The Boy Who Lost His Face

The Boy Who Lost His Face In the book The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar a boy named David tries to get in the cool group by helping his friends Scott Randy and Roger carry out a prank Their target was an elderly wom

  • Title: The Boy Who Lost His Face
  • Author: Louis Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780747555285
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the book The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar, a boy named David tries to get in the cool group by helping his friends Scott, Randy, and Roger carry out a prank Their target was an elderly woman who was called a witch by all the kids in the neighborhood When they attacked her and stole her cane David flicks her off to try to impress Randy But when they leave thIn the book The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar, a boy named David tries to get in the cool group by helping his friends Scott, Randy, and Roger carry out a prank Their target was an elderly woman who was called a witch by all the kids in the neighborhood When they attacked her and stole her cane David flicks her off to try to impress Randy But when they leave the old lady cried out to David Your Doppelg nger will regurgitate on your soul The following days David finds himself experiencing strange happenings that lead him to believe that he is cursed After being rejected by Randy and his gang David finds himself unable to do anything right He breaks his parent s window, his little brother hates him, his zipper is unzipped, his pants fall down in front of the whole school, and he falls off his chair in every class He also makes friends with the weird kids in the school, Larry and Maureen Mo His actions make him seem like one of the three stooges.

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    1. Dear Louis Sachar,Where were you all the years that I was growing up? No, seriously! hmph!But then, as they say, Der aaye, durust aaye! At least I'm glad to have finally discovered you! (^.^)This is the story of David, who's trying really hard to fit into the friend circle that his best friend of many years is now a part of. David just wants to be considered "cool". And that is why he decides (against his better judgement) to partake in some moronic activities (read stealing the cane of a helple [...]

    2. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis SacharPublisher: YearlingPublication Date: April 15, 1997Rating: 4 starsSource: Copy sent by the publisherSummary (from ):David is only trying to be cool when he helps some of the popular kids steal Old Lady Bayfield’s cane. But when the plan backfires, he’s the one the “old witch” curses. Now David can’t seem to do anything right. The cool kids taunt him and his only friends are freaks. He even walks int [...]

    3. This book is a fantastic depiction of the ridiculous nature of junior high. What do you do when your friends start acting weird? How do you respond when people are mean just to get a reaction from you? How far would you go to be cool? Would you ignore your old friends? Reject your family? Would you help beat up an old lady and steal her cane? If you did all that, would it make you cool, or might there be dire consequences for you?I understand why it appears on challenged book lists -- it has dis [...]

    4. I saw this book,The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar,in the classroom libary and also in several other places but I never really paid attention to it. I also read another book by the same author and the book was quite interesting,so I decided to give this book a try. The other book I read was Holes by Louis Sachar.One thing in this book that impressed me was the plot line of this story. The story starts off with kids attacking the old lady, Mrs. Bayfield, who they thought was a witch and co [...]

    5. A quick easy read. Some surprising swearing thrown in. Definitely targeting 11-14 year olds. This book doesn't hold a candle to Holes. However, it is a breezy read that kids might identify with. I wouldn't exactly recommend it, but you could do worse.

    6. شاید همین طوری کتاب بدی نبود. اما برای نویسنده‌ای که آخرین گودال رو نوشته بود٬ کتاب خوبیم نبود خب.

    7. This was a nice book. I wish I read it years ago.The main character is a bit of a social outcast, and his pivotal moment comes when he realises that the cool kids he was 'friends' with don't actually like him. He is forced to find some new friends.It's funny and nice and generally really enjoyable to read, in a classic Sachar style.I find the main character very relatable, and the way he sees the world and the way he responds to things is similar to me. If I had read this when I was 11 I might h [...]

    8. AmazingAn amazing boom with a good hearted twist which really puts you on edge I would recommend this to any high school child it will really make you think about being "cool"

    9. The best attribute of Louis Sachar's writing style, as I see it, is the easy fluidity with which he creates. To read his stories, one might think that writing is a snap, and that anyone could do it just as well as he; however, I'm sure that a great deal of energy and care must go into the molding of every paragraph that he produces. The kind of realistic narrative voice that Louis Sachar achieves again and again is an example of high art. What is the nature of a curse, and how does it tie in wit [...]

    10. 1)Publisher: YEARLING HUMOR Series:? Level: 4.52)Time: 9/27=30min, 10/2=25min, 10/4=10min (I also read "One and Only Ivan" 9/26=18min)3)7word summary: Boys, Woman, Steal, Cane, Witch, Worried, Curse4)Discussion Question David who is a main character and his FRIRENDS plot to stael woman's cane. If you were David, what would you do?-If I were David, I would stop my friends from doing bad. However, If I thought that I am left out of the group of my friend,I don't know what should I do.5)Comment I h [...]

    11. The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis SacharThis is one of those books I am just surprised to come across on a challenged list. Not that I can't find something in it worth challenging, I suppose that I could (and in a minute, I will). But it's just such an *unimportant* book compared to the books that are generally challenged. This is the story of David, who wants to be popular, and therefore goes along with the crowd and does something not very nice. He realizes that he shouldn't have done this, a [...]

    12. David helps some boys from his school steeal a cane from Mrs. Bayfield, and old woman who the boys say is a witch. David doesn't feel comfortable stealing from an old woman, he just wants to be "cool". David has always been teased and he never stands up for himself. The boys steal the cane and Mrs. Bayfield shouts some gibberish at David which he believes is a curse. Soon after David starts to have a lot of bad luck, from dropping viles in science class to his pants falling down in front of the [...]

    13. The Boy Who Lost His Face,By Louis Sachar,Genre: Fantasy. I would rate this book with five stars because I really enjoyed it. In fact I was planning on reading for five minutes one night but I got so into the book I finished it! From the minute I picked up this book I loved it, I would read it over and over again. This book started of well and also ended well, I really liked it.David and his friends stole an old ladies cane, they beat her and left her there. David heard that a curse was put on h [...]

    14. The boy who lost his face- Louis SacharI read this book because it was by Louis Sachar and he wrote holes. I also read it because a few of my cousins requested it.Tori Williams- tori is a lovely girl that is cute. She is the crush of David. He then has the courage to ask her but his pants fall down. Although it was humiliating, Tori still likes him for who is. She is my favourite character because she is a dynamic and strange character in the book. This book is about a boy named David who is try [...]

    15. I've read a lot of Louis Sachar, but I'd never heard of this book. Too bad, because it's not awful. Not "Holes" by a long shot, but not bad either. Quick summary: David succumbs to peer pressure when he breaks an old lady's window, turns her chair over, pours lemonade on her head, breaks her pitcher and steals her cane. Then bad stuff that mirrors the attack starts happening to him. Sachar does a tremendous job portraying David's initial guilt. The story is predictable, but that's not a bad thin [...]

    16. This book was exceptionally good. It brought back a lot of memories and emotions from my own high school experience. The main character did a few things that didn't make a lot of sense, but they were only minor glitches in the overall greatness of the story. There was some cursing in this book, which was a little shocking at first, but it wasn't used inappropriately. I try to hold my tongue these days, but I had a pretty foul mouth when I was in high school. So comparatively, the cursing in this [...]

    17. To begin with, this is my first book by Louis Sachar but I am happy to say it won't be the last. Although this book does include some minor cussing, in relation to the subject, it wouldn't be realistic if it didn't. I remember Middle School and there was lots of interesting language being used by kids trying to be cool so this book is authentic about that. David is struggling to learn the new cliques that has arisen with all his peers entering the new world of middle school. Besides learning his [...]

    18. I loved this book! I wasn't expecting it to be nearly as engaging as it was. It's the ideal book for middle school boys and girls but especially those hard-to-reach boys. I loved that the book touched on so many issues that we don't normally talk about but should (ex: swearing, the middle finger, the word "nipple," etc.) as well as the classic coming-of-age issues like dealing with bullies, getting girls to like you, finding true friends, and so much more. The plot is very engaging and relevant [...]

    19. Full review at thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpressAnother good read from Sachar, full of all the angst of early puberty and the wilds of middle school. There's a fair bit of humour and the main characters are likeable and ordinary.

    20. One amazing book! Amazing story line. Laugh out loud book! If I had the choice, I'd read it again! Amazing ending!

    21. David is your average little boy that just wants to be cool and fit in like the popular boys. When this means being mean to old Mrs Bayfield and stealing her walking cane; David has a rethink about the friendship. Especially now that Mrs Bayfield put a curse on him. She told him that one day she will have his face hanging in her house, just like her husbands was doing now. The curse gets really harsh, and David does not know what to do anymore. He ends up befriending people that he would have no [...]

    22. Louis Sachar's novels tend to be thought provoking and cast with lively, multi-layered protagonists. This is not an exception. As far as plotting, characterization, and technical skill goes, there's not really much to critique. As far as novels go, it wasn't really my cup of tea. I couldn't tell you why exactly, and I shall have to mull over the question more. I do feel that the themes are a bit jumbled and uncohesive. He utilizes several different themes, but none of them are really brought to [...]

    23. David really wants to fit into the cool clique his once best friend has joined. So, against his better judgment he helps them steal a cane from an elderly neighbor woman. He knows it is wrong and that feeling is only intensified when things start happening to him that mimic what the boys did to the old woman.David is sure that he needs to apologize to the woman to start these cursed happenings, but it takes a lot of courage to own up to such a misdeed.

    24. I enjoyed this book and wish it weren't on the TOP 100 BANNED BOOKS (ALA) list. I think it's so accurate of how middle school children think and taught important lessons at their level. I will definitely be encouraging my son to read it when he reaches that age group.

    25. The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar. I give this book four out of five stars because it is such an amazing book. It is about a boy named David who tries to be part of the cool crowd. His best friend seems to fit right in but him, not so much. In order to prove that he is cool, the cool crowd go to an old lady’s house to steal her cane. They execute their plan and David gets caught right in the middle. They manage to steal the old lady’s cane, but she yells out a curse towards David. [...]

    26. Poor David. His ex-best friend ditched him to go be popular, and when David tries to be a cool kid too he realizes he was just being cruel to an old lady. Now that tons of weird and bad things are suddenly happening to him, David wonders if he's been cursed by the woman whose cane he helped steal, and he doesn't know if anyone will ever like him again. Has he been supernaturally cursed or is all of this the fault of his own lack of self-confidence?Kids do worry a lot about being cool when they'r [...]

    27. The Boy Who Lost His Face, is about a kid named David, and he wants to be popular. So he decides to go help these two cool kids pull a prank on a old lady. The old lady is called a witch by other kids in the neighborhood, they believe that she will cast spells. So David steals her cane, and when he was about leave, she says something very weird. And David assumed she casted a spell. The following days, David experiences weird things. His pants fall in front of a girl he likes, he falls off a cha [...]

    28. David is worried. He’s also feeling a bit mean, because while he was trying to be cool with three other boys, he watched them tip an old lady out of her chair, pour lemonade on her face and then steal her carved walking stick. Because all he did was watch, he flipped her the bird as they escapedHis mind is racing afterwards, wondering why he did it? Maybe she wouldn’t even know what it meant? And what mumbo jumbo was she saying as they left? Things aren’t improving for David. Scott (ex bes [...]

    29. This book was interesting and I would recommend students to read on their own. This boy grows throughout this novel and it is shown in the old and new relationships he builds, the way or pursuit in which he tries to rid himself of the curse and the way in which he grows as a person as well. The book shows how old friends don't necessarily mean they are true friends, especially if you are uncomfortable with the scenarios and situations which David found himself in. I also thought that the situati [...]

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