Different Class

Different Class After thirty years at St Oswald s Grammar in North Yorkshire Latin master Roy Straitley has seen all kinds of boys come and go Each class has its clowns its rebels its underdogs its Brodie boys wh

  • Title: Different Class
  • Author: Joanne Harris
  • ISBN: 9780385619233
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After thirty years at St Oswald s Grammar in North Yorkshire, Latin master Roy Straitley has seen all kinds of boys come and go Each class has its clowns, its rebels, its underdogs, its Brodie boys who, whilst of course he doesn t have favourites, hold a special place in an old teacher s heart But every so often there s a boy who doesn t fit the mould A troublemaker.After thirty years at St Oswald s Grammar in North Yorkshire, Latin master Roy Straitley has seen all kinds of boys come and go Each class has its clowns, its rebels, its underdogs, its Brodie boys who, whilst of course he doesn t have favourites, hold a special place in an old teacher s heart But every so often there s a boy who doesn t fit the mould A troublemaker A boy with hidden shadows inside.With insolvency and academic failure looming, a new broom has arrived at the venerable school, bringing Powerpoint, sharp suits and even sixth form girls to the dusty corridors But while Straitley does his sardonic best to resist this march to the future, a shadow from his past is stirring A boy who even twenty years on haunts his teacher s dreams A boy capable of bad things.

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    1. Whether small towns in France as in Chocolat or Five segments of an orange, or a return to St. Oswald, Harris has the enviable talent of taking the reader to the heart of her settings and characters. Of course, I have no first hand knowledge of an all boys school but I did go to Catholic schools most of my school years and they are both somewhat insular institutions or communities.Straitly, is our narrator, the Latin Master, now in his late sixties , St Oswald's is his life, he is resistant to c [...]

    2. How well do we really know our friends? How do we know what they’re hiding? Different Class is a slow building complex thriller that got under my skin and kept me guessing until the final page. The tightly woven plot is a masterful game of cat and mouse. Having taught at the prestigious, yet outdated, St. Oswald’s Grammar for 30 years, Latin master Roy Straitley is grounded in tradition. Straitley has given his life to St. Oswald’s. Thus, he reacts as his life has been threatened when he m [...]

    3. Different Class by Joanne Harris is a 2017 Touchstone publication. “Injustice is the tiny shard of something broken in the soul that can never be mended.”I had a feeling I was going to like this book, and my intuitions didn’t disappoint me.Roy Straitley has taught Latin at the prestigious St. Oswald’s Grammar boys school for thirty years. But, the school is standing on rocky ground after a scandal and financial problems. The old ways are being shoved to the side in favor of technology, b [...]

    4. This is, without doubt, one of the best books i've read this year thus far. But it's only mid-March you say, what kind of endorsement is that? Well, i'm laying bets that i'll still feel this way in December. It's that good.The novel is sharp in a way that leaves you shocked and bleeding. Told by two narrators, the serpentine plot is parcelled out slowly, then all at once. One voice, that of school Master Roy Straitley, is particularly cutting. His observations on other characters, the school, ed [...]

    5. As Michaelmas term begins at St Oswald’s independent grammar school for boys, Latin master, Roy Straightly, is mourning the loss of a very old friend, former English master Harry Clarke, and at the same time, is dismayed to learn that the new head is a former pupil – one whom he never liked and certainly never trusted. Time hasn’t improved John Harrington, in Roy’s eyes, but everyone else seems to love him. Good-looking, an MBE, armed with formidable charm and flanked by two ‘crisis de [...]

    6. If you’ve read 'Gentlemen And Players' and 'blueeyedboy', you will be familiar with the setting in this book, St Oswald’s Grammar School for Boys in the fictional Yorkshire village of Malbry.As Joanne Harris says, "The books all stand alone. However, to put it into context, this book follows a year after 'Gentlemen And Players', and four years before 'blueeyedboy', and features some characters from both books."In 'Different Class', our hero, Roy Straightly has been the school’s Latin maste [...]

    7. Чудесно е, когато любим автор се завърне след дълго отсъствие с ново заглавие, нареждащо се сред най-добрите му постижения."Различен клас" на Джоан Харис спада към дарк книгите ѝ, както условно ги наричам и бих казала, че е може би един от най-силните представатели на тази час [...]

    8. "in loco parentis"- yes, it was.Do we ever fully know our best friends? When is it necessary to keep your friends close and your enemies closer? When do we achieve "PROGRESS THROUGH TRADITION"? How has tradition in education (or in base morality) become redefined?This book is superb, it is ingenious, it is a masterpiece. When have you ever heard this reader say those things all together. Never before here.If this register allowed for 6 stars, Joanne Harris has arrived to claim that scale.Too man [...]

    9. As I felt this story deserved comment from a schoolmaster, below is a letter to Mr Straitley from Josiah Powel (MA Harvard), Latin master & House Master of Latymer House, Saint Aidan's School, Wensleydale, Connecticut, who will figure in a novel I'm now trying to write.My dear Straitley, It was most engaging to follow your latest exploits @ S. Oswald's. Here @ S. Aidan’s we too have had more than usual atra cura, as you’ll discover if my chronicler Bill Kupersmith exerts himself to bring [...]

    10. Книгата ми хареса в пъти повече от "Джентълмени и играчи"! Още по-мрачна, още по-готическа от първата част! Стилът на Джоан Харис (поне в тези две нейни книги, които прочетох) ми допадна изключително много. Пише с лека ирония, с едно много фино чувство за хумори всички тези двус [...]

    11. In short - So dark, so funny, so goodIn longI heard the author talking about this book in a radio interview and thought that it sounded interesting. Intrigued by the prologue I was hooked within the first chapter really and Roy Straitley, who we meet in it and who is one of the best characters I've read in quite some time. In fact the prologue contains the other voice heard in this book - that of one of the boys who was at the Grammar school in the 1980s and was taught by Straitley. The chapters [...]

    12. My favourite kind of Joanne Harris novel. Brooding, menacing and claustrophobic. We're back at St Oswald's school, setting for the equally fantastic Gentlemen and Players, and back in the company of Latin master Mr Straitley who is having to grapple with more unwelcome ghosts of the past. The book goes back and forth in time, partly through the eyes of Mr Straitley and partly through a sociopathic diarist who's intentions leave the reader uncomfortable from the get go. Similar in tone to Blueeye [...]

    13. A very different read that engaged every aspect of me. Incredibly interesting, one of those books you need to really chew over. Full review to follow.

    14. I bought this book after hearing Joanne Harris talk about it (and lots of other things too!) at the Hay Literary Festival a few weeks ago. I also got it signed by her!Joanne is one of my favourite authors and this book did not disappoint. It is set in a private grammar school St Oswalds in a fictional town in the north of England, as was a previous book 'Gentlemen and Players'. The main character once again is the irrascible Classics Master Roy Straitley, and half of the book is told from his po [...]

    15. Having thoroughly enjoyed "Gentlemen and Players," I couldn't wait to go back to the world of Master Roy Straightly, the classics teacher at an all boys private school. This novel puts you in the place of an aging teacher who truly cares about his students while having everything he believes attacked. His musings and anecdotes amused while the dark underlying story slowly comes to the light. The story unfolds like an onion bouncing between two perspectives where you find a dark hidden spoilage i [...]

    16. It would have been 3, had I not been a teacher. The story, imho, needs some editing (and most importantly, cutting) but the subtle yet profound grievance about newfangled "correctness" and "appropriateness" of classroom material — oh boy, do I relate to this.

    17. Different Class is set in a private boys grammar school in crisis. A school which is just about to be introduced to its new “Super Head” and accompanying crisis team. However, it is not the first time St Oswalds has seen trouble and the arrival of the new head will plunge Roy Straightley, Latin master, back 20 years in time to when the new head was himself a new boy.It is a very dark read and one that you have to take special care in reading so that you don’t miss out on some of the subtle [...]

    18. This is the eleventh book I have read by Joanne Harris, and definitely view her as one of my all-time favourite authors. I love how she is able to write so many different genres. As someone who loves to read a variety of genres, this makes her the perfect author for me.Unfortunately, this particular book didn’t quite grip me in the way many of her other books have. I much preferred Blueeyedboy and Gentlemen and Players. I found Different Class a little slow and it failed to surprise me in the [...]

    19. A very clever book about the world of a boys school, and of course, about all the world. Anyone who has worked in a school will know it is a stale place, with secrets and alliances. In this case, there is child abuse. And there is also a gay teacher ( at least one) , religion, tradition, and I guess we all know where it's going to end up. In a situation like this, there are so few ( if any) real friends and an awful lot of " my best friend is gaybut." type filth. So very well done. I loved the c [...]

    20. Although this took me a while to read (I am a studennnnnnt with only a recent newfound freedom), I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was completely hooked. It is a bit of a slow burner, so I encourage you to keep going. Harris tells the story of a Grammar school, St Oswalds, and the loyalty of a former student (and now teacher). His narration depicts some of the school secrets which the new head, another former student, intends to hide. The narration jumps between the 1980s and the present day as [...]

    21. Страхотно ми хареса:-) Препоръчвам на всички почитатели на "Джентълмени и играчи"!

    22. On the positives I enjoyed the plot. The parts I thought I'd guessed were wrong and it kept me turning pages. But. another identity twist? I didn't see it coming. (I should have. I've read her other stuff and it is becoming a bit of a habit ) but instead of it seeming clever it just irritated me. I felt cheated and wasn't sure I could be bothered realigning my understanding with the new facts. And was it not edited? It's so repetitive. I wondered if it was because he was old to start with and th [...]

    23. Oh what an unsettling novel this was! The chronology switched back and forth between the past (1981) and the present (2005); I really liked Harris' use of diary entries for the narrative set in '81 as this set the tone for the whole book. It all felt a bit cold, a bit disturbing - and I loved it!I really enjoyed the humour throughout the book, Harris weaved it into the story beautifully, it did not disrupt the chilling atmosphere at all, it rather added to it. While I didn't particularly warm to [...]

    24. Times are changing at St Oswald’s school for boys. It’s 2005 and the school is in decline. A crisis team has been recruited to turn things around. They’ve replaced the old honour boards with shiny new banners depicting smiling students, political correctness has been taken to such an extreme that victims are being made to apologise to their bullies, sixth form Mulberry girls have admitted into certain classes, students are now ‘customers’ and all written communications must now be made [...]

    25. I’ve never read a Joanne Harris novel before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. I usually don’t like books set in other countries, but the book blurb to “Different Class” was too good to pass up.Harris hooked me immediately with the history of St. Oswald’s Grammar in North Yorkshire. She sets up main character, schoolmaster Roy Straitley, immediately as a teacher who has roughened around the edges after teaching for over thirty years. During his long tenure, he has seen many boys come [...]

    26. Gentlemen and Players в свое время мне ну очень понравилась, поэтому, конечно, мимо продолжения я пройти не смогла. Я, признаться, хотя и получила в свое время удовольствие от шоколадных книг про Виан Роше и прочую кулинарию, но особым фанатом не стала, а вот эта вот более темная сторон [...]

    27. Another literary masterpiece from Ms Harris. A deeply complex story with wonderful drawn characters as always. This is another thriller set in St Oswalds private grammar school for boys, which once again explores the themes of class distinction, troubled childhoods and revenge. A delightfully well paced read, with an ingenious, tightly controlled plot. Would highly recommend, even to those who have not read the first book in the series.

    28. So It had been a while since I had read a Joanne Harris thriller, and ever since I knew 'Different Class' was out there to be purchased I thought I had to read it.And read it I did. I didn't start my reading with a lot of expectations, but I wanted to like it. I dind't even remember that much about St. Oswald's from 'Gentlemen and Players' because, as has so kindly let me know, I read this book in 2006, more than eleven years ago. How could I remember much now? The only things I do remember wel [...]

    29. Despite loving all of Joanne Harris's other books, I just couldn't get into this, and ended up not finishing it. The plot and characters just didn't grab me.

    30. Има автори, които човек започва да обича още с първата книга. И започва да чете всичко тяхно, просто защото е тяхно. Понякога се влюбва в прочетеното, понякога просто го харесва, а понякога откровено се разочарова - аз вече имах своето разочарование от Джоан Харис, и то всъщно [...]

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