The Streets

The Streets THE STREETS is the final part of Robert Dunbar s THE PINES TRILOGY In a desolate city as ravaged and dangerous as a post Apocalyptic wasteland horrors prowl back alleys Struggling to survive a grou

  • Title: The Streets
  • Author: Robert Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9780983045786
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE STREETS is the final part of Robert Dunbar s THE PINES TRILOGY In a desolate city, as ravaged and dangerous as a post Apocalyptic wasteland, horrors prowl back alleys Struggling to survive, a group of young people find themselves trapped in a decaying asylum where unspeakable evil lurks Do the streets offer escape Or death

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      306 Robert Dunbar
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    One thought on “The Streets”

    1. Some 26 years after “The Pines” first hit the shelvesDunbar completes his trilogy with the bleak, dread-inducing, yet remarkably life-affirming.l “The Streets.” My whole lengthy review is over at Nameless Digest

    2. Big fan of queer characters in books that aren’t just about coming out and don’t read like romance comics. Honest to God bi characters are hard to find to. Just like in life. Here its two boys and a girl in love and one of them is maybe a monsterary and smart and intense story. You really want these kids to escape from the mental hospital be alright and stay together and take care of each other. Even if the bodies do pile up a little. I can’t believe I’m just discovering this writer. On [...]

    3. I read the series back-to-back, which I highly recommend. While each book could stand alone, together, I was more fully immersed within Dunbar's disturbingly awesome universe. And while disturbing, hope and transformation reigned.

    4. Firstly - the formatting of the ebook is pretty terrible. Half of sentences are missing, some are cut in half by paragraphs, words are missing and strange gaps appear where they shouldn't be. Hopefully these issues will be rectified soon. If you are looking for a cheery, easy bed time read then this is definitely not it! The tone of the book is rather dystopian and gritty. It's certainly not suitable for younger readers!I wasn't aware that this is the last installment of a trilogy. Although prio [...]

    5. Like both The Pines and The Shore, The Streets is a densely populated and intricately plotted work of fiction, whose complexity is magnified by the Hemingway-like concision of Dunbar’s prose. Make no mistake; although it’s plot-driven fiction, this isn’t casual, passive reading material. Dunbar’s work is demanding, challenging, and tightly knotted. This is no hand-holding writer of throwaway entertainment; instead, Dunbar sometimes evokes the pleasurable difficulty of reading such heavyw [...]

    6. The Streets is a fascinating novel which is richly written by the talented Robert Dunbar. With prose capturing the beauty and horror weaves within the narrative to spin a yarn that is very unforgettable.This is the third part of a trilogy and I have to admit that I have not read the previous two but this did not hammer my enjoyment of this. The characters are rich and are fighting in a world that is not too dissimilar to our own. Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, the displaced youth within [...]

    7. An amazing book on the first read, and even better the second time around. I found this to be the most engaging of the trilogy, although the other two are great.The author's style of immediately expressing characters and the setting is very immersive. The book is genre-defying, and this is pulled off quite well. It is literary, philosophical, and filled with empathy and just the right amount of horror elements. The written word is used strongly, using very appropriate vocabulary and language for [...]

    8. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.First of all, I highly recommend reading the 2 previous books in this trilogy, as I do not believe it to really be a stand-alone story. The continuity is important, as are the characters and how their life is devastated. The writing style is also a joy to read, intense and gritty. In a sea of dystopian fiction, this trilogy stands out. A group of young people on a journey of survival find their trust and beliefs of their old world t [...]

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