Cruelty: A Novel

Cruelty A Novel This is Cruelty the epic ten episode serial novel collected for the first time in one massive volume containing over pages of horror On a lonely stretch of deserted Texas highway Will Longmire b

  • Title: Cruelty: A Novel
  • Author: Edward Lorn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is Cruelty, the epic ten episode serial novel collected for the first time in one massive volume containing over 600 pages of horror On a lonely stretch of deserted Texas highway, Will Longmire breaks down But he s not alone In the dead of night, Innis Blake hits someone or something with her car The figure should not be getting up But it is An unstoppable fThis is Cruelty, the epic ten episode serial novel collected for the first time in one massive volume containing over 600 pages of horror On a lonely stretch of deserted Texas highway, Will Longmire breaks down But he s not alone In the dead of night, Innis Blake hits someone or something with her car The figure should not be getting up But it is An unstoppable force is after Will and Innis And before the night is over, both strangers will know the face of Cruelty Forgiveness is only a few miles down the road, but safety is nowhere in sight Every monster has its origins.

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    One thought on “Cruelty: A Novel”

    1. So, this was a struggle, and I'm not sure why. The writing was good, very descriptive, apt for a horror novel. The narration was good, and I had no problem understanding what was happening or who was speaking. I enjoyed the plot, which went back and forth between current and back story/flashbacks. I think the problem I had was that I didn't connect with any of the characters, not a single one. The cops, the DEA agents, the deaf kid, mama and her boys, none of them. It felt like most were placed [...]

    2. I have made a promise to myself that I will find the time to read some of my book purchases. So in addition to reviewing books that are soon to be published I am finally getting down to those that have waited unread on my kindle.I have wanted to read this for quite some time, and before starting it I did not even know from the description or other reviews that it had anything at all to do with the "Dastardly Bastard" (another of my favorite Edward Lorn books) so that was a most welcome surprise. [...]

    3. There were several things that I loved about this book, and a few things I didn’t love.I loved how creepy the dolls are. My god! Dolls! IS there anything worse?! Anything more terrifying than the idea of life-size porcelain dolls coming to life and killing you after torturing you for days?No. The answer is no. Dolls are fucking creepy. ‘Nough said.I also enjoyed the writing. It felt natural. It felt as if the characters actually existed and I never had to question something they said or did. [...]

    4. This is available for $0.99 if you buy it within 16 hours, after that the price goes up to $2.99 then back to the original $6.99! Such a steal for 0.99! I'll be doing a review of the novels individually because I don't think I'm going to finish everything right away.

    5. This book was astonishing, just such a fantastic read. Set over a relatively short time period, where all hell breaks loose in a small town in Texas, where a scary, and I mean scary porcelain doll and a statue of the virgin Mary descend on a huge killing spree. What elevates this book is a fantastic back story, a rich tapestry of characters and none stop action. You need to read this book, it's just that good.

    6. If you like your horror novels soft and gushy on the inside, your characters full of charm and redeemable qualities, and your plot lines strung along from point A to B to C, then go ahead and pass on this one. For anyone looking for something completely different, you've found your next read.Cruelty is a magnus opus of a novel, with one of the most riveting openings I've read in a long time. Lorn wasn't on my radar back when he released these as serials, so my review will treat this as a complet [...]

    7. The full version of Cruelty, i.e. the collected episodes #1-10 is a roller-coaster ride of ideas and impressions that will take your breath away. The exquisite hardcover, with it's great illustrations enhances it even more to what may very well be the ultimate Cruelty. For further elaborations of why this is not to be missed, please lend an eye to my previous reviews of the collected Episodes 1-5 and Episodes 6-10.

    8. Edward Lorn has written a ten episodic novel that gets better with each episode. I loved it. It's a strange novel and I had to keep my concentration cap on while reading it as there is a lot happening and a lot of characters but that just kept me more interested. This maybe the best book I've read this year and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good creepy horror novel. It's not often I re read novels but I can see myself returning to this book in a couple of years. I enjoyed it [...]

    9. WowWhat a ride of a horror novel that really makes you think at the end. Lorn describes it as a fever dream, one filled with a lot of blood and gore, but at the same time, it turns religion on its head, tries to make the reader see the connection between emotions and how things lead into each other. I was not expecting that to say the least.but I loved it.

    10. In his afterword of the limited edition hardcover version of Cruelty, author Edward Lorn describes the preceding 684 pages as a "fever dream disguised as a novel".Rarely have I agreed so whole-heartedly with an author's view of their work.Originally conceived and released as a ten episode serial novel, Cruelty tells the story of a massive creature with a porcelain doll mask that goes around a town No, that's not quite right. It tells the story of a creature that takes the shape of people from c [...]

    11. This is one heck of a read! Foul language, sexual references, cringeworthy characters (some human, some not) that make you laugh, and plenty of gore, all the ingredients needed for a perfect Lorn book!I really had to concentrate while reading this one, I read it on kindle but if I had the book I would have been marking pages with all the different characters, the rolls they played in the story, and where they end up. There are a lot of characters in this book but I say that as a good thing. It i [...]

    12. Full disclosure, I was given a copy of this book by the author himself in exchange for an honest review.You want to know what I always found creepy? Dolls. Seriously, dolls creep me the fuck out. Especially in horror movies and horror stories. There's just something chilling about dolls, something that makes you feel uneasy. Chucky is a good example, those first few Child's Play movies can be quite unsettling. Look at the success of Annabel, is the movie crap? Yes. However, the movie wouldn't ha [...]

    13. This was a reread of the entire ten part serial novel that I read (in episodes) between 2014 and 2015. Here is my review from Episode 10 which pretty much still sums up how I feel about the series.All good things must come to an endI was lucky to be introduced to Edward Lorn's writing by a friend of mine (also another independent writer). It was because of those independent writers that I started reading books on the kindle. Cruelty: Episode One was the first kindle book I read. First, I want to [...]

    14. Can't rate this one. I wanted to like it. I love Ed Lorn, love his writing, love his reviews, love his value system. He's a good guy.But this one--while a good story (from what I gleaned in the first 102 pages)--simply doesn't appeal to me, for two reasons that I simply can't get past.The first is the amount of gore. I love horror, but I've never been a fan of gore. I don't like the Halloween, Friday the 13th, Chainsaw Massacre, or Saw movies. Because I don't like gore. That said, Ed writes gore [...]

    15. Dark and DementedWowI mean wow. I am pretty speechless right now. Author Lorn either took some really nasty drugs while writing this or experienced night terrors and wrote them down when he woke up.This was one creepy, dark book. The only other book I've ever read that came close is THE DRIVE-IN by Joe Lansdale. And I love Lansdale's writing so that's a huge compliment coming from me.I didn't read this as a serialized book but read the whole thing pretty much straight through. I'm glad of this b [...]

    16. Here it is, Edward Lorn's serial epic, starring a sadistic behemoth with a baby doll mask for a face. Together, all ten episodes serve up a salmagundi of splatterpunk, crime fiction, cosmic horror and gallows humor. You can check out my reviews for each episode below:Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X

    17. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. By that, I mean I absolutely LOVED the way the book started and kind of hated the latter half of it. I'm sure this is on me, but the last quarter or so of the book seemed almost confusing. Cruelty/forgiveness/creator -- the whole concept just got kind of blurry and fuzzy. I found myself kind of dreading whenever I'd hit a chapter that showed anyone other than Randy, Natalie, Frank or Nell in the title. I guess some of the otherworldly figureheads o [...]

    18. I tried to get to the end of this book it was an absolute struggle so I gave up. Eventually I may pick it back up and care enough to finish it but at the time I gave up I just didn't care. I couldn't quite get my head around some of the concept of the story, the repetitive nature of some of it was annoying, and I could care less about a single character in the book. So why even three stars? Well I did make it through most of the book so it was good enough for that. I just would have liked if the [...]

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