On Our Own Terms

On Our Own Terms A major celebrity The girl next door Can they make it work When Ned Smith shot to fame as one fourth of the world s biggest boyband secrets and lies were a part of the deal Fifteen years on he s a s

  • Title: On Our Own Terms
  • Author: Adelaide Hipwell
  • ISBN: 9781517728700
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • A major celebrity The girl next door Can they make it work When Ned Smith shot to fame as one fourth of the world s biggest boyband, secrets and lies were a part of the deal Fifteen years on, he s a successful songwriter in LA and his 4G days are supposed to be well and truly behind him But about to turn thirty, Ned finds himself wracked with guilt Will regrets continA major celebrity The girl next door Can they make it work When Ned Smith shot to fame as one fourth of the world s biggest boyband, secrets and lies were a part of the deal Fifteen years on, he s a successful songwriter in LA and his 4G days are supposed to be well and truly behind him But about to turn thirty, Ned finds himself wracked with guilt Will regrets continue to haunt him forever When the smart and beautiful Harriet Jones moves in next door, the attraction is as hot as the Australian summer she s left behind But Ned s celebrity world spells trouble and Harriet runs scared, knowing her fragile heart can t take any heartbreak Can they each overcome their fears Can they find a way to make it work On their own terms.A very contemporary romance, full of humour and heart, perfect for anyone who s ever wondered what happens to boybands when they re all grown upUTION contains coarse language and sex scenes, unsuitable for minors

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    One thought on “On Our Own Terms”

    1. ***3,75 "the boy next door" stars***Who wasn't obsessed with a boy band in her teen ages??? Not me, for sure!!!And i'm positive that neither of you, my friends!!!Every girl was fan-girling about a boy band and there is no exception!!!But what happens to the members of a boy-band when they split apart and take their own ways???Which is the effect of the fame upon them???Well, this book is giving us some answers about those questions and personally to me, it made me think more deeply if the fame i [...]

    2. 3.5 stars Not a bad debut. Enjoyable enough storyline and believable. Who hasn't been gaga over boybands at whatever age. Harriet and Nel were pretty cute and likeable. A light read that entertains with fun characters and pretty fun secondary characters.

    3. - Arc offered in exchange for an honest review - I can honestly say: I enjoyed reading this book. It’s an easy read that sucks you up in the story from the first chapter. Normally it takes a while to get into the book because the writers are trying to give a view of the characters. But this one didn’t take long for you to get the hang of the story. The story starts with Harriet trying to deal with recent heartbreak and betrayal. We get right in the process of the her trying to deal with rece [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was recommended to me and to be honest I was a little hesitant given the cover but I read this in a night and was pleasantly surprised by how enticing the story was - the writing is that good. I really liked that the characters were well rounded and the sex scenes weren't used to replace obvious plot holes. Ned and Harriet have obvious chemistry but this doesn't overshadow a story that is very grounded in reali [...]

    5. On Our Own Terms  Adelaide HipwellReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance, I like second chance romance and rock band romance so this was a no brainer, and I expected to enjoy it. And I did, but it didn’t quite have that magic spark I was hoping for that makes a five star read for me. Its a well deserved Four though and a story I was drawn into. One of the things I really liked was that Harriet wasn’t some poor downtrodden waitress/bar tender/shopworker living in squalid cond [...]

    6. On Our Own Terms by Adelaide HipwellHarriet Jones is in a slump after recently discovering her high school sweetheart/long-term boyfriend/fiance of two years has been schtupping his secretary, who is now several months pregnant and plans to marry the cheating rat. (Good luck with that, Mistress.) Harriet has sold her half of their joint business to him, and after that sale and good investments over the years, she really doesn't have to worry about money. She's decided to take some time to figure [...]

    7. Thanks to Romance Beckons and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this delightful debut novel. It seems to have been planted quite deliberately in the "Romance" genre, but the author may be doing herself a disservice by categorising her work in this way. I know we're not supposed to consider Romance as being in any way inferior to any other category, but let's face it, some of the rubbish being published these days as "Romance" is decidedly inferior.This, on the other hand, is quite superior a [...]

    8. Grade: B+Heat level: 3.5Part of Series: UnknownHEA: YesCliffhanger: NoSo many rock star books on the shelves these days, so little time. But wait… this one was a bit different. Also, Ned was more of a pop star than a rock star. Semantics though, right? Maybe… The Good:A lot of good in this book actually Both lead characters were extremely likable. The supporting characters were great as well. They didn’t over stay their welcome or take away from the story that was Harriet and Ned. I liked [...]

    9. ​​​​​On Our Own Terms is an entertaining debut book by new author Adelaide Hipwell. Ms. Hipwell's writing style is uncomplicated and the way she cares about her characters is quite meaningful. Each character has something good to offer, while working through the happenings in their day-to-day lives.This is the love story between Harriet Jones, a super smart business woman, and Ned Smith, a famous singer from a now disbanded boy-band. Harriet has to get away from her life in Australia, [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewYou know you have a good book in your hands when it’s over and you are mourning the loss of the book. In her debut book author Adelaide Hipwell provided me with an exquisite story that I never wanted to end. Her characters were brought to life by her realistic writing style and her nurturing development of each character. Her blend of humor, romance and believable situations made the characters jumped off the page [...]

    11. I adored this book! Couldn't read it fast enough . skipped meals and stayed up late because I just couldn't put it down! Ned and Hattie are so sweet and he is such a believable, honest character you just want them to get together and be happy ever after! I found the story of Ned and his ex-boy band really refreshing and believable, it was like a little window into what celebrity life must be like. This book was super funny in places too! But also serious at times, touching elegantly on issues o [...]

    12. Very nice book and written well. Harriet is suffering heartache after her fiance has cheated on her and she leaves Australia for Los Angeles to be with her sister. Alice lives in LA with her husband and young twins in a gated community. Next door to Ned, famous for once being in a British boy band 4G.And when Harriet and Ned meet, sparks fly. But Harriet is intimidated by the press and feels Ned is out of her keague. And Ned feels he cannot subject Harriet to life in the spotlight and also that [...]

    13. On our own terms is one funny interesting love story. It is story about a famous former boy band member and geeky girl. It was interesting for a change to read about a different music zanr and not about a rock star.Both main character were interesting and develop. Star of their relationship was like they were teenagers. And being a famous from his early teenage years and Harriet previous just one relationship was no wonder.Although was their love the main theme of the book also concentrated of N [...]

    14. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.So I loved this premise. As a die-hard BlockHead and someone who dreams of the day NSYNC will reunite, this premise was like a dream come true. I just had a problem with the follow through. One, there were so many secondary characters that I couldn't keep them straight for the life of me. Two, the whole foreshadowing (i.e. - if only I knew what I was agreeing to) was annoying. It didn't happen much, but when it did it was very awkward. Three, i [...]

    15. Let me just say it. You can't judge a book by it's cover. If I had only looked at the cover I would have thought this was another 50 Shades, but it's definitely not. Yes it's a love story, but not your typical poor girl meets the rich guy story line. I actually liked that Harriet was her own woman with a career and money who wasn't looking for Prince Charming to take care of her. When she meets Ned they bring each other to life again. I think we all kind of need that --someone to help us get ove [...]

    16. An awesome book filled with love, laughter, sadness, and sass. The story had a lot of great relationships, the one between Harriet & her sister Alice, the old friends & band mates that had been through so much together, Alice & her husband & babies, and of course Ned & Harriet. Their love story was hot & sweet, and you root for a happily ever after from the get go. The relationship between Ned & his band mates was so well written too. A great first book by Adelaide Hi [...]

    17. Star Rating: 4 starsGave this one a go on a quick decision. She is very good at what she writes that's for sure. I read this one in one sitting and loved it. Ned and Harriet are awesome but the past is very real in this book and love it. Quite funny in places and serious too at points that will have the feels on overdrive for sure! I will definitely look for more from her in the future since i did love this one so much from beginning to end that I couldn't put it down at all, my kindle was attac [...]

    18. Ever wonder what happens when all the fans stop screaming and the boy band members grow up? Adelaide Hipwell does a fantastic job giving the reader of a glimpse in the life of the life after boy bands. Harriett and Ned are adorable together. I would love to see a bitch face IG, read and you will get it too.

    19. Such an awesome love story!! I was a little iffy before starting the book due to the boy band themed plot (which don't get me wrong, when I was younger I loved NSYNC) but it came it came into play in the story in a really brilliant way. If you any kind of fan of romance, this should definitely be added to your list of must reads!!

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