Complete Tales and Poems

Complete Tales and Poems All of the tales by the master of the detective and the macabre story of his best known poems plus essays and criticisms

  • Title: Complete Tales and Poems
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe
  • ISBN: 9780394716787
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • All of the tales by the master of the detective and the macabre story 53 of his best known poems plus essays and criticisms.

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      376 Edgar Allan Poe
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    One thought on “Complete Tales and Poems”

    1. Definitely not light reading, but perfect for the fall and winter. My grandmother bought this leatherbound collection for me when I was 12 or so and it took me 5 years or so to read it in its completion. I have to be in the mood to read Poe, but when I am it's the best reading in the world. Very dark and poetic. Great stories, and each story is just short enough to maintain attention span. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates a challenging read.

    2. Holy crap, it’s a brick of brilliance! This doorstop-sized volume contains the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. The poetry, the essays, the short stories – you got it here.Holy crap.Pick this up and skim a few of his works and you’ll know whether or not you want it. If you’re studying authors, though, why wouldn’t you get this? It gives you unparalleled access to the complete artistic thoughts of one of America’s most important early writers.In reading this I was surprised by how m [...]

    3. A lasting piece of written silver and obsidian, still as dark and haunting as it was over a century ago. Poe's influence is as far-reaching as that of the thematically similar Grimms or even Carroll's Alice. The ghosts and creatures of his imagination still float powerfully through the culture, and continues to earn respect for horror and poetry as literature.His stories explore primal and preternatural fears with wit and eloquence. Being trapped, being driven to insanity and not knowing if the [...]

    4. Let me clarify: some of the stories totally deserve four or even five stars. The Raven, The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart. These are all famous for a reason. They're fantastic. But let me tell you, the stories you haven't heard of--they are, likewise, unknown for a reason. Oy, the tedium. Poe really really really liked to describe things. And sometimes that's literally all that he did. No plot, no characters, just descriptions. And because he does the macabre so well, it was a shock to the syst [...]

    5. Need I write a review in an attempt to praise this wonderful, wonderful man? Poe is a genius. A total classic in every way - the stories still give me chills! I think my love of Poe will always lie in the beautiful way he writes poems, though. With works such as 'Israfel' and 'Annabel Lee' how could it not? Those days I spent idolising him in senior school were days well spent; a total masterpiece.

    6. The samples here are of stories which we would now class as "horror" or "suspense", but which Poe submitted to the public mainly as essays. The Premature Burial (1844) by Edgar Allan Poe purports to be a factual account or essay. It tells of several cases where a person suffering from catalepsy was buried alive, some of which were discovered in time, some not. There is a strong attempt on the part of the narrator to convince the reader that,"truth can be more terrifying than fiction," in order t [...]

    7. Edgar Allan Poe was probably the first writer to truly fascinate me. I remember reading "The Black Cat" and "The Tell Tale Heart" as a youngster and feeling as excited as I felt when watching a classic horror movie like "Dracula" or "King Kong." I'd never read anything like Poe, and I couldn't stop until I'd read all his stories. As an adult, I still enjoy Poe's stories, but understand that he had weaknesses as a writer (little characterization, sense of morbidity and foreboding that demands a f [...]

    8. This is sort of a "what more can you say" book, it's Poe. I was introduced to Poe when I was around 11 by a (young) school teacher. I suppose I never looked back and in a way it effected my taste in literature as I still like most types of fantasy reads and enjoy what is usually (somewhat loosely) called "weird" literature.Edgar Allan Poe, a man who carved out the classic short story, the classic detective story all the while telling blood chilling stories that have been copied ever since. I hav [...]

    9. This is a lovely book. Let us not go into detail about the stories and poems we all know so well lets talk about the book.This edition from Race Point Publishing is gorgeous. It is cloth bound, not the kind of rough cloth binding you tend to get from editions such as this but a delightful silk cloth type binding or as my wife described, "a material that would make a lovely dress". There is a wonderful purple silk bookmark inserted, as for the print quality, very nice.The ISBN for this edition is [...]

    10. I don't think I need to say anything about Poe. He simply was/is one of the greatest. What I didn't know but learned while reading this book: he wrote detective stories as well (in fact, he invented them) and I had great fun/thrill reading them. The Raven will always be my favourite poem by Poe, but there are quite a number of others I found in this book that are wonderful as well. By the way, this all-in-one-volume has a beautiful cover, solid binding and although it has 1020 pages it is not th [...]

    11. OMG I HAVE THIS BOOK! IT FREAKIN' LOOKS LIKE A COLLECTIBLE!!~ swooning over the gorgeous edition~IT LOOKS SO PERFECT SITTING ON MY SHELF!AND I PROBABLY WENT BROKE BY BUYING IT!no matter. if there is one thing worth getting broke for - it's books.

    12. Jumped around to different poems and stories in this huge volume--some better than others, but overall an entertaining read!

    13. (Will be updating this review after I finish each story. The updates will include a rating for each story, and, sometimes, a brief impression.)Metzengerstein: ★★★ Although I do dig the concept of a creepy horse that (view spoiler)[materializes from a tapestry (hide spoiler)], the story was too long for what little it depicted; and too short to add more meat and detail to it. A Tale of Jerusalem: ★★Loss of Breath: ★★★★★Only Poe can manage to turn an illogical, absurd concept, [...]

    14. I am perpetually reading this book, it used to have a big sign on it that said "for really big poops" but it got lost along the way. Although, the spirit of the book still remains and it lives in the bathroom with its other toilet brethren.All that aside, this book is awesome, it has the good and the bad in one easy to read volume. The poems were stellar, but the stories that are unpopular are that way for a reason. They drag on seemingly endlessly, but I can't give all of them a negative review [...]

    15. Though I haven't finished the whole volume, I'm moving it off my "currently reading" shelf because I intend to intersperse it among my other books.I am reading this in preparation for Daniel Pearl's book The Poe Shadow. I loved Dante Club, but it wouldn't have made any sense without having read Dante. SoPoe is a tad difficult if you're rusty on the Romantic-era English. But once you get past that his writing is masterful and engaging, and creepy!

    16. Rating Poe's entire body of work is not easy. Obviously he is one of the most important authors in western literary history, but Poe is, like all of us, only mortal, and so the quality of his writings ranges from brilliant to terribly boring and everything in-between. It's pretty much like another reviewer of this book remarked: the stories everyone knows about are famous for a reason, while the stories no one knows about are left in the dark for a reason. Reading Poe can sometimes be difficult [...]

    17. Edgar Allan Poe, in my humble opinion, is the greatest horror writer of all time.He doesn't only care with the story (that most horror writers nowadays only care about), he is a master of structure and writing as well. It makes you cringe, not exactly by what he is saying to you, but the way he tells it. Going from poetry to prose, you will feel that you are in Poe's world. You will be waiting to be taken to the realm of the dead by the raven, you will be dancing in a ball with the masque of the [...]

    18. Poe is a weirdo writer and I am all over weirdos, specially brilliant ones. His poetic gothic writing is so hunting and beautiful, the way he describes things and people is just amazing, although he has this thing where he loves to challenge the readers not to use a dictionary pretty often, but you'd never hate him for that because his words are all sentimental and idealistic and somehow you will feel smart reading themOkay, "the tales part", well The Fall of House of Usher is my favorite; I cou [...]

    19. Just purchased this book to replace a collection lost long ago after one of various moves It will be delivered Wednesday! I am looking forward to this book immensely I haven't ready any Poe in so long, I imagine reading this will feel a bit like sliding your feet into a pair of warm slippers after standing in strappy stiletto heels for 18 hours *sigh*

    20. I've always been interested in the dark side of poetry so when I saw a copy of this Edgar Allen Poe poetry book at the local Barnes & Noble, I had to get it. My daughter Chloe and i like to read poetry and short stories on the front porch and we really took our time with this one, enjoying it. Edgar Allen Poe speaks to the dark side in humans, that side that most of us are afraid to play with. His writing reminds me of graveyards, Halloween, and goth of a different era, therefore making it t [...]

    21. Reading Poe seems to be a Halloween thing for me these days having already finished another complete collection of his short stories once. I was intending to read some of the lesser known (for me) works of his this time but once I had my hands on this volume I went straight to the golden oldies. I guess I look for things like quality, trust, something like 'homely', in Poe. Good quality writing I can trust to deliver every time that feels like home because I've been there before with Poe. I just [...]

    22. Tras dos años de leer a ratos, finalmente acabo por leer esta compilación tan exhaustiva de todos los trabajos de Poe. Quizá se trata de una especie de sobredosis pero me parece que sus cuentos, poemas y demás deben disfrutarse en pequeñas cantidades, la atmósfera de cada ambiente creado por el autor termina siendo demasiado densa para estar tan cerca la una de la otra. Es una lectura lenta y técnica, en un inglés para nada moderno (lógicamente) y aunque la recompensa es buena estoy cas [...]

    23. When I spotted this big behemoth of a book, I flipped! Edgar Allan Poe is the only type of literature I enjoyed in high school and I am so happy to now own a book full of his work and you can't go wrong with the beautiful cover!

    24. Stories: 8/71 Poems: 3/64The Purloined LetterThe Gold BugThe Black CatThe Fall of the House of UsherThe Facts in the Case of M. ValdemarThe Murders in the Rue MorgueThe Pit and the PendulumThe Cask of AmontilladoHymn*Enigma*The Raven*

    25. My first taste of poe was in 7th grade we had to memorize the Raven I fell in love and wrote the first few paragraphs everywhere lol.

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