The Paris Protection

The Paris Protection While President Abigail Clarke attends a summit in Paris an unknown enemy makes a brazen attempt on her life inflicting horrific losses on her protection detail Plunged into a battle beyond anything

  • Title: The Paris Protection
  • Author: Bryan Devore
  • ISBN: 9780985241353
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • While President Abigail Clarke attends a summit in Paris, an unknown enemy makes a brazen attempt on her life, inflicting horrific losses on her protection detail Plunged into a battle beyond anything they could have trained for, Secret Service Agents Rebecca Reid and David Stone must find a way to keep the president alive The attackers have vast resources and would sacrWhile President Abigail Clarke attends a summit in Paris, an unknown enemy makes a brazen attempt on her life, inflicting horrific losses on her protection detail Plunged into a battle beyond anything they could have trained for, Secret Service Agents Rebecca Reid and David Stone must find a way to keep the president alive The attackers have vast resources and would sacrifice everything for a devastating blow against America The agents must be willing to do no less ExhilaratingDevore is a superb writer who has clearly done his research into the inner workings of the Secret Service BlueInk Review Starred Review Nearly impossible to put down Thriller fans will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they experience Paris at breakneck speedMost impressive are Devore s female characters, especially Special Agent Rebecca Reid ForeWord Clarion Review 5 Stars Rivetinga modern day, action packed thrillerfully engages readers with the sights and sounds of Pariskudos to Devore for giving readers strong female characters in both the President and agent Rebecca Reideps readers on high alert until the very end Pacific Book Review 5 Stars Explosive thrillsDevore masterfully builds and maintains suspenseunges readers into the tense and tactical world of Secret Service agents pushed to their limits Kirkus Reviews Devore has done his homeworka believable, action packed roller coasteraders just may lose fingernails over this one San Francisco Book Review A gripping thrillere ideal blend of action and story with plenty of well researched details that keep the reader glued to the pageThe Paris Protection is one of those books where you don t know who will make it out alive and how it s really going to end a perfect example of the thriller genre Manhattan Book Review Heart poundinga stimulating, action packed account of the lengths the US Secret Service takes to protect the president outstanding piece of fiction Readers Favorite 5 Stars

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      323 Bryan Devore
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    One thought on “The Paris Protection”

    1. I started reading this just after the terriorist attack in Paris. From the first sentence, I was hooked!! My senses were alert, and my body was tense. I was in the Secret Service guarding the President. A THRILLING story that engulfed me the entire way!! It taught me about the duties if the SS, their training, and how their jobs are a their lives. Paris is a fascinating placeI never knew how much until I read this book, learning things that few of us will ever be aware of. This is Bryan Devore's [...]

    2. The danger comes at you, clearly, in the opening chapter. Although I'm not a weapon's expert, it seemed like the details of them were good but without overtaking the actual story. Good details also when it came to the security around the U.S. president. You could feel the tension of always watching even with really great security measures in place. Very detailed. It got so intense that I had to lay my kindle down for a few minutes just to catch my breath! More than once. When I looked again I wa [...]

    3. A decent thriller, but I found it way too repetitive. Something will have just happened and then the author constantly retells it from another perspective, regardless of the incident's importance. Some redeeming points like strong female roles, some creative tactical ideas, discussion of subjugation and oppression of the third world, however the latter is contrasted with a strong theme of american patriotism. A decent book if you like edge of your seat thrillers, I however, did not enjoy the wri [...]

    4. OMG! Edge of your seat action adventure. I tend to be more of a Sci-Fi Fantasy fan but who doesn't love a good AirForceOne eqsue novel! I could not put it down as I wanted to see what happened. I also got the feeling that it could have ended good or bad and it kept me guessing until the very end!The whole book takes place in probably under an hour for the most part and it reads like an action movie. I was so happy to actually read it as I kept thinking that this would have been a 10 min scene in [...]

    5. Wow! Fasten Your Seat Belt! This is a terrific story. The characters are great, well-developed, believable. There is barely a moment to catch your breath. The author does give you those moments scattered throughout the book, but doesn't give you but a few deep breaths before plunging you back into the thrilling story. Fanatic terrorists threatening the life of the President of the United States, and the heroic efforts of Her protectors to get her to safety. Using the environment of Paris and the [...]

    6. My first exposure to this author insures that I will seek out another of his books. This fast story guarantees that it will keep you on the edge of your seat to see if your desired outcome eventually evolves. Goodness knows that the Secret Service could use some of the positive press that would surface if all their agents exhibited the behavior extolled in this protection of a female president in Paris. The action reminds me somewhat of what occurs in a Baldacci or Clancy novel.

    7. I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow. I loved this book. The characters in this book are wonderful. I felt like I was right there with them smelling smoke and feeling the cold. I truly hope that other books by Devore are just as good. I look forward to reading more

    8. Outstanding readThrilling all the way through. Lots of bacKground on the secret service. Book really makes you think of their huge sacrifices to protect our President. Also quite a history lesson regarding Paris and Hannibal Barca.

    9. THIS WAS QUITE A RIDE. Don't start this book right before bed, as it is basically impossible to put down and you will experience marked sleep deprivation as a result.I really can't say enough good things about this, at least as a rip-roaring action thriller. Aside from a few cringe-worthy lines of dialogue, this is excellently written and perfectly paced. There's little time for character development, but thanks to a few well-placed flashbacks, you gain a surprising amount of insight into people [...]

    10. The book was definitely action packed! Especially toward the end I couldn't put it down. I found the entire plot interesting and assume the Paris tunnel system is based on facts. However, I got bogged down in Mohammed's constant ruminations and comparisons to Hannibal. During these passages I would put the book down perhaps for several days. The women were almost superhuman and their escape seemed unbelievable. However, I was glad for that ending.

    11. Pretty nice thriller with an intense tempo. The most enjoyable part is the in depth research the authors put around how secret services work and their rationale. Interesting carachters however flirting a bit too much with cliché for some some of them. Bottom line certainly not masterpiece but surely entertaining with some things to learn.

    12. Fast-paced entertainment for fans of movies such as White House Down, Olympus has Fallen, Air Force One, Die Hard, etc. It was a good, quick read after finishing some very long, complex novels. Recommended.And the author came from Kansas!

    13. This was hard to put down, much better than I thought it would be when I picked it up. Somewhat predictable, but still a good read.

    14. A typically enjoyable read of good vs evil. A little too much 'yay yay USA' in some parts but it was overall a fast-paced good read.

    15. What a tripThe setting surreal, unique. The pace intense. This is a really good read with terrific characters and a proper ending. Thanks, Mr. Devore.

    16. Great bookReally enjoyed this book - continuous action - kept me turning the page. Waiting anxiously to see what happens next.

    17. This is an imaginative novel that involves rescuing a female POTUS via the Paris catacombs amid terrorist activities that are beyond bizarre!

    18. This is a Page TurnerFast action from the outset. If you like excellent political thrillers, this one belongs on your must read list today.

    19. The Secret Service is in some ways like the NSA, CIA or some other government lesser known acronym group: just about everyone knows who they are, but they don’t really know exactly how they operate or what they do. The Secret Service’s job is to protect the President of the United States 24/7, no matter what it takes. Their lives are always on the line for this one person. But what does this truly unique job entail?The premise for The Paris Protection seems somewhat mundane and ordinary: a t [...]

    20. I love this book the moment I read the synopsis especially since I already know Mr Devore writing style via his book The Aspent Account. It just that I can only read this book now via Prime Reading. First I have to tell that I have soft spot for story in which the main chars are federal agents. It feels like you know the story will be non non sense. The main chars in this book is Secret Service David Stone and Rebecca Raid. They are Secret Service who tasked with job to protect the President in [...]

    21. Good bookIt kept you on your toes and showed how hard the secret service work keeping the president alive and well

    22. The President is in Paris for an international meeting with other heads of state. Beneath her hotel an explosive charge breaks through the concrete wall that separates the hotel from the Parisian catacombs. Two hundred highly trained soldiers from a number of countries pour through the beach. Teams go to the lobby armed with flame throwers to set the building on fire. Another team heads to the roof top, armed with Stinger missles to prevent a helicopter rescue. Meantime the remaining secret serv [...]

    23. I was expecting more interaction between the two main agents. Other than the very first scene of the book, they barely spoke to each other. Perhaps I read the description incorrectly. I felt that too many pages were focused on the background and inner thoughts of the terrorists. The plot was well thought out and I did like the inside peek at some of the preparations taken by the Secret Service to protect the president. I'm going to read the second book in the series. It could be that I was turne [...]

    24. The Paris Protection: by Bryan DevoreThanks for a great insight into the professional and personal dedication members of the Secret service and especially those assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail. This novel, a work of fiction, gives great credit to these personnel as they perform their duties in an attempt to kill the President as she attends a joint conference in Paris, France. The action is non-stop and his writing is going to keep you glued to the pages all the way to the end. Th [...]

    25. The terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 have made headlines across the globe -- armed men attacking "soft targets"an office, a concert, a cafe. In this novel a highly trained and equipped army of 200 attack a hotel housing the president of the United States and a huge security force. Devores focuses on two groups, the terrorists and the Secret Service, equally devoted to their mission.Interesting characters and a good story line kept me involved until the end.No graphic sex or violence

    26. Its a good thriller. A group of terrorists try to assassinate the American president when she is Paris for some talksThe book has a lot of interesting details about the Paris catacombs and the underground Empire of the Dead which is hidden under the main city. The characters are quite interesting I think this author is going to get better over time

    27. Fantastic!!!!!!I read constantly until finishing. For a constantly moving plot and deep characters development, you'll love this book. This book follows three secret service agents protecting the president, a woman no less, while in Paris. From the streets of Paris through the Paris underground, the story is action packed.

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