This Angel on My Chest

This Angel on My Chest WINNER OF THE DRUE HEINZ LITERATURE PRIZE Selected by Jill McCorkleThis Angel on My Chest is a collection of unconventionally linked stories each about a different young woman whose husband dies

  • Title: This Angel on My Chest
  • Author: Leslie Pietrzyk
  • ISBN: 9780822944423
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • WINNER OF THE 2015 DRUE HEINZ LITERATURE PRIZE Selected by Jill McCorkleThis Angel on My Chest is a collection of unconventionally linked stories, each about a different young woman whose husband dies suddenly and unexpectedly Ranging from traditional stories to lists, a quiz, a YouTube link, and even a lecture about creative writing, the stories grasp to put into words tWINNER OF THE 2015 DRUE HEINZ LITERATURE PRIZE Selected by Jill McCorkleThis Angel on My Chest is a collection of unconventionally linked stories, each about a different young woman whose husband dies suddenly and unexpectedly Ranging from traditional stories to lists, a quiz, a YouTube link, and even a lecture about creative writing, the stories grasp to put into words the ways in which we all cope with unspeakable loss Based on the author s own experience of losing her husband at age thirty seven, this book explores the resulting grief, fury, and bewilderment, mirroring the obsessive nature of grieving The stories examine the universal issues we face at a time of loss, as well as the specific concerns of a young widow support groups, in laws, insurance money, dating, and remarriage This Angel on My Chest ultimately asks, how is it possible to move forward with life while till death do you part rings in your ears and, how is it possible not to

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ This Angel on My Chest | by ✓ Leslie Pietrzyk
      469 Leslie Pietrzyk
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    One thought on “This Angel on My Chest”

    1. This four start rating is all the more remarkable when I tell you that I am not a fan of short stories. I feel I must be missing some kind of literary gene and it’s embarrassing, but I always feel dropped into a story and wonder what happened before, what comes next. The short in short story leaves me wanting more.All that aside, this collection is inspired and deserving of high praise. The 16 unique stories, varying in length from one page to 40, are tied together by one premise: the untimely [...]

    2. I loved it! I also wrote it! Sorhaps my review has a tiny bit of bias in its favor. This is a very personal book for me, and I worked really hard on it. I hope you like it. And I hope that after reading it, you want to run and immediately hug a loved one.

    3. The writing in this collection is first rate (no wonder it won the Drue Heinz Prize!) Also, I love the innovations in structure in some--but not all--of the stories. Don't rush through the book, though. Savor each story.

    4. Fiction Editor Colleen Kearney Rich shares, "I recently finished reading Leslie Pietrzyk's short story collection This Angel on My Chest. The book was the winner of the 2015 Drue Heinz Literature Prize, and I had the good fortune to hear Pietrzyk read a story from the collection at a book festival in the fall. All the stories are linked in an unusual way: Pietrzyk lost her first husband suddenly at the age of 37, and each story grapples with the sudden loss a spouse/lover in some way. Although t [...]

    5. I first met Leslie over ten years ago when she was teaching a fiction class at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. She’s a great teacher who knows how to foster a safe, creative atmosphere for apprentice writers. She now teaches at Converse College’s MFA program. Through the years I’d find out that she had yet another story published in a literary journal. I would hop online, or sometimes buy the printed issue of the magazine that it was printed in. More often than not the stories [...]

    6. "Unsurprisingly This Angel on My Chest is very touching but the feelings expressed aren't limited to sorrow. They instead cycle through a whole gamut of emotions such as anger, fear, confusion and depression. The book is outward looking too, exploring characters' reactions to their husbands' deaths and the responses of those around the women, rather than depicting any of them as objects of pity. This Angel on My Chest is excellent from start to finish, and deserves a wide audience. Readers who c [...]

    7. Beautiful mix of memoir and creative license, this collection of stories explores grief and human relationships in a very personal yet majestically universal way. Each story is a separate entity, providing different perspectives of the same experience. By using different situations, different protagonists, Pietryzk has the freedom to portray emotional truths beyond her own specific autobiograhical story. She does a masterful job using a variety of formats and point of views, traveling a terrain [...]

    8. A co-worker at the time of her husband’s death, I became a fan of Leslie Pietrzyk’s writing with her first novel seventeen years ago. Crafted with enormous pain, creativity, and care, the short stories in This Angel on My Chest explore the impact of that devastating loss with the benefit of years of introspection and reflection. Each short story reveals “one true thing” about Robb’s sudden death, leaving the reader to guess which details are true and which are fabricated in Leslie’s [...]

    9. In This Angel on My Chest, Leslie Pietrzyk employs a variety of formats to explore a central theme: grief. From different perspectives, in different voices, and with differing insights, each click of the kaleidoscope gives the reader a brief glimpse into the emotional life of a young widow in the aftermath of her tragic loss. The snapshots are poignant, unsettling and thought-provoking, and the sum of the parts is hauntingly beautiful. Another gem from Leslie Pietrzyk.

    10. A beautiful book. Pietrzyk knows all the rules about writing and breaks each in turn as well as the reader's heart (story by story, over and over again). You'll wish you had written it while being grateful you haven't had to. Don't miss this collection!

    11. These stories are heartbreaking and gorgeous. They see to a future, though, and don't leave the reader in despair. Sometimes I read prize-winning collections and wonder what the judges were thinking. This time I know they were thinking, Ah, how wondrous!

    12. Witty, real, painful and uplifting all at once. I laughed, I cried, I ate chocolate. Excellent collection.

    13. This was a collections of short stories about husbands who died early in their lives. Most were sad, but some had happy endings. Some of the stories were better than others. Author lives in Alexandria so the setting was familiar.

    14. Fantastic read! It's my favorite book I've read so far in 2016. It's beautiful & honest.It's creative & uses a few unique forms/structures for a few of the short stories.The author is amazingly friendly and approachable. She agreed to attend our book club meeting to discuss the book with us!

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