The Astonishing Ant-Man, Vol. 1: Everybody Loves Team-Ups

The Astonishing Ant Man Vol Everybody Loves Team Ups Scott Lang was a down on his luck divorced ex con until he stole renowned scientist and super hero Hank Pym s size altering technology in the hopes of saving his daughter s life Through that act of d

  • Title: The Astonishing Ant-Man, Vol. 1: Everybody Loves Team-Ups
  • Author: Nick Spencer Ramon Rosanas
  • ISBN: 9780785199489
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scott Lang was a down on his luck, divorced ex con until he stole renowned scientist and super hero Hank Pym s size altering technology in the hopes of saving his daughter s life Through that act of doing wrong for the right reasons, Scott inadvertently learned how to be a hero himself With Pym s blessing and his daughter Cassie at his side, Scott became The AstoniScott Lang was a down on his luck, divorced ex con until he stole renowned scientist and super hero Hank Pym s size altering technology in the hopes of saving his daughter s life Through that act of doing wrong for the right reasons, Scott inadvertently learned how to be a hero himself With Pym s blessing and his daughter Cassie at his side, Scott became The Astonishing Ant Man But when a curveball upends Scott s life, will he continue to be a hero, or will he return to his former life of crime COLLECTING THE ASTONISHING ANT MAN 1 4 ANT MAN LAST DAYS 1 ANT MAN ANNUAL 1

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ☆ The Astonishing Ant-Man, Vol. 1: Everybody Loves Team-Ups - by Nick Spencer Ramon Rosanas ç
      156 Nick Spencer Ramon Rosanas
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    One thought on “The Astonishing Ant-Man, Vol. 1: Everybody Loves Team-Ups”

    1. Silly, and a bit unimportant in the grand scheme of the Marvel world, but the bit where he hooked up with Beetle made it totally worth reading. <--don't ask me why, it just did!So, yeah. My enjoyment of this title springs mostly from my curiosity as to which of the women in his life are going to screw him over the hardest. Because if it's not Beetle, it'll be his ex-wife (in the form of her new husband), or maybe his reality tv star ex-girlfriend, Darla (aka stand-in for the Thing)? But Scott [...]

    2. Oh, hey, is the song, “It’s a Small World” stuck in your head now? I apologize. (view spoiler)[ I apologize for nothing. Enjoy!(hide spoiler)]I could never understand what the fascination was with a shrinking super power, as males have a tendency to overcompensate or stretch the truth about stuff, it leaves me to wonder why this could be a conscious choice. Kids, size does matter and why couldn’t he, as a scientist, come up with a death ray or a non-addictive brand of crack instead.And h [...]

    3. I'm still really enjoying Nick Spencer's run on Ant-Man. His sense of humour really works well with the character and makes me miss Superior Foes of Spider-Man less.The only slightly weak spot here is the annual. As usual, Marvel annuals aren't quite up to the standard of the main book.Still, I was glad to see Cassie's superhero career as Stature referenced in this volume; I was concerned that was getting swept under the carpet because it didn't gel with the movie version of Ant-Man.

    4. Not only did the first volume of Ant-Man (Second Chance Man) completely change my opinion of the character, but the ermcond first volume made it one of the few series to get through Marvel's awkward 'end and restart books around Secret Wars' crap unscathed.Everybody Loves Team-Ups collects Ant-Man Annual #1 and the Last Days issue from the first run, followed by the first four issues of the new series, The Astonishing Ant-Man. Thankfully, this means the absence of the aggravating "THERE IS ONLY [...]

    5. This is still quite a decent book, and can be pretty funny. It reminds me a lot of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man in so many ways. Hardly surprising, it's the same author. But Scott is so consistently a screw up that I'm honestly just getting a little tired of it. I think I hit my limit of "Oh, come on, Scott!" in this volume.

    6. ugh just because the film was good doesn't mean a comics company should cash in by making themed books. This was horrible in my opinion.

    7. Some parts are OK but overall It's just not my type of book. I like books more complex, smart and mature. I don't like the main character so that's a big problem for me. sorry Scott you are just dumb :/(this is not a spoiler) why doesen't Scott just tell his daughter that he can't see her because it's dangerous to begin with? like seriously? or why don't he just quit he's job so he could be with his daughter ? I don't get it. for me the plot is just so weak.

    8. pretty good and funny book, not as good as the last volume but still good read. this books biggest flaw is its story arcs are very small no pun intended. 3.75/5

    9. This was pretty good. It has the humor of the movie. I'm not that familiar with Scott Lang as Ant-Man, other than what I know of him from the movie and from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated show. Marvel fans will enjoy all the cameos and the look at the Marvel Universe from a humorous perspective, with some truly odd villains and heroes.I was glad my library had this. I don't know that I would buy it, unless you are a huge Ant-Man fan.

    10. I wasn't a huge fan of the previous volume of this series (also volume 1, to be confusing). It was fun, but it reeked of 'only existing because there's a movie out' syndrome. This second volume (one), is a vast improvement, and totally justifies the existence of the series.We begin with two one-shots, the first being an annual that ties into the Rage of Ultron story and shows us how Scott deals with the 'death' of Hank Pym, as well as introducing a new supporting character. The Last Days Secret [...]

    11. The Astonishing Ant-Man picks up where its predecessor series left off before Secret Wars.The Astonishing Ant-Man continues to chart the misadventures of Scott Lang as he tries to start a new life in Miami. After reminiscing about his last adventure with original Ant-Man Hank Pym, Scott winds up picking Pym’s successor as Giant-Man. In the countdown to the end of the world, he learns some key info about his business partner Mary Morgenstern and hooks up with the new female Beetle. Eight months [...]

    12. Very enjoyable at points. SUPER funny too. However, the main story it's trying to tell hurt it for me. It just feels kind of fluff. Like no real story to find gripping and watching his storyline dwindle to just a one joke and move on pissed me off. We can make a gripping story and still be funny as hell. Luckily, this book made me laugh a lot, so I have to give it a high rating just for that because so little comics make me laugh out loud like this one.

    13. Fun read, not much more. Some more development of the current downtrodden Scott Lang situation but feels more or less plot-heavy.

    14. After watching Ant-Man and knowing little about the character, perhaps it is no surprise that I ended up here wanting a bit more of the character after really enjoying the movie. Unfortunately, this book is not for me and does not capture what I liked about the movie. Ant-Man tries to be funny and there are moments where it succeeds but I think it tries too hard for the payoff. I think it also tries a bit too hard for Scott Lang to be a loser. Each issue of the four shows another way that he is [...]

    15. Nick Spencer writes excellent schmuck - guys (and it is usually, though not always, guys) who keep fucking up but always have a perfectly sound reason for why it's definitely not their fault. The more sympathetic of them - Scott Lang included - do occasionally admit they may be to blame, and even genuinely mean to do better, but there's always something that comes up, isn't there? And yes, generally they do have bad luck. Granted, bad luck which at some stage stems from their own earlier choices [...]

    16. Public library copy. As with the previous book written by the same writer, the excellent hijinks of Scott Lang continues with better art than most other Marvel titles.

    17. Not as good as the first volume, but still pretty great. The beginning of this book takes place during the 2015 Secret Wars crossover, and thus has some editorially mandated annoyingness. That said, the "Last Days" issue is actually pretty great, and doesn't really directly reference Secret Wars in any way shape or form. Then the "8 months later" thing that all the new number 1 issues use after that is lampshaded pretty well. There's now a central mystery as to why Lang is back in prison that is [...]

    18. Nick Spencer, What a polarizing author. People have such vitriol for his writing, ever since he made Captain America an agent of Hydra. I think he is Marvel's second best writer, at the moment. I am in the other camp. I don't hate the idea of Cap always being a Hydra agent. I think it opens up the door to some interesting stories. When it comes to one of Spencer's other titles- morning glories, at this point I am like "Can we please get to the ultimate reveal, at this point???" Then you have Ant [...]

    19. Insanely text heavy and one crazy thin plot. It seems like Ant-Man is just talking about his problems from one issue to the next. I'll only continue the series for some of the side characters, especially the cynical gay robot; other than that, this was definitely a disappointment. And who wears their superhero helmet to bed? Dude, seriously, take it off once in a while.

    20. Spencer knows how to get under the skin of certain characters, a talent he showed immensley with Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I wouldn't have looked out for Ant-Man book before the movie, but I'll definitely look for them when written by Nick Spencer.

    21. What is it with Marvel comics at the moment? This was kind of a fun read, at least it was lighthearted for the most part. Just reads like it was targeted at demographics, which made it really hard to get into. It hasn't left me intrigued enough to continue on with the series, so I'm stopping here.

    22. I'm really glad I stumbled across this series. Ant-Man is one of those characters that is just plain fun. This series manages to be humorous without losing it's heart. I chuckled quite a bit while I was reading it, and I'm excited to see what comes next in the story.

    23. 3.5. The worst thing about this book is that it has all the makings of a good book - well written, witty, drawn well enough - but then isn’t quite. But I’ll continue along w/ it.

    24. The time of the previous volume, Second Chance Man, was what really sold it for me. This one didn't match that at all. I found it uninteresting.

    25. Like Ant-man, the story is a conflicted act. An odd mixture of ups and downs that makes it hard to decide whether you are cheering, loathing or just confused about Scott Lang, the new Ant-Man.

    26. Picking up after the pre Secret Wars Ant-Man book, Astonishing Ant-Man continues with the same magic, pitting a pathetic ex-con of a hero against d-list villains and firmly rooting Scott Lang in the everyman role of the new Marvel U. This book compiles a transitionary time for the Marvel U as a whole, with an annual, the End of Days one-shot, and then finally, what feels like most of a story arc. That little bit of choppiness might create some confusion, and it makes for a vaguely incoherent pro [...]

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