Exile for Dreamers

Exile for Dreamers It s Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Europe is in shambles Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House a School for Unusual Girls five young ladies are secretly being tr

  • Title: Exile for Dreamers
  • Author: Kathleen Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780765376022
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Europe is in shambles Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies, diplomacy, and war.Tess Aubreyson can t run far enough or fast enough to escape the prophetic dreams that haunt her Dreams bring nothing but dIt s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Europe is in shambles Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies, diplomacy, and war.Tess Aubreyson can t run far enough or fast enough to escape the prophetic dreams that haunt her Dreams bring nothing but death and grief, and Tess refuses to accept that she may be destined for the same madness that destroyed her mother Until her disturbing dreams become the only means of saving Lord Ravencross, the man she loves, and her fellow students at Stranje House Tess s old friend, the traitorous Lady Daneska, and Ghost, the ruthless leader of the Iron Crown, have returned to England, intent on paving the way for Napoleon s invasion Can the young ladies of Stranje House prevail once Or is England destined to fall into the hands of the power mad dictator

    • ☆ Exile for Dreamers || ☆ PDF Read by É Kathleen Baldwin
      483 Kathleen Baldwin
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    1. 3.5 stars rounded up I have an unfair fondness for this series that started out with The School for Unusual Girls and for each of the girls of the Stranje House including Miss Stranje herself and even Madam Cho so it was a delight continuing the series in Tess’ (who played a major role in the first book) POV although I have to admit that I really missed Georgie’s quirky, light and fun perspective. The plot basically revolves around Tess’ unique prophetic dreams and how the characters work [...]

    2. I love the storyline of this series. I love how girls are made into something other than simpering ladies who talks about dresses. I love how each girls with different personalities are given a chance to shine.BUT as much as I love this, Exile for Dreamers is something of a disappointment. I kinda enjoyed the first book which was narrated by Georgie but this one kinda fell flat for me. Maybe because the heroine annoys me sometimes and the romance between her and the hero is a little bit boring. [...]

    3. This cover is gorgeous!I'm a huge fan of this series - smart, strong girls at a "finishing school" - when really they're spies and saving England from Napoleon. These girls mix a cake one minute and explosives the next. Awesome.Exile for Dreamers is Tess's story. Tess is afraid her dreams will drive her to madness. Miss Stranje's home for girls - unusual girls with unique talents and gifts - is Tess's safe haven. But a plot shatters her feeling of refuge. Tess resolves to do everything she can t [...]

    4. Ever since arriving at Miss Stranje's establishment, Tess has been running - running to keep away the dreams- the nightmares that predict terrible things for good people. She runs to keep away the madness that killed her mother and grandmother. She has an affinity for the woods and for the animals; Miss Stranje's school is also a place of refuge. When some thugs try to kidnap Georgie and kill Lord Ravencross, Tess steps in to save her friends. She denies Lord Ravencross is even a friend, despite [...]

    5. 4.5 starsWhile there wasn't too much plot movement from the first book, I really enjoyed reading more about Tess and Gabriel. They make an adorable, grumbly couple ;-) Can't wait for the next in the series!!

    6. It is unusual for me to love a book so much and expectantly (and warily) look to book two with the same enthusiasm Why? Because USUALLY book two in a series doesn't quite live up to the hype and excitement of book one. (Hello, The Empire Strikes Back) Not only was this book better than the first, but it was actually a stronger book in every sense of the word. The storyline was better. The characters, both old and new, were wonderful to see unfold. The romance was slightly up-ed as well, but stil [...]

    7. There is one MAJOR difference between Exile for Dreamers and A School for Unusual Girls. We get this story from the POV of Tess, one of my favorite Stranje girls. Normally, I don't like character changes from book to book, but in certain circumstances, I love it. With this series, I love it. I hope to see a book for each of these wonderfully unique girls. The book begins with a bang, literally. Plus a dead on knife throw. From there, it just gets better and better, as we are thrown into the live [...]

    8. 4.5 star for me!So fun. I really enjoyed the first book, School for Unusual Girls, but I had the feeling I would love Exile for Dreamers more. Why? Because in the first book, we followed Georgie, who was brilliant and clever, but just a bit.ying. This one, however, followed Tess, a girl at the school that I was constantly curious to know more about. Especially her dealings with the equally wild tempered Lord Ravencross! :D I was not disappointed at all and my need to get more into their story wa [...]

    9. Starting basically right where A School For Unusual Girls left off and this time with Tess we're thrown back into the action adventure. With Lady Daneska making plans with the Iron Crown to try and kidnap Georgie, Tess believes that she must stay and protect her and those she loves - including Lord Ravencross. Not wanting to fall asleep and succumb to the horrible dreams that she has, yet needing to get the upper hand, Tess must find in herself the strength to help the girls' bring down Lady Dan [...]

    10. Alright, so I read the first book in this series way back before I started this blog, and I LOVED it! So much so that I specifically requested that my local library buy the second and third books in the series since they only had the first. Well, lo and behold, a couple of days ago I got an e-mail from my library saying that they had purchased it, and since I specifically requested it, I could be the first one to check it out. Score! So I immediately downloaded it and finished book two in about [...]

    11. Endings are Kathleen's strong point. Just finished reading. Awwwww, I'm such a sucker for wounded heroes. I'm also REALLY looking forward to hearing Jane & Alexander's story. Quirky american inventor with a prickly proper lady? Yes please.<3 Thorough review closer to release date. :) (I apologize in advance for the length :P I have a tldr; at the bottom.4.5 stars!!-- REVIEW---!Aww. Dudes, I’m such a sucker for this series. Even though I generally enjoy historical fiction, this series is [...]

    12. I absolutely loved A School for Unusual Girls! So it saddens me to have to write this review for Exile of Dreamers because, while this series isn’t a trilogy (I believe it’s a 4-6 book series), Exile for Dreamers fell into a trap that many trilogies experience – Second Book Syndrome. For the majority of the novel, it just felt like nothing was happening – like it was all just filler. There were some minor revelations, but nothing major or overly exciting.Despite the lack of action and in [...]

    13. This book was a beautiful sequel. This time we get Tess' story and she is such a unique and haunted heroine. Then there's her hero, who strikes me as a cross between Ross Poledark and Heathecliff. We get to see the continuation of love stories begun in the first book and see the beginnings of new ones. The prose is lyrical, the setting is haunting, and story is so unique. I look forward to book three!

    14. This series is so charming, and obviously I appreciate boss girls kicking butt in regency gowns, but something just isn't quite clicking to make me fall completely in love with this series so far. Loooove Tess though. She's a dynamic narrator and super interesting. I guess I just wish the story dug deeper both in plot and in characters. The girls at Stranje House are absurdly interesting; I want to know more about all of them!

    15. "Exile for Dreamers" the second book in Kathleen Baldwin's Stranje House series is exciting and gripping as Tess Aubreyson struggling to interpret the prophetic dreams that leave her feeling hopeless and afraid is swept up in a scheme to stop the Ghost and Lady Daneska from killing Gabriel, kidnapping the American engineer Alexander Sinclair and stealing his plans for a new warship. But what they quickly realize is that their archenemies may be gathering information to pave the way for Napoleon' [...]

    16. I thought this book was a marvel. I have to say, I think I liked the first book better, but that's only because Tess is not my favorite character. Though, my opinion of Tess is much improved after this book. I used to not like Tess because she was so distant and closed-off from everyone. She led Lord Ravencross on, even though she knew that Sera fancied him a bit. Her dreams and Lady Daneska's betrayal had left her distrusting of anyone. And I never understood her whole run-every-morning-at-the- [...]

    17. EXILE FOR DREAMERS makes Tess the star this time. Tess is plagued by prophetic dreams and also fears that she will lose her mind and die young like her mother and grandmother. Gabriel who is the new Lord Ravencross isn't going to let that happen. Despite her determination that they will just be friendly strangers, he keeps courting her.Besides this romance plot, our heroines also have to deal with Lady Daneska returning after being routed in the first book to try to capture Tess as a gift for Na [...]

    18. Three and a half starsAn enjoyable trip to Regency England where things aren't exactly as you may remember -- Napoleon has been exiled to Elba, but he's a huge threat all around. History changed when a group of talented girls get involved with "diplomatic" missions (i.espy work).This is the second book in the Stranje House series and it picks up after the events in A School for Unusual Girls. This time, the story is from Tess's point of view as she tries to balance her relationship with Lord Rav [...]

    19. It should be noted that I received a copy of this book as part of a Good Reads giveaway. Exile for Dreamers takes the already good foundation established in A School for Unusual Girls and builds upon it. The plot of this second novel is more compelling and and complex, with distinct plot as well as a prominent subplot. Additionally, we have the intriguing aspect of the school having to hold up to exterior scrutiny, something that was touched upon in book one, but nowhere near as much as here in [...]

    20. Another excellent Stranje House tale, a sequel to A School For Unusual Girls. The first book was about an academy for girls who didn't fit into their neat little cubbyholes in Regency England, girls who had "abilities" that scared their families, or who liked to study engineering, or take long runs every morning. Their fed-up families would send them to Miss Stranje's school, known for its strict discipline and draconian measures.What the clueless families didn't realize is Miss Stranje's school [...]

    21. Exile for Dreamers is the second book in Baldwin's Stranje House series. I loved it just as much as the first. This is an alternate history set in the early 1800s. What would happen if Napoleon did take over France and continued his campaign for world dominance? This book investigates just that all in the backdrop of a girls' school called Stranji House, where families send their "trouble-making" daughters who can't conform to society's expectations. Instead of learning watercoloring and sewing, [...]

    22. It's too bad there is such a wait between books, as I didn't remember very much what happened in the previous book, which would have helped with understanding the plot of this book.I did enjoy it though. Tess is a strong young woman but she thinks she has no future for herself and with Gabriel, Lord Ravencross, who she is in love with. The women in her family have disturbing dreams that sometimes predict the future. However, her mother went mad and Tess thinks that is her fate as well.There are [...]

    23. Oh wow! This book was amazing. It is told from Tess Aubreyson's point of view and it has so many twists and turns that I had a hard time putting it down! In this story Tess is a "student" at Stranje House. She is supposedly at the boarding school to learn proper etiquette and such. In reality, she is there being trained as a spy. The ladies of Stranje House must keep Napoleon's spies from getting their hands on certain information and documents. Tess has the uncanny ability of prophetic dreams, [...]

    24. "I never cry/stumble/smile!" says Tess, trying to show us how strong and independent she is, as she spends maybe 40% of the book crying, stumbling, and smiling. Granted, she'd still kick my butt in a fight, but still.I enjoyed the book. It's still too melodramatic for me, but less so than the first book. Tess doesn't annoy me as much as Georgie for some reason. I'm just sick of "I'm too dangerous! Stay away so you don't get hurt and so we can draw out the romance arc!"Cute story. Is there a book [...]

    25. For full review please go to: 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter @camartinez and Facebook "5 Girls Book Reviews" REVIEW BY: Arianna, age 13 years, 3 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:I absolutely love Kathleen Baldwin's new series. This is the second book in the series and it's just as good, if not better, than the first book!My favorite character is Jane because she is (as Alexander stated) a badger. She has a fiery personality and knows what she wants. Nobody will get in her way! My favorite part is when Gabr [...]

    26. WARNING DOES CONTAIN SOME SPOILERSI finally finished this book and I am happy that I did. There are still some things that are a little blurry to me like, are Gabriel and Tess going to get married and what happened to Lady Daneska. I do wish to read the next book in the series the second it comes out. This book to me had me laughing with Tess and crying with her too. There are so many high and low points in the book. I do hope that the girls at Stranje house find the traitor. I think that it is [...]

    27. Book #61 Read in 2016Exile for Dreamers by Kathleen BaldwinThis is the second book in a young adult historical fiction/mystery series with a gothic feel to it. I enjoyed this book much more than book #1, which I liked but was a bit slow for me. In this book, the main focus is on Tess and her dreams, as well as his complicated relationship with Lord Ravencross. There is of course a storyline that involves political intrigue and danger for Tess and her friends. This was a very good read. I recomme [...]

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