House of Shadows

House of Shadows Sophie s world is shattered when disaster bankrupts her family She s still reeling from the news when she s offered an unexpected solution Mr Argenton a wealthy stranger asks for her hand in marriag

  • Title: House of Shadows
  • Author: Darcy Coates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sophie s world is shattered when disaster bankrupts her family She s still reeling from the news when she s offered an unexpected solution Mr Argenton, a wealthy stranger, asks for her hand in marriage.Marrying Mr Argenton will restore her family s fortunes and save them from scandal, but condemns Sophie to a life in Northwood, a vast and unnaturally dark mansion situateSophie s world is shattered when disaster bankrupts her family She s still reeling from the news when she s offered an unexpected solution Mr Argenton, a wealthy stranger, asks for her hand in marriage.Marrying Mr Argenton will restore her family s fortunes and save them from scandal, but condemns Sophie to a life in Northwood, a vast and unnaturally dark mansion situated hours from civilisation.Sophie struggles to adjust to her new position as mistress over the desolate house Mr Argenton s relatives are cold, and Mr Argenton himself is keeping secrets Even worse, the house is than it seems.Mr Argenton s young cousin, Elise, draws terrifying images Doors slam Inhuman figures slink through the forest surrounding the house A piano plays in the middle of the night Blood drips from the ceilings.Sophie is inevitably pulled towards the terrifying truth Northwood s ancient halls are haunted by the family s long dead ancestors The malevolent spirits produced by grisly deaths resent her intrusion into their home.Trapped in Northwood and desperate for an escape, Sophie s fate is further complicated as she finds herself irrevocably drawn to the tall, dark eyed man she married She suspects her feelings are returned, but Mr Argenton is hiding the truth about the house and his secrets are so dangerous that they might just be unforgivable.

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    One thought on “House of Shadows”

    1. Very Good! blend for a Gothic Romance.Marriage of Convennience. Check.Mysterious hero, Mysterious house.Check. Creepy moments and BLOOD. Check. Check. Check. The romance is cute, though. >6< Oh yeah, I enjoyed this!

    2. I think I went into this thinking it was going to be like Dark Shadows. I was expecting the vampire and the gothic family. The book delivered the gothic family, but no vampires. There was so much more inside than vampires. The book delivers healthy doses of excellent descriptions of gore and insanely eerie events. I enjoyed it and I can't wait to read part 2!

    3. ~2.5 stars~I was intrigued by the "Gothic Horror Romance" genre so I decided to give this one a shot. Here's my breakdown:The pros:* Solid writing style* Offered as a kindleunlimitedThe cons:* Extreme insta-love* Vague characters* The storyline execution seemed rushedOverall, I wasn’t impressed with this particular book but I did like the writing style for the most part. I won't be continuing this series, but I would check out more of this writers other work.

    4. One major problem with this bookThere is one major problem with this book, it is simply too short for what it wants to be.What we have here is a classic, old-fashioned Gothic romance. It includes all of the required elements of that genre. It has the young female protagonist who is forced to marry an older, dark, dangerous man who also happens to be incredibly rich and who lives in a dark forbidding and very large house. And yes, he most certainly does have secrets. In addition there are also fa [...]

    5. Very well written, an interesting plot, and an unexpected payoff/ending that I won't spoil. My main complaint is that I felt the heroine and hero didn't interact often, or significantly, enough to make their declarations of falling in love with one another believable. (They start off as total strangers, and marry very quickly for convenience.) As a result, their relationship comes off as a bit shallow, and based mostly on their respective looks, which I am sure the author didn't intend. Given th [...]

    6. House of ShadowsWhat an interesting story with plenty of tense moments that are far from predictable. The ending leaves me anxious to read the next installment.

    7. 3.5 stars. This story definitely needed to be a bit longer. Perhaps to flesh out the romance a bit more. And if love wasn't a factor in the story then I wouldn't have caredbut it is so I needed it to be a bit meatier. Although at no point, did the story scare me ( even though I was hoping for it) the descriptions were really good. The epilogue definitely had me wanting to read the next installment.

    8. This was a surprisingly fast readI enjoyed reading about Sophie and Jospeh. I wasn’t sure what to expect since its starts off as the cliche bad guy swooping on to steal away the damsel but that’s not what happens. It’s a fun, light little story. It ends wellbut wait there’s more. It’s to be continued!

    9. WowAll I can say is wow! I love Darcy's writing, but it took me awhile to come around and read this one. I thought it was gonna be a lovey dovey story and I was so used to the heart thumping stories that I didn't want to give it the chance it deserved. Boy, was I wrong!!!! I should NOT have waited!! I couldn't out this book down! Now to read the next one!!

    10. 2.5 starsWriting is solid, like all of her books, but the characters are kinda meh and forgettable. Not sure how the characters manage to fall deeply in love in a matter of days, and mind you, all these days are spent steeped in stress and mortal peril. It's a marriage of convenience, so leave the love out or replace it with attraction and infatuation or something.

    11. Fun for a light creepy readI finished this little book quite quickly. It's mind candy but fun nonetheless. I enjoyed the love story and especially the fact there is no graphic sex. It was just scary enough to keep me interested but not up all night. I will read the rest of the series.

    12. Nope! Not worth the time!Nope! Not worth my time to even try to finish this book. I've read some Darcy Coates' books that I have truly enjoyed but either she just can't find her way into another good story to tell her readers, or she has lost her appeal to me. Either way, I just could not make myself "muddle" on to the end.

    13. One of Darcy Coates best!I absolutely loved this book. I was captivated from start to finish! Even though some aspects were a little eccentric such as the creature itself it was still wonderful. I felt as I'd I was drawn into the book and was there along with Sophie throughout each page. I can't wait to read the next installment of this book! Definitely a 5 star rating from me!

    14. A mix between Crimson Peak (without the incest) and The Haunting it was pretty entertaining. There were parts that dragged, but overall it was an eerie gothic romance with a heaping dose of horror that kept me reading.

    15. Darcy never disappointsTruly love a good old fashion ghost story. Can't wait to start on the next book. Never a dull moment

    16. I found this to be a quick and easy book to read. I got drawn into the storyline very quickly and will be reading book 2

    17. Para esta época de otoño buscaba una lectura cómo ésta. Inglaterra, ficción histórica, una mansión con un secreto y dos personajes, Sophie y Joseph, que forman una pareja perfecta.

    18. This book was really creepy. I really hoped they had won in the end. The curse they’re under is horrifying.

    19. GreatI like Darcy Coates writing. I really enjoyed reading this book and recomend it for anyone who likes supernatural stories.

    20. HauntingI love the time period this book is set in. It is obvious how good an author Darcy Coates is when you read this book and it's sequel

    21. Truly intriguingI loved reading this book, when I started I couldn't put it down so ready for book 2. A must read

    22. Great bookThis story was great. Can't wait to read part 2. Really loved Sophie character as well as mr. Argenton. Can't wait to read next one

    23. Whyyyyyyyyyy (view spoiler)[the ending is not to my liking. Kind of suspected it when joseph still appeared sick after the house burnt down. (hide spoiler)]

    24. I'm a big fan of this author but this particular book didn't do it for me .The main characters were both annoying and the whole romance aspect was very bland.The story plot as always was great .

    25. -2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge: the first book in a series you haven't readIt was hard to rate this book-- while I do believe it suffered from issues that would make me rate it 3 stars, I also didn't care all too much about these issues. I enjoyed this book a lot. If it were possible, I'd make it a 3.5 star book. I love gothics. Gothic books are my comfort read, and some of my favorite novels. Even when it can be heavy-handed or cliched, I still enjoy them (just don't give me stock characters [...]

    26. This book started off with quite a twistarted reading it andCouldnt out it down until I finished. Loved the ending. If you like a book that moves fast, this is it.

    27. Wow, another fantastic tale from the mind of Coates! She truly knows how to tell a story to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was so engrossed in this novel, that I read it in two days. I just couldn't bear to put it down. House of Shadows flows so smoothly and quickly that I'd read a quarter of the novel in one sitting without realizing that huge chunks of time had gone by. And I wasn't sorry at all. I was anxious to continue to read. Like Northwood, I was hungry for more.Set in a house that [...]

    28. Really good storyDarcy Coates is an amazing author. She really knows how to keep you guessing on what is going on. Even though get stories are shorter than most they still tell an amazing amount of detail. She helps you fall into the story like you are part of it.

    29. Sophie is at the opera with her uncle and she can’t stop watching the tall man with black hair. Later when she is discussing the opera with her uncle a Mr. Argenton appears behind Sophie asking about Her father, and she is introduced to the man she is mesmerized by. Joseph Argenton is very intimidating and a little frightening to Sophie, so when she hears he has plans to call upon her father the next day she plans to be out. Things don’t go as planned for Sophie at all. Joseph is very taken [...]

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