The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho Time

The Totally Awesome Hulk Volume Cho Time There s a brand new Hulk in town and his name is Amadeus Cho Get ready for gamma fueled entertainment as the kid genius decides he s gonna be the best Hulk ever and just possibly brings the entire wo

  • Title: The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho Time
  • Author: Greg Pak Frank Cho Mike Choi Takeshi Miyazawa Sonia Oback Frank Martin Andrew Crossley Rachelle Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9780785196099
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a brand new Hulk in town, and his name is Amadeus Cho Get ready for gamma fueled entertainment as the kid genius decides he s gonna be the best Hulk ever and just possibly brings the entire world crashing down into chaos Cho is taking on the biggest monsters in the Marvel Universe, but can he handle the danger posed by Lady Hellbender What will She Hulk and SpiThere s a brand new Hulk in town, and his name is Amadeus Cho Get ready for gamma fueled entertainment as the kid genius decides he s gonna be the best Hulk ever and just possibly brings the entire world crashing down into chaos Cho is taking on the biggest monsters in the Marvel Universe, but can he handle the danger posed by Lady Hellbender What will She Hulk and Spider Man make of this very different Green Goliath And what exactly happened to Bruce Banner With monster mayhem in the Mighty Marvel Manner, all from the wild and crazy minds of Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak and superstar artist Frank Cho, this is better than incredible, it s totally awesome Plus Amazing Science during Secret Wars featuring the Amadeus Cho of Battleworld COLLECTING The Totally Awesome Hulk 1 6, Planet Hulk 2015 1 B story

    • Free Download [Poetry Book] Ð The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho Time - by Greg Pak Frank Cho Mike Choi Takeshi Miyazawa Sonia Oback Frank Martin Andrew Crossley Rachelle Rosenberg ↠
      433 Greg Pak Frank Cho Mike Choi Takeshi Miyazawa Sonia Oback Frank Martin Andrew Crossley Rachelle Rosenberg
    • thumbnail Title: Free Download [Poetry Book] Ð The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho Time - by Greg Pak Frank Cho Mike Choi Takeshi Miyazawa Sonia Oback Frank Martin Andrew Crossley Rachelle Rosenberg ↠
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    One thought on “The Totally Awesome Hulk, Volume 1: Cho Time”

    1. Oh! Oh! I have a cool idea!I think Marvel should replace all of their main characters with other characters.Like, instead of Scarlet Witch being Wanda Maximoff, maybe Tony Stark can get sucked up into a skybeam, spit out with All-New All-Different chaos magic, & be the new Scarlet Witch? M.O.D.O.K. as the new Vision? Or how 'bout Peter Parker gets hit by a lightening bolt, and takes over as the new Storm?!Me + Ideas = AWESOME!!!Pretty sure the fans will love itOk, so the premise here is that [...]

    2. Amadeus Cho is the Totally Awesome Hulk who’s also totally in control when he’s the big green giant - but what happened to Bruce Banner? Also an alien monster collector called Lady Hellbender wants to add Hulk to her collection while Enchantress wants to enlist Hulk to fight for her in the War of the Realms storyline currently playing out in Jason Aaron’s Thor. Greg Pak, probably the best known Hulk writer of the modern era having written Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, returns to the char [...]

    3. The story was okay. But I do love Cho, he's awesome. So this is much more upbeat and fun then what you expect from most Hulk titled comics. The fights are still epic level of huge monsters, earthquake like attacks, and badass moments. However the rest is filled with comedy that actually works (mostly thanks to Cho/Miles) and this is the first ongoing Hulk title I'll probably keep up. The story itself is okay. Some Pokemon catching them all creatures if you can type story. It has a lame villain b [...]

    4. I wanted to like this more than I did but unfortunately, Amadeus appears to be the only one of the relaunched ANAD heroes I'm just not fond of. Okay, so I'll start with what I like about this series. Pros: I loved Maddy and She Hulk in this book! Maddy was brilliant, protective and funny. I would be interested in reading more of her in another series. Like perhaps I get my dream team and Marvel puts together a team of badass female scientists with Valeria Richards, Lunella Lafayette, Maddy Cho, [...]

    5. I'll be honest; when I first heard (on the Internet, of course, as it is virtually impossible to avoid spoilers these days) that Amadeus Cho was going to be the new Hulk after Secret Wars I was disappointed. Greg Pak has finally manoeuvred his ultimate Mary Sue character into the primo spot in the Hulk world. Not only is Cho smarter than everyone else, he's now stronger than everyone else too. 'Tis to sigh.I read the book with low, low, low expectations and, wonder of wonders, actually found mys [...]

    6. The series was OK. I like Amadeus Cho as Amadeus Cho, boy genius. He doesn't need to be "the strongest one there is" too. He's written here as being very arrogant and way too bro-tastic. Having Frank Cho come in and draw Hulk fighting Kaiju was a great idea. It's definitely playing to his strengths. The series had it's moments and great art, but hopefully Pak will write Amadeus to make him less unbearable in the future.

    7. [Read as single issues]Greg Pak will probably go down in history alongside Peter David as the best modern day Hulk writer. Many have tried to follow him, but even the brilliant Mark Waid doesn't seem to get these characters the way Pak does. So of course, with a Pak-created character like Amadeus Cho becoming the new Hulk, having Pak come back makes total sense.Pak's take on Cho has always been definitive, and the addition of his sister Maddy brings some hilarity to the proceedings too. How Amad [...]

    8. I'm going to try very hard to ignore the fact that this is yet another classic character that now has a doppleganger and evaluate the book on it's own.This is obviously a younger, hipper(?) Hulk whose main goal is to be a Hulk that everyone likes and never loses control. Over the course of this trade you learn just how he obtained the Hulk, understand his goal, and learn that he may not have as much control as he thinks. I've never really read any stories with Amadeus and Pak makes it clear that [...]

    9. It's Cho Time! Best freaking Chulk ever! Ok, ok, I've been a fan of Amadeus Cho ever since his first appearance (recently reprinted in Amadeus Cho: Genius At Work) and have followed him from Hulk to Hercules and now it's Cho Time! Oh wait, been there done that. Great character, fun art and an imaginative and long needed reworking of the Hulk concept. Frell, this is actually such a fun book. It's great to have someone who just loves being the Hulk and can control himself, and hasn't lost his int [...]

    10. Actual rating: 3.5 starsThis was a pretty good start. Looking forward to continue this series.Review to come soon.

    11. Amadeus is a character I hadn't heard of until more recently, but I immediately liked him and decided to see if the Totally Awesome Hulk comics lived up to the name.Luckily they do by being high energy and humorous, while still having enough emotional tug to be meaningful without becoming cruelly depressing like some other Hulk comics are.Amadeus is one of the smartest people on the planet and possesses positive traits including charisma and cleverness along some less positive ones such as being [...]

    12. I've never read any Hulk and only vaguely know of Amadeus Cho, but an Asian American lead with a AsAm team caught my interest enough to give this a go.A lot of it is pretty standard--Cho mostly comes off as a stereotypical impulsive distracted-by-sex argues-with-sister teenage boy with only a few moments of something different. He fumbles around with power and responsibility he's not used to, punches lots of things, and generally thinks being Hulk is totally awesome. Nothing groundbreaking going [...]

    13. I was a HUGE fan of Pak earlier run on Hulk so I've anxiously awaiting this return. I was also delighted to hear that Amadeus Cho was to be the new Hulk. He was a fun side-kick for both Hulk and Hercules. So of course I had piled on to this simple little book completely unreasonable expectations and I was disappointed with what the book had to offer. If you're looking for a dumbed down new Hulk doing a monster fight with pretty pictures by Cho for a few issues. Then this book is okay. The backup [...]

    14. mmm I mean, look, I'm super glad in terms of representation that there's a new Asian-American Hulk, and theoretically it's interesting to have a Hulk who's super enthused to be Hulk and can more or less control his Hulk powers. But it turns out I'm kind of ride or die for sadsack Bruce Banner so this book wasn't really for me.Also like, I get it, he's a horny teenage boy, but I'm not so like I was like calm down Amadeus, we get that you have a crush on every girl. Not necessarily a flaw though, [...]

    15. Korean-American teen genius Amadeus Cho gets his turn with the gamma powers, because diversification and also because the rest of Banner's supporting cast had already had a go. The central Hulk as puberty metaphor is inspired (because it is a time when even the smartest guy in the room, or the seventh smartest guy on Earth*, will start acting like a tool around attractive women, or finding his temper hard to keep in hand), and beyond the pleasing coincidence of names Frank Cho's art gives it all [...]

    16. Before I get to the bad, let me start with the good: I really like the new take on the Hulk. I very much enjoy the direction they're taking it. I think the main focus of the series will be the struggle of being better than Banner, and keeping the Hulk in check. I think Cho is an excellent character and well deserving of the title "Totally Awesome".With that said, I think with this book in particular, there are some flaws. First and foremost, the campy, keeping-up-with-the-kids lingo that Marvel [...]

    17. It wasn't totally awesome, but it was pretty dang cool. This is your fun, colorful, zany kind of comic. It's not too silly, though. Amadeus is the new Hulk, and he seems like a bit of a chuckle-head, considering he's supposed to be one of the smartest people on the planet. He's kind of a young horn-dog. Frank Cho can really deliver as a comic book artist, and I think that's what makes this pretty close to "totally awesome."

    18. 2.5 starsThis was pretty good. It's lighthearted and funny with good action. One of the most interesting parts about this arc for me was actually the slowly-revealed story of how the torch was passed from Bruce to Amadeus. I was particularly amused by the fact that the (new "totally awesome") Hulk's ("Chulkie") sister's support/tech vehicle is also an Asian fusion food truck, and that Amadeus's fitness tracker bracer shows the weather in Cupertino. I didn't love this, but more so because it's no [...]

    19. Must say the artwork was a bit cartoony in this one.The Totally Awesome Hulk isnt the Hulk i grew up with but im sure i could get used to him.The angle of his sister being his partner in crime really didnt do it for me.Seeing the female Thor plus She-Hulk and Spidey was cool as was Lady Hellbender.Not something i would collect but i will check out the next volume in hopes it picks up.

    20. It's been fun watching Greg Pak develop Amadeus Cho, the super-genius kid who always believed Hulk was better than the rest of the world said. Once Cho was a fugitive supporter of Hulk; later he was a heroic partner to Hercules; today, he's irradiated himself and is trying to live up to the legend of the Hulk that he always believed in. He's going to make the legend Totally Awesome (TM).The most interesting part of the book is how Cho's psyche handles the powerful duality. Where Banner merely tu [...]

    21. Amadeus Cho is Hulk? How did that happen? if you are asking yourself that question, the answer is here. Before we get it, we learn a little something about the "Totally Awesome Hulk". Cho sees his internal life like driving a car usually he's driving with "Hulk" in the trunk, manifesting as regular normal Amadeus; often drives with "Hulk" in the backseat, manifesting as Hulk, but in full control of his actions and speech; but occasionally "Hulk" takes the wheel and drives, manifesting as a full- [...]

    22. This is my first encounter with Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, and his sister Maddy. The reason I grabbed this graphic novel is because Frank Cho is one of my all-time favorite comics artists. This is a great story filled with giant monsters and wonderful villains and two of my favorite superheroes as guest-stars (Spider-Man and She-Hulk). There is sufficient backstory deftly woven into the tale so that this Amadeus Cho noob reader got up to speed quickly and did not feel lost at all. As [...]

    23. Up until this point I’ve seen many appearances of the new Hulk, but not having read his plotline, I didn’t know much about Armadeus Cho (AKA the Totally Awesome Hulk). I saw him referenced in both the Civil War II plotline, as well as a guest star, so to speak, in Moon Girl. But I didn’t really know the guy, so I wanted to give his series a try (despite the lackluster rating the series holds). I actually really like Armadeus Cho, he’s witty, he’s stubborn, and he’s trying really har [...]

    24. Collects Totally Awesome Hulk issues #1-6 and material from Planet Hulk issue #1Amadeus Cho has made himself into a new kind of Hulk. He's the 8th smartest person in the world, so he wants to use his genius to help save the world. This volume features cameos from:-Tony Stark-Black Panther-Bruce Banner-She-Hulk-Miles Morales-The Enchantress-ThorI had similar feelings about this as I've had about Bendis' "Guardians of the Galaxy." "Guardians" is sometimes great, but it is mostly just a lot of fun [...]

    25. This volume details the transition of Hulk from Bruce Banner to Amadeus Cho. And it's remarkably fun, with a fair bit of humor, a good use of other characters (She Hulk and Spiderman, specifically), and a strong focus on the characters of Amadeus and Maddy, without sacrificing the action. Ammy's take on Hulk is different, and unique, and smart (in more ways than one), and the art shares the peppy upbeat feel. I find the moments where Cho visualizes sharing his mind with Hulk (a car metaphor) an [...]

    26. Totally Awesome Read; however, I don’t think it’s a book with staying power. Pak wrote one of my all time favorite Hulk stories, “Planet Hulk”. This isn’t up to the amazeballs level of that, but it’s a fun read. I like the car metaphor of Amadeus keeping, or not, the Monster in check. I like the back and forth between A and his sister. I enjoy Amadeus’ struggle to be the best Hulk, but Hulk readers know eventually the Monster will emerge. The art is pretty nifty. Just as the new Go [...]

    27. This book is a lot of fun. I don't neccesarily love the first story arc, with the giant monsters and the princess that captures giant monsters, but I do love many things about this book.I love Amadeus' devotion and respect for Bruce Banner.I love the flashbacks that show what happened to the original hulk, prior to this seriesI love the metaphor that Amadeus has constructed, where he is driving the car, and the rage monster hulk is tucked away in the trunk.I think it is good to have another char [...]

    28. Funny and beautifully doneThe new Hulk or "Chulk" is conceited and impulsive and fun. Amadeus is trying to prove to the world that the Hulk is the greatest hero of all time while fighting to control the beast within. Full of lots of monsters and action, the story flows fast and flashes back in time to tell the new Hulk's origin story so that the story feels complete. Totally addictive and downright fun for a comic I can read again and again.

    29. I'm not familiar with the kind of thing I'm seeingI have to admit, I was a little concerned about this hulk update, and if you're a purist you might still be.The juxtaposition of levity and action is spot on. Between the fashionable new purple stretchy-pants and the Hulkmobile I was hooked. Follow the "Chulk" in his first battle against the ClackaCrack-a-lackallow him in his first battle against the big two-headed turtle.

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