He Loves Lucy

He Loves Lucy Fans of Jill Shalvis Rachel Gibson Susan Andersen and Carly Phillips will be bowled over by this fabulously funny and sexy romance from New York Times bestseller Susan Donovan author of The Girl Mo

  • Title: He Loves Lucy
  • Author: Susan Donovan
  • ISBN: 9780755335121
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fans of Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen and Carly Phillips will be bowled over by this fabulously funny and sexy romance from New York Times bestseller Susan Donovan, author of The Girl Most Likely To and The Kept Woman Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm wins Miami s hottest fitness club The reality TV show was Lucy s idea leave a fiFans of Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen and Carly Phillips will be bowled over by this fabulously funny and sexy romance from New York Times bestseller Susan Donovan, author of The Girl Most Likely To and The Kept Woman Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm wins Miami s hottest fitness club The reality TV show was Lucy s idea leave a fitness challenged woman in the hands of top personal trainer, Theo Redmond, with a cash bonus for every pound shed But Lucy didn t expect to be the guinea pigAfter one meeting, Theo knows Lucy will be his toughest client yet, and a woman he ll never forget Smart mouthed and stubborn, she rises to the challenge like a pro And before he knows it, his heart s in jeopardy.As Lucy works her way into a whole new life, things start to heat up Lucy and Theo are about to discover that appearances can be deceiving and that true love lies somewhere between pizza and PilatesDon t miss Susan Donovan s sublime Bayberry Island series In Sea of Love, The Sweetest Summer and Moondance Beach, escape to a special island where, legend has it, a bronze mermaid statue grants true love

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    One thought on “He Loves Lucy”

    1. 5+ stars – Contemporary RomanceWOWere just aren’t sufficient words to express how much I loooved this book! This is one of those books where everything just clicked and came alive for me and makes 5 stars seem wholly inadequate. I loved absolutely everything about this: the heartwarming emotion, the laugh out loud, sometimes sarcastic humor, the fantastic, relatable characters, the witty, honest dialogue, and the inspirational life lessons imparted. It made me fall off the couch with laughte [...]

    2. From the author's website:"Lucy Cunningham is a smart-mouthed couch potato hooked on Milk Duds. Theo Redmond is a hottie personal trainer to the stars. When they team up for a makeover publicity stunt that could make them both rich, they learn that nobody's perfect, beauty is more than skin deep, and true loves lies somewhere between pizza and Pilates." Lucy is full of sass and sizzle. She is my kinda girl. I couldn't help but admire her when she agreed to do monthly weigh-ins on a live morning [...]

    3. Can a romance book get any better than Susan Donovan's HE LOVES LUCY? I think not! From true-to-life characters, deep emotion, witty dialogue, and red-hot sexual tension, this book has the one thing that contemporary romances should have-everything! Lucy Cunningham is a marketing executive for the advertising firm of Sherrod & Thoms. And she's hit upon the absolutely perfect idea for a gimmick for the Palm Club of Miami Beach, Florida-bring in an overweight woman, throw her into the capable [...]

    4. I'm giving this 5 as it was a nice sweet romantic story. Theo and Lucys' relationship blossoms and develops over a period of 12 months so everything makes sense and nothing about their relationship was forced as they went from Personal trainer and client, to friends, to lovers.In brief, Lucy works for an advertising agency and after hitting on the marketing idea of loosing weight, getting fit and at the same time promoting Palm Club gym she meets up with Theo-dorable a good looking, kind guy who [...]

    5. The reason why I picked up this book was because I was told that the heroine's a plain jane and it's very up my alley. I love plain heroines and quite frankly I'm sick of attractive white heroines with blue eyes, and blond hair. I've been reading for almost 10 years now and it just got old.However, I hate reading this kind of trope where it took the heroine changing her look in order for the Hero to pay attention to her. I know, I know. I should have expected it from the plot but the Hero only s [...]

    6. 2 Stars - Maybe. A big DID NOT FINISH for me.I was looking for light and fluffy and have almost completely exhausted my "go to" authors; Gibson, Shalvis, James, etc. I've heard quite a bit about this author; fairly good reviews, my daughter reads and likes her The book blurbs never really attracted me, but what the hay, I'll give it a go. Yuck. The boredom factor got to me. It was only a little over 200 pages, but by the 60th page, nothing much had happened and I had to let it go. Just yuck. An [...]

    7. I can't say I really liked this book. Something about Lucy just irritated me til the point I wanted to start popping Benadryl. She was very shallow. I expected a little more depth from someone who'd been so completely traumatized and she didn't live up to my expectations.Theo was also missing something. He wasn't very charming and seemed to have more emotional baggage than Lucy. The only aspect I enjoyed was his relationship with his brother, though, it was really just another thing to add to hi [...]

    8. I can merely, or at most, partially empathize with the book being hailed as another one of "the rise of the underdogs". More specifically, "the rise of the temper of the underdogs". Or even more accurately, the plot can be summarized as "the rise of the temper and the ego and the ass-ness of the underdogs". Frankly, I think "the rise of the asses/should be bitchy prom queen and popular cheerleader in pretend underdog's clothing into (what else) bitchy prom queen and popular cheerleader" sums up [...]

    9. **2.5 Milk Duds Stars**[Reto 2017, libro #24: P. Con problemas de peso]Bonita historia, entretenida, y algo romántica.

    10. I can see how this is a fun and lighthearted read. The overweight to beauty plot is just not for me. The heroine is too insecure and it's not enough a plot to keep me interested. I went for it anyway, because I saw a list with this book ranked for its witty dialogue. I didn't get any witty dialogue from this book. The heroine is self deprecating in a funny way, but I didn't get any witty banter. I found it all to be over the top from the sneaky boss to the model as a best friend. Theo is a gorge [...]

    11. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book. It was hilarious throughout the entire book. I loved Lucy's sarcasm and quick wit - even when she was large. I completely related with her self esteem issues when it came to her body. I think anyone who has ever been overweight (whether it be 20lbs or a 100lbs) would be able to relate to what she was going through. Watching her relationship with Theo change was definitely a pleasure to read. I wish Ms. Donovan would write a story ab [...]

    12. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, I loved the character of Theo and his flirty behavior when motivating Lucy. On the other hand, I found the entire story to be very unrealistic. Lucy was losing weight way too fast, and I missed some of the realism that could come with the tale. Yes, I wanted a happy ending, but I wanted a more realistic one. It was a bit too sappy for me in the end. I think it would have been cool if she stalled at 165 pounds or something like that

    13. I was surprised that I liked this book. Basing a story on losing 100 pounds in a year could easily go badly, but the characters stayed pretty realistic. They each had their own baggage to get over to grow and had some good supporting characters. Her boss was a bit over the top though.

    14. Kurzweiliger durchschnittlicher ChickLit. (view spoiler)[ Ging das Abnehmen nicht ein bisschen zu einfach für Lucy? Der Chef war ein bisschen übertrieben böse. Und die Sexszenen bzw. deren "Dialoge" waren mir ein bisschen zu beschreibend ;) (hide spoiler)]

    15. I don't know what I didn't like about this book, but I did not put it down with that happy feeling that I wished there were more and was so happy to have read this story. Right off the bat I will say that for me the romance scenes were a bit crass and that was a bit of a turn off for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good romance scene, but her terminology made the scenes ugly to me, not romantic and exciting. I may be revealing myself as overly prude, but I abhor the use of the p-word. The [...]

    16. What a fun, sexy read! Loved:)Reminded me a bit of Jennifer Crusie's Anyone But You. Especially loved that Theo wasn't an uber-alpha, muscle-head, but was instead a real, sweet, sexy, funny guy. Lucy's journey was tough to read in places, and I know it can't possibly as easy as it seems here to lose 90+ pounds, but page after page of exercise details would have made for dull reading. Ultimately this was a fun read that delved into some serious issues without becoming maudlin. Gonna hunt down mor [...]

    17. This book is the epitome of "beach read", and maybe I should be ashamed to say this - but I loved it. It was sweet, short and sassy and exactly what I needed for a quick, fun read. 2 thumbs up!

    18. Had to give this 5 stars because I simply can not think of a single thing wrong with it! This was my ideal romance novel.

    19. Gender: ContemporaryHero: Theodor ‘Theo’ RedmondHeroine: Lucy CunninghamRating: 4*I wanted to give this book 3 stars but in the end it won me over. It's not that it isn't well written or that the characters are boring, they're not, but when I read a romance novel, whatever the subgender, I want it to be extraordinary :D With this I mean that, well, I want my characters not to be normal people who have to work like everyone else or have normal problems. And this is what "He loves Lucy" is. I [...]

    20. Lucy Redmond is a marketing exec,when her agency wins the account for Miami's hottest fitness centre she comes up with an idea for a reality show. Get an overweight woman to lose weight within a set time. Little did she realise that the woman would be her. Theo is the trainer assigned to help Lucy lose a 100lb in a year. For every pound she loses she and her personal trainer will get a thousand dollars each. Lucy wants to start her own agency and Theo her trainer wants to get back into med schoo [...]

    21. 5 Fantastic Stars!! I loved Lucy and you’ll love Lucy too!From the first hilarious chapter to the wonderful ending and all the good stuff in between, this book will leave you satisfied, and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Sigh!! It’s filled with lessons to be learned and perceptions that are shattered. Good looks do not always relate to a perfect life…not all is as it seems. Lucy is such a genuine character, whose self-esteem has been shattered. On her journey to regain that part of herself [...]

    22. Contemporary Romance/Comedy Wow! If you're looking for that perfect romance, look no further! Lucy is an irresistible heroine, one that every woman will identify with. I love her sense of humor,. And Theo may look like a heartbreaker, but he's steady and true. Their story contains no silly bickering, no childish misunderstandings, no prideful spite or passive aggression. This is what healthy love looks like, built one day at a time, liberally sprinkled with laughter. Highly recommended. Adult on [...]

    23. He may have loved Lucy, but I loved Lucy too! I just loved everything about this cute and quirky little romance. The characters were very appealing. Lucy with all her nuances and Theo, my God the man was hot, and loveable. I loved the fact that the author showed both sides, who people think he is versus who he really is. I suppose we all have our preconcieved impressions about personal trainers and it was great to see the author bring this out in the story line.Loved, loved, loved this book. It [...]

    24. This was a fun read, a mood lifter for sure. When I realized it was a book about weight I almost put it down but am really glad I didn't. The woman had no pity on herself, she was confident and I really liked that about her. She had a goal and she wanted to succeed, even if her heart was in it way more than she had expected. I flew through this book, it was really, really good!I will absolutely be reading more from this author. She's hilarious with a great feel for real human emotion.

    25. This is a favorite Donovan book for me! Loved the characters and how love grew. The secondary characters were so wonderful and just added the extra ingredient to make this a real winner!

    26. By Susan Donovan. Grade: FWaste of paper and ink! I am not someone who often leaves book half-read but I put this one down after fifty pages.Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm lands The Palm Club account. The campaign concept for Miami’s hottest fitness club was Lucy’s idea: take one fitness-challenged woman, put her in front of TV cameras, and into the hands of the club’s top personal trainer, Theo Redmond. And there’s a big cash reward for each pound shed. It seem [...]

    27. I was a little reluctant to read this one. I thought it would be a typical ‘She’s All That’ story in which everything is put to rights once the heroine is turned into a hottie. I was worried that it would be a story of skin-deep emotions; that only once the transformation was complete would the hero see fit to fall in love with the (now glamorous) protagonist. Thankfully, Donovan is a better chick-lit author than that. And what saves this story are the characters – they're complex and vu [...]

    28. I didn't finish this book. I couldn't. I'm probably over sensitive, but I have gone past this, when Theo sees his love interest going to a club:"Lucy was wearing a sparkling silver top with tiny straps and a black skirt that fell well above her knees. He hadn't seen this much of her skin since he dipped her in the hydrostatic tank. But she hadn't looked like that back then. Back then she'd been a big, out-of-shape woman. Tonight, she stood before him a voluptuous, curvy, solid, glowing, slightly [...]

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