Deceptions Old sins explode in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s new Battling McGuire Boys People called Elizabeth Snow wild and once she was Now she s the straitlaced librarian with no interest

  • Title: Deceptions
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Old sins explode in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s new Battling McGuire Boys People called Elizabeth Snow wild, and once she was Now she s the straitlaced librarian with no interest in the wildest, sexiest McGuire until she needs him to protect her from a murderous stalker But former Delta Force Mac does than protect he quickly unleashes her unOld sins explode in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s new Battling McGuire Boys People called Elizabeth Snow wild, and once she was Now she s the straitlaced librarian with no interest in the wildest, sexiest McGuire until she needs him to protect her from a murderous stalker But former Delta Force Mac does than protect he quickly unleashes her untamed side again, taking their attraction to the furthest edge of desire Secrets from their pasts threaten Elizabeth and Mac as much as The Fixer, who seems to know their every move as they hunt this monstrous killer Can they trust each other enough to go forward Or will a shocking truth prove fatal

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    One thought on “Deceptions”

    1. Elizabeth Snow is working late at the library when she is targeted by a killer! Luckily for her, Mac McGuire is returning a book late, and she escapes death. However, it is clear that the killer will keep coming after her. It appears it could be linked to an event from several years before, when she was eighteen, and her boyfriend was murdered. So who has sent this killer after her?Decent, fast-paced Intrigue entry that doesn't require you to tax your brain too much. Well, at all, really! There [...]

    2. *3.75* I did enjoy reading this. It did give me a dose of uber protective alpha Mac. Elizabeth was brave, but I think tstl. It didn't make sense for her to be charging into danger. I understand that she didn't want anyone else to get hurt, that's why I'm giving her a pass, but it can be frustrating. There were many moves on both the hero and villain's side that was predictable.I'll say one thing though, I'm soooo excited for Sully and Celia's story. I love second-chance romances. :)

    3. Elizabeth is enjoying her, now, quiet life as librarian when the past comes back to haunt her. Good thing Mac has decided to stay around, so he´s there when she needs rescuing. Helping her solve who´s targeting her, and the old murder still tormenting her, turns out to be a hazardous endevour. Will they make it through in one piece?Contemporary romance, suspense, action and smutty fluff in a great combo. Disclaimer; I was given a free, autographed copy (yay!) in exchange for an honest review, [...]

    4. This was a good book couldn't put it down Cynthia Eden did an amazing job of capturing your imagination and runs with. I need to pick other books from this series and read them. Love how the novel is about a family the McGuire brothers. The plot was perfect full of suspense, romance, and mystery. Had me guessing till the end on who the killer was.

    5. This was a very exciting book, right from the opening pages. Elizabeth is the new librarian in town, and as she is locking up one night, she hears someone calling her name. This person makes threats against her, and she is only saved by the arrival of Mac. Mac has arrived just as the library is closing, supposedly to return an overdue book. What he's really doing is wangling some time with the woman he has a crush on, but who refuses to go out with him. He immediately steps in to protect her, no [...]

    6. Deception was a great Deception of this series. I loved Mac and really liked Elizabeth. Their chemistry was great, it's just that I was kind of more intrigued by Sullivan at some points. Probably because I've been waiting for so long for him to finally get a story and I think the next book will be about him. YAY!Still this was absolutely great and can totally be read as a stand-alone. Everything Cynthia Eden writes is great in my opinion, so I knew this would be too. Rating: 4 stars~ Book provid [...]

    7. Review to come shortly. But I'll say I LOVED this one. Do hate the author as now I have to wait for the next book.Ahhh what to say about this great book. First let me say it is part of a series, The Battling McGuire Boys, but it works as a stand alone title. You are not lost reading this one, but you will want to go back and read the previous books. Fans of Cynthia Eden know she is a master at mixing great characters, awesome settings, and strong emotions as well as tension, lots of tension. Ten [...]

    8. The 'wildman' of the group, former Delta-force soldier Mac McGuire shifts into high gear when his frequent visits to the library - and his secret crush on the librarian - lead to an unexpected case that brings Elizabeth Snow into the crosshairs of a killer and his master. But this also finally brings Elizabeth up close and personal, right to where he wants her and where he hopes she wants to be as well. It's hard not to like the typical Cynthia Eden male (or at least what I've read thus far from [...]

    9. When I first started reading this one, it felt off. Nothing was about the parents and their murder. It sort of made this book feel a bit like filler. About the only connection to that was it brought Celia, from Sully's past, and it seems like she will hold the key to things. I felt for Elizabeth and the situation she was in. I was glad that Mac was there for her and even though she didn't want his help he gave it to her. I think the turning point for Elizabeth was when Mac admitted he knew about [...]

    10. Elizabeth is a quiet librarian. No more wildness for her. She has moved from place to place hiding from her past. But that past has caught up with her. Someone is stalking her and have tried to kill her several times now.Mac is ex Delta Force and part owner of McGuire Securities. He is attracted to Elizabeth and will do anything to keep her safe. It all has to do with her boyfriends death years ago. She was found in a closet, holding the murder weapon, in a cabin. That's when she decided to give [...]

    11. Deceptions reviewDeceptions is the fifth excellent romantic suspense book in The Battling McGuire Boys series written by author Cynthia Eden. Great characters and storyline.

    12. Very good suspenseful read with another one of Cynthia's incredible surprises. Loved it!Elisabeth is the relatively new librarian in town who Mac wants to "get to know" yet she keeps turning him down. Still, he makes a point of using the library frequently and returning books late so that he has to have one on one with her ;). Elisabeth is closing up the library when she hears someone. Calling out she gets no answer. The second time a voice calls out and he is going to get her. As she is trying [...]

    13. Contemporary Romantic SuspenseTexasOnce Elizabeth Snow was called wild and at one time she was. Now she is just a straitlaced librarian with no interest in the sexiest, wildest McGuire. At least until she needs him to protect her from a murderous stalker. Mac is a former Delta Force that does more than protect Elizabeth – he quickly has her untamed side unleashed and is taking their attraction to the furthest edge of desire. Secrets from both their pasts are proving to be as threatening as “ [...]

    14. I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Cynthia Eden is such a talented author. She grabs you as the book begins and keeps you engrossed until the end. Elizabeth was caught up in a murder when she was just a teen and has been laying low until the killer comes for her again. Mac isn't going to let the librarian that he has a severe crush on get injured in any way. But the killer keeps coming and then Mac's brothers are in the line of fire. He has to stop the k [...]

    15. Deceptions, the fifth installment, in The Battling McGuire Boys series, features librarian Elizabeth Snow and private investigator MacKenzie "Mac" McGuire. As a loyal Cynthia Eden reader, I've enjoyed witnessing the McGuire family find love one-by-one with only Sullivan "Sully" McGuire remaining. Mac and Elizabeth's exploits play out in this fast-paced suspense-filled read. Keeping the repetitiveness out of series takes serious dedication; the author does that with the BMBs. I am torn - cannot w [...]

    16. Now we have met Mac The one everyone warns you about. He has been going to the library getting book as he likes the librarian ElizabethHe is late returning a book and thank goodness as he saved Elizabeth from getting killedSee she has a bad dude named The Fixer after her.e is the last person he needs to kill.Thanks to Mac and the McGuire's she is kept safe. It turns out the Fixer is not the one that was behind this.he was trying to kill her for someone elseThat leads to ND and when there all hel [...]

    17. This was the first book in this series that I've read and I want to go on record that "the Fixer" was one of the creepiest villains that I've read about in a long time. The way he was described was as someone who was very nondescript and didn't stand out in any way. And doggone it he was like the energizer bunny he just keep coming and coming. Mac is my most favorite brother of this series. And Elizabeth is a very lucky lady. She escapes death a few times in this book.I was given this book by th [...]

    18. This is book five in The Battling McGuire Boys series, however this is the first one I have read and I found that I really enjoyed it. It is a standalone and it works just as well on it’s own, while leading bread crumbs for the final book still to come. This was a quick, action packed, fun read that has many signature moves from Eden. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely catch up on this series. I would recommend to fans of suspense along with romance.

    19. "Eden’s latest is a thrill-a-minute ride that will keep readers guessing and unraveling the tightly wound mystery. Great action, great storyline and another great read in the McGuire Boys series" (4 stars @ RT Book Reviews).Miniseries: The Battling McGuire Boys

    20. I love this book it's was so interesting. There was danger and romance and you never knew what was coming. I still can't believe who turned out to be the murderer or the boss. I'm excited for Grant and Celias story. How I love second chances.

    21. This is a truly great series featuring the McGuire family. In this one, Mac meets his match in Elizabeth Snow, a librarian with a tragic past that is coming back alive. We are also teased with Sullivan's upcoming book.

    22. The best one of the series so far. Yes, this story-line is somewhat formulaic, but it is a solid one which kept me engaged and turning the pages. Ms. Eden writes strong, likable characters in Elizabeth and Mac.

    23. What a fantastic read. I've been waiting for this series to be continued. We getting closer to finding out the mystery that started with the first book. Well heading to start the next book. Lets see what is waiting there. lol

    24. Sometimes my head fills up and i need to read something easy. I whipped through this one! A Harleqin Intrigue that's short and sweetwell, maybe not sweet! Romance, guns, damsel has it all and was easy on my brain.

    25. I need my very own McGuireI love the McGuire guys and their goals. They are all so strong and devoted. In this one Mac and Elizabeth finally get together and boy do sparks fly. Can't wait for the last book to tie up the loose ends but I will miss these guys when they are gone.

    26. 3.5 starsThe action was good though I didn't find a connection between Elizabeth and Mac. Looking forward to reading Sullivan's story and what actually happened to their parents.

    27. Deceptions was just as fast and exciting as all the rest. Questions about the family answered, and more questions left. I can't wait for Sullivan's book, the final book.

    28. Mac and Elizabeth make a great team and watching them figure out the past and the present is a lot of fun! A great read

    29. I just realized there will be be at least 1 more book in the series coming out next month. I love the McGuire Boys.

    30. Every book in this series gets better than the last! Mac was amazing, and I loved Elizabeth's wit. As much as I loved this book, it made me want Sully's book so much more!

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