Volk's Shadow: A Novel

Volk s Shadow A Novel Review copy with publishers press notes laid in

  • Title: Volk's Shadow: A Novel
  • Author: Brent Ghelfi
  • ISBN: 9780805082555
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Review copy with publishers press notes laid in.

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      102 Brent Ghelfi
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      Posted by:Brent Ghelfi
      Published :2018-07-23T13:15:20+00:00

    One thought on “Volk's Shadow: A Novel”

    1. Ghelfi, who lived at the time this was written in Arizona, lists James Sallis in the Acknowledgements. Lucky guy to know Sallis well enough to get advice.The Volk books are not unique in featuring a Russian hero. Sam Eastland and Martin Cruz Smith, for examples, have mined this rich field, but Volk is an action kind of guy, which sets him off from many of the Russian characters who tend to be cerebral and introspective---in other words, Russian literature characters.Volk gets the job done, and G [...]

    2. Whereas I absolutely loved Volk's Game, I had a hard time with Volk's Shadow. It hit the ground running and I was completely transfixed for the first few chapters and then it became so political and long winded that I completely lost interest. I had to struggle with the rest of the book. I really want to read the next to in the series, but I'm now hesitant.

    3. After I read the first book in this series, "Volk's Game," I gave it to my brother. He loved it so much he went and bought this book, which he lent to me immediately upon finishing. I gave four stars to "Volk's Game" but only three to this book. Why? Volk, who appeared to be a flawed yet sympathetic criminal with honor -- or, perhaps, an honorable man who engaged in criminal enterprises -- in the first book, has climbed to the stratospheric status of superhero secret agent in this book. Less bel [...]

    4. Volk's Shadow is the kind of book that while you are reading it, you are not sure what is happening; it is the kind of book where a dramatis personae would come in handy since you frequently end up wondering who the person they are referring to wasYet, I could not put down this book. I finished it and I was not sure what had happened or who had done what, but yet I was oddly satisfied. I think the setting as a Moscow/Grozny noir is part of the allure. I did not find it as accessible as the Arkad [...]

    5. Dark, violent and non stop! I really like this writing style, with all the doom and gloom "beautifully" portrayed, there is still an underlying hope. Always fleeting, but there. It is very violent, as I said, but it really does lend to the story. So if you are not into the violence, really, this is not for you.Knowing that this is book two, of five (I believe), I look forward to the development of the relationships of the General, Maxim, Vayla and Masha.

    6. Gives an insight into a distinguishably Russian conundrum of politics, human behavior, backdrop, etc.Took a while to read. But thats how it is recommended to be read sporadic bursts, technically each chapter representing an episode of an action sitcom.

    7. A suspense thriller based in Russia. It's all Hollywood likes blood, explosions, a love story. I liked how the book also had some history on the Chechen conflict as well. As well as the issues of the oil and what it's doing the Russian society. All in all a good book.

    8. Wow. After "Volk's Game", I really thought this would be good to very good read. Unfortunately this book is just not that good. In fact, I have put in about 65 pages and not sure I will read anymore. Just not good enough.

    9. This is a fantastic thriller. It got me through the deadly O'Hare-LaGuardia connection after Xmas, which is really saying something.

    10. A brutal look at a brushed-aside war and the violent face of the new Russia. Not for the weak of stomach.

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