Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny Stiles has been dealing with the supernatural shit in Beacon Hills for four years Something has to give This time it might be him Words

  • Title: Lucky Penny
  • Author: DiscontentedWinter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • Stiles has been dealing with the supernatural shit in Beacon Hills for four years.Something has to give.This time it might be him.Words 2669

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    One thought on “Lucky Penny”

    1. So, this thing happened. Writing fanfic is like some weird kind of therapy for me. I can't explain it. Just that I had four days off in a row, and planned to totally start something new from the way too many ideas I have written down, and for three and three quarter days I did absolutely nothing. Not even the washing. I kind of bummed around in my pyjamas and ate a lot of brie. So, you know, it was awesome. But then, on Monday afternoon, feeling like I'd accomplished nothing at all, I sat down a [...]

    2. Powerful, emotional, and really well written. I liked how the author avoided easy answers, or vilifying characters. I love the ending, hopeful, but in a realistic way.

    3. Depression. In the hands of DW. In a very short story.Powerful, no melodrama, difficult truths, no easy answers, but some lights appearing on the horizon above the valley.I could probably handle more, with difficulty, but I'd do it for more of this.

    4. Yeah, so if DW writes it, just read it. She won't let you down. She is way too talented and has a grip on these characters that JD should be jealous of.

    5. Melancholy feel for a melancholy story. Felt almost dreamlike, which aptly conveyed Stiles's exhaustion.Big, big Love for the Sheriff who is wonderful in this.There's a hint of Sterek but that's not the story. The story is Stiles.Scott is a mere mention but I still wanted to kick him! Great best friend he makes, Alpha-Oblivious. (The bias is entirely mine, the story doesn't go into detail)It's really good, especially for the quietness of it. That it's quiet instead of high drama is what makes it [...]

    6. One comment. Lisa's description of how Stiles feels is one of the best descriptions of depression I've read. Lethargy. The inability to hate someone, to get angry because it just takes too much energy. Yes, this. Another wonderful story by Discontented WInter.

    7. 3.5 StarsWhen despite hitting rock bottom, it serves a purpose to lend validity and adapt to change that is inevitable.Succinctly empowering and hopeful.

    8. "The void grows and grows inside him. It's like a dark sea. The push and the pull of the waves. The drag of the tide. It's vast. It's eternal. It's inescapable."Sad Stiles is sad. :(

    9. So I read this on the same day I read two stories featuring strap-ons and another with, ahem, full-shift sex, with nary a raised eyebrow, but THIS skirted extremely close to my personal limits. I have a very, very hard time reading about suicide or attempted suicide, and I also discovered that when it concerns Stiles in particular I find it close to unbearable. Pretending someone else entirely is actually writing this review, I can confidently assert that the writing here is excellent and the su [...]

    10. Sad but poignant. And yet with a hopeful ending.(view spoiler)[Loved this glimpse into Stiles. Loved the way one line alone was enough to make you understand the hardship Stiles was going through. Loved the broken off, brief peeks into Stiles' moods as events and people changed around him. Made me appreciate just how strong he really is. And what Stiles' foundation really is. (hide spoiler)]Great read!

    11. Wow.Surprised, and not surprised by this.DiscontentedWinter has so many powerful stories, and manages them in just a few short pages.This one is much quieter, yet just as powerful.This is Stiles story, no ship needed, although there is a hint.This is a story that you feel.Very nice.

    12. I love these short fics. They're like little TW-flavored treats. And DiscontentedWinter does a lot with a little.

    13. More than a little melancholy, which might have been a skosh much for a Monday for me.Beautifully written as always.

    14. *** 3.5 Stars ***It's really quite astonishing how few words it takes Lisa Henry to rip me about and put me back together again.

    15. Oh, how I love a broken Stiles. And as much as a love Sterek, I lurve when Stiles fixes himself. (view spoiler)[I liked how only The Sheriff knew about Stiles suicide attempt, and how they healed each other. But I would definitely not turn down a follow up where Stiles opens up to Derek. And maybe eventually Scott, just so he can realize what an asshole friend he's been. I do love a good Scott-shaming. (hide spoiler)]

    16. Post-nogitsune Stiles is my favourite read in Sterek fanfiction, and few writers mange to grasp his struggles very well and DiscontentedWinter is definitely on the top of my list, it fascinate me how th author have an understanding of the characters and write them as if they were their own instead of the show's writer.This was a sad but beautiful story and it ended on a hopeful note. That was the point when Stiles stopped fighting the void.That was the point he knew he’d lost.

    17. I love the efficiency of this one, but not so much the plot. Hmmm. Maybe too much jumping? It depends too much on knowledge of the series, perhaps. But excellent in the way the essence is boiled down to its bones.

    18. it was definitely too short to really like it or not. I have to admit i didn't expect a happy ending. the first part was good, the growing depression and loneliness, sleeping all days it was all real, and then i couldn't believe it anymore, like, are You sure it is THAT simple? I didn't expect a happy ending and as much as i liked seeing everyone happy in the end i just couldn't get into the story anymore.

    19. I really do love the stories with the emotional depth. They don't even have to be long to be satisfying.

    20. i loved this story so much, i think this kind of bittersweet stories are the ones i apreciate the most. I think it was a great job showing the emotions a person with depression has to deal with, realy an amazing story.

    21. Very short story made out of glimpses into Stiles' more emotional moments. It was ok, but it felt more like a drabble than a story.

    22. 3.5 starsOnly three stars because it's a series of short, serious vignettes and wanted to differentiate it from others I've four starred. Writing is as good as ever.

    23. oh, broken!stiles. oh, the strongest!stiles. the part where stiles wakes the sheriff? beautifully heartbreaking.

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