Missing Missing is about a family torn apart A gritty novel both suspenseful and stylishly written it tells how a school bully s actions force a troubled teenager to run away leaving his younger sister to

  • Title: Missing
  • Author: Cathy MacPhail
  • ISBN: 9780747548737
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Missing is about a family torn apart A gritty novel, both suspenseful and stylishly written, it tells how a school bully s actions force a troubled teenager to run away, leaving his younger sister to cope with grieving parents in a house devoid of love or hope for the future She is misunderstood and alone despite all of the voices around her claiming they understand andMissing is about a family torn apart A gritty novel, both suspenseful and stylishly written, it tells how a school bully s actions force a troubled teenager to run away, leaving his younger sister to cope with grieving parents in a house devoid of love or hope for the future She is misunderstood and alone despite all of the voices around her claiming they understand and that they want to help Maxine Moody s world was turned upside down when her older brother Derek went missing Ten months later he is presumed dead but that has not stopped Maxine s parents from hoping that he will be found alive While they investigate possible sightings of their missing son, Maxine is packed off to stay with relatives She feels unwanted and unloved She harbours guilty feelings of resentment for Derek s disappearence and plays truant from school a place where she has few friends and several enemies There seems no way out for Maxine until a body is discovered in London, dressed in the clothes Derek was wearing when he was last sighted Can Maxine s pain and confusion be finally over Missing, however, is never that simple and underneath the bleak subjects at its core lies a compelling examination of what it means to love somebody and what it might feel like to be unloved Many lives are affected by Derek s actions All are laid bare and examined It s a highly readable, honest and mature novel that should be a part of growing up for everybody Age 12 and over John McLay

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    One thought on “Missing”

    1. So this was a short story about a girl, and her mum and dad who have a missing brother/son.One day Maxine receives phone calls with a strange voice claiming it's her brother.So really this is a mystery/thriller story.It's quite short, which was nice. Considering this book was published 17 years ago, it's not a bad shout. Maxine annoyed me for most of the book, bit then her character did develop. Also her parents annoyed me at the start too bit they also developed.My favourite character was Cam. [...]

    2. The book I read is Missing by Catherine Macphail. I read this book because I saw it on my teachers shelve and it looked good so I read it. This book is a nonfiction book and it takes place in England in what seems like a town. There is one main character Maxine Moody who is a teen and full of problems. There are also three other character that are not main character’s but there are part of the book the first one is Cam be is two years older than Maxine and he gets made fun of because he is Chi [...]

    3. I personally enjoyed this book, it may have been easy to read, but the suspense is what keeps you going.

    4. I have recently read the book Missing by Catherine Macphail. Although the exact genre is hard to say, I would call it a realistic fiction. I found it sort of creepy, in a non-morbid, but interesting way. It was about a family of four with a younger daughter who had a brother named Derek who had run away, and later been identified dead. The hardest part of reading this is that I was this girl, this was my family, now, of course it wasn’t actually me, but I am the younger sister of Derek, and we [...]

    5. I am very intrigued with mysterious stories, and being that my cousin read this book she highly suggested it for me. Luckily, I truly enjoyed this book. The story traces Maxine Moody’s changing life after her brother Derek decides to run away. Her brother’s disappearance led to a kind of downfall in her family life. Maxine began to feel estranged from her parents and questioning if she should have left. Although she had these feelings, she had cynical emotions towards her brother; Maxine mis [...]

    6. Ever since Maxine's brother went missing, it seems like she can't get any attention from her parents. They seem to ignore her as they continue holding out hope that their long-time missing son will finally return home. This routine has been going on for so long that Maxine can't help but think the unthinkable - she actually wishes that her brother would be found dead! That way, she reasons, she will get the attention back that she's been missing since her brother's disappearance. What DID happen [...]

    7. This book is not based on a true story. The book is about a young girl named Maxine and her older brother named Derek. Maxine's brother goes missing and from that point on everything at home goes wrong. Her parents don't pay attention to her because they are worried about what has happened to Derek. Throughtout the whole book she experinces all types of things. She gets bullied by the same bully that bullied her brother, skips school, and doesn't even come home sometimes and she tries to find wa [...]

    8. i liked this book it was better than it lookedthis book is by catherine macphail. i chose this book because it seemed like an interesting story from the back so i read a couple of pages then decided to keep reading. i finished this book in about 4 daysis book whas about a girl that had a brother that ran away he ran away because he couldent take the way his parents were treating him. when he left there was another boy he switched cloths with him and then that boy died in a fire that night well h [...]

    9. This was not my favorite book. I used it for my mystery unit when I taught 8th grade. The kids really liked it, although I though the characters were annoying and stupid. This year one of my sophomores picked it up and read it. She loved it and told all of her friends. Now several students have red it and really like it. The premise is creepy. Maxine is getting phone calls from her dead brother. She spends the rest of the book trying to figure out what is really going on.The one thing I really d [...]

    10. I just finished Missing. It was a suspenseful page turner about Maxine getting strange calls and seeing her 'dead' brother, Derek. With nobody at home to trust (her mom going crazy and her dad always blaming her) she tries to find out what's going on, alone with help from a classmate, Cam. But to be honest, Maxine wants Derek to be dead. She thinks all her parents care about is Derek, Derek, Derek. This is an amazing story about bullying and what the effects after can be. I recommend this highly [...]

    11. I chose this book for kind of just because. its fiction but it could be real. the setting takes place somewhere but it doesnt say exactally. the main character is maxine who has a brother but he ran away. so what happens is that derek her brother ran away for months and his parents go to londom to identify this body but they think its him. so the mom is really sad and maxine skips school all the time. the main problem i guess is that maxine gets a call from derek when he is supose to be dead. th [...]

    12. This is a very interesting book. It is quite different to what I usually read, as in the topic as well as the fact that it's not fantasy which I would usually read. The story is well written, and brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions while reading. The story is told from Maxine's(Maxie) point of view, a 13 year old, and deals with the disappearance of her older brother and how she feels.It is quite a quick read in terms of length/time spent reading I only needed a few hours, an evening [...]

    13. Really good book! I am a huge fan of suspense and mystery and this book really kept my attention the whole time. Lots of the book had me thinking one thing would happen while the complete opposite does and thats what made me love it even more. The one thing that I did not like were the parts about the Mighty Zola because it wasn't very necessary and I could do without. Other than that, I loved the book and would love a sequel!!!

    14. I choose this book because it look good and the cover looked intresting and the first page was good when i read it. I think it non fiction. the setting is all over its not in one spot its like at her house, a church, at shcool, and a cemitary.Derek is missing for awhile they think hes dead and he had been calling his sister but she thinks somebody is messing with her. But she found out that he was alive and he came back home. I really liked this book i think people would love it.

    15. I actually really liked the book. I thought it was easy to understand what was going on, and it was a good story line. It kept me interested throughout the book. I liked how the character related to me so much and the details and just the whole book was good. I overall thought the book was really good and I don'd have anything bad to say about the book.

    16. I thought that this book was pretty good. It kept me engaged throughout the book, because I wanted answers. I thought that the ending was a bit abrupt, but it was still good. It was well written and it was easy to understand.

    17. I think this book is very relating. It is also very heart touching when Derek loves his little sister so much that he would come out of hiding to see her face. I loved how they over come the bullies, together and think cam and her would be really cute together as a couple.

    18. MISSING BY CATHERINE MACPHAIL Maxine Moody, sister of Derek Moody, always dreaded having Derek around the house. Everything thing was focused on him, and only him. It was sure that these parents were picking favorites. When Derek was around, you could say Maxine almost didn't even exist. She could not take ONE more minute of it. She didn't feel quite right saying this, but she sometimes wished he was… dead. Derek had been gone for 10 months and it was obvious the Moody family had little hope. [...]

    19. “Maxine, it’s me Derek,” Maxine responds, “No it can’t be Derek, Derek’s dead!” Maxine is a 13-year-old girl with a big attitude who lives in a small town. A few months ago her big brother Derek ran away or as her parents say, went missing. Ever since then Maxine feels extremely unloved. Maxine thinks her parents don’t care what she does or where she goes, so she doesn’t go to school instead, she goes to Sweeny’s dads arcade to battle the Mighty Zola. Sweeny is a big bully th [...]

    20. Missing, by Catherine Macphail, is a short, mysterious, and suspenseful book about Maxine Moody, and the problems she faces after her brother, Derek, runs away. Maxine feels like her parents ignore her after Derek’s disappearance, and has a horrible feeling that they would rather it have been her that disappeared. She misses Derek, but is also happy at the thought of him possibly being dead. The author, Catherine Macphail, has a way of keeping you pulled into the book, and a way to illustrate [...]

    21. I really liked the book. It was really good. But the one thing I was wondering is why would he run away from home? Was it because everyone picked on him and he couldnt take it anymore? Well anyways I liked the book so thats all that matters. Oh and the reason why I liked the book is because some kids really do do this in real life and this book can always teach thoughs kids lessons to so they kind of know what they are looking at.Catherine Macphail. Copyright 2000Maxine (Maxie for short) Her bro [...]

    22. I have to say that it was nice just to read a book that didn't have a sequel and was really short. I've read too many series that are between 300 and 500 pages. It was such a relief to read a short book. I did buy this about 2-3 years ago. I lost it, and when I found it this last summer, I had too many other books that I wanted to read first. I was bored and remembered the book. In all, the book was a quick read to take my mind off things and keep me busy.I have to say though, the book was somew [...]

    23. Date finished: 9/14/12191 pages By Catherine MacphailThis book is about a boy named Derek and his sister Maxine Moody, Derek always gets into trouble because he gets bullied. Eventually Derek ran away one morning. Derek was missing for a little while now and Maxine felt like they only loved him. Their parents hardly ever acted like they cared about her, it was all about Derek! One day the Moody family got a call saying that they had found a body and it look just like Derek and had the same cloth [...]

    24. I picked this book because it seemed interesting when I read the back cover. This story takes place with Maxine playing Mighty Zola at an arcade. Throughout this book Maxine feels like her parents don't have time for her since her brother Derek died. Or so they thought In this story Maxine started to get phone calls and she would hear and see thing that she thought was her brother. She would try to tell her dad but all he would do is shut her out and say your just dealing with the grief of your [...]

    25. I can remember reading this book as a teenager in school and I loved it.I recently re-read it and I still love it!Missing follows Maxine and her family as they each in their own way try to come to terms with the disappearance of Derek, Maxine's big brother.The family are slowly starting to rip apart and Maxine is feeling more and more left out as her parents ship her off to anyone who will have her to chase down the next lead.When the news comes that a body has been found, and Maxine's father id [...]

    26. Words are more powerful than they are thought out to be. Actions can be just as loud. Maxine's brother, Derek, runs away and all her parents care about is finding Derek. They are going completely crazy without him. They are so wrapped up in the thought of their son being gone, they seem to have forgotten about the daughter they have still at home. For ten months Maxine is nearly invisible. She wonders where he may be, but she also just wishes for him to be dead so it would be an easy answer to h [...]

    27. The book Missing is about a modern day family living in England. Everything was normal until Maxine's elder brother goes missing and he is no where to be found. A school bully is the reason why Derek, maxine's brother, ran away. This bully's actions ruined this poor family. Her mom copes with this situation very differently then Maxine and her dad. Maxine feels that sh ehas been shut out of her family and all they can think about is her missing brother Derek. To deal with it all Maxine frequentl [...]

    28. I thought this book was good. I think it kind of stretched out a little bit too much but other than that it was fun to read.A well written novel by Catherine MacphailAbout the book:This book is about a girl named Maxine. She lost her brother a couple months ago because he ran away and never came back. All her parents care about is her brother Derek. After her dad identifies a body they are sure he is dead. Maxine isn't so sure he is dead because she gets these phone calls from someone who say's [...]

    29. This story was about a young boy who went missing. The fortune teller had told his mom that his presence was always with her. One day his father and mother got a call from a person asking them to fly to Europe to come and identify if the dead body was their son. Indeed it was there son. They flew back and buried Derek.Derek's sister Maxine began getting phone calls saying that it was Derek. At first she didn't know what to believe. She began pondering the whole idea of it. Thinking that it could [...]

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