Bane New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s last Westland bachelor is a navy SEAL on a mission to protect the woman who got away After five years navy SEAL Brisbane Westland is back home on hi

  • Title: Bane
  • Author: Brenda Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780373734269
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s last Westland bachelor is a navy SEAL on a mission to protect the woman who got away After five years, navy SEAL Brisbane Westland is back home on his ranch and ready to reclaim the woman he left behind But when he tracks her to Dallas, he s in for a shock Crystal Newsome isn t ready to forgive Bane for sayingNew York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s last Westland bachelor is a navy SEAL on a mission to protect the woman who got away After five years, navy SEAL Brisbane Westland is back home on his ranch and ready to reclaim the woman he left behind But when he tracks her to Dallas, he s in for a shock Crystal Newsome isn t ready to forgive Bane for saying he loved her then vanishing from her life Only now the beautiful chemist needs his protection As their own irresistible chemistry takes over once again, can Bane keep Crystal safe and convince her they can have the second chance they both deserve

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    1. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherBane is the 31st and last volume of the Westmorland series by Brenda Jackson. After 13 years, Brenda has decided to (almost) put an end to this long series which made her success in the USA but also here in France. And we can say she ends it on a high note!Bane and Crystal, that’s a long-standing story that all the fans have known since 8 or 9 volumes I’d say, and we were all waiting for its conclusi [...]

    2. After five years of being away from home Bane is determined to find his wife Crystal. When he finds her he is in for a shock but five years hasn't changed his feelings for her at all. He is determined to show her how much he loves her and he knows deep down inside she still loves him. I thought this was a good read and I am looking forward to reading more.

    3. It is a sad day for me.Knowing that I have finished the final book in the Westmoreland series. I absolutely loveeeeee the Westmorelands and author Brenda Jackson has done a phenomenal job in keeping this series fresh, hot and invigorating. Thank God for re-reads YESSSS!!!!!I don't know who wasn't waiting for Bane's BookWe all waited with bated breath when we first got a glimpse of Brisbane aka Bane from Big Brother Dillon's book "Westmoreland's Way". Bane and Crystal young and madly in love were [...]

    4. I loved this book's story line. I love how the Westmorelands stick together & help each other out. I loved the hot & steamy scenes. I loved Crystal's character. I felt so sorry for Crystal. I also loved Bane's character. I loved how Bane protected Crystal. I was very happy & sad for Bane. I was very happy for Bailey & Walker. I loved the ending. I can't wait to read about the Outlaws. Awesome job Ms. Jackson.

    5. Bane and Crystal fell in love at the rebellious young adult years, and were obsessed with each other's company, to the point that their families felt the need to separate them. But on Crystal's 18th birthday, Bane and Crystal got secretly married, promising they would hold on to their love and commitment, until they could be together again.Five years later, with no communication between them than one phone call early on, Bane is ready to build a life together with Crystal. His SEAL career is goi [...]

    6. Wow, I have been waiting fir this book since the Denver Westmoreland series began. Bane did not disappoint. I can't imagine what it felt like to see my wife for the 1st time in 5 years. Crystal had made a good life for herself. She became a brilliant scientist and was on the eve of her PHD. She has been violated and warned at her job. Bane knows he has to find her, he appears and Crystal doesn't know what to make of him or her situation.Bane is determined to not leave her side. There lives now b [...]

    7. Bane…sigh! I’ve been waiting so long for this bad boy’s story and as soon as it released I dropped whatever I was doing and devoured this book. In this story, Bane is coming home to claim what belongs to him…his wife. Oh yes, if you’ve read Bailey’s story then you know that Bane let the cat out of the bag and told his family that he and Crystal married years ago.Bane and Crystal are not the same kids they were when they fell in love. Time doesn’t change how much they love each othe [...]

    8. Bane has to be the best Westmoreland book yet!Finally we learned about Brenda Jackson's infamous Bane Westmoreland and the love of his life! Crystal and Bane's secret is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Thank Brenda for another great Westmoreland story, can't wait to about the newest family members the Outlaws!

    9. Another great addition to this family saga, and another winner for one of my favorite authors. A lost soul, a missing love, fears and insecurities that keep this Navy SEAL wondering if he has lost his chance for a future with the woman he seeks. Excellent story, great writing, and just a terrific read all round.

    10. Wow! This book had everything good: romance; suspense; corporate espionage; kidnappings; rekindled love and an awesome family reunion! It's been five years since Bane and Crystal have seen or talked to one another. Will true love resolve their problems or is it way too late for them?

    11. Loved the romance portion of the book but the suspense was lacking. I wished the suspense and intrigue was written better.

    12. My relationship with the Westmorelands is over. I cannot continue with the Outlaws. Honorable mention to Thorn!

    13. Loved it :)With Bane and Crystal's story, Brenda Jackson wanted a beautiful closure for her longest series, and she did it so well! Good bye Westmoreland family! :)

    14. AwesomeLoved the story between Bane and Crystal it was long overdue. But I' m saddened by the fact this is the end of the Westmoreland stories.

    15. I received a free copy of this book at RT17.Bane and Crystal were sweethearts when Crystal was in high school (Bane is four years older). On her 18th birthday they eloped, but were tracked down by the town sheriff. Crystal was immediately shipped off to an aunt and they never told anyone they were married. Bane decides on his own that Crystal needs to grow into her potential and because he feels he can see into the future that she won't if they stay together, he joins the Navy. Bane also feels t [...]

    16. Fantastic book. Bane is the last of the Denver Westmorelands to remain unmarried - or so everyone thinks. But during a visit home at the end of the previous book, Breaking Bailey's Rules, Bane drops the bombshell that he and high school girlfriend have been married for the last five years, and that he's ready to win her back.Five years earlier Bane and Crystal had been deeply in love and determined to be together. But thanks to an old family feud, Crystal's parents were against the relationship. [...]

    17. COMING 12/1: BANE (THE WESTMORELANDS) BY BRENDA JACKSON   READ AND REVIEW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!   BANE (THE WESTMORELANDS) BY BRENDA JACKSON  Release Date:  December 1, 2015  SYNOPSIS New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson's last Westmoreland bachelor is a navy SEAL on a mission to protect the woman who got away…  After five years, navy SEAL Brisbane Westmoreland is back home on his ranch and ready to reclaim the woman he left behind. But when he tracks her to Dallas [...]

    18. Bane was a huge disappointment. I have been looking forward to this book coming out because I absolutely loved the character as he was described in other books in the Westmoreland series. After reading this book, I actually was surprised at how short it was and after finishing felt I read a book about nothing. The storyline although maybe good in concept just didn’t transfer to the page. At times I found myself even bored with the scenes as Bane and Crystal were on the run. I really expected t [...]

    19. Wow! Brisbane "Bane" Westmoreland has finally arrived and boy did he arrive. As a faithful reader of all things Brenda Jackson I have been waiting for the "Badass" Bane story. Thank you Harlequin for allowing me to read and review this book.Not to give any spoilers I was not disappointed by the story of Bane and Crystal Newsome who have been sweethearts since high school and have been apart for 5 years. As Dillion, the older brother to Bane tells him, first love doesn't always last,. That may be [...]

    20. Brisbane Westmoreland has spent five years in the Navy and is now a SEAL. He feels he is ready to return and reclaim his woman. He tracks her down in Dallas and goes to find her. But when he arrives, He finds Crystal Newsome is not as eager for a reunion as he is Crystal is not happy that Bane told her he loves her but then never came for her. Now she is a biochemist working towards her PhD. Her research has drawn the attention and some are willing to do whatever is necessary to get that researc [...]

    21. A Force to Be reckoned With… Badass Brisbane “Bane” WestmorlandThis is just what I needed to start the busy Christmas season off right, another amazing read from Mrs. Brenda Jackson.After five years, navy SEAL Brisbane "Bane" Westmoreland is back home on his ranch in Westmorland Country. Can he rebuild and re-seal the marriage vows that he made to Crystal Newsome five long years ago?A powerfully emotional story that is honest, and straightforward, with a deft blend of humor, a touch of dan [...]

    22. This is the first book I have read by this author, so that would make this the first on I have read in this long time running series. Bane is the 31st book in the series. I haven't read any of the other Westmoreland books, but I will say I am intrigued. Bane is the last of the Westmoreland clan and has come home to finally claim the woman he loves. Now that he has made a good life for himself, he feels ready to start their life. It's been 5 years and Crystal is reluctant, but she is also in dang [...]

    23. Joy and pain describes waiting on Bane's story. You knew it would be good but you had to wait until Bane was ready to make his debut. Now the bad boy is home and he's here for his woman. It doesn't get any betteryoung love, uncertain feelings, mystery, danger, suspense and a family willing to go to wall for you! Crystal is reluctant and hesitant with Bane because they've been separated so long while all Bane can think about is claiming her and rekindling the love and passion they shared. When da [...]

    24. I waited so long for Bane's story and was not disappointed. Bane and Crystal have loved each other from the day they meet and defied anyone that tried to keep them away from each other but against the wishes of their families they went and eloped without anyone knowing. Crystals Dad sends her away to live with an Aunt and Bane is devastated but his brother Dillon convinces him to go make something of himself and let Crystal grow up and finish school, he decides that is the best but promises Crys [...]

    25. Past, Present, Passion & Protection!!!! Finally Bane & Crystal story. After sacrifices, separation this couple finally reunite. After five years Bane Westmoreland comes home, after accomplishing what he set out to do which is grow up and make something of himself and claim his wife. Bane and Crystal's PAST is shared so we know more about their early love. The PRESENT being reunited and having a short adjustment period. PASSION once the release their sexual tension it was on an poppingHot [...]

    26. I absolutely love this book. Brenda Jackson did her thing. She gave you a story full of suspense and the true meaning of love. I can't forget the visual, it was so much fun being able to put a face to the characters. Funny how he was the first to get married and no one knew until everyone else found love and married. I was so in to the book. I was happy, then sad, then happy again. I was not ready for the book to end. I really love the relationship between Bane and Bailey it was like they were t [...]

    27. Bane definitely worth the waitBadass Bane definitely delivered. This was action packed and just filled with the familiarity of what it means to have captured the heart of a Westmoreland man. Absence definitely made the heart grow founder. It was refreshing to see the level of commitment Bane had for Crystal. How the ultimate sacrifice enabled her to become a woman. A woman of purpose and means. I loved her spirit and just accepting that while five years was a long time, it enabled them to be peo [...]

    28. For over thirty books we have heard about Badass Bane and his cousin Bailey, the Westmoreland babies. I must say the Ms. Jackson did not disappoint with either book. Breaking Bailey's Rules and Bane lived up to all my expectations. When I purchased Baileys book I waited until the day before Bane was released to read it so that I could read them back to back. The addition of the Alaskan branch of the family added additional depth to the stories. I just can't wait to see what dad Outlaws problem i [...]

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