Quarry's Cut

Quarry s Cut It s normal to see bodies on the set of an adult film But when they re dead bodies and the cast and crew discover they re trapped in a house with a serial killer Quarry s got his work cut out for him

  • Title: Quarry's Cut
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9781783298891
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s normal to see bodies on the set of an adult film But when they re dead bodies and the cast and crew discover they re trapped in a house with a serial killer Quarry s got his work cut out for him The longest running series from Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition, and the first ever to feature a hitman as the main character, the Quarry novels tell tIt s normal to see bodies on the set of an adult film But when they re dead bodies and the cast and crew discover they re trapped in a house with a serial killer Quarry s got his work cut out for him The longest running series from Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition, and the first ever to feature a hitman as the main character, the Quarry novels tell the story of a paid assassin with a rebellious streak and an unlikely taste for justice Once a Marine sniper, Quarry found a new home stateside with a group of contract killers But some men aren t made for taking orders and when Quarry strikes off on his own, god help the man on the other side of his nine millimeter

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    1. In an effort to score a quick payday, Quarry locates the target of another hitman with the idea of hiring himself out to stop the killer. Only the intended victim is a porno producer. When Quarry ends up snowed in on the set of a porno and people start dying, is it the work of the hitman Quarry is trying to stop or a psychopath?The Good: The plot of being snowed in wasn't new, since cozy British mysteries have been using that for about a century, but being snowed in on the set of a porno movie w [...]

    2. Quarry is pretty much the same in this story, but he's in a different situation - his own turf & a porn movie. It made for some interesting twists. Another great, fun read. On to Primary Target

    3. This one was just kind of there. There's really not a lot of mystery in this one, and the plot is basically over before any suspense can build. Character development takes a huge step back compared to the previous books. Not a terrible way to spend an evening, but also not a book I'm likely to ever revisit.

    4. Probably the darkest of all the Quarry novels that I've read, considering that this is a series about a contract killer, that's saying a lot. Nonetheless, still an entertaining read, as are all the Quarry novels.

    5. This one felt a little contrived, as if the author was forcing Quarry to do some silly mistakes that only an amateur would dare make.Overall decent, but not as good as the Hard Case books. I recommend it as it is a lite and easy read.

    6. Enter Quarry 4 in which this hitman in retirement only wants to enjoy the local cuisine and gets to do a favor scaring a man away that is or wants to enjoy relationships with the niece of Quarry's favorite diner.He finds out that the man in question is a hitman too who is on a job, but surprisingly it is not Quarry who is being chased of targeted. The Target in question is a director working thee field of Pornography and he is currently filming one. Too good to be true Quarry sets out to the set [...]

    7. The fourth volume in the Quarry series finds out retired hitman encountering an old partner who messed him over and ending up in the middle of an adult movie film shoot, the director being the target of the old partner. Most of the action and plot takes place in an abandoned ski lodge where the shoot was happening. Quarry doesn't really have any major mystery to figure out, he is only serving in a bodyguard capacity for the director to prevent his old partner from completing the hit. There's not [...]

    8. I found this 4th Quarry to be leaner,meaner,darker than some of the newer Quarrys I have read. There was a fine line of being too sick with all killing that it became comical that the book didn't crossQuarry himself was fascinating as in the best Quarry books, he was coldly logical in the way he saw the world, the way to do his work like a pro. He was also surprisingly he was more human than normally that he showed affection for people he came to like and didn't just entertain himself with women [...]

    9. a good early pulp/noir thriller novel from max allan collins featuring his series character Quarrye story flowed well and passed the time enjoyably. based on this pulp-style novel i can see why the character has attracted the attention of films and tv producers. it's just a shame that the recent tv series only ran for 8 episodese only down mark for the book i had was the rather sudden ending, and i know that this sometimes happens with this type of story/book.

    10. Tearing through Quarry books this year. This character never gets old and the storytelling hasn't dropped it from its quality in the first three. These are great novels for fans of pulp fiction and crime.

    11. For a book who's central set is a porn shoot, our hero has less sex than in any other entry in the series.

    12. I'm finding that that the Quarry series quality can vary from darn good to meh. This entry fits firmly into the latter category.

    13. Well, that concludes the last of the "original four" Quarry novels. I think I'll take a break just as the author did.

    14. openbooksociety/article/quQuarry’s CutBook 4 of Quarry: The SeriesBy Max Allan CollinsISBN 978-1-78329-889-1Brought to you by OBS Reviewer ScottReview:Quarry’s Cut marks the end of the quartet of the original Quarry novels. Republished by Hard Case Crime, Quarry, Quarry’s List, Quarry’s Deal and this novel mark the culmination of the seventies Quarry novels by Max Allan Collins. It’s a real treat to have someone with the flair of Cussler and Spillane for the grim and gritty world; and [...]

    15. The fourth and final of the early Quarrys.Quarry is having a bowl of chili at Wilma's, just down the road from his A-frame home, when he recognizes someone, a man named Turner, pumping gas out front. One of the men he'd partnered with a while first starting out in the business. When the man pulled something stupid on their last assignment, that was the end.Now Turner man was here at his home. That couldn't be a coincidence. When he asked Wilma if she recognized him, the cafe/motel owner admitted [...]

    16. Quarry series has a nice balance of sex and violence. This one is a little over the top on the body count though.

    17. "Quarry's Cut," by Max Allan Collins, is the last of the four "original" Quarry novels. I think it is the most humorous (though not always politically correct by today's standards) of the Quarry novels I've read thus far. Quarry (if you didn't know) is a youngish, good-looking hit man prowling the Midwest during the 1970s. Having thrown off the shackles of his mobbed-up employer, Quarry is a freelance man now. He'd rather put bullets in other hitmen--for a fee--than take shots at all the so-call [...]

    18. How good is this book? It's a fun romp through a killer's eyes and Collins is so good at portraying Quarry that you often forget he is a violent killer.It is filled with terrific descriptions such as that of Wilma, "an enormously fat woman who liked her own cooking even better" than her clients did. Quarry marvels at her ability to squeeze her three or four hundred pounds into a restaurant booth.And the story gets even more amusing when Quarry finds himself hidden in a motel closet while his old [...]

    19. For some bizarre reason I have always enjoyed the “hit-man” type books: Keller, Quarry, et al. Perhaps it stems from an innate desire to take out the Lords of Finance and bring some excitement into what is otherwise an extremely law-abiding life.Be that as it may, Perfect Crime Books is bringing back the early Quarry books by Max Allan Collins, the first of which was written while he was at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I bought all of them. Quarry’s Cut was the last of the early ones and [...]

    20. Cut It OutMAC's last book of the original four is a let down. Described by MAC as 'darkly comic', it is not really that dark or comic. It is a bad slasher movie turned into a bad thriller.Though he still writes with the same panache, the story lets us down. It is full of co-incidences, more than any thriller I've read, except but the guy who writes Reacher stories. Now that Quarry has decided to use his skills to protect, rather than hit victims, he tries to protect a porn director. Of cause he [...]

    21. Darker than I was expecting. Quarry follows an old partner. The Wilma falls down the stairs. The hit is a porn director. They're snowed in and he's posing as a journalist and there's an acquaintance. The hit is from the mob about a snuff film starring is daughter and the director was the middlemen to the collector. The star gets thrown over the railing braking his neck and the search for the killer begins in he snowed in resort. The fat cameraman suspect comes into the room with his throat slit. [...]

    22. I am a fan of the Quarry series (I have read 7 of the 10 novels so far), but this is the first one I did not enjoy. In his afterword, the author states that he was trying to do something different with this narrative, to avoid falling into a predictable formula; he said he was going for "dark comedy" and he felt he skirted the edge of "unpleasant absurdity". In my opinion, this felt too much like a Concept Story ("Quarry hangs out on a porn set!") and the ending was over-the-top ("Serial Killer: [...]

    23. #4 in the Quarry series. Fascinating, up-close look at the filming of a porno movie.Quarry now makes his living offering his services to targets of contracts and then taking out the contractor who hired the hit-man. He’s enjoying chili at Wilma’s Inn when he sees Turner, a hit-man and former partner. Quarry learns the target is a porno movie director and makes his way to the abandoned resort where Jerry Castille, the director, is shooting what he hopes will be his last porno flick. Quarry of [...]

    24. Another great book in the Quarry series. Max Allan has a way of putting Quarry in a situation that always goes wrong. But keeps it fresh. This one was a little easier to guess the outcome. It did take a little thinking, but put your mind to it and it works itself out. Always look forward to a new Quarry book.

    25. Another fun book in the Quarry series! This one with a bit of the horror genre thrown in for good measure. Check out my full review here:everythingnoir/2016/02/18/

    26. A lot of dead bodies in this one, not all down to Quarry, and written in the same hard-bitten style as the earlier books. A classic in this genre

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