La figlia del mercante di seta

La figlia del mercante di seta Nella Londra del XVII secolo le vicende di una fata bambina si fondono con la Storia in un romanzo che insieme avventuroso e magico doloroso e vero ricco di figure indimenticabili L infanzia di Co

  • Title: La figlia del mercante di seta
  • Author: Sally Gardner Elde Levi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nella Londra del XVII secolo, le vicende di una fata bambina si fondono con la Storia, in un romanzo che insieme avventuroso e magico, doloroso e vero, ricco di figure indimenticabili L infanzia di Coriander Hobie trascorre serena, protetta dal padre Thomas, un mercante di seta, e dalla madre Eleanor Niente sembra poter turbare quella pace, ma all improvviso, quasi insNella Londra del XVII secolo, le vicende di una fata bambina si fondono con la Storia, in un romanzo che insieme avventuroso e magico, doloroso e vero, ricco di figure indimenticabili L infanzia di Coriander Hobie trascorre serena, protetta dal padre Thomas, un mercante di seta, e dalla madre Eleanor Niente sembra poter turbare quella pace, ma all improvviso, quasi inspiegabilmente, la madre muore e la ragazza si trova a dover affrontare da sola un amara realt la monarchia inglese caduta, i repubblicani di Cromwell hanno preso il potere, suo padre considerato un traditore e rischia la condanna a morte Catturata da due criminali, Coriander rischia di morire invece le si apre davanti una nuova vita, in un luogo dove i mortali non possono arrivare e dove viene incaricata di una missione che cambier per sempre il suo futuro Un viaggio avventuroso e magico in una Londra sconvolta dalla rivoluzione e popolata di personaggi strabilianti.

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      235 Sally Gardner Elde Levi
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    1. cronicasdemagrat/2016/03/3Una historia cargada de realismo mágico, un auténtico cuento de hadas (de los macabros) lleno de guiños a otros cuentos y ambientado en el Londres del siglo XVII ♥

    2. Maybe it was just me, but I found this was one of those select fairy tales that you have to be older to appreciate. I first received this book as a child, maybe ten years old, and tried to read it. I grew bored and impatient, as many ten-year-olds do, and wrote it off as a bad book. I got to organizing my bookshelves several years later, and came across it. Having it in my mindset that I would,once again, despise it, imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found the truth.I simplyloved this book [...]

    3. This book is magnificent, really. I am in awe of Sally Gardner, who didn't even learn how to read or write until she was 14 due to dyslexia! She sure showed all the people that wrote her off, didn't she? This is a fairy talee story is lovely and lyrical and SO well written. It was at times hilariousd other times, gut-wrenchingly horrifying. The evil stepmother is taken to a whole new level in Maud Leggs and Arise Fell.The storyline with the prince isn't very well developed, but that is because C [...]

    4. I, Coriander is a fairy story set in Puritan England. Coriander is a young girl befallen on hard times--her mother passes away, her father is driven out by her evil stepmother and the rise of Oliver Cromwell ('cause he's a Royalist), and her stepmother's crazy Puritan zealot friend is out to get her. At one point, they even cut off all her hair and lock her in a cupboard, leaving her in there for three years. Except she went to fairyland, so it's all okay. Yup, Coriander is one of those characte [...]

    5. A cross between a historical novel and a fairy tale. This young reader's novel has been compared to Cinderella But to me it also has similarities with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. Beginning during the English Civil War of the 1640s Coriander is the child of a rich silk merchant and mother who is kindly 'cunning woman' and healer. Her mother dies and her father has to flee when accused of treason she is saddled with an evil step mother, Maud, who is fanatical Puritan and an e [...]

    6. "Kći trgovca svilom" (a zašto je originalni naslov "Ja, Korijander" izmenjen u naslov koji em nema veze sa radnjom em je dovoljno generički da o njegovom tipu 'Kći ovoga-ili-onoga' ima čitav članak?* Nikad nećemo saznati, ali vidim da su i Italijani za svoj prevod uzeli ovu verziju) je dečja istorijska fantastika, odnosno - istorijski roman o Kromvelovoj diktaturi plus fantasy pod jakim uticajem Džonatana Strejndža i g. Norela. I to bi bilo super, a roman počinje lepo i zanimljivo, al [...]

    7. A very different book! The cover and the description of it make it seem like it's for younger readers, a magical story about a girl with magical slippers. It's not! It's a very fascinating, multi-faceted tale about life in London during Cromwell's revolution, with its passionate politics and literal witch hunts. It's a story about fairies, and witches, friendship and love, evil preachers, charlatans, tailors, and spies. During the course of the book, Coriander ages from a naive nine to being a y [...]

    8. I picked this up at Books of Wonder on the strength of the lovely cover. Unfortunately, the contents didn't live up to it. Though I liked elements of the plot -- wherein the heroine is torn between her everyday life in Cromwell's England and the fairy world her mother came from -- it was often muddled, and the characterization was very shallow. Plus, there was a disturbing tendency to indicate goodness or badness by appearance: pretty much everyone who was fat, ugly, or otherwise unattractive wa [...]

    9. This is really just under a four. Woulda been a solid 4, but the ending knocked it back to 3.5 territory.Sally Gardner pulled no punches in I, Coriander.  Her Cromwell-era England is harsh and full and the perfect backdrop to the very dark - and very darkly human - tale she tells.  No one's life is simple or all that pretty in the book, but Coriander's is made even less so upon the arrival of her strictly religious stepmother, Maug Leggs, and Maud's'preacher' Arise Fell.  Maud is pretty damn [...]

    10. This was a lovely little fairy-tale story. I can just imagine reading this to little girls, who will inevitably beg for just one more chapter before having to go to bed. It's so easy to imagine said little girls dreaming of being a fairy princess, even though this isn't your typical fairy princess story. From the very start, this story reminded me strongly of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Except, this story was much more entertaining, and fun, and concise. And not a single [...]

    11. Full review.I had no idea what to expect of this book, I guess, I thought it is going to be a childish fairy tale, a quick kid's book/fairy tale. What I got was something quite extraordinary. At some points, when reading this book, I was excited and didn't wanted to let it go, but at others I felt like I have been asleep for half an hour and not noticed part of the plot twists and action that happened. I felt like the book was magical, but not really polished to become a gem. At the beginning I [...]

    12. While this book was a very unique and frequently well-written story, I did not enjoy it. The more the book went on, the more convenient things became. By the end all I could think of was "what the heck?"The plot surrounds young Coriander Hobie, who at age six disobeys her mother and puts on a pair of silver shoes that transport her to another world. Upon returning, her mother dies, an evil step-mother appears, and her Father disappears. Sounds like a perfect Cinderella set-up.But it isn't!I, Cor [...]

    13. I loved this book. It was so refreshing to finally have an author capture the true essence and dignity of a child. Here's the thing: Do you remember that teacher in school that gave you respect and treated you like an adult. You were held accountable, treated with respect, and your opinions were really appreciated. For some reason, people talk down to children or act like they are not that intelligent. Kinda like a person talking really loud and slow to a deaf person. It looks stupid and doesn't [...]

    14. Published: 05/06/2006Author: Sally GardnerRecommended for: young adultsI was drawn to this book by its cover and the fact that it was set in the 1640s, prior to the Great Fire of London, a period of history I enjoy reading about.I,Coriander is a beautifully written book full of description and intrigue. I read it in two days needless to say I couldnt put it down! The chapters are short and snappy. If you enjoy history thrown together with fairy magic, sorcery and the lives of Coriander and her s [...]

    15. This book had a good idea and story behind it, although I didn't feel it was told very well. It seemed to be lackingmething. I think it needed to be longer and more in depth with better explanations or dialogue, but overall it wasn't a bad read.

    16. A tale set in the English Civil War and -- elsewhere. Coriander is the only child of her parents, and one birthday, she finds herself sent marvelous silver shoes. Her mother tries to keep them from her, but consequences follows. Such as an old woman and a crow seeing her.Her tale winds on with many a fairy tale trope, though it's not a straight retelling. Her father's Royalist sentiments lead to a lot of trouble, including his having to remarry to distract Puritans from himself and her -- and th [...]

    17. This one, I WILL say to people "You HAVE to read this!". It is a beautiful, modern-written (but not modern setting --- 1600s) fairy tale. You can read the provided description for an idea of what it's about --- I'll restrict my comments to the writing. I read this probably a couple of years ago, but I just noticed that she has a couple more books coming out, so I thought I would comment on this one before I read and comment on those.Basically, her writing is lyrical, beautiful and the story just [...]

    18. Would be fine, if it weren't for the glaring historical inaccuracies. And the bias. Or should I say prejudice? And the holes in the plots - historical and fantasy. And the ending. And the limp romance.But seriously - if something is to pass itself off as historical fiction, whether fantasy or not, it should at least get most factual matters close to correct. This doesn't.

    19. I was a big of this when I read it a few years ago. It had a few logical flaws and flew pretty far under the radar as far as acclaim but I loved it anyway. Delicious magical realism combined with history, and gorgeous writing on top.I'll fully admit that part of my love is because of that elegantly creepy, haunting cover! I can't explain why it sucks me in--but I could look at it for HOURS!!

    20. A lot of insta-love, ugh. Overall, it was very magical and I was instantly transported into the world.

    21. I loved this book. It was lovely and exciting and terrifying - especially if you consider the story through the eyes of a younger person. Plus is was a very interesting perspective on Cromwell's England and all the strife that occurred because of that brief excursion into being a republic, and what that meant. Add into it all a wonderful dose of magic and evil and you have a wonderful coming of age story that anyone would enjoy.

    22. I, Coriander is an original fairy tale for young adults set in the aftermath of Charles I's execution. With its emphasis on the interweaving of the mundane and fairy worlds, this novel also reminded me of Stardust at times, although more emphasis is placed on the historical setting and less on mythological puzzle-solving. Because I, Coriander isn't a traditional historical fantasy, there may be fantasy lovers bored by the historical aspects of the tale, and history lovers turned off by the fanta [...]

    23. I see this book in the used book store.I buy it and bring it back to Japan.One fine day, when I have a few minutes to spare, I think "I guess I can fit one or two chapters in. I haven't read this in too long." ThenM!Before I knew it, I was pushing back the estimated time I need to leave the house just so I could read more. I actually know the story, but still, it sucked me in (again).I, Coriander is about, obviously, Coriander's life. I remembered this book as being vaguely related to fairytales [...]

    24. ‘This is my story, this is my life.’Over seven parts, each measured by the time it takes a candle to burn out, Coriander Hobie writes the story of her life: ‘I was born in the year of Our Lord 1643, the only child of Thomas and Eleanor Hobie, in our great house on the River Thames in London. Of my early years I remember only happiness. That was before I knew this world had such evil in it, and that my fate was to be locked up in a chest and left to die.’Coriander’s idyllic childhood en [...]

    25. This is a wonderful fairy tale novel. Coriander, growing up in the era of Cromwell's protectorate after the Royalist defeat in the Civil War, is the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Her mother is well known as a herbalist and healer, and, Coriander learns, is from Fairyland.Coriander's mother dies, and since rumours are abounding of his sympathies, her father is advised to marry a good Puritan woman. So Coriander acquires a wicked stepmother in Maud, and a cowed, frightened stepsister in Hester. [...]

    26. I enjoyed the fairytale aspects of this book and I really wanted to give it three stars, both for a unique writing style and the artful inclusion of the history of the period, which I thought was done very well. I especially liked how Gardner presented such a wide range of poltical and religious viewpoints, but allowed the individuals that held them, like Ned or even Coriander, who is literally of another world, to all be able to show true tolerance for the other person and respect their belief, [...]

    27. A delightful tale set during the English Civil War (17th century), mixing fantasy with historical fiction as Coriander tells her story. There is adventure, a quest, magic, heartbreak, love, and danger, all from unexpected directions and with unexpected results. Fans of Robin McKinley should enjoy this one!

    28. I have read quite a few books over the period of the self-proclaimed hiatus and I, Coriander was one of the books I had the misfortune to read. You can tell already it's going to be a rant? Good! Believe it or not, I have read this book in one day (I literally just finished it) and my rage was so great that I finally decided to actually post something! So get your seat belts on, you are in for a rollercoaster ride called the 'rant of a newborne hater'.The Story: 1/5 starsI really was trying to b [...]

    29. I've had this book on my to-read list for a while, finding it, then forgetting about it, then finding it again. Having finally read it (and skimmed over a lot, I admit), I'm left with just a sort of unease and bad aftertaste. Listen, I love fairy stories. There were some good ideas and beautiful descriptions here, and the whole of Part One was lovely. I was cautiously optimistic. And then ye god, all Puritan characters were just so viscerally disgusting, then abuse and horrors just kept piling u [...]

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