Hard Charger

Hard Charger Lia has known true darkness and not just because of the power grid failure nine months ago She has faced evil and emerged a survivor Now if she could just make the two men she wants see her as whole a

  • Title: Hard Charger
  • Author: Meghan March
  • ISBN: 9780990404873
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lia has known true darkness and not just because of the power grid failure nine months ago She has faced evil and emerged a survivor Now if she could just make the two men she wants see her as whole and not broken maybe she d have a chance at the future she s determined to claim.Cam and Travis have been brothers in arms since their days as Force Recon Marines, and therLia has known true darkness and not just because of the power grid failure nine months ago She has faced evil and emerged a survivor Now if she could just make the two men she wants see her as whole and not broken maybe she d have a chance at the future she s determined to claim.Cam and Travis have been brothers in arms since their days as Force Recon Marines, and there s nothing Cam wouldn t do for his best friend except let him have the woman Cam s been patiently waiting for But when Lia shocks him by saying she wants them both, he has the decision of a lifetime to make Lose the girl, or lose his best friend.In a world where nothing is certain, can three people find their way to love Warning This book includes two sexy as hell Marines, one strong woman determined to have them both, and a whole lot of sex the dirty kind Proceed at your own risk Note HARD CHARGER is a novella set in the FLASH BANG world.

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    One thought on “Hard Charger”

    1. 3 StarsI was attracted to the cover immediately so I requested this on netgalley. It turned out to be something much different than I expected. This book was an end of the world, power outage, sort of book with a little bit of romance in it. Even though the writing style was nice, I was a bit confused as to the direction of the story. Is it an action suspense? Is it a romance? Is it menage? I didn't connect with the characters at all and I found myself skimming the last half of it. This definite [...]

    2. When I requested Hard Charger on NetGallery I really didn’t look too much into the story. I was excited by first, the cover and second, the polyamorous love story that it promised me! So I was a little surprised to find this story took place in a sort of destroyed America. The power grid went out, our government and military aren’t to be trusted and new threats are everywhere. And although that is typically not my cup of tea, I really found that I enjoyed the developing love story of Lia, Ca [...]

    3. If you've read and loved Flash Bang then you're definitely going to love this novella as well.This story continues the one started in the previous novel and follows the life of Lia, Cam and Travis be prepared for more MFM romance and, of course, some hot sex :P

    4. ARC received via NetGalleyThis was a fairly short, but well written little read. It was easy to read and I enjoyed it very much but I would have liked for it have been longer.The story focuses on the relationship between three characters: Lia, Cam and Travis. The book is fast paced so you get to see their relationship develop quite quickly. I really wished it would have been longer, so that you could maybe of happened a bit more slowly. I just really want more of them!Besides the romance in this [...]

    5. ★☆I received an RC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆★Lia. Remember her from bk1? She's the woman that Rowan "Ro" saw and our G.I Joe's (even though they're actually Marines) saved from those abusive rednecks.Hard Charger is her story and follows the MFM formula of our heroine falling in love with two smexy Marine men.After making a home at Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch, Lia still harbors that darkness and vulnerability from her previous ordeal, and yet. she is becoming increa [...]

    6. Title: Hard Charger Series: (Flash Bang, #2—but can be read as a Standalone)Author: Meghan MarchGenre: Adult, Contemporary RomanceRating: 3.5-StarsCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Review on Blog: HEREHard Charger is the second STANALONE in Meghan March's Flash Bang series—which is a post-apocalyptic world, wherein the power grid has failed, the government has crumbled, and the world is slowly but surely falling to pieces. And hidden from it [...]

    7. I think I expected so much more from this story, and I was actually kind of disappointed by how short it was. The whole story felt very two dimensional, because there was no depth to it whatsoever. We are told that the grid went out, but we don't get into any explanation about what is going on other than that. When something like that happens to the world, you want to know more and expect there to be plenty of conflict in the story. Regretfully, that wasn't true with this story. I'm always inter [...]

    8. Flash Bang and Hard Charger were both great reads. Meghan March did an outstanding job of providing love stories taking place in the midst of an apocalypse. Other stores I've read in this sub-genre spent a lot of time detailing the apocalypse itself but these two focused primarily on the characters and the romances they developed. Flash Bang was filled with a passion that was timeless. Not just between a man and a woman; but a sassy, independent and strong willed woman and two hot and sexy Marin [...]

    9. Hard Charger is a super quick read that illustrates Lia, the woman Rowan helped rescue in book 1, having the strength and the confidence to slowly rebuild her life after she succumbed to the darkness of what happened to her.Lia’s story begins about 9 months after she became a part of the Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch; she’s coming out of her shell more, but there are still things that trigger her memories and force her to draw inward again.But what Hard Charger also demonstrates is Lia’s de [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars!Unlike anything I have ever read, this series is a game changer for me. I am so down for a ménage romance so I had no hesitation about signing up to review but little did I know that this book was like no other romance novel out there. The plot is original. The steam is crazy hot. And this author brings it all when she created a world full of sin, steam, suspense, and darkness.I really enjoyed this book. It was sexy, suspenseful, passionate, intense, edgy, and full of twists and turns [...]

    11. Hard Charger is a novella set in the Flash Bang world. Lia was rescued in Flash Bang from a group of creepy inbreds. You know Lia had a horrific experience but I would have liked glimpses into her more. Cam was the person that rescued her and the one she has felt a connection and felt safe with. She is also starting to develop feelings for Cam’s best friend Travis. In an effort to put her past behind her she decides to dive in head first and tells them she wants them.Cam struggles with this be [...]

    12. I received an eARC of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book to Flash Bang, so this may have some spoilers. This is the story of Lia, the woman who was rescued in Flash Bang by the Graham and his team. Lia has been battered and tortured in the worst way possible and has still survived and thrived and now wants what Rowan, Graham and Zach have! And the two guys who want her, Cam and Travis are at loggerheads about who gets the girl! The best part of the bo [...]

    13. This is just a novella-size chunk of the story, the prior book being the one that set up the world as it appears here, including introducing these three characters. They are present in a compound after a catastrophic event of some kind took out all the electronics, the world now being very different from modern America. Lia, our heroine, was rescued from abusive men in the last book, and this picks up 9 months or so later, giving her time to heal and get to know our heroes, Cam and Travis, best [...]

    14. 4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has pain, secrets, suspense, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstFlash Bang (Flash Bang #1)This is Lia, Cam and Travis’s story. Cam has wanted Lia since they rescued her but she is still fearful around the other men. So he thinks she is not ready for him. When Cam and Travis starting fighting over her, she comes up with a plan of her own. She does not just want one of them she wants t [...]

    15. This read seemed a lot fast paced. Lia has had a bad experience and we not only were able to see a very small glimpse of what she went through, but only the aftermath and really very little of that too. I was not able to connect with this character liked she deserved. I wanted to feel and see more. It was a very fast read and read it in about 3 hours. These characters had so much potential. Unfortunately they did not live up to my expectations. I just plain wanted more! I have read from this aut [...]

    16. Read it in one sitting and just WOW.Love love love it and it is HOT is all I can say.And also that I now know who is at the gate!(Epiloque from Flash Bang)My only complain is that it is too short. (yeah I know its a novella)

    17. Lia has know darkness like no one else. Lia was kidnapped the day the the plane crashed into Chicago and the grind came down, she was rapped, beating and watched her brother die before her eyes. When the Cam & Travis the sexy marines saved her from her hell and she is now a survivor. Does Lia for the first time have a chance of happiness?Cam & Travis are best friends and for the first time there is tension between them because of a woman they both want. Cam thinks Lia is too fragile to h [...]

    18. What a girl wants So book two in the Flash Bang series is done and I've signed up for MMs newsletter so I don't miss future instalments.I enjoy an interconnected series where as I reader I get to enjoy snippets of the futures of previous couples we've been introduced to. With the epilogue of book one I was a little worried about timeline issues but it was covered well.Not sure what word count was but book two seemed shorter to me. Saw the MM has a decent book catalogue so checked out reading ord [...]

    19. Omg hotI really enjoyed this book.Lia falls hard for Travis and cam. They make an awesome triad and the story is good. I hope miss March continues the series so we find out what becomes of the group xxx

    20. LiaAbsolutely love Lia, Can and Travis. They are super Hottttt!!!!!!! I really liked the brother twist near the end. Hope for more in this series like a book for Erica, Beau and Jackson????

    21. I’m not sure this added anything to the series. It’s great Lia was feeling more herself and get backing to that and she has the love of two men.

    22. What a great ending! Still leaving you wanting more of those hunky military men! Hopefully Ms March will get back to the compound and have all the men and woman happily ever after!

    23. Great readThis author has created a night great quick read. I love the updates on past characters and I world love to see more.

    24. After the action and premise set-up in the previous series installment things continue along the same vein with this novella. The story continues to excite as the pages combust with a menage relationship that's super steamy and shows how far the heroine has come in healing after the atrocities dealt her by those who prey on a world gone crazy. With two strong heroes to support her a HEA is guaranteed as we get to know more about these former soldiers and the safe haven they've created.Lia was on [...]

    25. The world as Lia knows it has ended. Complete chaos reigns and danger is everywhere. Her brother is left for dead when Lia is taken prisoner and held captive by rednecks in a trailer park. Abused, and chained like an animal Lia loses all hope. Rescued by a group of retired marines that lived nearby, Lia finds herself in a sanctuary of sorts. Her ability to recover from the ordeal is uncertain now that her trust in men has been shattered. Will she ever let anyone close to her again? Cam and Travi [...]

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