Eldren: The Book of the Dark

Eldren The Book of the Dark Two boys in the West of Scotland awaken an ancient vampire And the only way to stop it is in the power of a book a bible detailing the dark religion of the Eldren But time is running out and the sun

  • Title: Eldren: The Book of the Dark
  • Author: William Meikle
  • ISBN: 9780976791454
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two boys in the West of Scotland awaken an ancient vampire And the only way to stop it is in the power of a book a bible detailing the dark religion of the Eldren But time is running out, and the sun is getting low Are you afraid of the dark You will be.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Eldren: The Book of the Dark | by â William Meikle
      497 William Meikle
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      Posted by:William Meikle
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    One thought on “Eldren: The Book of the Dark”

    1. In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve, right? That's what we've been raised to believe, but in William Meikle's Eldren: The Book of the Dark, we will learn otherwise.When Jim Kerr and his wife win a week-long vacation anywhere within Britain, Jim is hesitant to accept the prize. It needs to be claimed and used within the month and his wife is expecting their first child. Surprisingly, it's his wife who urges him to accept, because once the baby is born, there won't be any time for themselve [...]

    2. This started off with a bang! Unfortunately, it ended with a whisper. There were just too many characters that the pov kept whiplashing back and forth between. It got very difficult to follow and more than once I had to ask myself, "Who the heck is?" Only to have him or her die five minutes later. Great idea but very poor execution.

    3. What an excellent addition to the vampire folklore. This story had some badass vampires, and it was interesting to see the hierarchy between them all. There was also an excellent slayer, complete with a crossbow, as well as the strong humans involved. This was a dark story that kept me reading to the conclusion.

    4. Relies upon a partial rewriting of Genesis June 12, 2017This review is from: Eldren: The Book of the Dark (Kindle Edition)A well written vampire tale which relies upon a rewriting of the first part of Genesis for a background to explain the origin of vampires. I do not see the need for this.I was given a copy of this book.

    5. I don't know about you, but there seems to be more than enough vampire stories out there. Don't get me wrong, they are good tales, but after a couple years of vampire books on the best seller lists, I thought I'd had my fill. That was until I read William Meikle's "Eldren The Book of the Dark". My interest has, once again, been piqued. This dark tale is a deliciously descriptive read. Set in the rolling moors of Scotland, we are introduced to a very unromantic town filled with a most ordinary pe [...]

    6. When I was a kid, I loved the horror comics. I didn't want Archie and Jughead or any of that - I wanted Tales From The Crypt and things like that. Of course my tastes graduated to more horror fiction and film as I grew older but my early readings gave me a taste for the old school horror genre. Call it pulp, horror, whatever.This book gives me that taste from start to finish.I enjoyed this book very much even while it scared the hell out of me. I normally do a lot of my reading in the wee hours [...]

    7. This vampire novel gets off to a shocking start and doesn't let up the pace for a moment. It's a very gory read, definitely not one for the squeamish.Its vampire have a carefully crafted history. They have their own scriptures are presented as the first born race of God, expelled from Eden after the Serpent tempted them to feast on blood, much to the creator's revulsion. They were then usurped by the new race of humanity. The vampires are split into two factions: those who chose to remain with t [...]

    8. After their village is attacked by an ancient (pure evil) vampire, an unlikely group of survivor’s team up to find and destroy the vampire.The characters have a nice subtle depth that I could relate with, and the suspense builds up into an excellent climax. A very good book marred by a few poor chapters. - Authors pad out stories by switching to the antagonist point of view, but for me the back story just didn't work -1 star.

    9. A fast paced paranormal thriller, Eldren is "old-school" vampire with a twist. I can easily imagine a movie, and there's plenty of room for a sequel. Passages from the vampire "bible" are interspersed with multiple characters' POVs, all culminating in a magnificent battle between good and evil! A satisfyingly creepy story, which I couldn't put down.

    10. This is an absolutely perfect Halloween story. Spooky scenery, an awful vampire, an isolated Scottish hamlet and a bunch of characters who grow. Throw in a new creation myth for vampire-kind and a slayer bent on revenge and it's a recipe that begs to be read. I loved it.

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