Because of Summer

Because of Summer Taylor is a cocky Miami bartender with something to prove Working at The Tide with her best friend Kade she boosts her ego by seducing all the straight girls that Kade is interested in After promisin

  • Title: Because of Summer
  • Author: Elle Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Taylor is a cocky Miami bartender with something to prove Working at The Tide with her best friend Kade, she boosts her ego by seducing all the straight girls that Kade is interested in After promising him that for the sake of their friendship she ll quit her little game, he meets the girl who he thinks could be the love of his life But Taylor also feels immediately draTaylor is a cocky Miami bartender with something to prove Working at The Tide with her best friend Kade, she boosts her ego by seducing all the straight girls that Kade is interested in After promising him that for the sake of their friendship she ll quit her little game, he meets the girl who he thinks could be the love of his life But Taylor also feels immediately drawn to her Diem, a free spirited Bohemian girl, is like no one Taylor s met before But having sworn to Kade that she wouldn t try anything, she s going to uphold her promise and be a good friend But as her attraction to Diem grows deeper, Taylor finds it harder and harder to hide it Diem is spending her summer break in Florida Crashing at her friend Katie s place, she s positive this summer will prove to be her most exciting yet It starts off without a hitch when she meets a gorgeous and charismatic man named Kade who sweeps her off her feet Diem is beyond infatuated with him, but after having just broken up with her long term boyfriend, she wants to take things slow As Diem struggles with her feelings for Kade, she befriends his best friend Diem is intrigued by Taylor and wants to get to know her better Although, Diem can tell that Taylor is attracted to her, Diem just doesn t share her feelings As the two grow closer, Diem brings out a side of Taylor that she has never let loose before Diem makes Taylor feel carefree than ever before, while Diem is sent reeling on a whirlwind path of self discovery Despite Diem s wavering feelings, Kade never gives up on making her his Diem must decide between the man who s perfect for her or the woman she can t imagine herself without.

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    One thought on “Because of Summer”

    1. This was my first book by Elle Vaughn but it sure won't be the last. Because of Summer is an amazing f/f love story. Not just love between Taylor and Diem, but the love between good friends too.The story starts we meet Taylor and ber BFF Kade. They both work at The Tide a local bar and Taylor has made it her mission to steal the woman Kade is interested in. One night Diem enters the bar and they both want her for the moment they see her. Diem just ended a relationship and isn't sure she is ready [...]

    2. I was lucky enough to beta read this. It was raw. There were times I couldn't look away. Times I begged myself to look away. Elle wrote such an amazing story here. This was my first story that has f/f elements and a relationship. Taylor was just so likable. Even when she doesn't like herself. You get glimpses as to why she behaved the way she did. Why she interacts and sometimes avoided like she did. Diem Just so light. She was the light to this story. She was someone that you want to know. That [...]

    3. I was lucky to Beta read this book. Loved it. I do have to say it was my first f/f book and i wasn't sure how I would like itLOVED IT. I do believe it's how Elle writes her books that made it a good one. You just fall in love with Taylor and then here comes Diem and you can't help to love her too.This book sucks you in and you can't put it down. I love that in a book.If you love Elle other books you will love this one and you need to read it.

    4. Because of Summer was really great! It all starts when Taylor promises her best friend, Kade, that she'll stop stealing the girls that he's into. She always moves in on the girls that he likes, because she likes the challenge and it makes for a nice ego boost. Then Diem comes to their bar and both are immediately taken with her. But a promise is a promise, and Taylor backs off. At least until Kade screws things up and asks Taylor to hang out with Diem to put in a good for him.I must start with a [...]

    5. What the hell did I read? I have never read anything like this, ever. And I've read a lot of books, for a lot of years. I have not read f/f books and I wasn't sure how I would feel reading something like that. I fell in love with Taylor, and then I fell in love with Diem. So I think it's safe to say I loved this story. I was sucked in so deep and was left thinking about it for days. Their story isn't all sunshine and rainbows and it takes most of the book for them to finally "get it" and I think [...]

    6. A Really Great ReadThis is my first read by this author, and it will not be my last because I was very impressed with the book. The writing, the characters, the plot, they are all just so well executed. I was immediately drawn in to the story and held fast reading straight through. I was just so intrigued with the tale and had to find out how things were going to end up. Thankfully I can run on very little sleep some days. I just adored the three main characters, they are so real to me, like peo [...]

    7. What a wonderful book.I was prepared for the reformed player tale, take #57 This was so much more.The relationships between Kade, Taylor and Diem are at first simple and I had a hard time getting into the book until I put it down for a couple weeks. Coming back I started again from scratch and saw how Elle Vaughn's tale was not just the f/f romance. No, it was friend and family and so much more as well.(view spoiler)[ Just as the tale plastered a big smile on my face, the tale morphed and the wa [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this story.It was easily one of the best f/f books I've ever read. There's wasn't any cliche girl meets girl and then happily ever after.There was an awesome plot twist behind boy meets girl, in the "player" Taylor when she meets her match in the free-spirited and newly single Diem. Taylor has made it a game to steal the girls Kade likes promises to stop chasing the next girl he likes.Unfortunately, the next girl he likes is the one girl she's instantly drawn to,Diem.The road [...]

    9. Great read that didn't involve the same typical ending as all books. This story actually brought out my emotions more than any other book recently. The characters were wonderfully put together so you really fell in love with them. Can't wait to read more books by Elle Vaughn!

    10. WowReally well written, the story completely sucked me in. Warning, it's a tear jerker. I really hope there's a sequel hint hint? please? :)

    11. Because of Summer by Elle Vaughn: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    12. I had the pleasure of starting something great last night. I've been dying to start this book since the author released it and I wasn't disappointed. She delivered on so many levels it left me breathless. I loved every word from beginning to end. This book was funny, loving, sad, sexy and exciting. It's hard to find a book that touches some many emotions, but Because of Summer delivered.If you're looking for a good read that you won't be able to put down this is the book for you. I promise you w [...]

    13. Reviewed by Destin McNish for QUEERcentric BooksBecause of Summer by Elle Vaughn is a book unlike any I’ve read before.The book begins by covering Kade and his lesbian best friend Taylor’s battle for a girl directly out of both of their dreams; Diem.A bohemian beauty, Diem left her home in California to spend the summer with her friend in South Florida. Instead, she fell in love more deeply than she ever imagined possible, and changed Kade and Taylor’s lives forever.Because of Summer is wr [...]

    14. Because of Summer by Elle Vaughn was a fantastic novel. I read this book in one sitting because I simply couldn’t put it down. There’s so much I want to say in this review, but I don’t want to post spoilers, so this may be short. I loved the characters so much! Taylor’s journey of finding herself through loving Diem is beautiful. Diem is every bit as incredible as Taylor and Kade think she is. The love story is sweet and hot. Because of Summer is full of twists and turns that kept me glu [...]

    15. I guess I should really say four and a half stars, but some of the content was just not my cup of tea, so for me, it can only have four.But don't let that stop you from reading a very good book with a lot of meat to it. It has so many emotions in this book, that I can't really do it justice.It is a classic love triangle, with not so classic characters, a wonderful story of loyalty, and a deep sadness so heart wrenching, that only true friends can survive.I have not reviewed for Ms. Vaughn before [...]

    16. Wow I was lucky enough to win this book, and right from the start it had me. Taylor is very relatable and is now of one my favorite characters. This is well written with a beautiful plot about love and loving yourself. It's a f/f and it was wonderful. It's had me from start to finish with lots of emotions.

    17. Wonder if Taylor will find someone else like herI read the brief on this book and wanted it so I got it and read it. Good book did not expect what happend lol at kade for a bit. This is a good story about how u never know what would happen with whatever time u have with someone u love cherish it waiting for your next book thanks

    18. This was a surprise read. The author was giving away a free book. I enjoyed the characters and the ending was a surprise. I would recommend this book. Fun summer read.

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