciding on five. A very well written, poignant story of an old man's love for his grandson, and a mallard duck who becomes a part of their family. I'd heard from others that they were moved to tears by the story, and I can see why some might be. It didn't get Me quite to that point, but the fact that I'm still thinking on the story a day after completing it suggests that it had a definite impact. There [...]

    22. Thank you Theo for reviewing this book and thus recommending it to me!It is a very short book, but exquisitly written. The story is about a rough old granddaddy hick and his grandson and what happens when they adopt a very assertive duckling called Fup Duck. That really does not tell you what the book is like though. The book is evocative, emotional, humerous and fupped-uck.The ending is a bit odd. But I'll forgive it that.

    23. You've gotta love Jim Dodge. He writes larger-than-life yarns full of hard liquor, gambling, promiscuity, folklore, and untamed spirit. He also writes about loss, but loss as a part of life, as another mile on the road to getting somewhere. And whether you buy into that yourself or not, and I don't, I challenge anyone not to enjoy the journey. The way he writes is the way it ought to be

    24. Funny little story!Surprisingly entertaining, and a book a would definitely recommend. If you've just read a massive book and you want something light and quick to read before going onto another big book this is perfect.Granddaddy Jake is really funny and so is Fup the main character. Your heart melts for Tiny though.Overall it was quite enjoyable!

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