Bellezza crudele

Bellezza crudele Costretta a fidanzarsi con il malvagio governatore del suo Regno la giovane e determinata Nyx sa che il suo destino sposarlo ma per coronare il suo sogno pi segreto ucciderlo e liberare finalmente i

  • Title: Bellezza crudele
  • Author: Rosamund Hodge
  • ISBN: 9788854186613
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook
  • Costretta a fidanzarsi con il malvagio governatore del suo Regno, la giovane e determinata Nyx sa che il suo destino sposarlo, ma per coronare il suo sogno pi segreto ucciderlo e liberare finalmente il popolo dal giogo di quella crudele tirannia Eppure nel giorno del suo diciassettesimo compleanno quando la ragazza si trasferisce con lui nel castello sulla cima pi Costretta a fidanzarsi con il malvagio governatore del suo Regno, la giovane e determinata Nyx sa che il suo destino sposarlo, ma per coronare il suo sogno pi segreto ucciderlo e liberare finalmente il popolo dal giogo di quella crudele tirannia Eppure nel giorno del suo diciassettesimo compleanno quando la ragazza si trasferisce con lui nel castello sulla cima pi alta di tutto il Paese capisce che nulla come se l era aspettato, soprattutto il nuovo marito, incredibilmente affascinante e seducente Nyx sa che deve salvare la sua gente a tutti i costi, eppure resistere al suo nemico giurato sta diventando sempre pi difficile perch lui ben deciso a conquistare il cuore della sua sposa.Con il suo romanzo d esordio, Bellezza crudele, Rosamund Hodge ci regala una favola romantica, che far sognare le lettrici, e inaugura una nuova saga che vede protagonista la coraggiosa eroina Nyx.

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    1. Well, I thought this was wonderful.What is Cruel Beauty?• It's a gorgeously written blend of Beauty and the Beast retelling and Greek mythology.• It's at once a powerful, wonderful, heart-breaking love story and so so much more than that.• It's a dark tale that stabs you in the heart at every turn and constantly throws all new levels of craziness into the mix.• And it's the latest addition to my favourite YA of all time shelf.Cruel Beauty shouldn't work. But somehow it does. It managed t [...]

    2. Goddamn it. I wanted to like this one. Hell, I expected to like this one. Sadly, I did not like this one. I almost don’t even have the energy to review it because I’m just so fucking disappointed that I want to forget about it and pretend it never happened. So here you go. One lazy ass review:Nyx is a sacrifice. Her asshole of a father made a deal with a demon to beget children on her mother. Like every other deal EVER made with a bad guy, it blows up in his face. His wife suffers the conseq [...]

    3. I love twisted fairy tale retellings, and “Cruel Beauty” definitely hits the mark for me. This is more than a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” though. It is a story on its own, with hints of a familiar tale yet completely new. Nyx has been trained from an early age to marry Ignifex, aka the Gentle Lord, then kill him and free her kingdom. He is beautiful, wicked, seductive, and with a really ugly side. When her wedding day comes and she is suddenly married and trapped in his beguiling [...]

    4. I don’t know if Cruel Beauty truly deserved five stars on merit but goddamnit I’m awarding it all the points for enjoyability. All of them. I loved the hell out of this story. The passion. The intrigue. Ignifex. Nyx’s rage. Ignifex. All the kissing. Nyx.This book kind of had it all for me. Plot, mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of making out. It’s almost like Hodge was trying to distract me from the crazy plotholes and loose story structure. It was fantastic! I haven’t been this enter [...]

    5. If one of us had to die, it ought to be the one with poison in her heart.Actual rating: 3.5Maybe it's just me, but I've rarely encountered a Beauty and the Beast retelling that I haven't loved. Ok, except Beastly. That abomination was just horrible all the way around. And let's not even mention the movie. Some people just have the kind of face that just begs for an encounter with my fist, and pretty boy Pettyfer is one of them. But I digress.This was a very enjoyable read, though not without its [...]

    6. For one moment, I felt like a river running down to his ocean.i feel like i need to drop a few lines here about what, precisely, i felt was lacking in this story. i so rarely throw down a fewer-than-three-stars rating on here, i figure an explanation may be helpful. i'm not going to go into too much plot-detail, since there are a bazillion reviews of this book already on here - i just want to have a record of my own reaction, for the day when some stranger asks me WHYYYYYYYYYYYY i didn't like th [...]

    7. One of the Best, Angriest, Cruelest, Beautiful RetellingsNot just a different retelling of a 'story as old of time',But it also mixed with as many of ancient Greek Myths.And by the end you'll feel that it's came so, Original.الجميلة والوحش هي قصة قديمة كالزمن، لكن في أعادة الحكي القاسية، الغاضبة، الجميلة تلك الأمر مختلفافهي لم تكتفي بأعادة حكيها وإنما أيضا مزجتها بأساطير [...]

    8. I loved the first 100 pages of this book so much that i was 99% sure it'd be a 4 or 5 star book. I loved the writing and the main character's sass, and the "Dark Lord" or whatever his title is was REALLY interesting. But holy moly, this book does a 180. It starts out strong but turns into trash. HORRID instalove, obnoxious and confusing love triangle (??????), and I was completely baffled by the world/magic system. I'm not sure if it's because I listened to it on audio, but i am SO confused by e [...]

    9. I have to give the narrator, Elizabeth Knowelden, some credit here. She tried. She really, really tried to salvage this book by giving the main character tons of personality, but not even she could change the source material. The fact is that Cruel Beauty made absolutely no damn sense.How does the magic work? I dunno.Who are the real bad guys? I dunno.Wait, what's the SECRET. Well, I dunno because Nyx learns it and then FORGETS it on the next page to conveniently keep the plot rolling. AwesomeH [...]

    10. Let me say it now: Cruel Beauty is one fantastic, gorgeously written, spectacularly dark debut. Many of its aspects may not appeal to some readers, and I understand that; although I really loved how the romance in Cruel Beauty and the "love triangle" (note the quotation marks--don't run off) played out, I do understand why some other readers, a handful of my friends amongst them, take issue with much of this novel. But honestly, it's been over a week since I've finished Cruel Beauty, and I have [...]

    11. I'm not sure of what to think of this book I really loved it but at the same time I didn´t? Let me try to arrange my thoughts I was very excited about this book, so I was a little dissappointed because I wasn't really digging it and I was already at page 100 but after that it really became really really good! I started to like the characters and I kinda fell in love with the Gentle Lord, Ignifex <3. I think that I wasn't liking it at the begining because Nyx is always changing her mind and I [...]

    12. 3.9ish starsThis was so so so good and I loved it way more than I was expecting to. I did have some small issues which is why I didn't give it full five stars. Rtc after my exams, Buddy read with Inej dominating Kaz who i ditched lmao

    13. I realize that this book doesn't come out for quite a while, but as soon as it downloaded on my Kindle, I started reading it right away, and once I'd finished it, there was no holding back the feels.This book is amazering.It's half:And another half:And considering Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies/fairy tales and the Cupid and Psyche myth is probably my favorite in the entire Greek mythology canonThis book has some of the coolest worldbuilding I've seen in a YA novel. Orig [...]

    14. 3.5 starsThis book, I would have preferred to read written for adults. It is mostly a romance, with a lot of talk of virginity, ravishing, tearing off dresses, etc. But because it's YA, despite being quite sensuous, it doesn't go further than kissing. Too bad really, I don't come across many good adult romances, and setup of "Cruel Beauty" is perfect for creating all kinds of convenient excuses to facilitate sexy times. I enjoyed mythology/fairy tale mix as well, although I got lost a little in [...]

    15. 4 ''Wow, that was some story!'' starsWhy haven’t I read this book sooner? *Ashamed of herself*First of all, I do not agree with the average rating of 3.80/5 stars on . At all. It actually happens pretty rarely that I don’t, but I definitely think that Cruel Beauty deserves a higher one and also much more attention. Much more. Cruel Beauty made me reconsider many things I thought I knew about myself regarding books. For example, I don’t like slow-paced books. Is this a book with slow-paced [...]

    16. 3.5"Why wasn’t my hatred simple anymore?"I'm going to start this review doing a thing I usually find useless and infuriating, but which I am nonetheless sure every reader does, at least from time to time: a comparison. And a random enough comparison at that.Not that many days ago I finished another ya novel that all of you probably know, and that is Angelfall by Susan Ee. You see, I thought I needed to mention it because of this curious question that popped up in my mind as soon as I turned th [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. Everyone was telling me I would hate this book, and I did not! While it did have its faults, I enjoyed what it was trying to do and the general theme, even if the execution failed at times. It is a Beauty and the Beast/Hades & Persephone hybrid with some folklore mixed in. I cannot hate it. A review to come when I've fully collected my thoughts!

    18. I found a rose garden under a glass dome; the roses formed a labyrinth in which I always got lost . . . Since birth, Nyx has been betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom-all because of a foolish bargain struck by her father. And since birth, she has been in training to kill him.With no choice but to fulfill her duty, Nyx resents her family for never trying to save her and hates herself for wanting to escape her fate. Still, on her seventeenth birthday, Nyx abandons everything she's ever known [...]

    19. Honest to god, I don't know why I'm kidding myself about this book. I'm probably not fooling any of you. I'm never going to finish it, because what I read was terrible and what I read was over half of it, and it was so bad that even though I'd gotten entrenched that far into it I still couldn't force myself to turn another solitary page. What this book wants you to know:1. NothingThis book will not impact your life in any way. And I mean any way: it won't even entertain you. It's like the eleven [...]

    20. La Bella y La Bestia se mezcla con Cumbres Borrascosas y Barba Azul en una tragedia Griega.Sinopsis: Nuestra heroina (?) es hija de un poderoso hombre de la región y son constantemente victimas de los ataques de demonios. Nyx tiene una hermana gemela llamada Astraia y junto a su padre, ellas también viven con su tía por parte de madre.Todo va bien, ¿no? Bueno, no. Resulta que, desde que Nyx nació, fue prometida al Gentle Lord, el príncipe de todos los demonios, el infame señor de los trat [...]

    21. This book really surprised me. When I was first reading this book I was not really digging it, I thought I had a handle on where the story was going, and therefore I thought it was too predictable. However, this story did not follow the stereotypical path that I thought it would. I still guessed the ending halfway in, but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. The amount of predictability that may or may not be present in this book is not the important part, no, the important part is the story. The sto [...]

    22. Why did no one make me read this earlier? it was so good. The writing was just astounding. From the very first sentence I was captivated. I haven't the slightest clue as to how to review this properly so just know I loved this. It was beautiful. Nyx was the best main character ever honestly. So savage. Straight up throwing things and hitting Ignifex every 3 seconds and later on telling him she still might kill him after admitting she 'might' love him too. If that isn't me I don't know what is. I [...]

    23. $1.99 today on kindle 9-15-2016When I first started the book I was disappointed and thought I would not like it because it seemed to drag for me. It took a few chapters for me to get interested, pretty much when Nyx got to her wonderful husband's home, the evil Ignifex. She is supposed to be killed by her husband at some point in time, how is that for a honeymoon! But, and there is always a but, Ignifex is not what he seems. Yes, he has the corpses of his eight other brides in a dungeon all laid [...]

    24. I don’t get what the point of this book is?It’s supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but we got one hell of a desnse-uninteresting-FRIVOLOUS-beauty and one hell of a not-so-beastly-beast. - (s) Not to mention, the insta-love, the love triangle, the my-determined-will-is-broken-by-a-single-kiss, the exhausting amount of lust, it’s all M E S S.So, this girl, Nxy, is supposed to save her kingdom by being wedded to the Gentle Lord. She and her father devised a plan to kill him t [...]

    25. Precious This book is just so precious and so dear to my heart. I think the plot is interesting! with the references of myth like Tatarus even Pandora adapt in this retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Strong characters with hatred in their hearts alas how I love anti-hero so much. I enjoy and love Nyx and Ignifex my heart giddy giddy you guys might not understand till reading it. LOL!The romance is so captivating and beautiful Seriouly the best aspect of this book. It's wickedly romantic, dark an [...]

    26. Maybe 2.5 stars? The first 100 pages are really enjoyable and very intriguing. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough because of the promising plot-Nyx marrying with the intention of assassinating Ignifex, a demon/monster to save the land of Arcadia. But soon she learns that her husband isn’t what people thought he’d be. Her first few attempts at killing him were just so hilarious and I was really convinced I’m going to love the book. But then a few chapters later, things just got weirder [...]

    27. "You are losing your ability to terrify me."--NyxI have never been so frustrated in my life. I started this book in exams for this ending?!! I really want to hit myself on the wall so hard to get unconscious. Because I don't want to think about this ending. Yesterday was my last exam. Now I am free from exams for a month. But I am not feeling that this book really deserved my interest during my exams. Don't know what got in my mind so badly to start it then. THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE=> What the he [...]

    28. 4,5 CRUEL BEAUTY STARSCruel Beauty is such a beautiful book!! I was really excited to read it because it's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast! So when I saw it was in low price on I bought it immediately!! I devoured it from the first page!! It was so captivating that I didn't want to put it down!! And one of the things that I loved even more in this book, is that there's Greek mythology in it! So as a Greek reader I find it interesting, because I knew about them!! This book has everything I w [...]

    29. It seems to me that if you break a thing, you can't complain that it's in pieces.I don't remember the last time I've felt so torn over a book.I don't know how else to put this: Rosamund Hodge's books are so, so messy. They have enough issues that I usually can't imagine giving them five stars. But there's something about her mythology, her gorgeous prose, her compelling characters, and even her romances that works. Her books are the very definition of perfectly imperfect. Sure, some may hate som [...]

    30. Don't look at the shadows too long, or a demon might look back.4.5 stars. Words - lovely, haunting, beautiful words."That's what makes you my favorite." He reached up and wiped a tear off my cheek with his thumb. "Every wicked bit of you."Words - dark, scary, ominous words.You were sent here to die.Words - damning, horrific, perilous words.I am the plaything of a demon.Words - funny, bantering, entertaining words."I hope you aren't planning to order me back to bed.""No, you have far too much cro [...]

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