Ghosts of the Desert

Ghosts of the Desert To escape his troubled past Norman heads to the Utah desert to lose himself in work Having just received a research grant he plans to study the ghost towns and now obsolete mines littering the inhosp

  • Title: Ghosts of the Desert
  • Author: Ryan Ireland
  • ISBN: 9781780748207
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • To escape his troubled past, Norman heads to the Utah desert to lose himself in work Having just received a research grant he plans to study the ghost towns and now obsolete mines littering the inhospitable landscape But when he comes across a reclusive community living in the isolation of the Utah desert, and is taken captive by their charismatic yet ever watchful leadeTo escape his troubled past, Norman heads to the Utah desert to lose himself in work Having just received a research grant he plans to study the ghost towns and now obsolete mines littering the inhospitable landscape But when he comes across a reclusive community living in the isolation of the Utah desert, and is taken captive by their charismatic yet ever watchful leader, he is introduced to an alternate way of life that both repulses and attracts him As Norman struggles to find his place and make sense of this strange new world with its perverse and unorthodox practices he must decide whether to take his chances and run, or yield, and risk becoming one of those around him.Ireland s refined and sparse prose cut through to the dark heart of the American dream in this chilling novel about the complex relationship between the primitive and the civilized, the living and the dead.

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    One thought on “Ghosts of the Desert”

    1. Ghosts of the Desert is one of those novels that looks at the whole fish out of water scenario from a new perspective. It starts with Norman, using a research grant to study the ghost towns and economically desolate areas of Utah, but things are not what he would expect.The people that he meets along the way, range from the strange, to murderous, where in ghost town, there seems to be little respect for the morals, laws and niceties that living amongst other people develops. It is when Norman me [...]

    2. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Ghosts in the Desert. It intrigued me, yet it was one massive unknown. Of course, such a thing pulled me in and I entered the giveaway. It was one of those situations where I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I did not win; if I did win, it would cure my curiosity. When I received the email informing me of my winning, the curiosity grew. Add in the fact that the book was sent to my family address rather than my university address, meaning I had to wait a couple [...]

    3. Ghosts Of The Desert is an odd, psychedelic novel that has been compared by other reviewers to the work of Cormac McCarthy. I can certainly see the similarity and not just in the Navada desert setting. I'm a massive fan of Cormac McCarthy, but I particularly like his works outside of the Border Trilogy for which he's most famous. Sutre, Child of God, Blood Meridian, all have deeply flawed protagonists, often who are worse than anyone else featuring in the story, and Ghosts Of The Desert is of si [...]

    4. Profuse thanks to Real Readers for sending me an advance copy of this novel; as soon as I read the blurb I knew if it was executed well, I’d be into this. Essentially this book is what would happen if The Hills Have Eyes and No Country for Old Men had sex and created a writhing, spitting, psychopathic spawn (which you KNOW they would). I’m not sure I’ve ever been more horrified by a literary character than that of the “Madonna” in this novel, but more of that later. I mean, this really [...]

    5. Ghosts of the Desert follows Norman, a university professor who receives a grant to study ghost towns. During his research, he is kidnapped by desert hermits, among them Jacoby, who takes him to Jacobyville. During his stay with the hermits, Norman comes to terms with who he is, learns more about the world itself, and the world that he came from. Jacoby becomes more than just Norman's kidnapper, and through Jacoby, Norman discovers the way of the hermits. When Norman attempts escape, he realizes [...]

    6. This is a win review. This book is awesome, I love ghost towns to start with and this book has an unusual story, very different. Norman gets a grant to study ghost towns and old mines in Utah. But the people he runs into are a bunch of outcasts and this causes his life view to change.

    7. Dark and DisturbingFirst let me say this book was very well written, it definitely made you feel you were right there, the writing was very descriptive. But, this book is not for the faint of heart. There were several very explicit and violent scenes that were quite upsetting. What made it difficult for me was that there were really no characters that I cared about and was rooting for their survival. I will say this book does stick with you and I find myself thinking about it long after putting [...]

    8. superbly written, one of a kind novel i loved this from the first page to the last i loved Ireland's "Beyond the Horizon" and was impressed how much more i enjoyed this one not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach, or the simpleminded visceral, gritty, violent, truthful, awful, philosophical i won't say "minds me of" because it doesn't, it stands all on its own as a stellar piece of fiction

    9. As someone who lived in Utah for many years, I was interested to read Ryan Ireland’s post-apocalyptic sounding Ghosts of the Desert. It’s set (mostly) in the western Utah desert and ghost towns. It was an interesting follow up to another Utah-based novel I recently read, The Never Open Desert Diner, by James Anderson, which is set more to the east in Utah, but also very remote.First things first: this book won’t be for everyone. It is a violent, strange, perverse literary near-horror novel [...]

    10. (I received this book through Giveaways. Review may contain spoilers.)"From where Norman watched, the events did not look real - they were muted and small and distant. Often the dealings of men are."Norman is a researcher who heads out into the Utah desert to study ghost towns. While he's out there he gets abducted by a group of people who live a harsh and brutal existence far removed from the rest of the world. Through flashbacks we learn about Norman's past, and find out some of the more unpl [...]

    11. The back cover of this book describes it as a 'harrowing and hypnotic' literary crime hybrid, and although this statement is certainly true I would describe it more as harrowing due to the graphic content of the story.Told in a non linear flashback style, we encounter Norman, a scholar studying desert ghost towns and escaping from past actions he can't quite reconcile with the present. I found the first few pages hard to follow, as we see Norman warned off a site he is researching, then seemingl [...]

    12. Norman is the lead character in this book. He has had problems in the town where he works, where he may have crossed a line between what is legal and what is not. As a university lecturer he has the chance to take a grant and research abandoned towns from the gold rush in the American desertscape, so uses this as his chance to escape. Unexpectedly, he comes across a group of outcasts living in one of these so called ghost towns and so the story develops.In the story, Norman comes to question the [...]

    13. To start, I received this novel through giveaways.Ghosts of the Desert was nothing like what I thought it might be. While the writing was written well, the story itself became horrible and disgusting. The main character goes out to study the ghost towns that pop up within the desert becoming a part of one of those towns himself. While I am not adverse to reading about death and other things of such nature, this novel goes to the extreme. There are baseless murders, torture, and rape which I fin [...]

    14. I Tweeted to the author: @RyanGIreland (compliments of Real Readers)."Just finished 'Ghosts of the Desert' I hated Norman; but the book was brilliant!"Ryan Ireland replied: "Thank you! So glad you liked it. (I loved writing Norman bc he was so hateable)"So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth; Norman is a hate figure.Seriously, this book is the most compelling page-turner since Odysseus got back to Ithaca.I could tell you it's edge-of-the-seat stuff, menacing and strange. Well it i [...]

    15. I'm going to avoid any great detail here because I don't want to give away any 'spoilers'. I both loved and hated this book. It is shocking (and at times hard to stomach), yet compelling (I found it hard to put down). It's one of those totally unpredictable tales where anything could happen. The early flashbacks reveal the 'hero', Norman, is certainly no nice guy. There are actually no likable characters in this story - yet it still drew me in and got me thinking deep - about life, death, surviv [...]

    16. Had a hard time putting this down. Oft times I didn't- if I as unable to read at the time, I physically carried it around with me til I could. The setting of this novel isn't one I've really gravitated to before, but hot damn it sucked me in and held on tight. The story and the writing style remind me of Cormac McCarthy, but with slightly (but only slightly) more punctuation. A deliciously dark and depraved, fantastically-nigh poetically-written, well-paced tale.

    17. I won this book in a giveaway. This was a strange and violent story that I rather enjoyed. It is a story filled with unusual characters. A some what criminal college educator heads to the desert to study ghost towns,only to be abducted by a violent clan who live by their own rules. Shades of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,but with a lot more philosophy mixed in. Great read,but not for the easily disturbed.

    18. I won a copy of this novel on . Very entertaining and overly violent, this novel tells the story of a disturbed academic who is abducted in the desert by a cult of survivalists. A pretty strange , but engrossing read. I recomend it to someone who is looking to read something off the beaten path as this is a very original tome.

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