Cape May

Cape May New Yorker Joanna Matthews is rapidly approaching and desperate for a change The last remotely daring thing she did jumping into an unconventional marriage with her best friend Brian happened ye

  • Title: Cape May
  • Author: Holly Caster
  • ISBN: 9780996648905
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Yorker Joanna Matthews is rapidly approaching 60 and desperate for a change The last remotely daring thing she did jumping into an unconventional marriage with her best friend Brian happened 20 years ago Now, their life s comfortable, if routine Joanna craves and begins pursuing her long deferred dream owning and running a bed breakfast She s captivatedNew Yorker Joanna Matthews is rapidly approaching 60 and desperate for a change The last remotely daring thing she did jumping into an unconventional marriage with her best friend Brian happened 20 years ago Now, their life s comfortable, if routine Joanna craves and begins pursuing her long deferred dream owning and running a bed breakfast She s captivated by Cape May, New Jersey, America s Oldest Seaside Resort On the bus south, she meets a novelist, and is thunderstruck when she falls passionately in love for the first time How will her late awakening affect the future and her three decade relationship with Brian

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    One thought on “Cape May”

    1. When we hear about a love story, we usually think it must be of another romance novel with young beautiful people. We are so used to them that we never think that even older people can have love life. We seldom come across love stories which have senior citizens as protagonists. Luckily we have Cape May by Holly Caster. Absolutely no young or teenage characters in this book. Also this story has very few characters, so that you don’t get confused with one another.So, what is the story about? It [...]

    2. “Cape May”, a debut work written by Holly Caster is not an usual romance story you can find these days; instead of young people and more or less similar storyline, Caster gave us main characters in their fifties discovering together what true love really means…The author introduces reader to Joanna Matthews, woman in late fifties, not too satisfied about the way she spends her golden age. Though she has a good job and husband for more than 20 years, she feels that life is passing by. And s [...]

    3. I won this book in a giveaway. Surprising to find a romance story involving older couples. Was an enjoyable read

    4. Spoiler Alert – This review includes some spoilers. If you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read past the second paragraph.When author Holly Caster contacted me and asked me to review her novel, Cape May, I was interested mostly because I’m from New Jersey and I welcomed the opportunity to read a little about Cape May, even fiction. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been there (maybe I’ve passed through once?), but my parents and my sister and her husband enjoy spending time th [...]

    5. This book follows Joanna who is trying to make a big life change by quitting her job to run a Bed and Breakfast. Joanna had looked at a few towns before Cape May, but didn't find anything she loved. Cape May captivated Joanna right from the beginning when she got off the bus. On the bus Joanna meets a man named Michael who has spent a lot of time in Cape May and at one point lived in the town. Things I loved in book started with the setting of Cape May. I have been to Cape May a few times and it [...]

    6. I wanted to love this book. I love Cape May, NJ. I love the idea of setting a new path for yourself after 40. I love the idea of giving up everything to follow your dream (in this case, running a B&B, tho I am not a B&B kind of person). And I love a good love story that makes sense.So: I loved the premise: a woman of a certain age in a dead-end job and a friends-with-benefits kind of marriage starts a new life renovating and opening a fixer-upper B&B in Cape May (and probably jettiso [...]

    7. I really, really did not expect to like this book. It's not the usual genre because I usually feel like romance novels are all the same. I really liked this book though, it was not the usual romance novel. It didn't have the young naive girl that falls for the not wanting to be in a relationship douche. Maybe I just always pick the wrong romance novels. It was actually refreshing that the main characters were older.Joanna is itching to follow her dream of owning and running a B&B in Cape May [...]

    8. 5 + starsWow! I have never had a book effect me personally before. This story brings a person to look at their own life and the choices they made along the way. As I felt Joanna's turmoil with how her choices during her life, now has brought her to a place where she is terrified, lost and overwhelmed, I could relate to the loss of control one feels. Her own pain within was written with a realism that brought myself to look at my own choices in my own life and could actually feel her pain, as I h [...]

    9. I enjoyed Cape May by Holly Caster more than I thought I would. The story is about Joanna Matthews, a woman close to sixty who is in a unique marriage with her best friend Brian. When Joanna and Brian turned forty they promised to marry each other if they were still single. Twenty years later married Joanna unexpectedly meets Michael Leighton, a stranger, on a bus and forms an instant connection. Joanna’s feelings for Michael make her rethink her marriage and her own happiness. After reading C [...]

    10. Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' FavoriteCape May is a women’s fiction novel by Holly Caster. Fifty-nine-year-old Joanna Matthews feels her job and life are too predictable and dismal, and she craves a change. She decides to make her dream of owning a bed and breakfast in Cape May a reality. Her husband Brian reluctantly agrees to the move and Joanna takes a bus to Cape May to go house hunting over the weekend.She meets Michael Leighton, who shows her around the town, and falls in lov [...]

    11. I loved this story! I didn’t want you to have to wait until the end of the blog post to find out what I thought about this book.Cape May is not your typical romance about young love. This romance involves middle aged people. I love that. I’m tired of reading about people fresh out of college trying to figure out what they want in a relationship. Or people in their thirties who got so busy starting their careers that they didn’t have time for relationships. It is so nice to read about peopl [...]

    12. Cape May by Holly Caster was totally different than what I thought it would be like. Holly Caster is a wonderful author. Her writing is truly amazing and I actually felt like I was there in New York or Cape May with these characters. The ending was wonderful, though. I am giving this book a four butterflies rating. It took me a while to get into the book as the beginning was kind of slow especially when we would go back in time to certain parts of Joanna’s or Michael’s lives. Other than that [...]

    13. I was sent this free book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find more reviews at behindthespineMost times when we pick up the latest romance novel or any romance novel it is mostly about a young couple. They are either teens if you read Young Adult. Or late twenties and well into their thirties but hardly ever do get a romance book and the main character is 60. Johanna Matthews is turning 60 and her life is not what she wants it to be. She doesn't feel that she had done anyth [...]

    14. Cape May is a very well written mature romance about a married woman who falls for another man. I usually hate stories about infidelity; however, this one is written so wonderfully, I found myself rooting for the cheating wife.Holly Caster gives readers just enough background information of Joanne and Brian, the married couple, to allow readers to relate to the characters on a personal level. I felt as if I understood Joanne’s accidental attraction to Michael, the other man.Cape May was a quic [...]

    15. For my full review visit my book blog Nevermind the Furthermore.The way the author presents Joanna's dilemma is sensitive and at times heartbreaking. The characters were so real that I found myself emotionally torn about which way I wanted the story to go. After I hit the second half of the book I couldn't put it down (and may have neglected some of my responsibilities).Caster has a great talent for writing natural-sounding dialogue and Cape May is heavy with dialogue. The conversations between [...]

    16. FINALLY! a book for boomers!! Ok. What if at a certain point in life you married your best friend? No fireworks or Fabio hair-flinging passion, but a good solid man who is there for you. Twenty years pass by. This is the story of Joanna who decided to make a dream come true and buy an inn in Cape May despite the fact that her husband loves his NYC apartment and their life there To Cape May we go, for research and the hunt for a good sale. While there she finds MORE than she was looking for and h [...]

    17. Just before Joanna Matthews turns sixty, she decides to follow her dream and purchase a bed and breakfast inn in Cape May, New Jersey. What she isn't prepared for is possibly destroying her twenty year marriage and falling in love for the first time. I enjoyed this book very much. It kept me reading wondering how Joanna would deal with everything she encountered and the choices she would make. The book is full of descriptions and information about Cape May, America's Oldest Seaside Resort and wi [...]

    18. This is a very romantic novel in the truest sense. The setting of Cape May is described in extreme detail and is utterly charming. If you are interested in a book about a love affair where the characters are 60 years old, this would be a great pick. After Michael finally kisses Joanna, it was nearly impossible to put down the book. The author uncovers every emotional aspect in the novel. The characters’ feelings felt very real and justified. I was pleased how the story ended for all of the cha [...]

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