Chase Me

Chase Me A Michelin two star chef at twenty eight Violette Lenoir could handle anything including a cocky burglar who broke into her restaurant in the middle of the night Or so she thought Elite counterterro

  • Title: Chase Me
  • Author: Laura Florand
  • ISBN: 9781943168040
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
  • A Michelin two star chef at twenty eight, Violette Lenoir could handle anything, including a cocky burglar who broke into her restaurant in the middle of the night.Or so she thought.Elite counterterrorist operative Chase Smith had been through things that made Hell Week look easy But nothing had prepared him for a leather clad blonde who held him at bay at knifepoint anA Michelin two star chef at twenty eight, Violette Lenoir could handle anything, including a cocky burglar who broke into her restaurant in the middle of the night.Or so she thought.Elite counterterrorist operative Chase Smith had been through things that made Hell Week look easy But nothing had prepared him for a leather clad blonde who held him at bay at knifepoint and dared him to take her on.Now if only saving the world didn t require he ruin her life.Two people who thought they could handle anything now have to take on each other It s a battle neither one expected But with their futures on the line, they have nothing to losebut their hearts.Warning This book contains one arrogant Navy SEAL, nights of Paris passion, and a woman who wants to have it all.

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    One thought on “Chase Me”

    1. Chase Me was an utterly fun love/hate romance (well, on Violette’s side, anyhow) full of clever banter, and seriously HOT! Violette Lenior fought her way to the top as a chef with hard work and talent which earned her two Michelin stars, and the command of her own restaurant. Unfortunately, all this is about to go bottoms up when Chase Smith breaks into her kitchen. Knives are thrown, heads and hearts are lost, and it is soooo very, very sexy! However, the next day Violette’s world comes cra [...]

    2. I've posted the first chapter here: lauraflorand/chase-me-cove(Pre edits, so please forgive any typos.)Hope you all enjoy!

    3. Chase Me is vastly different from any of Florand's other works but I absolutely loved it. It features a tough, female chef--one who has fought her way to the top, having to prove herself every step of the way solely because of her sex--and an undercover agent who is too charming for his own good. From the moment Chase breaks into Violette's kitchen, the banter was witty and the sexual tension was off the charts. You could just tell that this novel was going to be a winner--and it absolutely was. [...]

    4. What an adorable book! If you like great banter, this is a must read.Let me note that the author notes, while writing this book, the terror attacks hit France. While she already had a special ops/terrorist threat in the book, it of course took on a very dark and meaningful tone. With that said, this book is very light and fun – if that makes sense. Chase is a counter terrorist operative from Texas. He is super black ops, and there is word in the wind that there might be a possible ricin attack [...]

    5. It took me a long time to read this book because like the author whose writing was effected by the terrorist attacks in Paris where this book is set and the action takes place around a black ops team working to prevent such horrors, my reading was also disturbed by too many such events too close to the plot of this book.Laura Florand is one of my favorite writers and she does an amazing job weaving in the current events and realities of Paris into this lovely caper of a romance. As a result, the [...]

    6. This is second in a series, but you can skip the first if you like. Célie does show up, and Joss makes an appearance, but Florand gives you all you need contextually so you won't miss anything. The first book doesn't suck or anything, but I liked this one so much better.I wasn't expecting to like this one so much! The first was merely "okay" which had me thinking I was just going to love the La Vie en Roses series much better for the family and tight-knit community you can't really have in a Pa [...]

    7. Slightly different from most of Laura Florand but very enjoyable and lovely!Full review:This is the second book in the Paris Hearts series which feature women chefs. Similar to the first book here our heroine also falls for a military-type guy but unlike previous books by Ms Florand, here things between them were both more suspenseful and more hilarious. I really like Ms Florand's writing, it's always sensual, very emotional, focused a lot on the inner world of the characters and their difficult [...]

    8. Arc provided by the author for an honest reviewHands down the BEST ROMANCE OF 2016This is Violette's story whom we met in All For You as Celie's friend. She comes across Chase one night in her kitchen and mistakes him for a burglar when in fact he is special ops sent there to 'save the world'. The story takes off from there. When I started reading this book my first impression was that she had deviated from her usual style while writing this story. Her stories are always intense. But this came o [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to read an early copy of this book, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Glorious banter between the fabulous hero and heroine, who are absolutely perfectly matched! He's an elite counter-terrorist operative; she's a 28-year-old Parisian top chef who has fought her way to the top in a deeply sexist field; they're both equally tough and equally addicted to the adrenaline rushes of their different careers. Their scenes together sizzle with chemistry and humor, as they start out as a reckless [...]

    10. A war hardened Navy SEAL, Chase Smith meets his match with a chef who runs her kitchen like a well oiled machine. Violette Lenoir has a backbone of steel. She wears leathers and rides a motorcyclenter, sexy romance flying pots and knives and love at first sight. Full review to follow!

    11. I was so so so lucky to be chosen to read an ARC of Chase Me. Thank you so much.It's no secret that Ms Florand writes THE perfect hero and heroines. I can credit Ms Florand as the reason as to why I'm inspired to re-learn French and practically obsessed with anything French. The teaser of the first chapter that was posted honestly does not do any justice to the book. Chase and Vi are such wonderful characters that I was pretty much reading this book throughout the entire working day. The chemist [...]

    12. Laura Florand never disappoints and in the new instalment of her Paris Nights series we have another heartwarming story that will give you all the happy sighs.Reasons why I loved this book:1. Violette - She's a hoot! Strong, fierce and self-resilient, she doesn't need a man to be happy. Vi has been making her own way in the kitchens since she was 15 years old, showing the world - and a lot of pigheaded men - her worth. She fights for what she wants with everything she has and is not afraid to pu [...]

    13. I usually don't bother looking for reactions on the internet, but in this case I'll let the gifs speak for themselves. Terribly sorry if your Chrome crashes.It was just sooooo good!!! I mean the sexual tension - off the charts! The banter, holy shit that banter had me grinning like an idiot and then rushing to splash my face with water to cool down a bit. I'm fangirling so hard now, I want to read this book forever. So different from I'm used to from Laura Florand, but still awesome.Now that I'v [...]

    14. A huge shout out to Nadia for recommending me the book. Nadia, you're a genius when it comes to the type of books you recommend me. I've enjoyed every single one of them!There is something to be said about books that show beauty in their simplicity. And what's more, this one had one of the most memorable beginnings. No shy glances, no awkward meetings, no heart palpitations and definitely no slow burn of a buildup. The story jumps so gloriously into the middle of the fire of romance that the rea [...]

    15. First read: April 20164.5 STARSTHIS BOOK IS A HUGE BUNDLE OF FUN I'M CRYING I READ TOO FASTReread: Aug 2017Upping it to 5 stars because c'mon I truly love this it's flawlessI love that Chase basically falls in love with Vi at first sight and throughout the book keeps proposing and negotiating domestic assignments with her. He's an open book, which is ironic considering his profession. I love Vi's feisty ways and her resilience. She's so strong and hardworking, and I love that she takes no shit f [...]

    16. Chase Me is the second story in Laura Florand’s new standalone series Paris Nights and is a departure from the sensual and lush storytelling of her other series. The Chocolat et Amour and La Vie en Roses series evoke an old world charm in the descriptions of Paris and Provence and are among my favourite romances (which makes it no surprise that the author always makes my ‘best of’ lists). In contrast, this story has a sharper, more contemporary edge, with a storyline influenced by the trag [...]

    17. Chase Me differs from the previous books by Laura Florand for a few reasons. I think the main reason is that we have our first American hero (excluding Mack Corey, from Sun-Kissed). The dance of romantic connection between Chase and Violette is different in that Chase has a different brand of intensity than our previous French heroes. Maybe that is the difference between the French way and the American way; or, maybe that is the case because Chase is not an artist, with an artist's particular le [...]

    18. read more than halfill don't feel invested in the romance, it feels like a one chapter story that's been dragged out to form an entire book, and i no longer see the charm in florand's flowery and overly descriptive writing.

    19. 5 Stars.Goodness, the banter! It was so great, I was just smiling practically the whole time I read the book.

    20. Chase MeThis book touched me personally as an expat living in Paris. The emotional resonance of how life here has been affected since the events last November is portrayed with perfect pitch in “Chase Me”. Laura Florand has managed to marry real life events in Paris with a fiery couple in a way that shows their resilience, no matter the pain and danger they encounter, as they each live their life’s passion.In a story that made me want to wear leather and learn throwing knife skills, chef V [...]

    21. I avoided this book for a while because the idea of the hero was unappealing to me (an ex-Navy Seal blah blah blah). But I really missed Laura Florand's writingThe opening scene is pretty nonsensical, the heroine sees a guy break into her kitchen, and instead of calling the cops or knifing him, announces herself by throwing a pot at his head (and missing), and then stands around chatting with the invader, even letting him reach into his pockets this is how you DIE, girl! Anyway it totally took m [...]

    22. Probably the first Florand book I didn't quite connect to. Don't be mistaken - the trademark elements that make her works so enjoyable are all there - the easy banter and slow burn between the lead pair, France in all its wonderful, enigmatic glory. And the author took a risk and made her heroine quite unlike the others. Violette is tough, ambitious and sassily overconfident. She has risen to being a two star Michelin chef at 28, and in an industry full of overblown male egos, she has to keep he [...]

    23. Omg I can't believe it took me so long to get to this! I love Laura Florand and I have read almost all her books - I still have a few to catch up to. But this! This is possibly my favourite Laura Florand book thus far! If I could give this six stars on a five star scale, I would, just to show how awesome it was.Within the first few pages, Chase reminded me of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Lol! This is the first time I've ever pictured a book character so vividly in my mind while reading it. The ban [...]

    24. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from the author! I love all of Laura Florand's books, and I loved this one! Chase is a US Special Ops currently based in Paris on a team trying to thwart a terrorist attack. Unfortunately, the restaurant that Violette is the head chef for is the potential target. These two play off each other so well, with both anger and affection. Neither has been willing or able to sustain a relationship in the past, but it seems they have met their perfect matches [...]

    25. This book does a body good. I'm down with the flu so reading this is another instance of Perfectly Timed Approval, (Thank you, book gods.) I was going to rave over the banter, the chemistry, the surprising overall cuteness of the male lead (is he what Ilona Andrews had in mind in writing their Alphahole analysis-both hilarious and spot on, btw)but it seems the meds are finally kicking in. Finally. Wait I said that already full review to come.

    26. almost 2 years later and this is still my favorite romance book of all ( and ive read a lot, mind you.)

    27. My current emotions regarding this book:This book is so damn sweet and marvelous and made me smile way too much.

    28. Originally reviewed here @ AngievilleI love it when I find myself reviewing anotherLaura Florand winner. I can't believe it's been exactly three years since I initially fell in love with her Amour et Chocolat series, but I have no trouble at all recalling the pure pleasure I took in devouring each successive book about egomaniacal, yet devastatingly charming chocolatiers and patissiers and the strong-willed, wonderfully intelligent women whose misfortune/fortune it was to make and keep their acq [...]

    29. Vi and Chase project a present-day Pam Grier/Yaphet Kotto & Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant interpersonal mojo in Chase Me. This also the only romance story (in my reading experience) where the missed-communications trope is actually logical given the circumstances. Once again, Laura Florand features volatile characters who exhibit broad emotional range in ways that magnify their maturity. This romp is total brain candy. Yum.

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