Skies of Ash

Skies of Ash A Detective Elouise Norton novel Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise Lou Norton arrives at the scene of a tragic house fire to find the bodies of a mother and two children Left behind is grieving

  • Title: Skies of Ash
  • Author: Rachel Howzell Hall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Detective Elouise Norton novel.Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise Lou Norton arrives at the scene of a tragic house fire, to find the bodies of a mother and two children Left behind is grieving husband Christopher Chatman Unless, of course, he s the one who killed them Or was the fire sparked by a serial arsonist known as The Burning Man Searching for justice tA Detective Elouise Norton novel.Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise Lou Norton arrives at the scene of a tragic house fire, to find the bodies of a mother and two children Left behind is grieving husband Christopher Chatman Unless, of course, he s the one who killed them Or was the fire sparked by a serial arsonist known as The Burning Man Searching for justice through the ashes of a picture perfect family, Lou doesn t know if she will catch an arsonist or be burned

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      221 Rachel Howzell Hall
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    1. L.A. Homicide detective Elouise "Lou" Norton returns here in her second outing, following her debut in 2014's Land of Shadows. As the book opens, Lou and her still relatively new partner, Collin Taggert, are called to the scene of a raging house fire. A woman named Julia Chatman and two of her children have died in the late-night blaze, and Julia's husband, Christopher, a commodities broker, has been injured in a vain attempt to rescue his family when he arrived home in the middle of the night a [...]

    2. Oh Tina! You have a lifetime invite to the Reed family barbecue! My grandmother is reading Land of Shadows and I'm under orders to not bother her until she's done. In short, she may adopt you, lol. I do need to get one thing off my chest: Greg: Boy (you're not worth being considered a "man"), you don't get that fancy, expensive presents won't fix your marriage. A marriage you kept fucking up through your infidelity. Trust cannot be bought for a $90,000 dollar Porsche and a diamond-platinum cross [...]

    3. I'm a fan of this author. She can write, and she writes honestly. Authentic! Descriptions are crisp and real, not P.C. nice-nice coated. And she can really zing those one liners. Very much in the category of professional comic material. But within more depth. Enjoyed this to a 4.5 star level. I did not read Trail of Echoes yet, but that will be rectified.But Skies of Ash was zippy as her L.A. lanes during a car chase. She also takes the 45 minute to Vegas once here, but most of the copy is right [...]

    4. I dug "Land of Shadows." "Skies of Ash" might be better. This one quickly took me back to Norton’s sharply-barbed worldview and her grinding sense of determination when put on the scent of a murder. If fellow L.A. detective Harry Bosch gets a TV show, certainly Elouise Norton deserves one, too. Maybe Bosch and Norton could meet up? I bet Norton could make Bosch laugh, loosen up some of that grim weight he drags around. (I’m a Bosch fan, don’t get me wrong. But I think Bosch would get a kic [...]

    5. I am really wild about Hall's writing in this book. She has such a way with not only delightful hyperbole like: "No crowds meant better parking, though. And better parking meant less walking. And zippity-do-dah, I pulled into a parking space only seventy-six miles away from the hospital" but with sharply funny observations that sum up in a few words the things that other writers might fumble with in a few sentences, like: "This was not the lobby of your grandpa's commodity firm" - this is basica [...]

    6. (3 1/2). While I read this book, a lyric from a Temptaions song kept running through my head - "like a snowball rollin' down the side of a snow covered hill, it's growin'." This books starts off with a simple enough event and just picks up steam. It just keeps getting more and more entangled, kind of like that weird backwards book I read earlier this year where it ended at the start and unraveled from there. Elouise Norton is a great protagonist and she drives the bus. Occasional flashes of othe [...]

    7. Second in a series -- I'm loving these books. Lou is my kind of police detective. She's smart and kickass but has baggage enough for two women. Looking forward to #3!

    8. I’m not a huge “series” reader but Rachel Howzell Hall definitely makes me step out of my comfort zone. In this second installment of her Detective Elouise Norton series, Lou is charged with finding the culprit behind the fire that killed Juliet Chatman and her son and daughter in their home, while husband, Christopher, was supposedly working a late night at the office. Everything seems fishy, from the husband’s antics to his best friend’s incessant defense, how quickly the insurance i [...]

    9. For those that enjoy Michael Connelly and the Harry Bosch books, the Elouise Norton series would most likely interest you.In some ways the two series are similar, but in other ways vastly different. Of course, Rachel Howzell Hall tells her stories through the eyes of her created black, female detective and to suggest the writing of Rachel Howzell Hall as an imitation to Michael Connelly is not the intent of this review - it is instead to point out how enjoyable her writing is and with just two b [...]

    10. Still really enjoyed this book and character although I wish the author had not rushed the ending and let it play out a little more. Can't wait for the next in the series.

    11. "Skies of Ash" by Rachel Howzell Hall is a deftly written, snappy mystery with an intelligent, but flawed detective, Elouise "Lou" Norton, who tries to solve a murder that looks like arson but is actually something more sinister. Initially I had a problem with the story because the Los Angeles area, nicknamed "The Jungle" but now known as "Baldwin Village", isn't accurately portrayed in the book. What was once a gang and crime infested area has changed to include a multicultural community of wel [...]

    12. 4.5 stars. I know there are a zillion police procedural series out there, but I wish this one got more attention because it's really good! I liked this one even better than the first. The mystery here isn't intertwined with Lou's personal life the way it was in the first one, but it is engaging--a woman and her two children killed in a house fire in the middle of the night while her husband is conveniently absent, and of course everyone connected to the family has secrets galore. But what I real [...]

    13. LAPD Detective Elouise Norton investigates a house fire where a mother and her two children die and the father is injured. At first look they were a happy family, but as Elouise digs she finds that wasn’t so. Plus the young son was a fire setter. She has suspicions of the father. Her partner, Colin Taggert, and others think she is trying too hard to find the father guilty. Is she so intent on focusing on the father because of her own unfaithlful, lying husband? That becomes an issue in her inv [...]

    14. 4.5 stars. All the things I loved about the first book are still here in this one. The spot on dialogue, the great mystery, the fab writing, LA scenery, and Lou's incredible inner voice.I take a half star off because I wasn't feeling the ending. Felt a little abrupt and open ended. Although the perp is identified I don't feel that justice was done. Especially since the crime was so damn foul. And the motives were so effed up!But off to the next one. I heartily rec this series to anyone who enjoy [...]

    15. I love the writing style of this author. Detective Norton still is recovering from finding her sister's body in the last novel. Marital troubles lurk as she tries to solve the deaths of three family members. For whatever reason, Chris Chatman fits her role as the perpetrator of the crime. Her partner wants her to expand her circle of suspects. There is some sexual tension that he wants to explore but Detective Norton deftly avoids it. She becomes enamored with a potential suspect but does not fu [...]

    16. I've not read anything from this author before, I just picked this up on the new in stand at the library; I wasn't too confident about liking it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Being a little different to what I normally read, this Detective Norton novel was a nice change. I was kept interested in the story throughout, the characters seemed real, like I knew them, and although parts were a little obvious, or cringe worthy (I'm talking about the love / romance element) it had a good c [...]

    17. I had the pleasure of reading an unedited version of Skies of Ash. Rachel once again delivers another page turner that takes you inside of LA detective Lou Norton's life all while taking you in a wild ride as she and her partner get to the bottom of a grizzly murder of a family. While I had my suspicions I was surprised at the end. As always the end leaves you wanting to grab the next book to see where Lou goes next both personally and professionally. Rachel's character development is terrific - [...]

    18. Fabulous twisty mystery where you aren't sure who among the suspects (and there are many) was the killer.One of the things that I really, really like about this series is Homicide Detective Lou Norton's friends won't let her be a loner. They won't let her isolate. (The isolated detective being the total go-to trope of this genre and the urban fantasy genre.) I love the complexity of their friendship and what that means for Lou.

    19. Rachel Howzell Hall's Elouise Norton series is two for two so far. Like its predecessor, Land of Shadows, Skies of Ash has a very engaging lead character (Female African-American detective working LAPD homicide), crackling prose, and a plot of Chandleresque complexity out of which Detective Norton must tease the fairly simple murder solution.I'm looking forward to the third installment, which received a star in Kirkus Reviews (a rarity for mysteries).

    20. This is a good one. Lou Norton is an L.A. homicide detective; she and her partner, Colin, don't think three dead people in a house fire is an accident. Their investigation turns up infidelity in marriages, scandal, fraud, and medical problems from those who are thought to be leading the 'perfect' life. And Lou has her own problems dealing with a philandering husband. But, for the most part, she's able to put her personal issues aside, and search for justice in a difficult case.

    21. This is the type of mystery you want to read all at once. For me, the best type of mystery is one you want to keep reading after you know the *who* in the whodoneit. This book is definitely in that category. Skies of Ash confronts the mundane portions of marriage and uncovers the underbelly of the best and worse in humans. I can't wait for the next installment in this series.

    22. This is not "Great Literature", but it doesn't have to be; it's enjoyable for what it is, which is a twisty-turny murder mystery with an entertaining cast of characters. Our protagonist Lou Norton is endearing and fun to root for. Sometimes the writing tries too hard, but the plot never stops being interesting and you *have* to know how it ends, to see if you predicted it right!

    23. I liked this book a lot. Probably not as much as the first in the series, but it was still very good. The mystery was a little less mysterious and the characters had moments of working my nerve. But, i still love them and can't wait to read the next installment.

    24. Another hit for Hall. I really enjoyed getting to know this character better. Lou is an interesting and flawed woman. Other characters are getting more play as the series continues. I will definitely be waiting for Hall's next book. There is even, gasp, a plot to follow!

    25. This is the second book with homicide detectives Lou Norton and her partner Colin. They're called out to an arson that has killed a mother and her two children. Is it a murder suicide or did someone else cause this deadly fire? I enjoyed this book

    26. Lead character is still and interesting black woman detective, but this is a brand new story which can stand on it's own or serve to let you know to get the characters a little better. Surprisingly fresh, even having just read the previous novel, Land of shadows.

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