End Game

End Game Have a date yet for the end of the world Set in Connecticut End Game is a near term apocalyptic SF adventure where ordinary people choose extraordinary ways to face a climate and world gone haywire

  • Title: End Game
  • Author: Ginger Booth
  • ISBN: 9781517162887
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have a date yet for the end of the world Set in Connecticut, End Game is a near term apocalyptic SF adventure, where ordinary people choose extraordinary ways to face a climate and world gone haywire.In the near future, climate change reaches a tipping point, and accelerates Natural disasters and man made spin out of control world wide Agricultural output is devastatHave a date yet for the end of the world Set in Connecticut, End Game is a near term apocalyptic SF adventure, where ordinary people choose extraordinary ways to face a climate and world gone haywire.In the near future, climate change reaches a tipping point, and accelerates Natural disasters and man made spin out of control world wide Agricultural output is devastated The world is suddenly all too overpopulated Tides of refugees threaten violent domino effect disasters.To face the crisis, the U.S hatches a plan the Calm Act instituting radical martial law American foreign involvement is withdrawn around the world, civilian air travel and international trade shut down Interstate travel and commerce are blocked by armed borders, in a crash program to cut greenhouse emissions and force local sustainability News and public discourse are draconically censored to quell widespread panic and rioting.A top programmer for a Fortune 100 media giant, Dee Baker knows the truth behind the sugar coated news foisted on the public Dee also has a shot at an ark berth Self contained biospheres, the arks promise the ultimate security against disease, weather, radiation, and the starving left outside If her job doesn t deliver, she s also dating Adam, a fun and wealthy arkitect.But Dee could also weather the storms outside the arks Her barricaded state of Connecticut can still produce food, and resourceful Dee grows her own Her other love interest, solemn Zack, is way too much like Dee for her comfort Zack plans to make his stand outside the arks.In End Game, Dee chooses which man, and how to make her own stand in this new world.End Game is the first installment in the the Calm Act series See booksngerbooth for bonus material and news of future installments.

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    One thought on “End Game”

    1. This story takes place in the US. Earthquakes are happening all over. The weather is crazy- when it should be winter it's spring. Air quality is diminishing, and people are hungry everywhere. The so called government is lying to everyone. They predict being able to sustain only a certain amount of human lives by being creative in how they reduce the population.This was a nice easy read. What I liked was how there was not a lot of angst in this book. The story surrounds an intelligent girl who ha [...]

    2. In a world gone crazy, how do you find the strength to carry on? Dee Baker, this novel’s intrepid heroine, demonstrates how you do it with tenacity, with teamwork, and with a willingness to bend the usual rules of American Society. And she does it with enough good humor, sarcasm, and a lust for life, that the reader is carried along on her quest. I read this novel quickly and spent lots of time with the book in my hands when I should have been doing something else. It got me![Potential spoiler [...]

    3. End game (Calm Act Book 1)Refreshing apocalyptic book that is more what my idea of what it would be like. Although EMP's and other things are possible, they are highly unlikely, where natural disasters and extreme weather happen all the time. I commend the author with a bravo! Well thought out and realistic!

    4. I'm totally captivated by the series. It seems a depressing topic, but the creative way that she has her characters dealing with the direst of situations with the total chaos of complete civilization collapse is somehow hopeful. There's a good bit of the joy of nature, of raising one's own food, and of connecting deeply with people while working with them that answers something in me .

    5. The world as we know it is ending. Earthquakes and extreme weather are becoming more and more frequent. Countries are closing their borders, food shortage is becoming a big problem and the only way for people to survive is to get a place on the Arks the government are building. Dee was told she will get a place on her companies ark, but it's apparent that that isn't going to happen. How is she going to survive?This book was extremely frustrating to read. On one hand, I enjoyed the idea behind it [...]

    6. Post weather changes and extremes leads to U.S. and world destabilization. This book opens after the calm act is made law by gov. The information available is controlled and mostly lies. Suicide is recommended. Catastrophes and cities without food, medicine, and support make small communities set up to meet needs and protect themselves from looters, killers, and other menaces. There's arks and progress to gather those with saving more than themselves as goals. Well written, story line and plot g [...]

    7. Gem in a world of Kindle Unlimited booksEnjoyed the main character was female and not a complete ditz. She works to improve not just her life in TEOTWAWKI but the lives of those in her neighborhood.

    8. It's funny, I was at first sure the author was a woman; then I was unsure for more than half the book until I saw a picture a moment ago. I should have known because of the way she handled the main character, especially the love interest.I think the book is an interesting study. This is one possible future of the USA, which for various reasons has, for some time, seemed quite possible.Apparently in this future, the break down of the country is caused by problems with food production and water sh [...]

    9. End Game - Calm Act BK 1 The storyline is awesome, although given its perspective, at times, can bide somewhat confusing. I am hoping as I continue the series some of the confusion will be revealed. Some of my most prevalent suggestions would be, MAPS, it is hard to picture some of these borders and communities, even the other countries the book discussed. Visual aids would greatly enhance the readers experience with the authors vision. Especially given the satellite feeds Dee had access too. Ne [...]

    10. Meh I'll pass on the rest of the series I really wanted to like this book and in the beginning I did, but by the end I was so disappointed in the main character and how she dealt with her grief that I don't even want to finish the series. The last quarter of the book was so depressing it made me wish I hadn't wasted my time. The way she treated her love life and the men in it was just plain ridiculous. I wish the author would have done a better job in consideration of the fact that Dee had just [...]

    11. Beauty In ChaosThis is an absolute GEM of a TEOTWAWKI novel. I rate it high with my favorites like Alas Babylon and Warday. The characters are people, imperfect, unpredictable people and the author writes to make you very much care for them. The global effects of the climate change are a heck of a lot scarier than zombies and it’s to the author’s credit that she presents it not in a heavy handed way. Highest Possible Sparkyverse Recommendation! My sincere thanks to the author.Read courtesy o [...]

    12. This book was a little slower than I like. The good part is, all of the conditions and assumptions are probably closer to the truth than we think. We are currently on the environmental time clock. By 2050, we will reap what we have sowed, unless we change things very quickly. When you really think about it, the government would react in the same fashion as portrayed here. It can be very unsettling and mind-bending to produce a novel with this type of story. Very well written and I hope more peop [...]

    13. It is no secret that I like apocalyptic books and this is no exception. This one was a bit different than most but still very enjoyable. The book is very believable in that I could see something like that actually happening. Companies & the government misleading employees and citizens all in an attempt to keep the people from rising against them while they complete their plan. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author's future works.

    14. This book goes on my top 10 list!This was kind of a different take on the post apocalyptic theme. I felt the author did a good job of providing the dark and dismal side of people but also showed there is always something to be thankful for. The characters were diverse and the story kept me interestedI finished in one day. I'd much rather read a good book than clean the house!!

    15. A great read, Very well written, loved the people, but she did not have to kill one of them. Interesting, not quite a page turner but really very close, and this could actually happen .

    16. GoodA delightful read. I recommend this author whose style and prose is interesting and engaging. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    17. This book started out really strong, but the last quarter of the book was a chore to get through. I have no desire to read the rest of the series.

    18. Spoiler alert!Why kill off her boyfriend? I won't read anything by this author anymore. How depressing this book is. That's not the way your supposed to feel when you read a book.

    19. Couldn't Get Into It!Was just too slow moving for me, but to feel like I'm being fair with the author I gave 3 stars.

    20. Very apropos as we see alarming changes w/in the US government/agencies. Never know what to expect w/ unknown authors (to me) on Kindle and this was less "paranormal" than my usual choices. However, once getting past the introductions of characters in the beginning, I greatly enjoyed. Although there was light romance throughout, it served the story line towards Dee's (central character) growth from being a passive participant in her own life, to becoming a catalyst for change in the community ar [...]

    21. I love the story and the characters in this! The writing of Dee is excellent; the fact that she is really resilient and tough, but we're not told that every other paragraph. I was actually allowed to see Dee's actions and figure it out for myself. I love it when writers trust their reader's intelligence.My only issue with this was the 'love triangle', which just didn't seem real to me. There was really no competition between the two guys.Otherwise it's a fantastic read and I can't wait to dive i [...]

    22. This book was frustrating to read. I appreciated the story line —the ideas behind the government involvement to cull society when the environment couldn’t possibly sustain us all was a scary thought. But the emphasis on the main characters love life was eye roll inducing and pretty much ruined the book for me. Not to mention she treats her love life like a little teenager—“I’ll date this good looking guy bc he’s fun and rich even though I have a true connection with this other (good [...]

    23. Very goodThe only thing I can really complain about was one misused word one time and one minor editing mistake. Other than that editing was fantastic. But the important part is that the STORY was outstanding and the protagonist was amazing. She was likable, a little flawed, any very relatable. Going to get book 2 right now!

    24. It was a good story, but it kind of fell flat for me. There was no real emotional feeling in this book, in my opinion.

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