Chuck and Woodchuck

Chuck and Woodchuck From award winning talent Cece Bell a sweetly offbeat story about two shy first graders and the woodchuck who helps them become friends When Caroline s classmate Chuck brings Woodchuck to show and te

  • Title: Chuck and Woodchuck
  • Author: Cece Bell
  • ISBN: 9780763675240
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From award winning talent Cece Bell, a sweetly offbeat story about two shy first graders and the woodchuck who helps them become friends.When Caroline s classmate Chuck brings Woodchuck to show and tell, Woodchuck is so funny that their teacher says he can come to school every day Woodchuck is friendly to everyone, but he s especially sweet to Caroline He gives her ChuckFrom award winning talent Cece Bell, a sweetly offbeat story about two shy first graders and the woodchuck who helps them become friends.When Caroline s classmate Chuck brings Woodchuck to show and tell, Woodchuck is so funny that their teacher says he can come to school every day Woodchuck is friendly to everyone, but he s especially sweet to Caroline He gives her Chuck s hat when her ears get cold and Chuck s cupcake when she drops hers But when Caroline forgets her lines during the class play, it s not Woodchuck who comes to the rescue A perfect read aloud for facilitating friendships, this charming story recognizes that sometimes, making a connection takes time but is worth the wait.

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    One thought on “Chuck and Woodchuck”

    1. Woodchuck is the perfect wingman for his buddy Chuck, doing thoughtful good deeds for our narrator, Caroline, until Chuck can work up the nerve to speak to her. Sweet but not sugary, a great story for a shy kid or for anyone who loves one.

    2. Chuck and Woodchuck is a great book about helping others and making new friends. I thought it was sweet and would recommend it to teachers and parents. Woodchuck was able to help out his friend Chuck gain more friends by introducing him to Caroline. Sharing with Caroline showed her how nice Chuck was to her and it made her realize what a great friend Chuck is.

    3. I liked this sweet story about friendship. About a shy boy who wants to be friends, but doesn't have the courage to speak up.

    4. A sweet story about learning to be friends with a member of the opposite sex - with a little help from a friend.

    5. Chuck and Woodchuck is a sweet story of friendship . Chuck likes Caroline, but like many kids his age, Chuck is embarrassed, a little afraid, and totally unsure of himself. Step in Woodchuck. Woodchuck understands how his friend Chuck feels and tries to help. Woodchuck comes to Caroline’s rescue, using Chuck’s things so she will need to return them to Chuck. But Chuck is still too unsure and embarrassed to accept his things back, or to even speak. Yet, looking closely at the illustrations, C [...]

    6. Super sweet story about Chuck and Caroline, and Woodchuck. Chuck is very shy and doesn't know what to say to Caroline. But whenever Caroline is sad or cold or needed help, Woodchuck was there to help her out. Caroline tried to thank Chuck but he wouldn't hear of it. Finally, Chuck finds the courage to help Caroline out himself when she forgets her lines on stage. From then on, Chuck and Caroline are friends, and Woodchuck of course!

    7. This is a really cute picture book that tells the story of two shy first graders who get some help building their friendship from a precocious woodchuck. When Chuck brings Woodchuck to Show-and-Tell, he is such a big hit that he's invited to come every day. His kind acts toward Caroline on behalf of Chuck bring these two together and might even inspire more kind acts among the young readers who enjoy this story.

    8. This story couldn't be any cuter!Woodchuck belongs to Chuck, and after Chuck brings Woodchuck to class for show and tell. Everyone loves him so much, that the teacher decides he can come to class EVERY day. While Woodchuck is great to everyone, he is especially fond of classmate Caroline.or is it Woodchuck? Very sweet ending!! *Insert swirls of hearts and googly eyes here.

    9. A sweet but implausible story. A boy brings a woodchuck for show and tell at the beginning of first grade. The woodchuck is the go-between for a budding friendship between the shy boy and the narrator.

    10. Friendships can develop in many ways, and this could be a way to initiate conversation about how to treat others.Cartoonish full color illustrations support the text, but don't inspire me to take a closer or longer look.

    11. Caroline's classmate Chuck brings a woodchuck to show and tell and the class loves him so much that it is decided that he should come to school every day. Soon, Woodchuck helps shy Caroline and Chuck become friends.Am I the only person who thinks it's weird that he brought a woodchuck to school?

    12. Show-and-tell brings an unlikely guest to school: a woodchuck. It turns out the woodchuck is very helpful when it comes to making friends as he slowly brings two shy first graders together.Ink illustrations colored digitally. Good read aloud for K-2.

    13. I really enjoyed this! I would totally use it for a Valentine's Day storytime, if I wanted a book that wasn't technically for Valentine's Day. A sweet little story of a crush--and friendship!

    14. Sweet story of how two friends came to be in first grade with the help of a woodchuck. Every child could use a friend like Woodchuck who does not judge or behave with ill manners. Picture book written and illustrated by CeCe Bell, published by Candlewick Press.#PB #woodchuck #friendship

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    16. I saw Cece Bell's name and got excited that she created a picturebook!After reading it, despite it having a nice message, found it incredibly dull and without any conflict to be resolved.

    17. I kept waiting for something more to this simple story and when I got to the end without it, I was disappointed.

    18. Cute story, give this one to the students looking for a story about love. As for me, I'll continue to tell my students that elementary school is too young for love.

    19. In this elementary school romance, a girl and her crush Chuck get together with the help of an imaginary (or is he?) woodchuck.

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