Django/Zorro: The Official Sequel to Django Unchained

Django Zorro The Official Sequel to Django Unchained Oscar Award winning writer director and Django creator Quentin Tarantino teams with Eisner Award winning comic book creator Matt Wagner to write the official Django Unchained sequel uniting the gun b

  • Title: Django/Zorro: The Official Sequel to Django Unchained
  • Author: Quentin Tarantino Matt Wagner Esteve Polls
  • ISBN: 9781606907597
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oscar Award winning writer director and Django creator Quentin Tarantino teams with Eisner Award winning comic book creator Matt Wagner to write the official Django Unchained sequel, uniting the gun blazing Western hero with the legendary swordsman of literature, film, and comics Zorro Set several years after the events of Django Unchained, Django again pursues evil menOscar Award winning writer director and Django creator Quentin Tarantino teams with Eisner Award winning comic book creator Matt Wagner to write the official Django Unchained sequel, uniting the gun blazing Western hero with the legendary swordsman of literature, film, and comics Zorro Set several years after the events of Django Unchained, Django again pursues evil men in his role as a bounty hunter Taking to the roads of the American Southwest, he encounters the aged and sophisticated Diego de la Vega by sheer chance Django is fascinated by this unusual character, the first wealthy white man he s met who seems totally unconcerned with the color of his skin and who can hold his own in a fight Django hires on as Diego s bodyguard, and is soon drawn into a fight to free the local indigenous people from brutal servitude Learning much from the older man as he did from King Schultz , he discovers that slavery isn t exclusive to his people, as he even dons the mask of Zorro in their mission of mercy

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    1. Epic crossover!!!The TPB edition contains the “Django/Zorro” #1-7.I bought this in its single issues, but I chosen the TPB edition to make a better overall review.Creative Team:Writers: Quentin Tarantino (YES!!! HIM!!!) & Matt WagnerIllustrator: Esteve PollsTHE D IS SILENT, THE Z ISN’TA crossover that it’s too good to be true……but happily IS TRUE!!!Django Freeman, the character developed in the film Django Unchained meets Diego de la Vega better known as El Zorro!!!An epic advent [...]

    2. Well, that was something. Witness a unique and completely awkward crossover event where Quentin Tarantino's Django fights alongside with Spain's own Antonio Banderas EL ZORRO!Once again, Django is back in west hunting criminals down for sizable bounties (Dead, never alive). While he was on a job, he crosses paths with an elderly Spaniard: A man with his own set of peculiarities which reminded Django of someone who used to be very close to him.Meet the enigmatic Don Diago Da Le Vega. After witnes [...]

    3. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I'm not a fan of westerns, and especially not a fan of westerns as comics, for one primary reason: they are simply too predictable. That's the problem with this one, too.Django leaves the southern US towards Arizona, and meets Zorro on the way. They join forces against a cruel and ruthless landowner, and against overwhelming odds they win the day for the people (in this case American Indians) that were being oppressed. So predictabl [...]

    4. Wow, what a ride. Quentin Tarantino makes whats being called his official first foray into comics, and it delivers. Matt Wagner handles the scripting, which is too bad really. I'm a huge Matt Wagner fan but I've always thought Tarantino's true strength was scripting even moreso than plotting. The art is great as well.This story picks up several years after the end of Django Unchained when Django meets up with an aged Zorro. The two find themselves attempting to tend the tyranny of the evil Archd [...]

    5. While I love Q-ball's movies, as I've gotten older and my ability to handle watching gore has decreased I've had to stop watching his movies. The last one I saw was Django Unchained and even though it was probably one of my favorites of his works, I will never watch it again. Decaprio's character was a bit much for me.That being said, comic violence is easier for me to digest so I was excited to delve into this series even though Zoro has never been my favorite masked hero. Honestly the story en [...]

    6. Well, that was quite a ride! Great action, and what a duo. OK, I admit I still haven't watched Django, I know I should, but somehow I can't get to it, so I don't know anything about this guy. But Zorro, on the other hand, him I do know and this story is totally in his style. I'm guessing from Django's side you'll have all the gunfights and killing as Zorro prefers not to kill.I had a great time watching and reading how Diego gets rid of some idiots who think they can mess with him just because h [...]

    7. The west is still open and land is being snatched up by any means legal or otherwise as rumours abound of a railway linking the west with the east. Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) is on his way to investigate the man known as the ‘Archduke of Arizona’ who claims to own most of the territory when he meets up with Django who is on the trail of some bank robbers. The two discover their mutual interests and Zorro offers to hire Django as his bodyguard although it becomes clear pretty quickly that h [...]

    8. Well I'll be! "Django/Zorro" is the team-up comic book that I didn't know I needed but, by God, I did. I loved "Django Unchained" and I grew up watching the old black and white Zorro TV show and loved it so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.The Zorro of this book is an awesome older Zorro who may be a little more achy but he hasn't lost a step mentally and can still swash a few buckles when it counts.The two of them end up fighting a corrupt and phony-baloney land owner in what will soon become [...]

    9. I received this for free through NetGalleyLoved Django and love Zorro so I was really happy that I got to read this. All I can say is that it is epic! Classic Tarantino for sure. I got a little lost in the middle like I sometimes do with graphic novels but nonetheless the story is fantastic. I really enjoyed the artwork in this as well. I haven't read too many graphic novels but the art in this is distinct and captivating - it really lifted the story and gave another level of depth to the charac [...]

    10. Didn't know this existed until I heard QT talking about it on The Nerdist podcast. It's a passable reworking of the story from the movie but I'm pretty insulted that QT takes any claim for writing it as its very basic form makes it pretty obvious he didn't. Guess what I'm saying is that if I'd stayed in the world where I didn't know it existed that would've been just fine.

    11. This is a very clever, well-executed mashup of Quentin Tarantino's hero from Django Unchained and Matt Wagner's reinvention of Johnston McCulley's Zorro, which features itinerant bounty-hunter Django serving as bodyguard/sidekick/protégé to the aging Don Diego de la Vega.The novelty of the pairing notwithstanding, Tarantino and Wagner provide a compelling story with a scheme cooked up by a worthy antagonist. It's a thrill to see Django don the mask of Zorro -- to see him take his place, alongs [...]

    12. I've collected the individual issues and am surprised this hasnt been released in paperback yet. The cost of the hardcover version may be a gamble to some not knowing what to expect from the story. I hope they release the paperback soon. In any event, I felt this story being sold as a "sequel" to Django is worth it but readers should take certain things into consideration.First off, I think it is fair to criticize that this story really should be considered more of a Zorro story than Django. The [...]

    13. 'Django/Zorro: The Official Sequel to Django Unchained' by Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner joins two unlikely people in a fight for justice, and it works pretty well.At this point in his life, Diego de la Vega, aka Zorro, is getting older. He is travelling to Arizona when he runs across Django, who is walking and carrying a saddle. Though wary at first, Django is kind of interested in this unusual man and takes a job with him as a bodyguard. What unfolds next is a story of deception and greed [...]

    14. This is another crossover book from Dynamite. It features the hero from Django Unchained and Zorro. The pairing works really well if you enjoy Western style stories. Their personalities play off each other fantastically and the writing is great.Their meeting occurs in the wilderness and appears random at first. Zorro recruits Django to act as his bodyguard as he investigates a man who claims the title Archduke of Arizona. The backstory behind the Archduke is interesting and helps drive the plot. [...]

    15. This book is good, but kind of flatters to deceive. It's not such a huge stretch of storytelling to put the two characters into the same world, it's not that much different from any other story containing them (although that certainly applies more to the swordsman than the gunfighter), and it leaves them walking off into their respective sunsets hardly changed. So while the pages turn at a great gallop, while the setting is evoked just as well as all the characters, both good and bad, and while [...]

    16. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I will admit to having a synopsis level of knowledge regarding the movie. This is not due to any dislike of it on my part.1) I'm cheap and would rather wait for things on Netflix than paying $12+2) Between reading, work, and hobbies I don't really have the time to watch much even if it's on Netflix.But I know enough of the story to know what happened prior [...]

    17. I received an advance copy of this graphic novel through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This graphic novel was fun and fast to read. It was a fantastic sequel to the film, and a crossover I never knew I wanted, but was so glad had happened. The one thing I found a little off was the pacing - there was a lot of exposition in the beginning, which gave a very compelling story, there's no denying that, but the ending flew a little too quickly in comparison. It happened way too fast. All [...]

    18. I got this graphic novel through NetGalley as an e-comic book to read and review. This story picks up years after the end of Django Unchained, and I’m glad to see that Django as a character is as special as I thought he was in Django Unchained. I also think the character development was done very nicely and this was indeed a good graphic novel.I did find the plot to borderline on confusing, but what else could I have anticipated from someone like Tarantino? At times it was a lot of dialogue, w [...]

    19. Django/Zorro by Matt Wagner and Quentin Tarantino is a free NetGalley e-comic book that I read during a morning in early October. Having seen this title come up on the NetGalley feed of upcoming advance reader copy titles, I had deeply hoped to the comic book gods that fortune would smile on me and offer a copy for me to review. , yay!This comic is extremely good. Fonts are discretely allotted to a character's inner and outer voice, Django would of course be angered by Mexican enslavement in pre [...]

    20. If you like Tarantino films/Zorro/western novels (graphic or otherwise) then you won’t be disappointed with this one. It was super fun to read and it was pretty cool to see Django and Zorro together in the one story, even if Zorro was quite a bit older than we might be accustomed to – but age has not diminished his awesomeness. The artwork was great, although not 100% clear in the ARC (it would definitely be better in print), and the storyline was fantastic – really it’s completely belie [...]

    21. Take a iconic California character (Zorro) and a recent successful movie character (Django), mash them together in a fraud case in 1800's Arizona. Zorro is on the road to investigate the "Archduke of Arizona" when he encounters Django chasing down a gang of robbers. They joined together and manage to complement each other's styles in bringing down the "Archduke." Plenty of sword and gun play, quips, and early Western life. If you enjoy either Zorro, Django, or Western comics, you are likely to e [...]

    22. I wanted to like this. I really did. I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, but for some reason this graphic novel lacked the depth of character that I am accustomed to seeing with his work. It was an interesting concept, but it just didn't translate well as a graphic novel.*I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*

    23. Is it predictable? Yes. Is it standard western material? Yes. Is it entertaining? Heck yes! And, as someone who came for Django, it gave me a whole new impression of Zorro as a character. It ends up being a bit of a (probably unintentional?) comment on manliness, what it's percieved as and what it could be, while still being a by-the-numbers old west adventure.

    24. Tarantino’s hero meets the mighty ZorroQuentin Tarantino & Matt Wagner bring us an encounter between Tarantino’s Django (following on from the film) and Don Diego de la Vega (now getting on in years). Together these heroes fight injustice in Arizona with plenty of bloodshed.Engaging tale with few surprises, well-written and illustrated. Quite fun.

    25. This crossover fit in seamlessly. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius. Great dialogue, great story, great art!

    26. Not terrible, with a couple of interesting plot points, especially around the villain's backstory, but mostly just kind of flat (character-wise) and dark (visually).(I read an ARC from Netgalley.)

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