Tigers on the Run

Tigers on the Run Sequel to Tigerland Young Australian Micah Johnson is the first AFL player to be out at the beginning of his career Retired professional football player Declan Tyler mentors Micah but he finds it dif

  • Title: Tigers on the Run
  • Author: Sean Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sequel to Tigerland Young Australian Micah Johnson is the first AFL player to be out at the beginning of his career Retired professional football player Declan Tyler mentors Micah, but he finds it difficult, as Micah is prone to making poor life choices that land him in trouble Nothing Dec can t handle He s been there, done that, times than he d like to admit BeinSequel to Tigerland Young Australian Micah Johnson is the first AFL player to be out at the beginning of his career Retired professional football player Declan Tyler mentors Micah, but he finds it difficult, as Micah is prone to making poor life choices that land him in trouble Nothing Dec can t handle He s been there, done that, times than he d like to admit Being Simon Murray s partner all these years has Dec quite experienced in long suffering and mishaps As usual, Simon thinks everything is going along just fine until his assistant, Coby, tells him a secret involving an old nemesis Simon and Dec s problems mash together, and to solve them, they must undertake a thousand kilometer round trip in which issues will have to be sorted out, apologies are finally given, and a runaway kid is retrieved and returned to his worried parents.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Tigers on the Run : by Sean Kennedy ñ
      287 Sean Kennedy
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    One thought on “Tigers on the Run”

    1. 4.5 stars!I love Simon and Dec! I had to start off by saying that. And it was so good to get another book about them since I thought Tigerland was going to be the last.Tigers on the Run is the third book in the Tigers and Devils series. It was so nice to catch up with the characters again and I was so happy when I heard this book was coming out. Simon and Dec are one of the couples I will happily follow along for years and years if more books come out in this series.Things between these two are [...]

    2. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contain spoilers* ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ We are now another two years or so forward after the second book. Simon Murray (32) and Declan ‘Dec’ Tyler (32) are still going strong; talk of marriage (though they have to wait until it's legal) and there's even talk of kids in the future. However, for now, they have news thrown at them, news that doesn't quite make Simon all that happy and there's also Micah Johnson (17), the first AFL player to be out at the beginning of his c [...]

    3. This book is great fun for those of us who fell in love with Simon and Declan in the first book, and adored them in the second. In this book, it's eight years since Dec kissed Simon and started them on their path together, and they've built a solid life together. Dec has retired from the intense public crucible of professional sport and moved into broadcasting, and youth sports. Simon is also in televised production, with a new assistant and new problems. And he's still the same charmingly arty [...]

    4. Tigers on the Run is by far my most favorite Tigers & Devils installment for oh-so-many reasons! Here, Simon Murray and Declan Tyler are still stronger than ever on their eight years being together (Wow! I’m getting good at rhyming!). Simon was still adorably snarky, cynical and sarcastic – traits I loved most about his character. I laugh out loud and giggled so many times with all of his antics here. I just really loved this guy! Declan Tyler™ is still swoon-worthy and always the perf [...]

    5. Simon and Declan are finally (finally!) back, stronger and more entertaining than ever. After a three year break, we’re finally holding a new adventure in our hands, a delightful, Aussie-flavored, heartfelt and family-oriented romance unlike anything I’ve ever read.I’ve been asked on several occasions to choose my favorite gay romance couple, and it’s always been Simon and Dec (and also – just to be fair – Tony and Mac from Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons series). But the charm of these [...]

    6. My reaction upon hearing that Sean had written another book in the series!!! 5 'Thank God Sean's muse came back' stars.I just LOVE and ADORE these guys and their friends. The humour, the banter, the silliness, the references to Kylie songs just keep on coming, and even though they really should be trying to grow up by now (I mean come on, Roger and Fran are parents for God's sakeme sense is called for, surely??), they're just as daft as ever. I HATE Jasper/Jon and cannot for the life of me under [...]

    7. This series just keeps getting better with each book! That ending was definitely left wide open for a 4th book. I want marriage! I want kids! I want it to here soon! LOL Fingers crossed for it all. =]

    8. Romantic, funny, and emotionalThe dialogue, the dialogue, the dialogue! Ok, I just had to get that out before I kinda burst and things got ugly.Ahem.Now then, to begin…As soon as I started reading this, I had that feeling of “Oh, how I’ve missed Simon and his unique voice”, without even really knowing I’d been missing him. You know how that goes. He comes alive through Kennedy’s smooth, spot on writing, giving us a front row seat in Simon’s heart and mind, both by way of some of th [...]

    9. I totally forgot how much I loved Dec, Simon, Fran, and Roger! I mean, I could just sit in a room and listen to them have conversations for hours. They are brilliantd by that I mean, Sean Kennedy is brilliant!I loved the first two books in this series, but this one is my absolute FAVORITE! The dialogue between the characters is just so great I didn't want it to end. Simon is as priceless as ever and his feud with his nemesis is fantastic! There is nothing like a Jasper/Jon vs. Simon showdown. De [...]

    10. It was nice reading about Simon, Declan and the rest of the gang again. The whole book is as usual filled with humor, fun and all around craziness. THE only issue I have with this book is this whole business with (view spoiler)[ Jasper Brunswick!(hide spoiler)] A huge chunk of the book was about him! Probably about 60% of story. Im just so over him. He's so 2012! Anyway, I really enjoyed this and I think there will be a book 4 and a wedding? There's a bit of mystery towards the end. Simon and De [...]

    11. Stopped 62% I know I really like Simon and Declan. But their moments are the only one that lifts this book up. There's too much drama, too much bickering. New characters that are unlikable. Jasper turning nice but I kinda don't care. And I didn't see much improvement in the author's writing.Le sigh. I got tired. :(2.5 STARS.

    12. 3.75 stars rounded upFirst thing first, I LOVE Simon and Declan. They have been part of my initial introduction to the MM romance genre -- at that time I felt RELIEF that apparently, there was something offered by M/M romance other than numerous and gratuitous sex scenes. I love Simon -- that sarcastic wanker -- and his beloved Declan -- must have patience level like a saint! -- along with their number of friends: Roger, Fran, Abe, Lisa, and Nyssa. This is the third book after 2012's Tigerland. [...]

    13. Please tell me book #4 will be here soon! Not only this series is getting better and better, it seems that I can't get enough of Simon, Dec, and all their friends and familiy! These books are so good, funny, sexy and I'm completely addicted to them! And I want a wedding and, why not, children!!!!

    14. 4.5 very sentimental starsLower in angst than #1 and #2, Tigers on the Run was a lovely, funny, reflective addition to one of my favorite series. I got to see Simon and Dec settled into a mature relationship and still enjoy Simon's antics and those of the friends and foes that surrounded the two of them. All my favorite secondary characters were back, a couple of new ones thrown in, and I got to watch Simon and Dec tackle a seemingly lifelong adversary. Simon is simply one of my most favorite li [...]

    15. Found this a frustrating read. Loved book one, thought book two was fan-service but welcomed a re-visit to the characters. This one, tarnished what came before.It's awhile since I've read the series and the beginning left me confused over who some side characters were, if we'd met them previously, how much I was supposed to care about their antics.The story is fast paced and very Simon. I liked Simon, still a wanker but he's grown up. He gave good advice and didn't pander to people. Saint Declan [...]

    16. 4.5 starsOverall a great book, very good continuation of their story, only from time to time their dialogue got too much for my liking. And yes, I got it, marriage equality isn't there in Australia.

    17. A hilarious and emotional read!!! The best of the three! This series keeps getting better and better with each book!Looking forward to the next one!p.p.s I want to thank my fellow BR-ers for a wonderful reading experience!

    18. When I found out that there was going to be another book in the Tigers and Devils series, I was interested to see what else Sean Kennedy was going to gift his readers. I’ve enjoyed Dec and Simon immensely but TIGERS ON THE RUN has a different feel to it.I’m not sure if it was my mood or whether or not the beginning was really slow but I felt like the set up took a long time. As usual, Kennedy infuses the book with plenty of idle banter and humor, which has been one of my favorite things abou [...]

    19. I am a fan of the series, Declan and Simon are one of the couples I really love so I am ecstatic by this really. I really wasn't expecting one since it's been ages since the last book. I guess it is safe to say that I am overjoyed! Haha. It's nice to have a glimpse on their lives again and nice to see that Simon is so funny still! Seriously, there are only few books that can actually make me laugh, well, more like a chortle. lol. Very enjoyable and the best therapy if you're stressed and you rea [...]

    20. Eight years out. Simon Murray and Declan Tyler are a well-established couple, and their world has settled into a sort of normal. This would be sort of, well, dull, if not for Sean Kennedy’s excellent handling of…banter. Yes, banter—the kind of daily back and forth, between Dec and Simon, between them and their friends Roger and Fran, and amongst all the folks who inhabit this particular vision of Melbourne, Australia. There is a rather sit-com feeling to this book, and that’s not a criti [...]

    21. "So, I just want to say, I love you, Declan Tyler, and when we can, I can't wait to destroy the sanctity of marriage with you."I was kind of worried from the blurb that this was going to be more about Micah with only bits of Simon and Declan but thankfully I was wrong. This story picks up a bit later, the guys have been together 8 years now. The are stable and strong and as great together as always. This book is again told by Simon in his snarky way:"d those people will always be bitter fucking [...]

    22. You know, I just have to give a book 5 stars if it keeps a smile on my face practically the whole way through! I love Simon. He's neurotic, but so hilarious. And I love Simon and Dec together. I don't know what it is about their relationship that just pulls on my heartstrings. The secondary cast of characters are pretty brilliant and funny too. I especially adore Fran and Roger!In this third Tigers book, the teenage boy that Dec is mentoring (Micah) and Simon's nemesis (Jasper) are each causing [...]

    23. 5.0 ecstatic starsIt is eight years later and I am still in love with Declan and Simon! They are one of my all-time fave m/m couples. This book had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed every second. I want need the next book. Gimme, gimme, gimme! *grabby hands*Bottom line: Sean Kennedy does it again! Highly recommend!

    24. This series is far the BEST I've ever read!!!! The HUMOR alone will have you rolling!!!! You can't go wrong reading this series!!!!!

    25. This series makes me happy. Yes, a very simplistic statement but there you have it. When I started reading Tigers on the Run it immediately felt comfortable, like I hadn’t ever been apart from these characters but at the same time I was aware that I’d missed them like crazy.Can anybody name me one other series that could even attempt to include a sarcastic arty wanker and his equally sarcastic sidekick, a retired AFL football player, a new mother of twins who needs to reconnect with her wild [...]

    26. YEAH!! I was so delighted to see that a third Tigers book was being released as I loved the previous two books and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I just love Simon and Dec and their antics. This book does not disappoint either.This time they are all settled down into what can only be called domestic bliss after the last two books and everything seems to be trotting along normally. That is until one stroppy teenager appears on the scene who is in Dec’s charity GetOut. A group for su [...]

    27. We saw Simon and Declan move from cautious lovers to full on partners in books 1 and 2. We saw lots of drama in between. Without sounding too glib, book three is yet more drama – but, really – isn’t that just life?What makes books like these fun is the jumping back into the lives of the characters that you fell in love with originally. Simon’s sarcastic self, Declan’s reserve. Then there are Fran and Roger and Lisa and Abe – catching up with them in their lives as well.Unfortunately [...]

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