What You Need

What You Need New York Times bestseller Lorelei James introduces a new family for readers to fall in love with in the Need You series The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis St Paul But the

  • Title: What You Need
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: 9780451477552
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestseller Lorelei James introduces a new family for readers to fall in love with in the Need You series The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis St Paul But the four Lund siblings will each discover true love takes a course of its own As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility But eighty hourNew York Times bestseller Lorelei James introduces a new family for readers to fall in love with in the Need You series The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis St Paul But the four Lund siblings will each discover true love takes a course of its own As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility But eighty hour work weeks leave him little time for a life outside his corner office His brothers stage an intervention and drag him to a seedy night clubwhere he sees her, the buttoned up blonde from the secretarial pool who s starred in his fantasies for months.Lennox Greene is a woman with a rebellious past which she carefully conceals beneath her conservative clothes She knows flirting with her sexy, but aloof boss during working hours is a bad idea So when Brady shows up at her favorite dive bar, sans his usual snappy suit, and catches her cutting loose, she throws caution aside and dares him to do the same.After sparks fly, Brady finds keeping his hands off Lennox during office hours is harder than expected While she makes him feel alive for the first time in years, a part of him wonders if she s just using him to get ahead And Lennox must figure out if Brady wants her for the accomplished woman she is or the bad girl she was.

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    One thought on “What You Need”

    1. 3 Truth or dare stars“Show me that wild man.” Brady Lund has been working his life away, too busy staying in control and managing his empire, he takes on the responsibility of the world, never allowing himself to just let loose. His brothers stage an intervention but their efforts are lost when he sees the blond bombshell from his company dancing right in front of him. He's had his eye on her for months but never made the move until now Glasses that made him look hotter than ever—I’d ta [...]

    2. 3.5 stars!Started off promising. I thought it was going to be a solid 4 stars but then things the heroine did started to annoy the crap out of me. I can handle bouts of immaturity and insecurity among NA heroines considering their age but Lennox is 28 years old. She's supposed to be mature because of the stuff she went through, but her actions contradicts a lot of that. I still enjoyed this book a lot. I enjoyed the hero Brady. He's not your typical Lorelei James hero. He's nerdy and awkward des [...]

    3. Originally posted on The Book NymphoLennox Greene is a floater in a temp group for Lund Industries in Minneapolis. Brady Lund is the workaholic CFO at the family-owned and operated company. She has recreated herself from a pretty tough start in life and he's trying to loosen up and, at his family's urging, have more of a life outside of work. Lennox has admired him from a distance and when Brady happens to show up at the dive from her past, he witnesses her letting loose and decides she's who he [...]

    4. What a horrible disappointment from a fave author. It's like Lorelei James sat down one day and decided that since NA romances were pretty popular these days, she would write one too. Problem is, I'm not sure she understands the difference between NA and YA. Lennox and Brodie were 32 and 28; but acted and talked like they were 18 going on 12. Insecurity, angst, and ridiculously immature conversations and actions ran rampant. If I had to sum this book up in two words, it would be shallow and sill [...]

    5. Such a fun read, playful, and flirty. Loved it!Great intro that pulled me in. I really liked both Lennox and Brady. They have totally different backgrounds and I enjoyed learning their stories. They had great interactions, a bit of verbal sparring and animosity happening (which I am a big fan of!). It was just so fun and entertaining to watch and that animosity grew into more. Great development as they get to know each other and things move forward.Brady is the sweetest guy ever! He could also b [...]

    6. I have to confess this is my first Lorelei James book but I had quite high expectations. everyone of my bookread friends love her books and I really could not wait to start this one.but obviously Ms. James is trying out a new way of writing, which left me a bit . let's just say unsatisfiedthe book was sweet and nice and romantic and fluffy and I liked the characters (especially some of the secondary characters) and I WILL read the next book in this series . all good things,butit was also kind of [...]

    7. Very enjoyable read. Sweet and sexy. You'll definitely want to add Brady Lund to your collection of book boyfriends ;)

    8. I was contemplating about whether I should DNF this or simply remove it from my list. 2016 just started and I didn't want to have a DNF this early! Unfortunately, the book is not working for me. I'm not sure how to describe it but I guess it feels too "chatty", if that makes any sense. It's also a bit too formulaic. DNF at 38%

    9. Review by Trinette DungeeBrady Lund was always impeccably dressed, showcasing his long, lean body in an insanely expensive suit. He was always immaculately coifed—his angular face smoothly shaven, his thick, dark hair artfully tousled, giving the appearance of boyish charm. As if a shark could be charming. My coworkers and I had speculated endlessly about whether the CFO plucked his dark eyebrows to give his piercing blue eyes a more visceral punch. And whether he practiced raising his left ey [...]

    10. As CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is about as buttoned-down as a guy can be. He's an anal retentive workaholic with a reputation for being a shark. His social life is non-existent and he's never actually had a real girlfriend. These things, however, just scratch the surface of who Brady Lund really is—they aren’t entirely accurate, and they don't even begin to do him justice. When his family stages an intervention in an attempt to get Brady to loosen up and live a little, he makes a move [...]

    11. Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeThis is actually the first book I’ve read by Lorelei James, and it was so much fun to read. It’s a sweet contemporary romance with unique characters and little drama. I really enjoyed Brady and Lennox’s characters – Brady isn’t the typical millionaire hero, as he’s a little shy and awkward and has no social life, and Lennox is a woman with a wild past she’s trying to hide at her respectable job. Their romance is light and sweet, with just the [...]

    12. Angeline, Slick and KcLu's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWe had 3 reviewers fighting to review this one, they are all long time fans of Lorelei's Erotic Romances and were excited for her first Contemporary. They all gave What You Need 5 stars and our Purest Delight Award.Angeline - 5+ StarsWhen I first heard that Lorelei James was releasing a contemporary romance series, I was ecstatic! I love when an author tries a new genre and is challenged by all that comes with it. Lorelei h [...]

    13. This was good! Sweet, sexy and easy to read. I missed the heat I am used to with this author but the story was still great with out all explicitness.

    14. The first time I saw her, I nearly walked into a wall.Not the behavior expected from the CFO of a multibillion-dollar corporation. Brady Lund is the responsible sibling, he’s an all work and no play guy. Who has been fascinated by the buttoned-up blonde from his office, but he’s afraid to make a move.“So it’s my wild side that fascinates you?”“Everything about you fascinates me—and it has since the first time I saw you ten months ago.” Lennox had a bad childhood, and was a bit of [...]

    15. Thank you to Signet and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.What initially drew me to What You Need was the stunning cover – it was very The Bourbon Kings-esque, and I loved The Bourbon Kings. Lorelei James has also been on my list of authors to try for some time now, and where better to start than a series kick off?I enjoyed both main characters – Lennox was a responsible adult who took her job seriously. Her upbringing may have been rough, but she w [...]

    16. I have to stop reading these books about millionaires and the women who just can’t seem to resist them. I’ve come to the realization that they just don’t do anything for me. Brady Lund spends 80 hours a week in his office working. He never cuts loose and certainly doesn’t have time for a relationship. When his brothers drag him to a night club he can’t help but notice the blond who works at this company and has starred in his fantasies since the moment he noticed her months ago.Lennox [...]

    17. A nice start to a new series. It's very different from what we've seen from James so far so you'll need some time to adjust if you're a LJ fan but I'm intrigued enough about the Lund family to see what happens next.

    18. If there is one author out there that can make you fall in love with a group of characters, that is Lorelei James. She's proven that time and again. But where I'm used to seeing her do that with a western setting, this is a bit different. Brady Lund and his family are billionaires. You can find athletes, business men, and yes maybe even a bit more rugged one. But at the center, it's that family dynamic and the connection that keeps me coming back for more. I am excited to explore that in this ne [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this romance between an uptight workaholic CFO, Brady, and a reformed wild child temp worker, Lennox, who works for his family's company. What I liked: 1. Brady and his attempt to make their relationship more then sex. He spent a lot of time wooing Lennox and they actually dated.2. Brady's family- he has brothers, a sister, and cousins, all are single, and all seem very interesting so I'm guessing all will get future books. 3. Kiley, Lennox's roommate a social worker who works w [...]

    20. Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.I finally read my first Lorelei James book and it's love! I've had this book for over a year now (thanks, Berkley!) but I just never got around to reading it. (This should be my blog's tagline, for real.) One of my besties started the series last week and talked about it so much that I decided I needed to read it, too. I'm glad I did, too, because I enjoyed it so much so much that I might've started a full-on binge by diving right into the second b [...]

    21. Coffee dates with What You NeedFirst date: I was both curious and nervous about meeting the Lund’s. Especially Brady Lund, when I heard he was so freakin’ hot. I worried he would be one of the pretentious snobs. James delivered a nerdy hero who is socially awkward, a little damaged and a whole lotta sexy! I adored Brady. He is confident in the boardroom and shy around the ladies. He is intrigued by Lennox Green when he hears her laughing and it takes him ten months to learn her name! Ten Mo [...]

    22. Hotness Rating 3 out of 5This first book of the Need You series is a far cry from the down and dirty hotness that many of us associate with Lorelei James. What You Need still gives us some heat, but has a much sweeter quality to it than I was expecting. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will definitely be reading more of this series.Lennox Greene was such a likable protagonist. She came from hard times, worked her way out and has a drive to never go back. But, when she lets loose Lennox knows how to [...]

    23. Brady Lund is CFO of Lund industries, Lennox Greene is a temp for Lund Industries, they couldn't be more different. Brady noticed Lennox instantly but with his fair share of failures in the past never got up the nerve to approach her. When he finally sees her on his floor he does! He talks to her! Although it doesn't turn out the way he would have liked it to. Soon after it seems like chance encounters are bringing them together, that must mean something. Lennox decides a date with Brady couldn' [...]

    24. 3 to 3.5 stars - good writing just kind of bland, which is not at all typical of this author. He was sweet and cute. Heroine wasn't bad either. The book just lacked punch, but it was a first in series with lots of interesting secondary characters so I'll definitely read more of the series.

    25. This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderBeing a new fan of Lorelei's latests books, I jumped at a chance to read a new series by her. The Need You series follows a group of four siblings at various points in their lives and careers. Brady starts the family off as the oldest sibling. Lorelei wanted him to come off as a nerd who is uncomfortable in social situations. She did fine with that part, but what kind of got me about him was he had some mad skills in the bedroom making me thin [...]

    26. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit something that may have skewed my opinion of the book a tad bit. I watched my beloved Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings for the NFC-North Championship game. The Packers lost so I decided reading a hot, new Lorelei James book would soothe my pain. Of course, once I started, the first thing that jumped out at me was the book was chock full of Vikings fans. Rabid Vikings fans. It’s even mentioned that Brady, the hero, hates the Packers [...]

    27. 4.5 stars.What You Need, the first novel in the Need You series, is a delightfully sweet yet highly sensual romance that old and new fans of Lorelei James are sure to love.Brady Lund is the CFO of the family owned business, Lund Industries. He is handsome, intelligent and charming, but he is a workaholic with no personal life outside of spending time with his family. While self-assured when it comes to his career, he lacks confidence when it comes to dating. It is not until his family convinces [...]

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