Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood

Sammy Juliana in Hollywood The Hollywood where Sammy Santos and Juliana R os live is not the West Coast one the one with all the glitz and glitter This Hollywood is a tough barrio at the edge of a small town in southern New Me

  • Title: Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood
  • Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • ISBN: 9780938317814
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hollywood where Sammy Santos and Juliana R os live is not the West Coast one, the one with all the glitz and glitter This Hollywood is a tough barrio at the edge of a small town in southern New Mexico Sammy and this friends members of the 1969 high school graduating class face a world of racism, dress codes, war in Vietnam and barrio violence In the summer beforeThe Hollywood where Sammy Santos and Juliana R os live is not the West Coast one, the one with all the glitz and glitter This Hollywood is a tough barrio at the edge of a small town in southern New Mexico Sammy and this friends members of the 1969 high school graduating class face a world of racism, dress codes, war in Vietnam and barrio violence In the summer before his senior year begins, Sammy falls in love with Juliana, a girl whose tough veneer disguises a world of hurt By summer s end, Juliana is dead Sammy grieves, and in his grief, the memory of Juliana becomes his guide through this difficult year Sammy is a smart kid, but he s angry He s angry about Juliana s death, he s angry about the poverty his father and his sister must endure, he s angry at his high school and its thinly disguised gringo racism, and he s angry he might not be able to go to college Benjamin Alire S enz, evoking the bittersweet ambience found in such novels as McMurtry s The Last Picture Show, captures the essence of what it meant to grow up Chicano in small town America in the late 1960s.Benjamin Alire S enz novelist, poet, essayist and writer of children s books is at the forefront of the emerging Latino literatures He has received both the Wallace Stegner Fellowship and the Lannan Fellowship, and is a recipient of the American Book Award Born Mexican American Catholic in the rural community of Picacho, New Mexico, he now teaches at the University of Texas at El Paso, and considers himself a fronterizo, a person of the border.

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    One thought on “Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood”

    1. I'm not sure I've ever given a book 5 stars before, but this one is remarkable. It is a coming of age story set in a New Mexican barrio ironically named Hollywood. It is 1968 and America is in an upheaval which is reflected in the narrator Sammy Santos' senior year experience. At times laugh out loud funny, at times wipe the tears away sad, but always tender, endearing, moving and insightful, this is one of the best YA books I've ever read, if not THE best. Saenz has created such authentic, symp [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis book made me feel things that tore me apart. Benjamin Alire Sáenz is slowly becoming my favourite author. The way he writes, the things he writes about are amazing. This book was sad but in a good way and I promise if you read this book it will not let you down. Read one of Benjamin's books because they are pure gold

    3. Es el quinto libro que leo del Tío Benja y uno de los más lentos.Ari &Dante,Last night I sang to the monster y Kentucky club siguen siendo mis favoritos.

    4. Author Benjamin Alire Saenz should be in the pantheon of YA writers. He has won many awards for his writing, and after reading Sammie and Juliana in Hollywood, I believe they are deserving.I adore this novel, especially for its powerfully drawn characters and fluent, often funny prose. The title characters are wonderful--bold and bigger than life, yet believable. And the plot is compelling and unpredictable, skirting many of the minefields of cliches. Picture an urban high school in the year 196 [...]

    5. First of all, I want to say that THE COVER IS SO CUTE. That may be the only reason I bought this book even if i bought this brand new for only 30 pesos. :>I didnt understand most conversations in this book for it's in spanish. Yes, they are mexicans. I just tried to "wing it" for the filipino language is kinda similar to spanish, so to speak. and today, yo tratando de aprender español. haha. last year, I wanted to learn japanese for i got hooked with lots of anime and got tired of reading su [...]

    6. I loved this book. I`m Mexican so I had no problem reading this book at all. I loved Sammy and all the characters in the story. His story was so real and you felt like you actually knew him. The writing was excellent and the plot was great. But I didn`t like how all these bad things kept happening to Sammy. And there really wasn`t a happy ending. Although he is very smart, he goes to a community college and takes care of his sister after his Dad dies. And he is the only one of his friends to sta [...]

    7. There is no glossary in this book, no italics to show that it is a Spanish word. The reader must figure that out from themselves and use the context in order to translate it. I encourage readers to not just skip over the Spanish words, but to learn them (especially if you are pretty good at Spanish, you need to know the slang too, not just the formal talk. My friends who speak Spanish laugh at Spanish students "proper" Spanish). As for the look at how gay people were treated, I don't think many [...]

    8. This was an incredible listen. Saenz has written a thought-provoking book that tells about the United States during the late 1960's through the eyes of a Mexican-American student. Sammy lives in Hollywood - not Hollywood, CA but Hollywood, NM, a barrio outside of Los Crues. Sammy's life is hard; he is a realist, but hopeful. This was not an easy read, but the story is very powerful.I was 15 in 1969; Sammy and I did not have the same high school experiences. It is good to be reminded that my life [...]

    9. It's a YA novel about regret. Guilt, grief, shattered dreams and sadness too, but mostly regret, dealt with in the most poignant and heartrending fashion. A LOT happens, probably too much for one novel, but with characters as vivid and real as these, it's hard to file any serious complaints. Probably the only novel I've ever read that has a twist BEGINNING instead of a twist ENDING, with one of the biggest shocks I've ever read in a book coming in the first 50 pages. The voice is fantastic, with [...]

    10. I actually finished this yesterday but was so shaken by the ending I couldn't even write a tiny review.This book was poignant. So so so so SO sad. Every time you think things are okay, Saenz hits you with another awful event. But it's also hopeful-- not throughout the whole book by any means, but definitely at certain points. The ending was incredibly ambiguous and time seemed to kind of melt away, but I was okay with that. I think the most interesting thing about this book is that Saenz is clea [...]

    11. Benjamin Alire Sáenz is slowly becoming one of my favorite authors. This may be one of the best YA books I've ever read, my top 5 for sure. It hit me on such an emotional level like no other book has ever done before. It may have been the fact that almost all the characters in the book were Mexican-American and that somehow made it more personal since I myself am Mexican-American. And that kids is why representation matters. I think anyone can fully appreciate this book though, that just made i [...]

    12. Awww . . . Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood, how do I talk about you. You surprised me on most every page. But let me break you down.Pros:Great coming of age story.Nice setting, the barrio and Vietnam war time period.Great heartbreaking characters.good pacing to the suprising end of the first part, don't want to spoil it, but something happens about 50 pages in that is so shocking I was left breathless.Solid writing, very literary.Doesn't hold the readers hand and doesn't pull it's punches. Seems [...]

    13. Ugh, this book broke my heart a bit. It's very beautifully written and the characters are stunning, but it's thoroughly depressing. But the writing! Ah! I found myself highlighting this book a lot more than I usually do. Some of those quotes and images are going to really stick with me. If you think it's a romance, it's certainly not. It's a gritty, realistic, and heart-felt coming of age story. My heart aches for Sammy Santos. It's slow, but more in a way that lets the story breathe. There's no [...]

    14. I really loved this book. It's a great portrayal of a group of Hispanic teenagers living in a barrio in New Mexico in the 1960s. I found it so interesting to read about views on homophobia and treatment of gay people in that particular place and time. The writing is engaging, beautiful and heartbreaking. I had to fold down the corners on so many pages that contain quotes that I love. My only critique now that I've freshly put it down is that it would have been interesting to hear more about disc [...]

    15. I don't really know what to say about this book. I really enjoyed it. Being the story of a small barrio in New Mexico, it was a lot different from most of what I've read of late. A lot of the story lines were sad, yet left you with hope. I think if I knew Spanish or had been near a computer I would have taken even more away from it, because there were bits of conversation throughout lost on me--but even so, I don't think I necessarily lost anything because of it.Reading about close-knit families [...]

    16. Sammy is a member of the graduating class of 1969 from the high school in the poor barrio of Hollywood, New Mexico. He loses friends to family violence, racial violence, homophobic violence, the Viet Nam war, and the violence of being young and in high school. Sammy holds on to his family and his friends as best he can - whether it is good for him or not.

    17. Hands down, absolutely one of the best books I have ever read! Every book that Alire Saenz writes is incredible, moving, diverse and welcoming as he invites the reader to be become one of the characters. I wasn't sure what to think when I started this but Sammy will forever linger with me and he is a character who has become a friend.

    18. This is an incredibly depressing and dull book, there's no plot, the characters are flat and the narrator repeats himself a lot. One of the title characters dies within the first few chapters and then every other chapter or so, someone else dies, but not much else happens.

    19. I've grown skeptical of "young adult fiction," which is typically cheesy or full of shallow shock-value. This book, however, is beautifully written and tells a story worth hearing.

    20. This coming of age story captures the essence of growing up as Mexican-American teenager in the 1960’s and conveys the reality of dealing with issues such as sex, violence, drugs, racism, discrimination, sexuality, religion and death. Sammy, an introverted and pensive teenager lives in the Hollywood barrio in New Mexico with his father and little sister. Before the start of his senior year, he falls in love with Juliana Rios. But before school starts, she is brutally murdered be her own father [...]

    21. 24 November 2004 SAMMY & JULIANA IN HOLLYWOOD by Benjamin Alire Saenz, Cinco Puntos Press, August 2004, ISBN: 0-938317-81-4"Man, man, man. I turned around and walked. Just kept walking."I was pissed. These guys, what was wrong with them anyway? What was it with all the fighting? So what if they were pissed off? I was pissed off, too. I was pissed off about a lot of things. About my mom. About Juliana. About living in Hollywood. About working all the time, and having to save every dime, every [...]

    22. Another wonderful story by Benjamin Alire Sáenz about growing up in 1969. This story was more bittersweet in the end than most of his work. It was a bit more about ending up stuck somewhere and seeing the world go by. I would like to read what happens to Sammy down the line.

    23. i don’t even know what to say that i haven’t said before. *insert me gushing about ben’s writing here* also, i love pifas so freaking much :( “da le gas, baby” ugh my heart. sorry i don’t have better words right now.

    24. While I enjoyed this book, I didn't enjoy it enough to keep the copy I bought from the library taking up space on my physical bookshelf.

    25. Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood is the story of one teenage boy’s coming-of-age, but at the same time, it’s so much more than that. Denise Chávez explains, “Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood is our American Graffiti. No, that’s not right. It’s our Mexican Graffiti.” It’s a statement about life—life as a Mexican teenager living in a small town in the United States in the late 1960s. Sammy Santos lives in the Hollywood barrio of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The novel is the story of his [...]

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