Falling Out of Fashion

Falling Out of Fashion Jill is a magazine that is a cut above the rest and that s just the way its founder Jill White wants it to stay But Jill s new boss the ruthless Ellen Cutter wants to fill the magazine with ads flu

  • Title: Falling Out of Fashion
  • Author: Karen Yampolsky
  • ISBN: 9780755339549
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jill is a magazine that is a cut above the rest and that s just the way its founder Jill White wants it to stay But Jill s new boss, the ruthless Ellen Cutter, wants to fill the magazine with ads, fluffy interviews and super skinny models If Jill refuses to sell her soul, Ellen will make sure she falls right out of fashion.

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    One thought on “Falling Out of Fashion”

    1. I picked up this book at a library book sale. It looked like "The Devil Wears Prada" from the perspective of the editor-in-chief, who is misunderstood. It also looked sufficiently dishy. There was a blurb about the author being the assistant to Jane Pratt of Sassy Magazine and Jane Magazine fame. Well, the author wasn't just Pratt's assistant. Judging from the novel, she appears to have been her entire life chronicler. The details of the novel were so accurate, so perfect, that it couldn't just [...]

    2. Nothing really interesting to say about this book.It's basically an OK book. So-so much in pretty much every level. The premise was interesting. About a hippie girl with a big dream to have her own magazine. I tried not to compare it much to The Devil's Wear Prada. Simply because I couldn't do it.The jokes were different. They were dry, and quite hard to understand, unless you're either a hippie or anything similar. I'm not saying that this book wasn't funny. It was. It's pretty entertaining, bu [...]

    3. I was a huge fan of “Jane” and “Sassy” magazines, which is the only reason why I picked up this book. It’s a verrrrrrry thinly veiled Jane Pratt autobio-masquerading-as-fiction. The writing was terrible, but it was super-fun reading all the gossip surrounding Jane’s life (I also thought it was funny that the Drew Barrymore “fictionalization” happened to be black—WTF? Also, the Michael Stipe character had curly or long or some other distinctive hair. Way to throw us off!). Most [...]

    4. One of the blurbs on the back of this book says, "If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, you'll love this book!" I beg to differ. I read The Devil Wears Prada expecting to hate it, because I don't generally enjoy people being mean to one another, and I'm not into fashion. Yet I enjoyed it. I read Falling Out Of Fashion expecting to enjoy it, because I admire Jane Pratt and thought Jane magazine was a great idea. Yet I couldn't wait to be done with it.Falling Out Of Fashion is not about fashion, and [...]

    5. What a dumb, dumb book. Jane Pratt created Jane and then couldn't say anything bad about Conde Nast after her settlement, so she had her old assistant write the most thinly veiled novel/biography EVER. Instead of the magazine Jane, it was Jill. Jill's famous friends are paraded throughout the book "Serena Sax" is Courtney Cox, "Rory Bellmore" is Drew Barrymore, and there are several others that are easily identifiable. The stupidest part of this though is that while sometimes Karen & Jill ch [...]

    6. I loved Sassy and Jane Pratt as a teenager, so I read this thinly veiled pseudo-biography piece-of-nothing one afternoon when I probably should have been working.

    7. It is true that if you liked The Devil Wears Prada you'll like this book. It was an easy read, but I felt a little disoriented at a few places when the timeline went back and forth. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book!

    8. Jill White, sejak kecil tinggal di komune hippie dan menjalani kehidupan ala hippie karena itulah pilihan orangtuanya. Ketika Jill masuk ke sekolah persiapan Hillander yang isinya kalangan A list, dia enggak punya teman. Orang-orang mengenalnya sebagai si aneh dan anak sumbangan. Tapi, Jill punya obsesi membuat majalah sendiri.Akhirnya impiannya terwujud. Dia melahirkan majalah atas namanya sendiri, Jill. Majalah yang menampilkan perempuan apa adanya, tidak seperti majalah glossy lainnya. Tapi, [...]

    9. This is "The Devil Wears Prada" for hipsters. The author was an assistant at Jane magazine for many years. The novel is written from the perspective of Jill White, a thinly disguised version of Jane Pratt. She's a alternative hippie girl who grew up in a commune, went on to Ivy league schools, and then edited a quirky magazine for teen girls in her early 20s. She's a media wunderkid featured in Time. She gets really famous and becomes friends with other famous people.It's a fun read, but there d [...]

    10. I am not exactly sure when I read this book, though it must have been before I signed up for . So, I'm in the library today, browsing the "fiction" shelves, when this book catches my eye, mostly because the cover inevitably reminds me of the cover for The Devil Wears Prada. The copy on the cover even tries to draw in fans of that book, assuring them that they'll love this book, too. When I read the blurb inside of the book jacket, I realize that I've read this book already. Yes, it all comes bac [...]

    11. Tadinya menarik banget ini buku. Tadinya.Jill & Jill (Falling Out Fashion) Menceritakan tentang Jill, seorang jurnalis yang unik dan punya bakat brilian, menerbitkan majalah dengan genre yang berbeda. Majalah remaja - dewasa muda yang menampilkan semua apa adanya, berlawanan dengan majalah-majalah remaja yng umumnya menampilkan semuanya dengan polesan.Tadinya.rik.Sampai, salah saya sendiri, saking tertariknya cari tau tentang buku ini, saya dapat fakta bahwa, this book is soo much alike with [...]

    12. This was an enjoyable read but for some reason, I expected something different or more or I don't know.I really liked how the author formatted the structure of the novel, however, beginning in the presetn and then taking the reader all the way back to the heroine's beginning, showing her life as a kid, growing up on a commune in Georgia. From there, the story grows as does its leading lady, Jill White until we are back tot he present moment where chaos is breaking out at her magazine, Jill, as w [...]

    13. I have to admit I don't really get why this author wrote this book. It seemed kind of pointless to me. Firstly the book began in the present tense in which she was walking into her office and got called to talk to her boss. Then suddenly the book moved back to talk about her childhood and I thought it was the introduction. This introduction just went on and on and it turned out it wasn't really a specific story about how she gets over an obstacle or falls in love or something, it was a story abo [...]

    14. Honestly I was excited to read this book. I enjoyed the first few chapters but that was honestly all. The writing was standard and the story was truly awful. There were so many moments where I just hated Jill as a character. Yampolsky tries so hard to try and show how amazing Jill is and how different she is to everyone else but this comes across as conceited and forceful. I also found all the references to her famous friends such as Gautier and the many celebrities in the novel as irritating an [...]

    15. This book is a fictionalized account of Sassy and Jane magazine founder and editor Jane Pratt's life, in the same vein as The Devil Wears Prada. The main character is Jill White, the editor and founder of Cheeky (Sassy) magazine and Jill (Jane) magazine. The author was Jane's assistant for nine years and it is widely rumored that Jane Pratt was the ghostwriter for this book.I grew up reading Sassy and also read Jane for a while before it got lame so it was really fun reading this book. All the c [...]

    16. Chiklit yang agak beda, bukan murni soal bos yang kejam dan lika-liku dunia penerbitanlebih pada kehidupan Jill - dari awal sampai sukses menjadi anak emas dunia penerbitanmajalah Jill semula bergaya 'indie' tapi begitu dibeli jaringan media raksasa, pelan-pelan (errr ga juga sih) dipaksa berubah jadi majalah yang berbedaakhirnya Jill pun ditendang dari 'bayi'nyaselain tentang kerjaan Jill, juga ada cerita tentang kehidupan pribadi Jillseperti usahanya yang susah payah menjalani terapi demi mend [...]

    17. So, I got this book free for my kindle and thought I'd give it a try because it looked light and fun. It's a very fast read and to be honest I'm really not sure how to review it. It's less fiction and more a slightly fictionalized biography of Jane Pratt (Sassy and Jane magazines). I was a subscriber to both those magazines so it was fun to reminisce about my teen years with Sassy especially. The book is more of Yampolsky's way to set the record straight about how Jane magazine was torn apart by [...]

    18. I was still in the mood for fiction with Latina characters so I pulled this one off of my bookshelf where it has been sitting for almost a year. Dulce Maria (Mary) Guevara is a real estate agent on the rise in Miami. After divorcing her husband she has landed on her feet and is raising her son and closing big deals. She innocently answers the door to her home one day and finds DEA agents surrounding her. They ransack her home, arrest her, accuse her of being a high level drug trafficker. Even th [...]

    19. This was one of the worst books I have read in a while. Firstly, I didn't think this would be the re-telling of the main characters whole life story, but of her work-life. And yes she talks about her work-life for pretty much the entire book but in the past tense. I love reading about glamour and drama, but the way it was presented made me so uninterested. Either the main character was complaining about how horrible her life was that she had to sell her loft, or she was on top of the world, name [...]

    20. This is in no way award-winning literature, but I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would (especially once I realized that it's a true story). Falling Out of Fashion is the thinly veiled account of Sassy/Jane Magazine Founder Jane Pratt's rise to fame and fall from grace. Conveniently written by her assistant (since Jane herself is not legally allowed to tell her story), little effort is made to conceal the identities of those involved, including celebrities, Conde Nast employees, etc. If [...]

    21. This "novel" started off sharp with the corporate intrigue, but got bogged down immediately telling the main character's backstory. Should have been much more succinct - you'd think someone who worked in the magazine industry would know about editing. Just when I was about to abandon book, we were back to the industry and personal drama. An interesting novelization of the Sassy/Jane years, I would have liked more about the significance of "Jill" magazine, rather than all the self-congratulations [...]

    22. Another one from the book stash. It should have stayed there. This isn't so much as a novel as a case study in exposition, full of heavy handed prose and one dimensional characterization. It gets one star for its barely veiled celebrity gossip, and I'm being generous. By comparison, other roman-a-clef novels, such as The Devil Wears Prada, read like high literature. It's a pity, because Jane Pratt - whose life this novel sluggishly details - edited some of the most interesting, outrageous magazi [...]

    23. This is priceless if you're into Sassy/Jane magazine gossip. The thinly-veiled characters are based on Jane Pratt and her celebrity associations - Drew Barrymore, Michael Stipe, and other real life associates. The story follows what occurred - Sassy, then Jane, then Jane is bought out and redesigned in a spectacularly horrible way, then Jane Pratt leaves and the magazine folds. It's a bit odd that the book is written by Jane's former longtime assistant using the first-person voice of Jane hersel [...]

    24. Jill White yang dulunya bukan siapa2 di kampusnya menjadi wanita sukses yang mendirikan majalah dengan namanya sendiri "JILL". Cukup asik novel ini. Eh BALI juga masuk ke dalam novel ini loh. Cek halaman 395 : Hubunganku dengan Josh juga mengalami peremajaan. Kami mengambil waktu untuk bulan madu di Bali, tempat kami memperbaharui janji setia kami di pantai, dan melewatkan hari dengan berjalan-jalan di pematang sawah dan berenang di laut yang biru. Bagian penutup novel ini : Banggalah akan adany [...]

    25. yah, 3 1/2 bintang deh, buat novel ini. si Jill White ini -menurut pendapatku- terlalu stress, makanya susah punya anak. Toh kebukti pas doi ngelepas pekerjaannya yang segudang itu dan relaks, doi berhasil hamil dan punya anak. Meskipun harus nunggu sampe umur nyaris 40 tahun to get all those things (pregnant and having a baby).Bosnya doi, si Stepford Twins doooh, dah kaya di novel The Devil Wears Prada aja. Ampyunnnn deh, jangan jangan, emang banyak bos or direktris seperti itu di US sono yeeee [...]

    26. This book felt more like a bunch of vignettes, not a coherent novel, and the narrator annoyed me mightily. Far from being the strong woman she seemed to think she was, she let everyone push her around. Her treatment of an early boyfriend stunned me and I was disappointed with the resolution of that situation.I didn't know about the whole "Jane Pratt thing" before looking here on GR, and I guess that's what got this book published. It had some funny moments but overall when I got to the end I tho [...]

    27. I'm usually leery of books that reference other books in their blurbs (in this case "The Devil Wears Prada"), but this was actually an enjoyable read. Set in the publishing industry, it's the story of a woman who starts her own magazine and then experiences trouble when she sells to a bigger company. Set in New York (isn't all chick lit?), but without the incessant name-dropping usually inherent in such books. I often got the feeling some characters were based on real celebrities, which was some [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book. It makes me feel good when the characters are developed in such a way that you want to cheer them on and continue reading to see how they make it out of difficult situtations. This is definately one of those books! But remember, it is classic ChickLitwhen my husband asked what I was reading through so quickly I told him it's about a girl that works at a magazine and he laughed. He thinks that all the books I read have that same character, but in this case, Jill is dif [...]

    29. Ok, so I admit it, I would have probably given this only one or two stars had it not been based on Jane Pratt (founding editor of Sassy & Jane magazines). Having been a huge fan of of those magazines while Jane was the editor, I enjoyed reading the behind the scenes stories. Reading the book was almost as much fun as reading to figure out who the book was referring to (Micheal Stipe, Drew Barrymore, etc.)

    30. This was some sort of 'Ugly Betty' meets 'The Devil Wears Prada' kind of novele ugly duckling feels like she doesn't belong in the world then meets people who accept her and she eventually becomes part of the magazine world. Overall it wasn't horrible, but it all seemed kind of "done before a little better". The main character was flawed, and therefore realistic at times. The plot sometimes just didn't resonate and things fell a little flat and predictable.

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