Beneath the Boards

Beneath the Boards Alternative cover edition of ASIN B T SBeneath Jim Stokes s shirt is a scar one last horrific reminder of his old job in the police force Beneath the everyday normality of the village Stormark i

  • Title: Beneath the Boards
  • Author: DavidHaynes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternative cover edition of ASIN B00T55085SBeneath Jim Stokes s shirt is a scar, one last horrific reminder of his old job in the police force Beneath the everyday normality of the village Stormark is a shameful secret, haunting people s dreams Beneath the floorboards of the lake house is a hatch, sealed and forgotten for years until Stokes opens it up Beneath them allAlternative cover edition of ASIN B00T55085SBeneath Jim Stokes s shirt is a scar, one last horrific reminder of his old job in the police force Beneath the everyday normality of the village Stormark is a shameful secret, haunting people s dreams Beneath the floorboards of the lake house is a hatch, sealed and forgotten for years until Stokes opens it up Beneath them all is blackness, and unheard screams, and scratching sounds in the night and her whispers.

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    One thought on “Beneath the Boards”

    1. I received an ecopy of this book from the author, it was provided with no expectations of a review. I have read this book and offer my honest opinion of it's content.After a horrific incident that ended his police career, Jim Stokes decided to move away to a quieter town, renovate a property in his retirement and try to piece his fragile psyche back together. The town of Stormark however has several secrets that are going to be revealed, particularly to do with the house that Jim now owns and li [...]

    2. David Haynes is the master of the macabre, but this time his scary story is set in the present. Jim is recovering from a violent attack, but his problems are just starting.If I could have read this from behind a cushion, I'm sure I would have. I found this to be a very creepy story. As I spiralled into Jim's madness, I felt myself physically tensing up, only relaxing my shoulders at the end of a chapter. David Haynes writes his stories effectively without too much waffle, yet building up all the [...]

    3. I should confess that I'm a bit of a fan boy for this author's work. Ever since reading his collection of Victorian era horror 'The Ballet of the Bones' I've been hooked onto his work. In my opinion he's one of the finest indie horror authors out there. His other genre titles are also damn fine reads. So it's with some excitement that I read his latest work.In short his latest book is amazing. In an ideal world that would be enough for you to immediately download the book and discover how good i [...]

    4. In "Beneath the Boards", Haynes begins with the tried and true theme of the recovering victim of a tragedy in an idyllic setting, removed from the pains that brought him to a point of no return. There are early glimpses that all is not well in this paradise. A scene on the shore of the lake, an out of place hallucination, a disembodied voice all serve to keep the reader off balance, afraid of what must be around the next literary corner.Then, about mid-way through the book, Haynes lets loose4 ST [...]

    5. This was a very good read! Kept my attention and pulled me into the storyline. Has some creepy aspects and kept me entertained all the way through to the end.

    6. David Haynes leaves behind Victorian horror for a modern setting. Jim Stokes leaves behind a broken marriage and a bloody trauma and restarts his life in a secluded house.The book starts slowly with just the right amount of intrigue before Haynes ramps up the action. The sheer genius of this tale is that gruesome horror, PTSD-influenced hallucinations and the supernatural collide so you never know quite what’s real. It’s all deeply unsettling, sometimes horrifying and leaves you with an achi [...]

    7. Ever since I read Graham Masterton’s Charnel House in my early teens I have been reading horror on and off (that will be over 35 years then). In that time, I feel I have read all kinds of horror and that there is nothing new to offer the world of horror. In a word (or few words then): it’s all been done before. I read modern horror writers from time to time, but a lot of these books seem tired and written by Stephen King or James Herbert wannabees. The YA horror scene is pretty good, with th [...]

    8. I’ve read and enjoyed the horror/ghost stories by this author that are set in Victorian times. This one is set in current times and the impact is all the greater because of it. The thought that this may all be happening, right now, in a house not far away, makes the horror more intensely disturbing.A young man with a failed marriage behind him has to retire from the police on medical grounds suffering PTSD-driven hallucinations after receiving serious injuries. He tries to start a new life by [...]

    9. Some kind of crazy!!Really good book, an ex copper with a dwindling thread on reality, secrets and lies.What is and what isn't real, who knows??Eerie and dark, dive into the depths of the human or not so human mind " scretch, scretch scretch

    10. Following a terrible incident that ends his career as a police officer, Jim Stokes takes the decision to uproot and move towns, with the hopes a different locale will help him overcome his traumas.This is the first book I have read by David Haynes. It was very well written, although the first half had some pacing problems as new characters were introduced. The latter part of the story was excellent, although it was very bleak and probably a darker story than I'd expected.I will definitely read m [...]

    11. Review for Beneath the Boards5-stars. Highly recommended.I looked forward to reading this for a long time, and when I finally got around to it I wasn’t disappointed. Quite simply, this has one of the best opening chapters I’ve ever read. For its duration I was convinced we were heading into a thriller but David was luring me in. The book swiftly becomes a cross between a psychological thriller and a horror – and it wouldn’t be out of place in either genre.As always, David’s writing is [...]

    12. It was brilliantly written but sadly I wasn't frightened by the plot. It had its moments of eerie suspense but for me it was lacking something. Not a bad book though, I'd give more novels by Haynes a try for sure.

    13. i actually adored this book. i bought it fromamazon as it popped up in my recommended books and i needed to make my order up by £4 to get free delivery

    14. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I found the story both fascinating and disturbing. Madness isn't something simple to describe, but David Haynes makes it visceral.

    15. This book was brilliant from beginning to end. I think it would make am amazing and spooky film. Highly recommend.

    16. Dark, disturbing and thoroughly gripping. Beneath the Boards is one of those books you just can't put down until you reach the terrifying conclusion. Highly recommended.

    17. Good readTook a while to get into this book but glad I kept with it. A good book for people who like ghosts stories

    18. The book started out really good, fast paced, intense & a decent enough background into lead male character; I wasn't viewing this as horror at first, although the cover for book was pretty unsettling (Kindle version); the book is disturbing as it becomes clear that Jim Stokes suffers from PTSD (& who could blame him?); creepy town, the solitude of the cottage, the secret hatch in the floor.l perfect innuendos for horror.Then the reader starts to realize that maybe everything Jim's exper [...]

    19. Jim Stokes is a retired police officer, still recovering from the violent attack that ended his career. He buys a cottage on the lake and begins renovations. Finding a trap door in the floor leading to a cave-like room beneath his house is the start of his descent into madness.The story is paced well enough, though I found myself starting to skim from the 65 percent mark or so. Though a ghost story, the scary part for me was the realization of what our overtaxed mind might be able to do to us. T [...]

    20. I've previously enjoyed and reviewed David Haynes' Victorian era horror stories, much I think because, although always intriguing and atmospheric they haven't been too, well horrific! So I bought this one with some trepidation as reviews suggested that this was going to be proper horror. Don't get me wrong, I like to be given the heebie-jeebies every now and then, but I also like to walk around my garden at night, without my imagination conjuring too many demons.Set in the present day, Beneath t [...]

    21. I’ve read and enjoyed the Victorian horror stories by David Haynes but this is the first set entirely in the present day. Perhaps because of that, I found it more intense, more creepy, because it seemed closer to the modern life I recognise. Jim Stokes is a policeman who takes early retirement on medical grounds because he was stabbed in the line of duty. After suffering flashbacks and being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, he buys a cottage by a lake in a remote area with a view [...]

    22. A good read, I couldn't put it down.I love a good thriller and the storyline in this book certainly thrilled. The reader is side by side with Jim as he descends into madness with the ghost of Melody leading him along. Anyone with an interest in psychology will love discovering Jim's past and how that makes his bond with Melody stronger.The only thing I felt was disappointing in this book was the sudden skip to the next scene, leaving me feeling robbed of some gruesome detail. My mind was quick t [...]

    23. Jim Stokes used to be a police officer, that was until he was seriously injured in a vicious attack which left him physically and psychologically scarred. He takes early retirement and retreats to a remote lakeside cottage where he tries to find some peace of mind. Initially, it seems that he may have found it, but then he meets the villagers and there's something not right about them. Before long, sinister things begin to happen, not least the noises coming from beneath the sealed and forgotten [...]

    24. A good story well writtenA well written horror story, this genre of book can so often be total rubbish but the author did well to make believable characters. The story although very good lacked a little in detail hence not full points but still a good creepy read . I will certainly try another book by this author.

    25. Strange and intriguingly different!This guys imagination is incredible! Even though I wanted to put the book down, I couldn't. I had to see where it was taking me. I've never read a story quite like this one before. Be sure you have enough time to read it through because you want be able to put it down. Good reading !

    26. My god, that was a grim read. A charting of one man's descent into insanity largely due to horrific past events and sharing his home with someone under the boards. If you enjoy dark and macabre, you'll enjoy this!

    27. I liked the story but the prose was too basic for meThe story was racy and pacy, both good things. However for me personally I found the prose a bit simplistic and repetitive. Don't let my view put you off purchasing as a fun short read based on the storyline alone though.

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