Dogs In Cars

Dogs In Cars Join these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes while they wreak havoc on the streets

  • Title: Dogs In Cars
  • Author: Felix Massie Emmanuelle Walker
  • ISBN: 9781909263871
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Join these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes, while they wreak havoc on the streets in some pretty recognizable locomotives Felix Massie is a London based artist and director of animation at Nexus Productions.Emmanuelle Walker is an animation director and ilJoin these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes, while they wreak havoc on the streets in some pretty recognizable locomotives Felix Massie is a London based artist and director of animation at Nexus Productions.Emmanuelle Walker is an animation director and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec Her previous work for Flying Eye includes the bestselling Beautiful Birds.

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      108 Felix Massie Emmanuelle Walker
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    One thought on “Dogs In Cars”

    1. Winter break bookaday #3. Of course I picked this up because of the dogs on the cover! A counting book with rhyming text, British import featuring some well known and rare dog breeds, but no border collies! Some pics represent some breeds well, others not so much. Nice surprise at the end, a list of other things to look for in the book.

    2. Wat een leuk boek was dit! Vooral het einde was echt leuk bedacht, die had ik niet zien aankomen. Ik verbaasde me wel over hoeveel honden er in auto's pasten, vooral op een gegeven moment toen we bij die de 10+ kwamen. :PIk ga dit boek zeker kopen in Engels en toevoegen aan mijn collectie!

    3. Jammer dat de honden zo klein zijn weergegeven. Maar eerlijk is eerlijk, stilistisch zijn de pagina''s een lust voor het oog. De bladindeling is perfect. De honden met auto vormen een mooi lijnenspel.Een enkele keer worden er ook extraatjes aan de pagina's toegevoegd die bij de honden passen, zoals de auto met Qeensland heelers die door een kudde runderen rijdt. Die honden blijken namelijk graag het vee bijeen te drijven, zoals in de tekst, die uit één regel bestaat, te lezen is.Achterin het b [...]

    4. An awesome book of counting! It jumps from 25 dogs, to 50 dogs to 100 cats pretty quickly. Cute, funny, and some of the names of the dogs are a little difficult to pronounce. Some of the dogs, kids probably haven't ever heard of before. At the very end of the book, there is a counting exercise for kids to do. (Example: How many dogs have their tongues sticking out) Fun stuff like that. Loved it!

    5. I'm a sucker for picture books with dogs. This one was well done. Some of the breeds I hadn't heard of (probably the British version of the breed name as opposed to American). I was thrown by all the OES with tails. Usually they're tailless. (And they really looked more like Bearded collies.) Hmmmm. Nitpicking.I agree with naughty Labradors, though. ;-)

    6. A counting book along with a variety of dog breeds and cars. If I'm not mistaken on the #4 page there's a reference to the movie "Back to the Future."In the back there is an I spy list for kids to use to go back in the book and count.

    7. This car and dog rhyming counting book has a lot of information stuffed in too few pages, yet also feels too long. While the info and concept is good, the imperfect and awkward rhymes make for poor reading.

    8. This book counts up to 25, then skips to 50, then skips to 100. It names different dog breeds and has different types of cars in the illustrations. It is a fun book to flip through and look at again and again.

    9. I wish the dogs were a little bigger and easier to see. Didn't capture the Little Pickle's attention as much as dog books usually do.

    10. I absolutely loved it! The American in me wondered about mentioning whisky in a children’s book, but each culture to their own. The ending was fun!

    11. my toddler proclimed this as boring even though she likes dogs and cars. she's pretty right. the oversized width makes it hard to hold too

    12. A Stylish See-and-Find Counting BookFirst things first. We count from one to twenty-five, and then toss in a fifty and a one hundred just for good measure. So, you get an awful lot of dogs, (475 by my count), for your money.You also get more than the usual variety, both in dogs, (Afghans, Welsh Corgis, Eurasiers, Spaniels, Sheepdogs, Utonagans and so on), and cars.But more to the point we get a zippy text and some sharp and colorful drawings. The text follows a single pattern - "x number of y-ty [...]

    13. I think the illustrations are superb. However, the text is repetitive, which would be fine if the book ended at page ten. Twenty-five pages plus two extra is a little much.Update: my 17 month old son saw this book and got incredibly excited. We've read it multiple times and he loves it! He's obsessed with cars right now so this book is perfect for him.

    14. A hilarious counting book (1-25, and then 50, 100) featuring all sorts of dogs in different vehicles. The illustrations are bold and gorgeous, and I love how this book not only helps kids practice counting, but also builds and expands their vocabulary by exposing them to the names of some obscure dog breeds. I'm taking one star off my review because some of the rhymes seem a little awkward and forced, but I am quite impressed that author Felix Massie was able to imagine up so many different dogs [...]

    15. Massie and Walker have created the ultimate counting book, Dogs in Cars. Different dog breeds (in varying amounts) ride around in stylish cars. The book would be a beautiful addition to a library or nursery. The illustrations are gorgeous and text and illustration are littered with tongue-in-cheek humor. For instance, the Dalmatians are "trying to get back" and they are riding in a Delorian. Not only does the book promote counting, but it also is a bit of a look-and-find with questions at the en [...]

    16. Cute counting book featuring many breeds of dogs as well as many types of cars. A surprise ending. Good for read aloud to a younger audience that could count along with you. Some of the breeds will have to be explained as they are not as common as others. An "I Spy" activity included at the end.Digital review copy from Edelweiss.

    17. Loved loved loved the illustrations. Great concept book about counting for those who love dogs as well as cars. I love that each number corresponds with specific breeds. There is also some really good vocabulary used as well. On the last page there is a "can you find the number of" for different items in the illustrations.

    18. A counting book, about dogs in cars. "Fourteen Newfoundlands with some whisky in tow." Probably not the greatest idea for kids. "Twenty-two volpinos being foxy, all for show." Or the most difficult to read out loud to your kid: "Twenty-four xoloitzcuintlis wishing they were there"

    19. This is a sweet counting book, perfect for little ones who are interested in dogs or cars or both. It goes all the way up to 50 and I can see a parent and a child having fun counting all of the adorable doggies in the illustrations.

    20. Dogs, dogs and more dogs!! I wish this book had been around when I was small and learning how to count, I would've been all over it!! An adorable counting book with dogs in cars. :D

    21. cute counting book featuring a variety of dogs. Has further counting fun in the back with counting different dogs on the pages.

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